Democratizing canadian political life

The Anti-Jeffrey Simpson: for a "New Manifesto"


Shun and avoid all Canadian NGOs like the plague!

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NOTE: I have been demanding a full public enquiry for years now, to no avail. If it had been done, my brother would still be alive: The political leaders in charge, in particular Prime Minister Harper, are therefore directly responsible for his death. I still demand (and I emphasize ''demand'') a full public enquiry. Justice will pass. The following documents prove that this enquiry has now become a Canadian public emergency.

THE MEDICAL MURDER OF GIUSEPPE DE MARCO: Complaint to the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario.

SYNOPSIS OF THE MEDICAL MURDER OF GIUSEPPE DE MARCO: The gratuitous, sadistic and meticulously planned medical and institutional murder of Giuseppe De Marco, crowned by two institutionally directed assassination attempts cold-bloodedly carried out until death was finally achieved. One particularly heinous assassination attempt was carried out during the Christmas Night of 2009.

Letters to the Canadian Minister of Justice: a) My academic exclusion, the subsequent criminal harassment and the reparations owed to me. Sept. 17, 2007. b) Second letter to the Minister Sept. 20, 2007.



(Since it started circulating on the Internet this text had some influence although it has been more betrayed than acknowledged. I am posting it here so that it can speak in its own terms. Note that in a capitalist society campain financing does not account for the multiple activities involved in the financing of political parties and organizations. Obviously English is neither my first nor my second language. This forces me to write in a rather direct fashion. While it might not be ideal in diplomacy it often proves helpful in a reasoning process)

see also the chapter THE NEGATIVE PROOF OFFERED BY CANADA in the article NEOLIBERAL CONSTITUTIONAL COUP IN EUROPE available in the IPE section of this site




The urgent reform of the electoral system and of the mode of financing of political parties.


The NDP will retain the official status of an opposition party. The worse has been avoided. We should, however, keep our eyes lucidly on the essential. Indeed, if nothing else, this last federal election shows yet again the absolute urgency of an in-depth electoral reform in this country. This reform should encompass both the electoral system per se and the financing of political parties.


Some critics have advocated the adoption of a proportional electoral system. Be it a straight proportional system with a threshold around 5% of the votes or a mixed system allocating 25% of the seats according to proportional representation while the remaining 75% would continue to be allocated according to the current "first past the post" electoral system, the difficulty would always remain the unequal location of the electorate along the Great Lakes and the southern border. This would represent a clear disadvantage for peripheral regions precisely at a time when these regions need and themselves demand a better recognition from Ottawa.


To be sure, the present electoral system favours clear majorities. However, to achieve this result it makes a farce of the whole electoral process: The electoral segments voting for third parties cannot but feel that their votes were somewhat wasted. Their fidelity can only be explained and justified by the recognition that the nation is better served by a small dedicated Ginger Group than by any governmental party. What seems to be needed then is a straight forward mechanism whereby the electorate could retain the advantages of the present system (stability and constitutionally constrained demographic representation) yet give meaning to his choices through an electoral procedure designed to allow the full exercise of strategic voting.


This could simply be achieved through the institution of a second round of voting which does not require any constitutional clearance. In the first round, only the candidates winning an absolute majority would be elected. Two weeks later, at most, a second round would take place and a simple majority would then be sufficient. The first round would naturally express party affiliation and/or a particular liking for individual candidates. The second round would, in turn, formalize either official alliances among political parties or meaningful strategic voting on the part of individual citizens.


Once this simple, democratic reform would have been implemented, it would yet be possible to calmly imagine what measure of proportionality could be infused into the electoral system to better serve democracy and citizens' needs in every corner of this vast and scarcely and unevenly populated country. In any case, the political dynamics would have already changed for the best by the adoption of a two rounds voting process.



More importantly, the reform of the mode of financing of political parties should go hand in hand with the electoral reform alluded to above. In this respect, Romanow's et al. proposal to accept corporate funds as such should be purely and simply scrapped, as should also be scrapped the twin idea (Romanow, "Bob-John" Rae etc...) advocating the convenient hara-kiri of the NDP to the sole advantage of the right-of-centre Liberals: Individuals are free to follow their calling and, in some cases, should be encouraged (I would, indeed, be quite a relief if these spent "leading minorities" and their cronies would clear the place instead of demobilizing the muzzled militants with their disabused and stale and yet costly idiosyncrasies; one almost regrets Mulroney and his shrewd and timely nominations to far away places!).  Political parties, for their part, should normally be accountable to their militants. As we have seen, a simple electoral reform would do away with the plain idiocy of a political suicide: Drastic and masochistic cures should not be prescribed when all it takes is some clear, critical political thinking normally thought to be a natural apanage of the militant Left. Moreover, such reforms would, in and by themselves, constitute a good, valuable democratic fight able to transmute regional and political alienation into constructive political reforms. As far as the financing of political parties is concerned, only a system based solely on members' contribution should be accepted. Such contributions, by individual members or by institutional members -corporations or unions- would be limited at $1000.00 maximum and made public above $100.00. Fifty percent (50%) of the electoral expenses would then be reimbursed by the State to any party or candidates having gained 20% of the popular vote; between 5% and 20% of the popular vote a reimbursement of 25% would be instituted in order to sustain a continuous, vibrant and healthy political competition.


We will never emphasize enough the urgency and absolute necessity of these reforms in the present political and economic contest. The Left and Centre-Left are being robed of their social bases through the transformation of the labour force which polarizes it into qualified and unqualified segments while disenfranchising the latter; this dangerous process is further sustained by the accompanying and increasingly vicious governmental attacks upon workers' rights.


The Harris's government frontal attacks on workers' rights, its willingness to question the existence of the Rand Formula which represents one of the main pillars of social democracy in Canada, constitutes only the tip of the iceberg. Others will probably follow suite; the Federal Government itself cannot be trusted in this domain due to its servile conceptualisation and management of NAFTA.


Furthermore, the rapid development of private employment agencies dealing with, among all things, general labour or minimally qualified labour constitutes the best way imagined by Reisman and his free-trade clique to emulate the structure of the American labour force after having sold short the nation and its economy to Uncle Sam. What is at stake is not only manual labour or Macdo's sorts of employment: Today services workers such as customer service agents, e-commerce working crowds and even lower end programming by "Microsoft engineers" are rapidly being pauperized on top of being poorly used and overworked. Such private employment agencies, unless they deal with strongly qualified labour, hence with a plausible necessity to screen candidates, do not respond to any technical necessity. In the age of Internet, the simple act of matching general and low to medium qualified labour with their prospective employers, together with any residual technical screening, would -and should- be more efficiently and fairly performed through the offices and the computers of Employment Canada and its Manpower department.


It should be clearly recognized that such private employment agencies are simply stealing from the poorest workers who are forced to labour for a mere $7 to $7.50 an hour while some $2 to $2.50 an hour is transferred to the agencies' warden who strictly speaking contribute nothing to the production process to justify their repugnant levies on workers' already low wages. These working conditions fitting for the 19th Century or a maquiladora economy will further be worsened by pending legislations similar to those introduced recently by the Harris's government in Ontario. They already explain the rampant and widening poverty among large segments of the working population, be it composed of single individuals or families. In fact, my strong contention is that Child poverty in Canada could be immediately eliminated for the next 10 to 20 years provided that these useless exploitative private employment agencies were abolished. A decent and economically efficient standard of living could in fact be achieved and sustained if the agencies's extortion were eliminated and if the government and employers would see to it that inflation would be kept at a minimum and real wages and real net revenues would be automatically adjusted for any residual inflation from time to time. It would become even more tautologically true if the existing social programs were to be maintained and improved, for instance, in the social housing sector. Then, and only then could targeted tax reductions be geared towards an increase of real (micro and macroeconomic) productivity gains without blindly counting on a continuous devaluation of the Canadian dollar which will ultimately lead to some form of institutional "dollarisation".


The fact of the matter remains that the main social objective of these private employment agencies is to deunionize the labour force and to hinder any attempt to "unionize the non-unionized". This structurally planned aggressive distillation of socio-political vulnerability has a clear mandate. It aims at forcing the labour force to fit volens nolens the structural needs of an hinterland, backwater economy which has just graduated to the stage where its branch-plants are obliged to adopt just-in-time and out-sourcing strategies and methods of management. It does not help much to see these branch-plants specialize in the acquisition of world production mandates from foreign headquarters thanks to cheap labour and a weak dollar. Nor does it help much to see the various levels of government applauding and encouraging the foolish exclusive rise of investments into the so-called New Economy without a single thought to a proper industrial strategy concerning the new intermediary sectors involved or even a single thought about the New Economy contribution to the external balances or, for that matter, to foreign ownership. Cheap labour and long working hours seem to have become the panacea for the economic future of the continent. Only in this somewhat traditional Canadian way can the likes of Martin and associated friends ( now powerfully backed up by the likes of McCallum et other associated friends) claim any increase in real productivity without taking into account the ever falling value of the Canadian dollar inside their favourite trading bloc and the pauperisation of large segment of the working population. At this sort of game, Mexico's growing GDP has already proven that Canada is destined to third place; and we will have to count ourselves fortunate if this continental trading bloc is not generalized to the whole hemisphere on these same Mulroney/Wilson-Chrétien/Martin's operating economic principles. What is certain is that this process is rapidly destroying the institutional bases (unions and Rand Formula) which have supported the Left and NDP during the best part of the second half of the Twentieth Century.



Consequently, while contemplating the need to reform the mode of financing of political parties, the NDP should take due account of this gradual erosion of its institutional bases of support. Economic restructuration and privatization powerfully flanked by private employment agencies have already achieved the impoverishment, segmentation and atomisation of large sectors of the labour force. Unless the unions and the NDP intervene immediately with unrestrained conviction, these segments of the labour force will rapidly become completely disenfranchised and will sink into unavoidable political servility, as is already borne out by statistics. A joint push to organize the non-organized while, at the same time making the financing of political parties solely dependent upon members' voluntary contributions remains the best way to both give voice to Canadian working men and women and to rekindle the flame in the soul of the Canadian Left and the NDP.


Given that the Liberal party benefits from the current system and given that the Opposition parties cannot push the reforms through Parliament or even initiate a national referendum on these essential issues, the only remaining viable alternative consists in a vast information and mobilisation movement focused around the signature of a national petition demanding the adoption by Parliament of appropriate laws implementing this reform of both the electoral system and the mode of financing of political parties.


While gathering the signatures nationwide, the NDP and affiliated groups would connect with various grassroots movements notably those opposed to globalization who gained some momentum after the Seattle summit. This alone would bring a new generation of committed militants to the NDP. At the same time, the members of the other parties could be encouraged to sign the petition and to demand the democratization of Canadian political life through these two simple and straight forwards reforms.



Paul De Marco

Richmond Hill, November 28, 2000

Copyright © 28-11-2000 (The critical use of this document is encouraged while its acknowledgment would be appreciated)





       Dear Sir,


Given the hilarious concern expressed by the Globe & Mail (and most notably by Jeffrey Simpson) for the fate of the NDP, I thought it would not be a bad idea to send you the following proposal for a "new manifesto'' which I am presently circulating (an earlier rough draft was already sent to B. Hargrove). Contrary to some pundits who would be only too happy to see the NDP regress to the status of a pressure group, I believe that the NDP should aim at the articulation of a truly authentic alternative political program and at a truly authentic alternative political horizon.


I completely agree with those proclaiming the urgent need for a "new manifesto'' proposed by a renewed NDP. I propose that the collective discussion leading to this ''new manifesto'' be focused on a few guiding principles such as the socialist principles listed below:


1) A 35 h. working week without wage reduction and with intelligently managed overtime geared to the attribution of full-time status to presently chronic part-timers. Artificial self-employment subsidized by the State as a way to hide rampant unemployment and help some categories of persons should be rapidly phased out. Private employment agencies should be replaced by a revamped Employment Canada; this would lead to an automatic wage increase for poorly paid "disqualified'' workers and would contribute to an immediate lowering of the poverty level. Of course, a decent (4 weeks) paid vacation should be generalized. Furthermore, hard manual labour should not be discriminated against as far as wages and union rights are concerned lest we choose to live in a modern slave society.


2) A pension system kicking in at 60 years of age or after 30 years of work whichever would come first. The present system would be adapted and supplemented by the transformation of the present RRSPs into Workers' Funds which would naturally be less regressive and would contribute to a better canalization of national savings capable to sustain a vibrant national and open economy. At a minimum, people should be able to choose freely between the two systems without being penalized as is presently the case with so-called labour funds. These Workers' Funds would also help sustain the development of new forms of property such as cooperatives; they would first be used to buy back controlling shares of nationally important industries; later they would aim at controlling a full 50% of these same firms in a renewed form of the old "nationalization'' practices dear to the left, a new form adequate to contemporary capitalism and to the socio-economic preferences of a majority of the working people. This new pension system would be supplemented by an adequate immigration policy, easily defined as the exact opposite of the Liberals' discriminatory version unashamedly favouring moneyed and anti-left individual applicants.... It would also include an adequate integration policy.


3) Gender parity everywhere and especially in all important, commanding positions. It should go without saying that this democratization at the various decision levels should contribute to make them more receptive to social needs and more accountable to people's legitimate recriminations. In any case, we should all conceive of it in this progressive light. The conquest of real rights should take precedence over empty phraseology with little or no budgetary and concrete relevance for the majority of women (and men). Lest wives be happily ''self-surrendered'' again, capitalistic legitimization objectives should be shunned in favour of concrete, measurable and equalitarian advances. Class analysis and gender analysis should go hand in hand in an effort to open up more space for freedom in spite of pervasive, reactionary backlashes.


4) A strict separation of Church and State in every domains especially in education and the social services (both social assistance and social insurance). Courses dealing with the history of religions together with the history of Enlightenment philosophy are easily conceivable and probably useful to instill instinctive tolerance. However, strictly religious courses should be strictly facultative. Religious letters of recommendation should simply disappear. Private schools should not receive any public funds unless they demonstrate a special utility as experimental schools offering specifically tailored programs.


5) A system of ethnic and class equal representation especially in teaching positions, in the mass media and in the liberal professions (i.e. a belated but much needed respect of article 15 of the Canadian Charter). After all, we are not paying taxes and supporting a publicly funded education system to always have the same tired, class-soaked, stale clichés camouflaging as university teaching, especially in the social and legal fields. Besides, letters of recommendation, the current passports to servile thinking, should be immediately substituted by publicly recognized forms of examinations. I's should be dotted and T's duly crossed here.


6) An electoral reform doing away with the iniquitous present ''first-past-the-post'' system should encompass voting procedures and the financing of political parties based on limited and publicly acknowledged members' contributions. Members would be defined either as individuals or moral entities and they both would be asked to abide by the same rules. However, contrary to what some people might hope, the NDP should not modify its present financing structure before a national reform is duly enacted (the same should apply at the provincial level). Of course, we should not be candid or suicidal to the point where the contributions made by unions to the NDP would be scrapped while rightist political parties would continue to benefit from generous and loosely controlled corporate donations! The law should be the same for everyone concerned. Evidently, internal party democracy is of paramount importance. Indeed, no one should be forced to accept parachuted candidates as so often is the case today. For instance, would the Liberal Party's membership have freely chosen to be represented by Mr. ''Surplus" McCallum? Furthermore, no one should be silently disenfranchised through the manipulation of electoral lists tied to the filling of income tax forms (i.e. an ignominious trick worthy of self-contented classes and their masters).


7) A fair, equitable and democratic representation of political views especially those of ''recognized pressure groups'' and parliamentarian parties in the private mass media should be guaranteed by law at all times not just during elections. Above all, such guarantees should at least rapidly come from a shared running of public broadcasting corporations by multipartisan boards of governors etc ... Otherwise, no political balance and fairness can really be achieved. Self-styled "national'' newspapers will continue their age-old practice of poorly reporting on the actual policies put forward by the NDP and by the left. As usual, they will rather prefer to feed us Jeffrey Simpson's et al. brilliant ex cathedra comments displaying their own idiosyncratic and immutable points of view about the left albeit with a proper spin. Perhaps, Canadian unions and the CLC should jointly petition the CRTC for the permission to independently air the unions' social and cultural views through their own radio and TV channels.


8) The reorganization of bourses and financial speculation along the principle of ''Tobin Thresholds" set in advance to judiciously tame speculative and destructive ups and downs without interfering with the normal functioning of these markets. Of course, "normal'' here would depend on the economic strategy pursued by the government: where an influx of capital would be required the ''Tobin Thresholds'' would be raised; where the financing of economic activities -especially industrial, old and new, activities- would not be a problem, these Thresholds would be lowered in such a way that a Tobin tax would kick in according to an increasing, anti-speculative scale thus redirecting capital into more useful and productive use.


9) A Social Union between Canada and Quebec should be envisaged along the principles laid out by the Patriots, above all the national co-existence of the two distinct people plus the First Nations. Among many other things, a concrete starting point might be the generalization and constitutionalization of the administrative accords entered into during the Quiet Revolution and the Pearson era. These accords, together with the distinction between Code Civil and Common Law, have de facto become the only working constitution of the land. The "elite accommodation'' strategy evidently used by the governmental parties should be reformulated by the NDP in its own terms to arrive at a strategy of accommodation of popular demands and groups.


10) Of course, the deepening of the Canadian Welfare State around these principles should also include the so-called ''precautionary principle'' and a strong defence of cultural exemptions. It goes without saying that this precautionary principle and environmental concerns would naturally reinforce each other.


11) Canada should also argue in favour of fair trade as opposed to unhindered globalization. Most notably, it should urge the U.S. to negotiate with the EU, Japan and China a mechanism aimed at stabilizing the erratic fluctuation of their respective currencies inside a predetermined floating band. Aside from resorting to unilateral capital control measures of which my "Tobin thresholds'' constitute a flexible and fully integrated version, this is the only other way to ensure that the U.S. will start dealing seriously with its many structural problems instead of constantly confusing the stock market for the whole economy and monetary levers backed by a reaganite fiscality for genuine redistributive policies. This apparently ''benign neglect'' from the Americans amounts to a flagrant abuse of the regal privileges afforded to the dominant currency. Without such a stabilizing mechanism, national currencies will tend to devalue compared to an artificially strong U.S. dollar causing all sorts of economic maladjustments. In the long term productivity and national planning strategies worth the name will suffer and likewise the redistribution pattern of incomes will be badly affected. On the other hand, dollarization would impose a destructive neoliberal disciple far worse than that imposed by the old Gold Standard since Canada was at least an important producer of gold.


It is perhaps worth underlining that the current understanding of economics and of political economy, inspired by Walras, Keynes, Sraffa and many others including non-keynesians, posits a "general equilibrium" as a necessity for a healthy economy (and for the squaring of its econometric equations).This hold true for an ''open economy'' where trade and current accounts balances acquire a greater saliency.


This is determinant for socialists and sincere social-democrats alike. Simply put, what this says is basically that the economic variables are already known or can be easily known (quantified) empirically each time they acquire systemic relevance, therefore leaving governments a high degree of freedom for their management of general economic policies, with or without industrial strategies or incitative planning, so long as they are able to muster the right social power relationships and popular support. In a set of socio-economic, essentially interdependent, variables, the degree of freedom is as great as the popular will would want it to be so long as the precondition of a general equilibrium is met. Keynesianism was postulated on this very reshuffling of the cards ( S=I) as, indeed, is any real redistributive policy.


Thus, governments on the right will favour across the board, regressive tax reductions etc, etc. to sustain the elusive intermediary sectors of the so-call New Economy thus speeding the process of delocalization of labour-intensive industries in various foreign (and soon Canadian) maquiladoras; to palliate the slow reconversion of the working population and the deceptively poor capacity of the New Economy to absorb unemployed workers, the Right necessarily has to bank on lower-end service sectors (McDo's jobs and the likes) and consequently has to impose a 60 h. working week to a desunionized working population further regimented by private employment agencies. Workhouses (not the preferred English peculiarities of the New Left, one would -vainly?- hope) cannot be too far away, workfare in these conditions being only a prelude.


Governments sincerely if not squarely on the left, while still working inside a system characterized by the dominance of private property and even by a certain amount of ''normal'' financial speculation, will favour a program designed around the principles listed above.


This  new program of the left should not necessarily be advocated as a quick remedy to be immediately applied in its entirety: in any case, the NDP does not have any such prospects in the near future, at least at the federal level. However, it should not be conceptually truncated nor diluted although various refinements and additions are obviously in order. Rather, this coherent program is designed to illustrate an alternative socio-political project; it is intended to focus philosophical, political, social and economic thinking around a new, practical alternative, capable, just as the Regina Manifesto did years ago, of making people dream concretely about a possible better world closer to their reach than vested interests of various kinds would want us to believe (as, in fact, is already illustrated in some European countries).


Some people in the past have been known to have told numerous N. Penners and numerous members of the Waffle Group: ''we know where you are coming from" before they "democratically'' shut the door close to their candid faces. They alone contributed to the NDP's current weakness by laboriously and methodically excluding ''radical'', that is, dedicated and non-venal militants. If these same loud, conceited, incestuously self-elected voices are preemptively raised from the same corners, they should unceremoniously be shown the door and should be advised to hurry up to the Liberal Party before they succeed in uprooting leftist thinking, roots and branches, from the Canadian body politics and before they succeed in their secret dream to finally replace Marx, Innis and Thommy Douglas by Edmund Burke and George Orwell (or rather Blair/Orwell and Orwell/Blair!) without even the benefice of Thomas Paine's Rights of man or Oscar Wilde's Humanitad for that matter. Another unfortunate English peculiarity which certainly needs no emulation nor any mimicry! If these dogmatic, self-contented voices were to keep control of the NDP's Apparat (i.e. their cherished and CSIS conform though probably not Echelon vetted feeding racks) and consequently of the main leftist movement in the country, then we would all be better off joining the U.S.: at least we would get a chance to read Paul Sweezy in the ''text''!


       Sincerely Yours,

        Paul De Marco

       Copyright © 23-03-2001 (The critical use of this document is encouraged while its acknowlegment would be appreciated)




Shun and avoid all Canadian NGOs like the plague!

(Click to see the Open letter to the Prime Minister and to the Premier McGuinty)


Whatever the position you occupy, be it that of a simple citizen or that of a person in charge, help boycott Bombardier Inc, the reactionary firm from Quebec, and be sure to shun and avoid like the plague all Canadian NGOs in the world. This call will be taken off only after the Canadian Government will have officially apologized to me and to my family and after it, together with the Government of Quebec, will have paid in full all the academic, material and moral damages gratuitously and malignantly imposed on me for decades.


Bombardier Inc is a reactionary firm which has illegally stolen my concepts while fully cognizant of the fact that I was illegally harassed. This enterprise is now cursed and must disappear.


All Canadian NGOs are just servile adjuncts to the continental military and intelligence services. In todays world, this simply means total subservience to the Mossad-CIA-NSA demonic triad. This holds true even when the personnel in the field ignores it or conveniently feigns to ignore it. No one in Canada can ever occupy a position endowed with the slightest modicum of influence without being first vetted, not for meritocracy, but for instinctive servility. Furthermore, as everywhere else in this country, Canadian-Jews are anti-constitutionally over-represented in these NGOs, including behind the scene when they are dealing with locations where they cannot advertise themselves with the usual chutzpah and the usual vacuous but racist righteousness. The World generally ignores everything about the North American defensive and security setup which was developed right after the Dominion of Canada entered the Second World War in 1939, obediently following in the UK's footsteps. This event was followed on October 7, 1944, by the Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organization at Dumbarton Oaks with the American Administration, its new imperial master. These ties that bind became even more stringent after 9/11, yet pervasive world ignorance still allows many people to be fooled by the Canadian passport, by the vegetal Canadian Flag and by the inexistent Canadian pretenses to fairness, neutrality and inclination for neutral peacekeeping.    


As former Jewish-Canadian Minister in charge of Canada Post, Kaplan, can surely testify, the former Clerk of the Privy Council, Paul Tellier, used his connections with the Canadian government, including the intelligence services, to open my mails and steal directly from them. One such instance involved a letter I wrote to the Italian Government for the benefit of Agusta Aerospace Company. It contained the description of a new concept for the transformation of huge airliner planes into firefighter machines. (After my protest, thanks to the connections with other such ruffians, the concept was passed to Conair where, not surprisingly, one Barry Smarden works. (See Open letter to the Prime Minister and to the Premier McGuinty below. Note that a copy of this open letter was sent to various Canadian newspapers, among which the Globe and Mail, Le Devoir and others All had stolen ideas from me through their police contacts and through their own participation in the surveillance and harassment ploy. They all shamelessly ignored it, forcing me to adopt a different strategy. This heinous, tight and rather imbecilic cover up now involves Canadian private security firms such as FIS from Toronto, which do not hesitate to lie to their clients about the surveillance bugging devices. This is done while taking the clients' money and surreptitiously braking their contract, in order to protect the intelligence services' and their political masters' wrongdoings.)  


This is not the only case which involves stealing directly from my non-electronic mail: For instance, in a letter addressed to Guy Nègre, I had described the potential of the flying wheel to produce energy and adapted it to the breaking system. Through Interpol, Japan, like all other countries, has a direct access to the pervasive 24-hour surveillance imposed on me, including when I discuss things aloud at home or in my family cars, or when I type on my computers. They also have cameras specifically installed to allow them to pick up what I write on my desks, my dining tables, or in other comfortable locations. For this reason, I had handwritten the letter to Guy Nègre and send it to him by mail, knowing that Interpol or others cannot have access to the surveillance without Canadas knowledge and complicity. As a Canadian citizen these institutions are legally obliged to protect me … This letter to Nègre was equally opened. It eventually helped Toyota develop its hybrid cars. I can provide many others such documented examples. The point is that the same people who destroyed my university career and imposed an inhuman and illegal harassment on me and my family are now benefiting from their stealing. It does represent a double and heinous crime perpetrated against me. It should be punished. (Debilitating harassment through sleep deprivation techniques was increased in specific circumstances prior to interviews, appointments or meetings etc. This also happened when my brother was under chemotherapy. Believe it or not, neither Harper, nor McGuinty, nor the police did find it necessary to intervene, or even to answer my letters asking for a public inquiry. Nor did the UN, neither did Amnesty International, nor anyone else for that matter! Nonetheless, they all continue to wax profusely about human rights … whenever it fits their mastersideology and serves their criminal domestic and external crusades.)  

In my letter to Guy Nègre I was offering him my concepts asking only for an effort to adapt them to the needs of Third World countries. To my surprise, Guy Nègre did not seem to be interested and yet he adapted his own concepts to urgent Third World needs. It is my privilege to freely give my concepts (or my books, for that matter) to serve causes which I find worthy of my support as a Marxist. But it is my unalienable right to demand that my privacy be rigorously respected and that my intellectual property not be stolen by anyone, in particular by those same grotesque ruffians who abuse their connections in order to deprive me of my rights, and to illegally harass me for decades without cause and without any acceptable juridical mandate.  


In the last half of the 90s the reactionary firm from Quebec, Bombardier Inc, was headed by Paul Tellier and Laurent Baudoin. As you know, Tellier is a criminal ruffian who once was part of the so-called Trudeaus War Room, a rather State-terrorist and paralegal organization (see RCMP "grange" (barn) bombings and the isolated protests by Tommy Douglas as well as the belated revelations by Chrétien's political mentor, Mitchell Sharp.) For Canadas misfortune, this destructive and anti-democratic structure was kept alive by Trudeaus successors, in spite of the Canadian Charter of Rights. Tellier remained tied to it even as I taught in Montreal from 1986 to 1995. Ruffians like him had already caused my withdrawal in good standing from the PhD program in International Relations (International Political Economy) at York University, in Toronto. Even in the role of my thesis directors, these academic non-entities and patented ruffians had dared to accuse me of being obsessed with the law of value. The law of value constituted the central theoretical part of my PhD thesis which dealt with the Emergence of the Welfare State in Canada from 1939 to 1948. These ruffians advertised the courses for which I, as a graduate student, paid tuition fees to earn the right to attend them (!), with a characteristically arrogant and misleading phrase, mainly intended to attract Left-leaning scholars like myself, in order to better eliminate them in the last stretch of their academic studies; they were wont to say that we have to do for todays world what Marx did for his, even though they were painfully trying to understand and to peddle some second-hand Weber or some Masonic I. Berlin as worthy and modern political thought … Of course, as their reaction to my work ultimately proved, they were shamelessly lying, and in so doing they were misleading serious students, while abusing their trust and stilling their money. In my case, they kept on stealing my material even as I left York University to escape from their debilitating intellectual influence. These people and their likes have no place in institutions of higher learning, which should never act as adjuncts to intelligence services, least of all to those dominated by the repugnant contemporary philo-Semite Nietzschean lodges. They make a cruel joke of the, albeit necessary, democratization process in education!  In the end, I and I alone did reestablish and further developed the scientific status of Marxs labor law of value, also offering in the process a Synthèse de la critique definitive au marginalisme which disposes, once and for all, of the scientific pretenses of bourgeois economics, as well as of the silly but destructive production functionfostered by the notorious pitres Samuelson and Solow. Paul Tellier is the epitome of this kind of criminal ruffian. But so are Baudoin, Bombardier Inc and all Canadians in a position of responsibility. Not only did they always ignored my appeals and protestations (see the Open letter to the Prime Minister and to the Premier McGuinty below), but they all were actively complicit with the harassment used against me in the vain hope to discourage my complaints and to brake me psychologically.


These people are driven by the certainty of their personal and collective impunity as a class. They control the system, including the justice system and the administrative instances of appeal. They control the anti-democratic and philo-Semite Nietzschean lodges which foster an a-moral pseudo-Ethics, namely the usual post-Burkean philo-Semite Nietzschean demonic pretense to elevate oneself "beyond good and evil" (of course, with the right kosher Shekkinah …). When they harass you, they do so confident to be protected thanks to their tight control over their legal monopoly of violence. Not measuring the disgusted contempt they inspire, they go overboard to push you into violent reaction with the vain hope to justify their own crapulous crimes, after the fact. However, they have foolishly underestimated the inner force of a free and clear conscience(in the French sense of the term), they have miscalculated the sheer force of critical knowledge and the overwhelming force of international solidarity. In the end, they will pay! As will their ignorant philo-Semite Nietzschean teams of psychological advisors. Pouah! Buurkkke! (They frankly should study Marxist psychoanalysis from my freely accessible Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme with great humility, while looking at themselves in a mirror. Moreover, the academic, medical and para-medical personnel belonging to this grotesquely ignorant and criminal crews should be banned from their profession for continued and gross violation of the Charter of Rights and of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as for their infamous violations of the deontology code and of the Hippocratic oath. "Whose seeds are they from, anyway?")


For collective self-defense against these patented pitres' crimes,


Paul De Marco, former professor of International Relations (International Political Economy.)


Open letter to the Prime Minister Harper and to the Premier McGuinty. (back)


Mr. Harper, Mr. McGuinty,


I am a Canadian citizen, a law abiding person with an immaculate criminal record, an experienced professor and an accomplished Marxist.


From 1974 to 1976 I acted as a French monitor with the Ministry of the Environment (in Toronto); from 1982 to 1984 I was employed as a teaching assistant by York University (Toronto); from 1988 to 1989 I taught various courses at UQAM (Montréal); from 1986 to 1995 I was employed as a professor by the CEGP de Rosemont, in Montréal. Finally, as the odiously complicit former French Minister of Education Mr. de Robien does not ignore, from January 2005 to July 2005 I worked as a French tutor with Brilliant Tutor at Your Home, but was considered as some sort of guinea pig by ignorant imbeciles who did not hesitate to steal my ideas while continuing their repugnant harassment, once again at the expense of my students. The truth is I was systematically pushed out of all these positions with the exemption of the first. All my employment applications were systematically and maliciously interfered with; even those applications which involved the lowest paid menial jobs offered by private employment agencies (for instance with Mac Auto).


In the past, I have repeatedly asked you and your governments to initiate a public inquiry into the devious bureaucratic process which led to my academic exclusion, into the permanent denial of justice and gross violation of due process and into the continuous harassment inflicted upon me, for instance through the barbaric use of sleep deprivation. This harassment continues to be very intrusive: It includes the round-the-clock monitoring of the telephone lines, of the television, of the radios as well as of other devices installed both inside and outside the home where I live, including in my familys cars. It is clearly intended to implement a tight ostracism in all aspects of my academic, social and everyday life, so that we should perhaps ask these derelicts to spell out in public both their intents and the consequences they wish for. In any event, I want all the names of the people who authorized these actions, as well as the names of the pseudo-professionals, Canadians and foreigners, including in the medical and paramedical professions, who thought out, planned and implemented this monstrous decades-long harassment. They too will have to be held publicly accountable.    


For decades now, I have been the object of a malignant and unscrupulous character assassination by persons in charge who are systematically abusing their authority. The criminal machinations were multilayered. They were changed from time to time simply because of the inherent implausibility of the excuses that were forged to explain them. These illegal excuses were invariably exposed as false by the sheer passing of time. And yet, the criminal harassment was always illegally maintained and constantly added to. It now has become a very vicious thing by which new and always unsubstantiated insinuations are forged by these scoundrels, in a vain attempt to discourage my complaints and to protect themselves as well as their undeserved and abused institutional and social positions. The venal willingness of the general citizenry of this country to go along with these crapulous methods, in order to buy their own certificates of servile compliance leading to employment, is even more sickening than it is frightening, especially since it is offered automatically on the basis of hearsay, and in the absence of the least shred of evidence. This is the unmistaken sign of a general ethico-political degeneration.


In this context, despite my profound dislike for letters of recommendation due to what they imply for the selectionprocess, I will perhaps be excused to underline the following: I registered in the M.A. Program in Political Science at York University with a letter of recommendation by the late former Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs John Holmes, the foremost figure in my discipline at the time in Canada. This letter had been offered to me before I needed to ask for it. The others two letters were not less important. Again when, as a finishing PhD student, I was forced to move from York University to UQAM due to the dishonest behavior of my thesis directors, in particular Robert W. Cox Ms Chantal Rondeau, the then Director of the Graduate Program of International Relations at UQAM, laughingly told me that my new letters of recommendations were dithyrambic. Above all, I take a great pride to note that the annual evaluations by my students, both at York University, at CEGEP of Rosemont and at UQAM were always excellent. The police report which I submitted when I vainly (!) presented my registration with the Ontario College of Teachers tells the same story. In this circumstances, the Canadian, Quebecker and Ontarian governments willingness to go along with the aforementioned character assassination and with the ensuing water-tight academic exclusion and social ostracism is particularly repugnant. In accordance with a major rule of ethics and of juridical interpretation, the key question to be asked here is this: Mr. Harper, Mr. McGuinty, or any other persons immediately concerned, would you find such a gratuitous but barbaric treatment acceptable for your own children?  


You know perfectly well that the very same persons, both at York University (including my thesis directors), at UQAM and elsewhere, who caused and maintained my exclusion, have stolen my material and plagiarized it in their typically reversed philo-Semite Nietzschean fashion, both when I was registered into the PhD Program in International Relations, when I was teaching and indeed even after my administrative exclusion was illegally enforced..


You know perfectly well about the criminal influence of many Quebeckers in helping with this bureaucratic exclusion, with the systemic harassment, even outside the jurisdictional limits of the province of Quebec, and with the active and devious denial of due process. In particular, among these, are to be found so-called ministerslike Serge Ménard, his enlarged family, including their Vatican connections (these Vatican connections would also have to be publicly ascertained with respect to the harassment imposed to my deceased sister while she was working at St. Michael University in Toronto; and also with one of my apartment in Montreal that was entirely and secretly wired up before being rented to me.). Others, like Mr. Mulroney, General Baril, Ambassador Fortier and Ms. Frechette at the UN should have no difficulty confirming the harassment and the lifting of my academic material while I was teaching in Montreal. Both Mr. Chrétien and indeed Mr. Paul Martin, whose own father was elected with the direct support of the Communists and Unionists, the main agents in the emergence of the Welfare State in Canada, could easily confirm the long banalization of these crapulous methods against me. So does Mr. Mulroney.


You know perfectly well that legal aid has been denied to me with spurious reasons. This was done just as, with the most cruel, vicious and malicious intentions, Quebecs agents and your own intelligence services made sure that I could never find any employment minimally commensurate with my academic qualifications, particularly in teaching.  


You know perfectly well that the former Clerk of the Privy Council, Mr. Paul Tellier and Bombardier Inc., as well as Mr. Barry Smarden from Conair, have illegally benefited from the opening of the letters I sent through Canada Post. They shamelessly stole my concepts with the active complicity of many government officials, including former minister Kaplan. This is the case, for instance, for my detailed description of an airliner-plane modified to operate as a potent firefighter in lieu of the much smaller Canadair. The same kind of stealing was perpetuated at my expense more than once, for instance through the opening of a letter that I had sent to Mr. Guy Nègre through Canada Post regarding the use of inertial energy in his hybrid car. In this specific case some people then passed the information on to the Japanese automobile firm Toyota. (Barry Smarden is interesting in that his involvement sends you back to the bunch of graduate students from York University, back in the late 70s and early 80s, among whom Bruce Smarden, Joan Robinson and Guy Poirier, as well as the mother of the first student mentioned here who did held leading positions with various Ontarian Universities, including York University. Aside from imagining a ploy to defraud Students Loans and Grants, a ploy probably originally devised with the hope of setting me up, Smarden and Robinson maintained tight contact with professorssuch as Drummond, probably because they thought he had a long arm due to his own contacts with the military intelligence services. Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark, as the famous bard once said.)  As for Paul Tellier, he was not the first Paul Tellier I had the misfortune to meet: A younger one acted as my lawyer but worked against me to protect Beaudry and UQAM, refusing for more than a year and despite many written and insistent letters from me, to proceed with Beaudrys interrogation; but this younger scoundrel, cast according to the same mold, was also entirely backed by all institutions involved, including when I denounced him to the Barreau: I repeat, he is unworthy to be a lawyer. Aside from a vulgar Lafrance who presided over my complaint at the Barreau against this Tellier, we also had to put up with another unavoidable Canadian- Jew, named Waxman, another servo in camerawho knew instinctively how to protect his own ration. Justice cannot exit, let alone prevail, which such characters. Yet, they are over-represented in every controlling instance. This too needs to be properly investigated. From them too, and from the institutions which employed them, I demand a formal apology.  


You know perfectly well that the 24-hour a day surveillance, illegally imposed on me since at least 1985, and greatly intensified after my exclusion, constitutes a criminal infringement on my privacy rights and on that of my family. These odious actions were always maintained if not increased, regardless of the fact that members of my family were undergoing cancer therapy. You equally know that this surveillance has been used from the start as a convenient tool to steal my ideas and my concepts, and even to interfere with the lawsuit I had initiated against Ms Beaudry and UQAM after 1989. You must certainly know that no judge in his right mind is in a position to renew an eventual surveillance mandate for such a long period without the malicious complicity of the government and the malicious forgery of spurious and unsubstantiated motives.


You know perfectly well that this intrusive surveillance has extended to the media, the academic and the political milieus through police infiltration and interference. My material is permanently sifted by every means available, even as I type on the keyboards of my computers or write on my desks or even when I express myself aloud in my house or in my car. People like Jeffrey Simpson or Kagan at the Globe and Mail, Anna Maria Tremonti at CBC Radio, people at the Chin Radio, or Allan Gregg at TV Ontario and many, many others, including their research teams and their bosses, know exactly what I am talking about and should now be asking themselves serious questions about honesty and complicity, aside from the usual and much abused journalistic privileges. Former federal finance minister Mr. Wilson can easily confirm my accusations at least as far as the Globe and Mail Business section is concerned. Given the incessant and easily documented echoes, it is clear that it is part of the general destabilizing and isolating strategy used against me that was imagined by those I appropriately analyzed as a bunch of pitres. This has extended beyond this country and indeed beyond this hemisphere (for instance, David Frum or CNN in the U.S.) to Europe and elsewhere. Among the subordinated pitres, you will find, for instance, the abject French former television host, Bernard Pivot always ready to shamelessly abuse the technical possibilities offered by TV5, including in his manipulative association with the alleged rapist, pseudo-psychiatric (!) and former film director, the Jewish-Chilean Alejandro Jodorovski. These people and others like them do need to see themselves through my eyes before being condemned. Meanwhile, this round-the-clock surveillance is used in an attempt to preempt my concepts and to banalize them in a denatured fashion, so as to diminish my eventual intellectual influence. As I said before, this has extended to the international level: I challenge Interpol or the French and Italian Governments to dare say otherwise. (Given that it cannot claim ignorance, and given my dual Canadian and Italian citizenship, it should be noted here that the Italian government has a constitutional obligation to uphold my fundamental rights even though it might choose to cowardly and ideologically throw its head deep in the sand. The same applies, by implication, to the EU.) Meanwhile it should not escape the attention of anyone, in particular in the academic milieu that this kind of lifting and denaturation intended to occult my unmatched scientific results, constitutes one of the greatest class and Masonic crime ever perpetrated against the human intellect at least since Galileo Galilei. Like it or not, my scientific results, reached despite the harassment, can perhaps be refuted, but they can no longer be purposely denatured or occulted. It becomes the more reprehensible when such crime is committed at the instigation and with the backing of those anti-democratic Masonic Lodges belonging to a philo-Semite Nietzschean and Burkean obedience. As for my scientific results, despite the fact that they had to be established under the most trying circumstances, I challenge anyone in my disciplines to successfully invalidate them in the full respect of the scientific method and deontology. Their occultation will come back to hunt you with a vengeance, once again, unless it is quickly remedied to.


You know perfectly well that the surveillance together with the continuous harassment were intended to cause grave psychological and health damages to me. The psychological expertsat your employ together with their Masonic and philo-Semite Nietzschean connections seem to believe in their own ability to locate a religious(sic!) center in the brain; yet, as Stanley Ryerson had warned, one thing is certain, it is their eager and shameless willingness to adopt the same heinous criminal methods used in the past by the FBI and the CIA to destabilize dissidents, for instance the great American tenor Paul Robeson. I have argued many times that these crassly ignorant and criminal bastards would gain a better perspective on these problems if they were asked to read my material seriously, in particular my book Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme. Some courses involving some elements of deontology should also help. In reality, they should immediately be barred from their discipline and send to jail because of their inhuman violations of the Hippocratic Oath. Meanwhile, these self-cultivated scoundrels are certainly not in a position to presume treating a person like me as a guinea pig.


Given this necessarily short and abridged synopsis of my earlier complaints, I am entitled to ask you: Why did you choose to ignore my earlier and repeated complaints? Why did you pointedly refuse to initiate a comprehensive public inquiry? Why did you condone the use of torture against me? I publicly and respectfully request an answer. Furthermore I publicly ask you: When will my academic and human rights be restored? When will an official apology be issued to me? When will the punitive damages due to me be paid in full, together with my lost salaries, including the part that pertains to the differed salary owed to me in its pension form?

What we are dealing with here is not just another scandalous miscarriage of justice and a manifestation of sectarian racism from both Canadian and Quebecker institutions. Your silent complicity is actively helping transform an already Burkean society into a crapulous philo-Semite Nietzschean version of Carl Schmitts theocon, Masonic and totalitarian regime: A police State. A regime based on the organized denigration and demonization of any democratic expression by a set of grossly and anti-constitutionally over-represented minorities, a regime sustained through a generalized and venal compromission of the alienated masses of infra-citizen subjects. It is becoming the true version of the so-called banalization of evil. It creates a deleterious context in which shared and forged uniform mind setsand patterns of alienated behavior encourage the protected crooks of both genders, to malignantly comment on law-abiding citizens and on the dedicated and humble scholars with total impunity. Among these crooks in their various sectarian headdresses are sometimes found even the half-illiterate criminal paranoid and drugged alcoholic professorsco-opted as informers, as well as the ignorant scoundrel. One such professorwas Mr. Saint-Laurent at CEGEP of Rosemont: He and the CEGEP Administration still have to account for the student Hupp9s episode and for the surrounding paranoid harassment, including the criminal disruptions of my classes, which also involved our colleague Jean Reynolds.


Your attitude makes a mockery of the Canadian Charter of Rights. It makes a mockery of Canadian democracy. It is the typical behavior of the plain ideologues, deprived of any sense of decency and honour. Do not perpetuate this despicable behavior. If you have the least sense of justice left in you, please do discharge the responsibilities that are attached to your elected positions in a more honourable and democratic fashion. Be certain however that, one way or another, justice will prevail.


Please note that the Canadian justice system has failed me too many times already. It cannot any longer go at the bottom of this pathological decades-long malignant exclusion and criminal harassment. A plethora of costly lawsuits would not suffice to redress all the suffering and all the wrongs gratuitously inflicted upon me with active institutional complicity. Only a comprehensive public enquiry will achieve this result. You know it as well as I do. Negating it will be adding a heinous crime on top of a series of heinous crimes.


Paul De Marco, former Professor of International Relations, illegally excluded and harassed.





Complaint to the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario.


Giuseppe De Marco was medically murdered. The term ''murder'', instead of euthanasia, is used here in its rigorous legal sense because there was a sustained intent to kill Giuseppe, as well as a plan and individuals acting in a concerted fashion to cold-bloodedly achieve this goal. They did this while trying to mask this medical murder as a ''natural death'' linked to cancer. In so doing, these individuals abused their medical and/or institutional authority. They lied to the patient and to his family. They illegally tried to extort consent to end treatment. And they contrived to impose and maintain a systemic complicity. In the Charts, Giuseppe De Marco is unanimously described as a ''very pleasant man'', with zero complaint. He was a recognised top-notch but unassuming 63-year old tool and die maker and designer. One doctor notes that he liked to be called simply ''Joe'' (or Joseph in a French context.) He was born in Calabria, Italy, in San Giovanni in Fiore, the city founded in the Middle Ages by the great Mystic Gioacchino di Fiore. He came in Canada in 1968.


This documented complaint primarily concerns the criminals Natalie Coburn, Simron Singh and his main nurse Suzanne Gardner (from Sunnybrook Hospital) as well as Palliative Care and Marcia Macdonald, the home visiting nurse. It also concerns Hy Dwosh, Larry Grossman and William J. Lucas as well as their acolytes in York Central Hospital, in particular the nurses (XXX), Vivian Eghosa and Sam Osamudiamen. They have knowingly, repeatedly and sadistically broken Canadian constitutional laws as well as the Hippocratic Oath. Consequently, as far as the College is concerned, these monstrous criminals should be definitively excluded from the medical profession. They should be barred for live from any activity having anything to do with health care. Their planned and cold-blooded medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco calls for exemplary measures from the College. Given the general complicity, knowingly condoned by federal and provincial government leaders, and by their heads of military and civilian intelligence services (including in Quebec), the College will also need to determine the specific degree of responsibility of all other doctors, nurses, imaging personnel and psychological teams who knew, and indeed could not ignore, neither the medical self-fulfilling murderous prophecy coldly carried out against Giuseppe, nor the characteristically philo-Semite Nietzschean narratives used to cover it up.


We are dealing here with a barbaric and sadistic harassment context, backed by a widespread Aufseherinnen philo-Semite Nietzschean mentality pervasive at all levels. It recalls the rogue system described by the great ethnologist Germaine Tillion. The a-political workaholic and law-abiding Giuseppe De Marco was medically murdered by this system and its agents. This was accomplished through the creation of a planned murderous self-fulfilling prophecy involving a purposefully incomplete and false diagnosis, botched surgeries, experimental chemotherapies, heavy falsification of the medical charts, dysfunctional palliative care, unmonitored use of very large doses of heparin, negation of a concerted treatment plan, and sadistic harassment of the patient and his family. Quasi-Kevorkian cocktails were equally used at least twice before and up to the Christmas Night of 2009, and on January 11, 2010. Yet the criminal in-house coroner Lucas refused to perform the required toxicology analysis. Every time Giuseppe De Marco was showing signs of recovery, new medical attempts were made to abbreviate his life, including the unilateral negation of a concerted treatment plan. A dysfunctional palliative care system was used with the same purpose in mind. A straight medical killing attempt was carefully prepared from December 23, 2009 onwards and coldly carried out during the Christmas Night of December 25, 2009: It principally involved the improperly monitored administration of very large amounts of heparin and brutal lungs suctions (Giuseppe was administered 5000 cc of heparin every day for (6) six long days, with sometime a double daily dose; see list attached). The last mortal stoke was levied by the evil Dwosh, with the full knowledge of Larry Grossman and of the former judge Peter Cory, in his role of adviser on civil liberties (!) and even more as the new head of the Communications Security Establishment freshly nominated on December 14, 2009, by the Harper government. Many others participated or knew about this masked medical murder. This evil Dwosh unilaterally decided to negate the urgent and concerted treatment plan agreed between Dr. Gladman and Giuseppes brother Paul De Marco on December 31, 2009, thus hastening the patients death. A determined effort was made by these persons to ensure that Giuseppe would die before the evil Dwosh would be replaced on the next Monday as the doctor in charge of York Central ICU-CCU.


These are not allegations. I, Paul De Marco, brother of Giuseppe De Marco and a former professor of International Relations (International Political Economy) intend them as criminal accusations rigorously based on undisputable facts, which are objectively drawn from Giuseppes medical Charts. Indeed, to insure that no pertinent facts will be neglected, attached you will find a chronological and thematic Synopsis of all important events taken from the various charts (family doctor, Sunnybrook Hospital, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre, Palliative Care and York Central Hospital. I thus consider this Synopsis as an integral part of this Complaint.) The barbaric harassment suffered by Giuseppe - and his family -, so characteristic of the current philo-Semite Nietzschean exclusivist and regressive forma mentis, is quickly summed up in a short section of this summary. Suffice it to say here that Giuseppe was made to suffer from sleep deprivation. When he was undergoing chemotherapy, ultrasounds and nausea causing chemicals were used against him with that purpose in mind. In so doing, the attempt was obviously made to present the symptoms as normal side effects of the treatment, while weakening the patient. Basing himself on the indications provided by his ultrasound-monitoring device, Paul called the police. The three officers who answered the call simply ignored the gravity of the case, confirming the widespread complicity in their ranks and among their superiors. Given the dramatic seriousness of the accusations, if only to maintain the Colleges credibility and that of his law-abiding members, the College will have to demand a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Giuseppe De Marco. I will soon do likewise myself.


The College will have to ascertain the complicity and specific degree of responsibility of lesser culprits. The persons mainly responsible for the gratuitous and barbaric murder of Giuseppe De Marco were already mentioned above. Here is a short synopsis of their criminal responsibility as objectively demonstrated by the medical charts.


Natalie Coburn. Prior to Coburn the diagnosis was: ''Compatible with adenocarcinoma, ulcerated...''; ''H. Pilory not seen''. ''Compatible with gastric origin (...) ''But gastric origin not confirmed'' (Biopsy results, Nov. 28, 2007) This was further specified: ''There is no esophageal tumour. Gastric ulcer, rule out CA. Small hiatus hernia and gastric enteritis.''( Ed Wong, Dec, 06, 2007) This last diagnosis was confirmed by repeated CT scans at Sunnybrook and elsewhere. Even after Coburns botched surgeries, Dr. Darlene Fenech wrote on Feb. 11, 2009: ''There was no evidence of recurrence and we simply took random biopsies''. At the same time, she questioned the possibility of bile reflux, but she was ignored by Coburn and Singh. Dr. Kos independent imaging on Sept-Oct. 2009 showed a residual common bile duct of only 0.5 cm!!! Finally, York Central Hospital independent CT Scan noted on Dec. 23, 2009 that:tatic disease contrary to what has been reported from Sunnybrook. There are bilateral pleural effusions and there is a moderate amount of abdominal ascites. There is no evidence of obstruction and there is no retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy''. Coburn knowingly lied to Giuseppe and his family.


She rushed Giuseppe into surgery on the basis of an incomplete and false diagnosis. This criminal diagnosis was devised before all laboratory results were known. Nevertheless, this same diagnosis was arrived at repeatedly, disregarding all other crucial data such as CT scan results. In the end, no gastric primary was ever proven. Coburn did what she did with the clear intention to experiment ''aggressively'' with this ''young patient''. The decision to proceed with surgery and experiments was taken prior to December 20, 2007, that is to say prior to obtaining complete results. She intentionally botched the first surgery and subsequently did everything she could to cover up her deed. Only intentional mischief can lead to the botched and consecutively largely hidden cholecystectomy performed during a gastrectomy, which she herself described as ''highly resectable''. Only intentional mischief can later lead to the active cover up of the cholecystectomy (including the lies about bile ducts malformation told to Giuseppe and Paul, and obviously invented to cover up the otherwise inexplicable deed.) This dreadfully damaging cholecystectomy, which left Giuseppe dangerously soaking in his own body fluids for nine (9) longs days, is only reported ''en passant'', as some kind of unimportant afterthought, at the very end of a dubious operative note. All other notes written by Coburn are questionable: Aside from being totally different from the version told to Giuseppe and his brother, they are incoherent and obviously heavily doctored after the fact. Not even the number and location of the drains remain coherent. However, Coburn knowingly allowed treatment to proceed on the basis of falsified files, in which the cholecystectomy was forgotten and its lesion soon interpreted as cancer metastasis in the liver. Hence, the falsified files, including the hasty and false diagnosis, were basically intended to hide the botched surgeries and to accredit a baseless narrative of gastric cancer metastasis requiring heavy chemotherapies and, soon after, palliative care and certain death. The only acceptable medical course available to Coburn and her medical team and colleagues would have been to immediately tell the truth and stress it at every stage to insure proper treatment.


The internal contradictions of the criminal narrative, which is mainly contained in the two operative notes, and in the discharge note offered to cover up the botched surgeries, confirm the lies and the incoherence in Coburns version of the dynamic of both surgeries. As we noted above, not even the number and the location of JP drains remain coherent in obviously doctored and belatedly edited versions. A careful examination of all the charts unambiguously shows that only Coburn-Portes discharge note was medically available, at least until Paul felt the need to tell the version Giuseppe and him had been told. For instance to Dr Ko and others, after September-October 2009. As was stressed above, this version involved a forged malformation used to explain the cholecystectomy, a version that is still unable to explain why two surgeries were needed instead of one. Paul urged them not to trust the falsified files and to proceed instead with their own independent investigations.


The murderous falsifications of the charts, including the deadly omission of the cholecystectomy, and the interpretation of scars, suture points, indurations etc were offered as gratuitous evidence of gastric cancer metastases - when no gastric primary was ever proven. This forgery was carried out with the active complicity of the ''oncologist'' Simron Singh and with that of other doctors and Imaging personnel. In this illegally created and controlled environment, Coburn felt free to conduct the ''aggressive'' experiments which she herself described as having ''never been tried before'', early on December 20, 2007, that is to say before obtaining complete laboratory results. Giuseppes refusal to participate in anything not scientifically proven led to slight modifications, most notably botched surgeries and hidden cholecystectomy before adjuvant chemotherapy. Natalie Coburn is thus guilty of murder through two botched and covered up surgeries, and through the carefully planned but murderous creation of a self-fulfilling prophecy. This was supported by a spurious gastric metastasis narrative, which was never demonstrated by the charts despite their falsification. Indeed, this criminal metastasis narrative was refuted by the independent imaging done at York Central Hospital almost two years after the surgeries. That is to say before the likes of Larry Grossman imposed it again as the ''official'' medical version, starting on December 23, 2009, in preparation of the heparin-assassination attempt coldly planned for Christmas Night. In so doing, Coburn knowingly violated Canadian laws, the medical deontology and her Hippocratic Oath. Consequently, Natalie Coburn should be excluded from the medical profession and barred for live from any activities having anything to do with health care.


Simron Singh, the ''oncologist''. He clearly acted as the main murderous acolyte of Coburn at Sunnybrook and Odette Cancer Centre. He could not ignore the incomplete and false diagnosis, nor the aggressive experimental mood agitating Coburn, nor the botched surgeries and the hidden cholecystectomy. But he went along with the murderous experiments although, as long as Dr Ung was involved in Giuseppes care, neither Coburn nor Singh, nor their imaging acolytes could dare talk about gastric metastasis. This is simply because Dr Ung would have otherwise refused to offer radiations alongside chemotherapy, thus impeding the intended experiments.


Simron Singh did willingly participate in the planned inevitable death of Giuseppe, which had been decided by Coburn. Last but not least, he added the tragic weight of his own dramatic incompetence and duplicity. For instance, had he listen to his patient and to his brother and offered proper hydration, Giuseppe would never have developed a ureter hydronephrosis necessitating the insertion of a stent. Had he been minimally competent and honest, he would have inquired about the incomplete and false diagnosis, instead of characteristically borrowing the interpretation from others, as he is wont to do (see his sheepish borrowing of the false evaluation of the pertinence of a biliary drain from Imaging. In the end, they all were quickly proven wrong: The drain reduced the bilirubin to 17, something which should have been done much, much earlier, and had only been made possible because this incompetent Singh was fortunately absent for one week in September-October 2009.) Dr. Fenech had ruled out any possible stomach recurrence through random biopsies and did send a very pertinent query about bile reflux to Coburn: Coburn obviously disregarded this query, but so did the ''oncologist'' Singh. Had he been minimally competent and honest, Giuseppe would not have suffered from two hasty and botched surgeries, and from inadequate treatments based on an unproven gastric primary diagnosis and on a forged metastatic process. Had he been minimally competent and honest, he would have refused to ignore the removal of the clean gallbladder; and he would have refused to condone the ensuing cover up, including the invention of a liver metastasis (In reality, we are dealing here with a ''lesion'' which comes and goes according to the needs of the narrative and the doctors involved.) Yet, this suspicious liver lesion was used to legitimate a heavier chemotherapy, at least once Dr Ung was off from the case. Had he been minimally honest, he would have refused to participate in the invention of a lung metastasis to artificially accredit a general metastatic evolution. Aside from the use of the experimental Docetaxel chemotherapy, this new narrative was designed to rapidly push the patient into palliative care and thus to death. Had he been minimally honest, Singh would have pointed out instead the pre-existing and highly stable lung nodule and micronodules, as well as the traces of the two botched surgeries, in particular what Dr. Fenech described as a ''non-descript Z-line in the diaphragm''.


Simron Singh is thus a willing main participant in this planned medical murder. He never showed any remorse even when he knowingly pushed his patient into a dysfunctional palliative care system, against his strongly expressed wishes. In so doing, Singh made a criminal use of the dubious concept of ''quality of life'': Indeed, if he had been concerned with the health of his patient, he would have concentrated instead on the necessity to uncap the biliary drain, after having failed to understand the obvious necessity for it (Paul had to signal it to him, only to be called ''loud'' and ''upset'' …) This was obviously a convenient way to attempt to dissociate ones own responsibility from the case in the precise moment in which active treatment was stopped. Obviously under philo-Semite Nietzschean influence, instead of listening to Giuseppe and his brother on the crucial subject of proper home hydration, this unqualifiable incompetent tried very hard to discredit Paul (compared to whom, most humbly noted, even if he had 7 lives available to him, he has no realistic prospects of ever equalling in his field what Paul contributed in his own, despite murderous decades-long harassment.) In so doing, he knowingly violated Canadian laws, the medical deontology and his Hippocratic Oath. Consequently, Simron Singh should be excluded from the medical profession and barred for live from any activities having anything to do with health care. The same applies, for the same reasons, to his main nurse Suzanne Gardner, whose criminal influence is aggravated by Singhs obvious unprofessional parroting, and his opportunistic and subaltern complicit behaviour.


Department of medical imaging: biliary drain change on December 16, 2009. The excellent Dr Ko had reported the presence of bacteraemia in October, 2009. In effect, as documented by the Chart, bacteraemia had been reported right after the surgeries performed by Coburn and studiously ignored since then. When Giuseppe was pushed unwillingly into dysfunctional palliative care, even though he initiated his first docetaxel chemotherapy on November 6, 2009, he developed a fever: His family doctor arranged for a urinary sample analysis - and nothing more; he then prescribed antibiotics which had to be renewed once, apparently to good effect. Later on December 7, 2009, Giuseppe had his renal stent replaced in Cystoscopy at Sunnybrook and he was therefore offered adequate antibiotics. The bacteraemia was not only fought off preventively but, more importantly, its possible evolution into something more dramatic was held in check. However, when he presented to Medical Imaging on December 16, 2009 to reposition his biliary drain (the document in the chart is signed by Dean Durant) he was refused the necessary antibiotics despite Pauls repeatedly asking for them. Three days later, on December 19, 2009, during Giuseppes first day in the Emergency ward of York Central Hospital, MRSA was detected in his blood and a CT scan confirmed what the visiting occasional male nurse, the ambulance team and the York Central Hospital imaging team had quickly diagnosed, namely hepato-biliary sepsis with a strong and characteristic infected odour. In Giuseppes specific case, negating proper antibiotics while sending him home the same morning, despite the information contained in the Chart, amounted to the criminal use of inevitable and thus induced nosocomial infection to speed up to his death a now potentially embarrassing but weakened patient. The exact degree of responsibility of Dean Durant, Nam and others in this deadly episode must be ascertained. At the very least, theirs is a criminal negligence knowingly acted upon in the determined context of widespread complicity with Coburn-Singhs murderous narrative. As such, it did partake in the cover up strategy especially devised to black out the botched surgeries and the long hidden cholecystectomy.


The same department of medical imaging is specifically on the Chart, unmedically and callously questioning the uncapping of the biliary drain from outside. This is crucial because, had Imaging not been complicit with the murderous narrative from the beginning, it would not have ignored the cholecystectomy; and it would have seen the need for the biliary drain and the renal stent much earlier. Moreover, this incompetent version was sheepishly adopted by the criminal Singh. But it was rapidly proven wrong by the facts. Immediately after the removal of the external cap the bilirubin rapidly decreased to 17 and Giuseppe recovered enough for Simron Singh to contemplate the use of docetaxel chemotherapy. Furthermore, the much too rapid repositioning of the biliary drain failed. Paul signalled to the nurses (and later to the two transport agents) that the dressing was already wet as Giuseppe was brought back into the waiting room on a stretcher and quickly sent home without proper antibiotics. But he was ignored and transport was rapidly called to quickly take Giuseppe back home. Despite the complicity and lies of the main visiting nurse Marcia, the repositioned drain was dysfunctional even on December 16, 2009. Giuseppe quickly developed extreme weakness and on December 19, 2009 had to be rushed to the Emergency. Emergency correctly diagnosed hepato-biliary sepsis and detected MRSA from day one. Such evolutive bacteraemia does not fall from the sky, not in this form; the genesis of the MRSA is here crystal clear; it was highly predictable. The persons responsible for this hasty and failed repositioning, necessarily leading to a deadly nosocomial infection, should be excluded and barred for life from any activities having anything to do with health care.


Furthermore, Imaging actively participated in the covering up strategy implemented with the Coburn-Singhs narrative if only by the general unwillingness to see the cholecystectomy (even with no EPR notes available ...) Or, its crass inability to see the bile leaks and the bile reflux, as well as the building hydronephrosis, at least until it was too late. The still primitive interpretative algorithms used to harmonize imaging data cannot excuse this crass blindness. Last but not least, their incompetent, cultivated and opportunist negligence plays a great if subaltern part in the production of the dramatic statistics according to which the great majority of cancer patients die from infections rather than from their cancer. This is intolerable and should not be tolerated in a civilized, medically-sophisticated country.


Palliative Care (principally CCAC Karen Samler and the main visiting nurse Marcia as well as the callous manager of Calea.) Palliative care was intentionally dysfunctional. No home care doctor was available. In accordance with the philo-Semite Nietzschean principle according to which, if you cannot walk you cannot get active treatment, transport to Sunnybrook with a stretcher was always an ordeal to arrange. It was made into something Paul had to argue about, when it should have been automatic and on demand, given the cost-saving benefits afforded by home care and made possible thanks to the availability of family support, as opposed to care in a palliative facility. Palliative care and Calea equally and most monstrously were only too eager to participate in the harassment, which was gratuitously and sadistically imposed on Giuseppe and, of course, on his family. This involved the Calea Black driver spraying chemicals and masking perfume on the supply boxes he delivered just after Singh had ordered them, but not before calling Paul ''loud'' because he had insistently asked for home hydration. Calea and other never bothered answering Pauls protests and letters; nor did they contact the police for an investigation, as was their duty.


Marcia, the main visiting nurse, was a willing participant in this intentionally dysfunctional and harassing system. Without Pauls insistence, she would not have flushed the port-a-cath line with simple saline on the pretext that the bolus used for hydration was already made of saline. Although they were available in the medical supplies delivered at Giuseppes home, she did pointedly not use the heparin syringe flushes, not even occasionally. At one point, she brought the matter up for discussion herself. In fact, Giuseppe and Paul had discussed this in the privacy of their home; however, through the usual philo-Semite Nietzschean but crapulous and illegal decades-long surveillance and invasion of privacy, Marcia had obviously been informed. When she brought the matter up for discussion, she was already prepared to exhibit her orders. As expected, these clearly stated ''no heparin required''; during the following visit she exhibited a new similar order, both being now included in the palliative care chart. It should be noted that this occurred despite the fact that she experienced recurrent difficulty in drawing blood from the port-a-cath access line, and had previously felt the need to call Sunnybrook to inquire about it. Too little heparin in this case can induce blood clots and lead to possible heart failure. It is almost as serious as the administration of too much haemorrhage-causing heparin from December 23 to December 26, in preparation to the assassination attempt carried out on Christmas Night. Eventually, Dr. Ghafouri stopped the administration of heparin after Paul pointed it out during their discussion on December 26, 2009. Frightfully, it had already been administered on that very same day despite gross haematuria, lungs and mouth bleeding and multi-organ failure directly caused by the large amounts of heparin. Given the criminal tentative to create a narrative for possible heart failure, largely contradicted by York Central Hospital chart, too little heparin in such a situation could have easily produced a heart attack. Neither Marcia nor her superiors could ignore this fact.


Moreover, Marcia willingly and criminally lied about the rapidly developing and evident biliary sepsis. She did so in written while changing the heavily soaked and stinking dressings placed over the drain site. (Simultaneously, because the leakage had become so bad, Paul had then been obliged for the first time to use the large bed pads provided with the medical supplies to protect the articulated bed lent by Palliative Care.) This, however, did not deter Marcia from criminally pretending that the drain worked properly. Of course, this version was contradicted by the occasional male nurse who came on December 19, 2009, by the ambulance team, and by the York Central Hospital Imaging department. The latter carefully noted the hepato-biliary sepsis and the characteristic odour as well as the dysfunctional appearance of the drain on the CT scan. Neither Karen Samler nor Marcia can be excused for obeying orders or conforming to a murderously dysfunctional system: What they did frontally insults any philosophy and practice of palliative care normally inscribed, as it should be, in a framework scrupulously respectful of constitutional laws and of medical deontology. They, as well as the manager from Calea, should be excluded for life from any activities having anything to do with health care.


Hy Dwosh. Dwosh is an evil doctor. He simply set out to finish the murderous job, which had failed during the previous Christmas Night of 2009. Incredibly, he did this because both Giuseppe and Paul insisted on full code and active medical treatment. In the York Central Hospital, weekly rotations imply that a new intensivist is in charge of ICU every Monday. From the very beginning, on Monday January 4, 2010, Dwosh had made up his mind. He knowingly and barbarically knifed his slowly recovering patient in the back. And he made sure in the process that Giuseppe would die before he would automatically be replaced by a less evil doctor on the following Monday.


To reach this predetermined criminal goal, he systematically ignored all medical evidences. Contrary to the narrative forged at Sunnybrook, York Central Hospitals own independent data demonstrated the absence of metastatic cancer - indeed, no gastric primary was ever proven. This independent data equally tied the liver lesion, as well as other expected but previously occulted consequences, to the botched surgeries and hidden cholecystectomy performed by Coburn. Dwosh was fully aware of the fact that Giuseppe had just survived a medical assassination attempt perpetrated with the administration of ''too much heparin'' causing the blood to be ''too thin'' (in his own words) and aggravated by the intentionally brutal and consciously damaging lung suctions performed by an older complicit nurse, (XXX). Until then, York Central Hospitals own imagings had shown clear lungs, a pulmonary health preserved by Giuseppes deep aversion to secretion and cancer inducing morphine, especially when taken in large but rapidly addictive amounts. When this older nurse approached a weakened and naked Giuseppe after his bed bath, he raised his arms above his face with disgust to protect himself and nodded no with his head, but she forcibly and quickly went ahead anyway, leaving Paul a distraught and helpless witness to the barbaric murderous scene. Not knowing about the large amounts of heparin nor about the specific medications used before and on this fateful Christmas Night, Paul could not interfere with what he thought was routine, if forceful, care. Aside from heparin, the medications used included laxis, potassium and K-Dur. The College will need to determine who prescribe these, and in particular the murderous large amounts of heparin.


It is crystal clear however from his own notes that Dwosh knew about the heparin and about the ''thin blood'' and thus, necessarily, about this medically-disguised assassination attempt. But he nevertheless borrowed the Coburn-Singhs criminal narrative. In truth, he did so like almost everyone else at York Central after December 23, 2009 (i.e. after the two failed consecutive attempts to reposition the biliary drain.) However, tacit complicit silence is a lesser evil than taking the calculated initiative to medically kill a patient. As the Chart makes plain, he alone in ICU decided to act, adding in the process his own chapter to the murderous narrative and thus forcefully speeding Giuseppe to his death. On the basis of the Coburn-Singhs narrative which he knew to be false, he cold-bloodedly decided to negate all necessary and urgent treatments, particularly the urgent and realistic treatment plan concerted on December 31, 2009 between Dr. Gladman and Giuseppes brother, Paul. The crucial question is this: Even if you were to honestly use all routine life-support medication, how long can you negated realistic and concerted treatment to a patient in Giuseppes conditions, especially when he is giving signs of extreme courage, of unflinching strength and of recovery? Despite everything, Giuseppe was still alert on January 9, 2009, to the point that Dwosh did not hesitate to extubate him again to question him with the criminal and absurd intent to extort ''consent'' ... to death, through the ending of active treatment. This is a heinous and crapulous crime in and by itself. No rational and coherent interpretation of constitutional laws and of juridical principles in general would allow any one to distort the Ontario Health Care Consent Act, 1996 to the point where a doctor would pretend to unilaterally initiate the process himself. The evil Dwosh pushed the criminal abuse even further: He filled up and sent the form himself to the Consent Capacity Board, against the known and clearly expressed wishes of the still alert patient and of his family, particularly the patients brother and Executor.


Obviously one cannot successfully fight a biliary sepsis without at the very least repositioning the dysfunctional drain (or fitting something more functional, given Coburns botched surgeries which left in place a residual common bile duct of only 0.5 cm.) Similarly if, contrary to the hospitals own unambiguous data on the hepato-biliary sepsis, the port-a-cath was thought to have a possible impact on the sepsis, it should have been quickly removed as had indeed been concerted in the treatment plan with Dr. Gladman. In addition, enough time should have been allowed for the antibiotics to take effect. These classes of antibiotics routinely take up to 4 to 6 weeks to work; and we know that a new class of broad antibiotics had just been initiated at the beginning of January. Medically speaking, patience was in order, there was no reason to rush. When Giuseppe entered ICU, Paul met a Jewish mother in the elevator: Her son was soon to be discharged after having spent nine (9) full weeks in ICU and, what is more, he would be discharged without any transition into other hospital wards as is usually the case. So to repeat, what was the rush in Giuseppes case? Especially since, contrary to evil Dwoshs self-serving own narrative, Giuseppe was far from been moribund and was showing clear signs of recovery in ICU by being alert and by moving his arm as some nurses faithfully recorded. (Needless to say, Giuseppe rigorously ignored Dwosh himself; he obviously considered him to be similar to those sadistic criminals who obviously annoyed him with their loud and disgusting corridor talks during Christmas, just before he was subjected to brutal lung suctions, which very rapidly caused a general degradation of his health. When Paul arrived in his room that evening, Giuseppe felt the need to say: ''These people should all be hanged.'' Even more importantly perhaps, Giuseppe had witnessed the rapidly heated discussion held at the door of his ICU room between Dwosh and Paul on Monday January 4, 2010: During this discussion, Dwosh simply refused to implement the treatment plan concerted between Dr. Gladman and Paul. He described further treatment as ''futile''! Instead, he waxed incompetently about Mount Sinai Hospital statistics showing that the great majority of cancer patients were in fact dying from infections rather than cancer, as if this were normal and acceptable. Giuseppe heard Pauls critical reactions to these spurious but self-serving and conveniently cost-cutting statistics; he also heard Paul politely but firmly cutting the discussion short and telling this Dwosh: ''I am happy we will not have to deal with you next Monday. But Giuseppe wants full code and demands everything that is medically available''.


Evil Dwosh knew full well that the multi-organ failure was caused by ''too much heparin'' as much as the gross haematuria and the internal and mouth bleeding. It should be stressed that the so-called multi-organ failure was conveniently ascribed to an unproven gastric cancer metastasis, in the absence of a gastric primary, by this non-descript evil individual acting as a doctor in an ICU of a Canadian public hospital. However, it was already reversed when he took charge. Indeed, Dr. Gladman had noted that liver enzymes had re-started to flow and that dialysis was not urgently needed. In answer to Pauls query, he also confirmed that the white cell count had risen.


Clearly, from the first day he was in charge, on January 4, 2010, this Dwosh had decided to lie about the real state of his patient; he had decided to borrow Coburn-Singhs murderous narrative and add few things of his own with the help, advice and expected protection of such criminals as Larry Grossman and Peter Cory. He did this with the clear intention to speed Giuseppe up to a certain death, before he would be automatically replaced the following Monday by a less sanguinary doctor. He unilaterally and without consent raised the morphine level, criminally opting for a continuous and geometrically increasing transfusion. He could then pretend that Giuseppe was ''lethargic'' and ''moribund''. At every stage, including at York Central, where he and his brother talked to a pain control doctor upon admission, Giuseppe had clearly expressed his deep aversion to oedema-producing morphine, as well as his desire to control its administration method and level himself, in the absence of other more sensible solutions. He was only taking a few millilitres of morphine a day, but only when needed. If you double or triple any amount of morphine in a single shot, you necessarily will cause a shock to the patient and induce lethargy, without totally erasing consciousness. If other drugs or medications are simultaneously raised, the impact can be deadly, particularly with ICU patients. When Paul belatedly realized this crapulous and unilateral change, Dwosh pointedly ignored his repeated calls through the nurses to safely and quickly try to return to the previous morphine regime controlled by a still alert patient. His acolytes among the doctors - in particular, among them, Kagal, Nathoo and Razian to be precise - acted likewise, pointedly ignoring the requests. Of course, aside from morphine, other drugs were dramatically raised, thus creating a new self-fulfilling prophecy, aggravated by the unilateral negation of the concerted treatment plan. For instance, lasix, bicarbonates, novophed, pantoloc were all used... As for oxygen, it was dramatically raised in one single shot from 40 % to 100 % (Given that K-Dur had been used before Christmas, one can only wonder what is missing here for a classic variation on Kevorkians infamous cocktail.)


Note that until the very end, aside from a small, perhaps theatrical, lapse of time, Giuseppe temperature was normal, the warming blanket was off, and Giuseppes heartbeat was still at 94 half an hour before his death. Given heavy interferences, a botched autopsy was cooked up by William J. Lucas in a self-serving way. This was done to protect criminals who would pretend to replace what the Charts most clearly and logically show, with their own lies, offered together with their usurped medical Authority. Meanwhile, as could be expected from these criminals, the required toxicology was not performed during the autopsy and Pauls guidelines were totally ignored. (I should perhaps underline most respectfully that Dr. Kassam should have refrained from offering his after-the-facts and uninformed comments accompanying the autopsy report; as it were, they are uniquely based on a much too rapid perusal of York Central Chart, but are nonetheless falsely made to appear as a part of the botched autopsy. I believed that Dr. Kassam sensed that something was terribly wrong in ignoring my guidelines. But he should have called the police instead because we are dealing here with a most crapulous medical philo-Semite Nietzschean murder of an a-political and law-abiding, highly professional person who, in his work, contrary to all the Coburn, Singh, Dwosh, Grossman et al. of this word, could not have allowed himself more than a few thousand of an inch tolerance without facing immediate disaster.)


Far from being moribund Giuseppe was alert. He was alert to the point that Dwosh did not hesitate to extubate him twice - of course always in the calculated absence of Paul. He did so in a criminal attempt to extort a ''consent to depart from patients wishes''. This attempted extortion is an absurdity in and by itself since Giuseppe had always insisted on full medically and legally available treatment, the negation of which amounts to medical murder in a diametrical violation of Canadian constitutional laws and, it must be added, of the Hippocratic Oath. Clearly this consent strategy, which was illegally initiated by Dwosh-Grossman-Cory against the oft and clearly expressed wishes of the still alert patient, was also devised as an instrument to cover up a medical murder. Perhaps, in a more sinister and political fashion still, it was devised to create a fallacious ''precedent'' on euthanasia, given the scarred reluctance of these unqualifiable criminals to face the issue publicly, through the normal democratic and legislative channels. In Giuseppes case, the main issue is not euthanasia, nor is it a matter of interpretation as to the pertinence of dialysis or cardiac resuscitation. It must squarely remain a case of a medical murder through the active creation of a deadly self-fulfilling prophecy. This was backed by assassination attempts taking the form of successively botched surgeries, falsified files, nosocomial infection, too much heparin and brutal lung suctions, and through the final negation and unilateral suspension by Dwosh-Grossman-Cory of the urgently needed treatment plan, concerted between Dr. Gladman and Paul on December 31, 2010. To understand the extreme evilness of Hy Dwosh, one must imagine what kind of psychology it does take to twice extubate and question a patient falsely described as ''moribund'', while stuffing him with morphine, in the hope of extorting his ''consent'' to end treatment. This was done by a doctor who, as the Chart does show, had already decided to abbreviate his patients life from the very beginning. He had done so, not on the basis of facts, but instead on the basis of his conscious and willing borrowing of the criminal narrative put up by Coburn and Singh. In short, the evil Dwosh had consciously decided to drive in the last spike ... in the back of his patient.


In all meetings held in the presence or absence of the social worker Catherine Clothier, Paul made a point to emphasize that Giuseppe had clearly and repeatedly asked for full active treatment. To make the point crystal clear, Paul equally emphasized Giuseppes - and his own - condemnation of euthanasia, in absolute coherence with Canadian laws and constitutional rights. Again and again he had to emphasize that the consent process could only be initiated by the family, but only when the patient was considered incapable and, more precisely, cerebrally dead. Paul repeated to Dwosh what he had told Dr Gladman before, namely that nowadays new medical and ethical data make this a much more arduous fact to demonstrate than was previously thought. This was clearly illustrated by the case of the young Belgian driver who had been declared mentally dead for decades, but had recently started to communicate with his doctors as soon as these doctors changed their methodology. (Dr Gladman notes in the Chart that Paul did pretend to have written ''extensively on the subject'' which is not true: What Paul said is that he had publicly intervened on the subject; it just happens that, due to his long scholarly training and to his own peculiar bent of mind, he does not begin to write on a subject unless he feels he has understood the most basic elements of it to make his intervention worthwhile. In truth, Paul humbly believes that his intervention accelerated the new medical understanding of the so-called vegetative state. ) Paul equally insisted on the fact that civilized countries do no dispatch their wounded and sick to death; indeed, he believes that the level of civilization attained by any society can quickly be judged by the institutional care afforded to their most vulnerable populations. This extortion attempt is a heinous crime in and by itself. Some people would pretend to dictate consent to the rest of us ... to cover up their own intended crimes but, demonstrably, they can hardly regulate their own behaviour in a civilized fashion while respecting common rules and laws! Of course, such rules and laws are universal, not singular and self-chosen in nature.


To pretend to initiate such a ''consent to depart from the patients wishes'' against the wishes of the still alert patient and of his family, must surely be the summum of medical ignominy. Even in countries which, unlike a wisest Canada, have legalized euthanasia, the legitimacy - such as it is - of this legalization squarely rests on the rigorous respect of patientsclearly formulated wishes, or the wishes of their family when the patients are proven - not declared by some criminal simpleton or other - to be ''incapable'' of deciding for himself or herself. Indeed, in these countries, the informed discussion has now shifted on the real value of clearly expressed consent to euthanasia, since the patientsdetermination most often, if not always, does fluctuate with the state of their health, and therefore with their subjective feeling relative to their short and long-term prospects. Fortunately, in Canada the situation is different: The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled against any form of euthanasia and against medically assisted suicide. Consent, in whatever form it is freely given, cannot preventively block any available medical intervention, which holds the prospect of allowing the patient to survive a little longer. It is not in doctorshands to value the worth of the last moments of life of their patient; indeed before the law condemned any such pretension, the medical profession itself had devised the Hippocratic Oath to rule it out, thus simultaneously turning medicine into a noble, politically neutral and uniquely technical and scientific discipline.


Similarly, it is not in doctorshands to kill their patients to insure their ''comfort'', a sophism worthy of unqualifiable criminals like Dwosh and his acolytes such as Grossman, Cory and the ''empowered'' nurses Vivian Eghosa and Sam Osamudiamen. Doctors do have an obligation not to cause harm, and perhaps, by extension, an obligation to help patients control their pain. But this remains strictly constrained by the patientsabsolute right the refuse treatment, at least when this does not cause physical harm to others. Certainly, patients must remain able to determine by themselves the amount of pain they actually experience. (In the Chart, the arrogant and uncultured Dwosh notes with one curious question mark: ''Denies pain?''; we know from his subsequent doubling of the morphine level without consent that this was a truly sadistic question mark.) To repeat: The only constitutionally open avenue remains the legal right of a patient to refuse treatment when such a refusal does not physically harm others. When the patient is incapable of decision only the family, or the tutor, and no one else can pretend to initiate the process of getting the Courts permission to decide in lieu of the incapacitated patient. For a doctor to pretend to do so against the expressed wishes of the patient and of his family is the most grievous form of medical murder imaginable. Dwosh was counselled by Cory and Grossman - something that seemed to engross him quite a bit, to the point of bragging confidently about it in the meetings held with Paul and others. In a very sinister and as usual grotesque philo-Semite Nietzschean ploy, this unqualifiable individual did not only pretend to extort ''consent'' from a patient previously described as ''lethargic'' and ''moribund'', he also dared questioned the role of the brother Paul as the Executor for Giuseppe, despite Pauls explanations (To wit, the 86-year old mother had already legally granted Power of Attorney conjointly and separately to Giuseppe and Paul, leaving the onus on Paul alone if ever Giuseppe, the eldest of the two, would become incapable to decide. The legal situation was considered so crystal clear by all, including the lawyer, that no further legalities were judged necessary.) What we have here is a criminal but characteristic philo-Semite Nietzschean tentative to discredit Paul and try to abuse from the wrongly presumed weakness of an older lady. This is not only criminal, it is plainly disgusting. It clearly demonstrates the diseased and perverted minds of these individuals.


As shown above, the tentative to manipulate and betray the consent process by Dwosh et al. is plainly criminal. The remaining question is why did such persons, who for the misfortune of society in general are so grotesquely over-represented in all commanding positions of society, actually tried to pull up this absurd and dirty ''consent'' trick? The answer is fairly straightforward: Like all ingrained criminals, they obsessively relish the possibility to obtain the consent of their victims, in order to cover their crime and, last but not least, in order to derive the ultimate criminal form of bliss from such a supposed mastery over minds and events. Dwosh is a proven evil and sadistic criminal. Indeed, Paul has asked the York Central Administration, in the most serious and weighted fashion, to check the ratio of mortality of terminally-ill patients when they fall under the strange care of this evil doctor; of course, these statistics would have to take into account Dwoshs instinctive duplicity, the kind of criminal character trait which makes him lingered in the ICU on Monday 11, 2010, while he makes sure that Dr Ghafouri and not himself will end up signing the Death certificate''.


But he lingers long enough to interfere, in this late morning, with the autopsy process; in so doing he goes so far as to unilaterally call the coroner who was on his way to tell him not to come. Obviously, he commits this last ignominy in coordination or at least in prior agreement with the grotesque and criminal Chief-of-Staff Larry Grossman, whom, as the Chart does document, he faithfully ''updates'' after having ''reviewed'' the case with him. Not only would Dwosh pretend to initiate a consent process against the express wishes of the patient and his family, but he also pretends to tell the coroner what to to do. And the coroner actually listens, leaving the brother with only one pseudo-alternative, namely a botched and self-serving in-house autopsy, ultimately done to criminally accredit Grossmans and Dwoshs grotesque falsifications (see below)! Unfortunately, these pathetic falsifications run counter even to Dr. Ghafouris formulation in the official Death certificate, in effect typically reversing it. Dr Ghafouris version, though partial, is at least generally coherent with undeniable facts immune to the usual rabbinico-philo-Semite Nietzschean vulgar reinterpretations!


Such actions by Dwosh fly in the face of Canadian constitutional law and clearly represent a philo-Semite Nietzschean perversion of the Hippocratic Oath - and indeed of universal laws as well as of fundamental human rights. It is a known perversion which rapidly leads to torture under medical supervision, something which is now investigated in this unfortunate country, currently led at all levels of responsibility by the same unqualifiable kind of criminals denounced here.


Dwosh unilaterally negated a concerted treatment plan and did everything he could to speed up Giuseppe to his death before he was automatically replaced the next Monday. One can very well pretend to outwardly offer all classical life-support medications, the real and only crucial issue remains how long can you unilaterally negate the benefits of a concerted, realistic and urgently needed treatment plan without inevitably causing the death of the patient. Especially if one proves only too willing to drastically raise morphine and oxygen level just to demonstrate that the patient is ''lethargic'' and ''moribund'' ... Dwosh must therefore be excluded from the medical profession and barred for life from any activities having anything to do with health care. This should perhaps be extended to veterinary care on the ground of his gratuitous, sadistic and forceful determination to kill and simultaneously to obtain the consent of his designated victims.


On the ICU floor, Dwosh did not act alone. The role of Kagal, Nathoo and Razian among others must be further investigated by the College, for instance to determine their specific responsibility in the prescription of large unmonitored amounts of heparin (5000 cc a day and sometime more, as shown by the Chart) from December 20 to December 26, and thus their responsibility with the planned medical murder carried out during Christmas Night. Grossman and Dwosh and others have turned their illegal perversion of health care into a system. It is a system of widespread complicity and criminal ''empowerment'' through complicity by association and tacit protection. It is a system, which consciously manipulates multiculturalism in a repugnant philo-Semite Nietzschean fashion, an evidence that would soon be demonstrated by looking at the staffing of all commanding and important positions, as opposed to subaltern or simply token jobs. Subordinates and many colleagues are chosen in accordance with what can only be described as a characteristic philo-Semite Nietzschean selection and hierarchical process tailor-made to fit a largely ideologically tainted and venal immigration policy. Ingrained nepotism aggravates the situation still further.


The integration produced by such a system makes a mockery of the Canadian Charter of Rights, whose knowledge and respect, together with that of the Constitution proper, should be the sane basis for the conduct of all individuals and groups, as least when such conduct is not strictly private in nature. Neither the Calea Black driver nor the visiting Black nurse Marcia would have dared act as they did if they - I believe tragically wrongly - did not expect to be protected by their hierarchical superiors. In ICU, two Black nurses in particular, Vivian Eghosa and Sam Osamudiamen, behaved as the ''empowered'' arms of this inhuman and illegal system: Both refused with a straight face to act on Pauls requests to call the doctor, in order to rapidly try to safely return the morphine and perhaps also the oxygen level on more acceptable parameters. On January 11, 2010, Giuseppes heart failure is directly and closely correlated with the arrival of Sam on Giuseppes bedside after 7:00 AM. (This happened in a context in which Paul actually saw Sam bring a brown bag containing medications to Vivian a few days earlier, a deleterious process in which the grotesque in-house coroner Lucas pointedly avoided to proceed with the toxicology, or even to take Pauls other guidelines into account ...) To repeat, Giuseppes temperature was normal up until the very end and the warming blanket was off; his heartbeat was still at 94 just before this Sam came at his bedside. Sam went as far as to confidently note in the Chart itself that he ''declined any explanations to Pauls questions''. He callously ignored Pauls last-ditch appeal to get a doctors presence at Giuseppes bedside just after 8:00 AM. Giuseppe thus died at 8:20 AM with the sole presence of his brother and that of a complicit nurse. In effect, this Sam was just waiting to turn the life-support equipment off; except that, in a typical ignominious fashion in this philo-Semite Nietzschean nauseous context, the ventilation equipment was left on until very late in the morning. It was switched off just before Giuseppe was taken to the morgue. But Paul was left there with his dead brother artificially breathing but unhooked from all other equipments until well past 11:00 AM waiting for the arrival of the coroner, even though every one else knew he was not coming because of the evil Dwoshs unilateral interference! Note furthermore that when Dwosh took upon himself to phone the coroner to ask him not to come, he was no longer officially in charge of ICU any more: Dr. Ghafouri was. This aggravates the criminal nature of his interference.


Once he had decided to dispatch Giuseppe before being replaced on January 11, 2010, Dwosh imagined two plausible ways to do so, as well as the illegal extortion of consent in order to cover his traces. The first way was kidneys failure and dialysis; the second, more classical but faster way, was heart failure. Aujla had said that dialysis was not urgent; Imaging had noted that there was no hydronephrosis. There still was gross haematuria, which was and could still be controlled with platelets. The dialysis road was obviously too long for evil Dwosh and Grossman (As we said elsewhere, given that the haemorrhages and remaining kidneys problems were obviously linked to heparin, and not to any cancerous metastasis, the College will have to determine whether a prompt dialysis would have helped in this specific case, especially since the patient was showing signs of recovery; because it just might have, logically speaking.) Consequently, it had obviously been decided by Dwosh and Grossman that Giuseppe would die from ''heart failure''. This was the quickest way, even though all previous imaging data from York Central failed to show any heart problem.


In his last meeting with Paul, Dwosh did in fact propose a dubious ''compromise'' for heart resuscitation. The idea of proposing such a ''compromise'' is criminal in itself: The role of a doctor is to verify the state of his patient in visu and do everything he medically can to prolong his life and respect his wishes. Obviously, Dwosh had already started to implement this compromise when he negated the treatment plan and unilaterally and drastically doubled the morphine level on a continuous basis, as well as the oxygen level, which was raised in one shot from 40 % to 100 %. Other drugs plus the engineered deterioration of the state of the patient, thanks to the negation of the treatment plan, would insure a slow failure of the heart, thus ruling out resuscitation. In these conditions death was certain but not its timing: In fact, aside from a brief interval, Giuseppes temperature was normal because the warming blanket was off and his heart was still beating at 94 when Paul came back into the room around 8:05 AM on January 11, 2010. Last but not least, with additional drugs very similar to the classic Kevorkian cocktail, the criminal in-house coroner Lucas did not perform the required toxicology, thus rendering everything even more suspicious.


In this precise context, it was further decided by the same and their subordinates that the expected heart failure would unfold without any medical agent bothering even to check if such heart failure did not necessitate some sort of medical verification, let alone possible medical intervention, such as cardiac resuscitation. The ''empowered'' nurse Sam had already been used to exert strong and illegal pressure on Giuseppe and Paul on that fateful Christmas Night when he tried to convince them that Giuseppes health conditions were ''too poor'' for him to be transferred to ICU. His services had again been booked for that crucial January 11, 2010 when the murderous job had to be expedited before Dwosh was replaced. Dwosh had similarly used the ''empowered'' nurse Vivian to unilaterally raise the morphine level for ''comfort'' but on a continuous basis! (To ''comfort'' his own ''agony'' narrative, to be precise, as we have shown above.) Obviously, Sams presence at Giuseppes bedside on January 11, 2009 was not coincidental. We do not need such criminal doctors, nor their acolytes in Canada. The College should therefore investigate further: At the very least an expert, objective and independent toxicology still needs to be performed. Nonetheless, what is documented above is serious enough to imply the exclusion for life of these people, nurses included, from any activity having anything to do with health care.


We should also note here another highly punishable crime committed by this evil Dwosh. In the last meeting held with Paul he failed to obtain a consent to depart from the patients wishes (to terminate Giuseppe?) Paul instead told him that he could not even read properly the form he pretended to use. Dwosh therefore offered Paul the ''choice'' to take his brother in a different hospital, if he could find one that would accept him! This arrogant Canadian-Jew went so far as to record this ''offer'' in the Chart! Paul scornfully declined, adding that Giuseppe was now in a public Canadian hospital where he was entitled to the best medical treatments available. This ''offer'' is symptomatic of the diseased minds behind the now rotten health-care system. In and by itself, this ''offer'' constitutes a highly serious crime, which should imply the immediate firing of this Dwosh from York Central Hospital and his barring for life from all medical employment in Canada and indeed elsewhere.


Dwosh tactic of hiding behind colleagues has already been pointed out when we noted his lingering on ICU floor long enough to interfere with the coroners role, while making sure that Dr. Ghafouri would sign the Death certificate. Dr. Nathoo and Razian seem to have been used in a similar fashion from December 26 to January 11, 2009. Except that their refusal to answer both Pauls calls, and indeed the laboratory urgent call mentioning gaseous blood, does demonstrate their conscious and active complicity in this crapulous medical murder. They too should be brought to account.


As for Carol Redstone, given that she voluntarily acquiesced to participate in such a masquerade and seriously pretended to have studied the Charts, she should be asked to redo her medical and university studies from the very beginning. During the meeting, she offered the same Dwoshs narrative about the ''futility'' of dialysis and cardiac resuscitation, but when Paul asked her on which side Giuseppes renal stent was located, she, of course, had no clue. She never studied the charts, not even York Central own data. To be charitable, this young doctor must have barely read the narrative offered by Coburns and Singhs main notes, and that is all. But we know that these are criminally falsified and voluntarily self-serving and incomplete. What is perhaps even more troublesome is the fact that this unqualifiable individual ignored Pauls explanations (Dr. Galdman, for instance, did not.) Just like Dwosh, she arrogantly bragged about her legal advisers. And, to top it all, with her obviously limited scientific and medical sensibility, she tried to discredit Paul in her service note, and in the process only managed to speak of her own professional ineptitude. Meanwhile, it is obvious that she must also be excluded, at least temporarily, from the medical profession because, as it is, she clearly represents a serious deadly danger to any terminally-ill patients and perhaps even to ordinary patients. She should also be told to read a little bit about the Constitution and the law, before being arrogantly content with herself and feeling ''empowered'' just because she directly or indirectly benefits from the purported advice of a Peter Cory and a Larry Grossman, probably through Dwosh ... Pauls concerns were strictly and urgently medical at the time. If she had done some preliminary reading, she would immediately have sensed the gross criminality of Dwoshs initiative when he contacted her for a ''second opinion''; and she would have quickly realized that Peter Cory was in effect opportunistically eating up his one signature, a signature he had placed on a unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada. Needless to say, in front of such a verdict, a Peter Cory has no more privilege than any other Canadian citizen, especially when the matter at hand directly and immediately concerns the life and security of a person criminally destined to death through medical murder. The last thing patients and their family do need are willing, hasty and ''none too competent'' medical parrots of spurious and criminal narratives. A simple reading of York Central Hospital own data would have spared this Redstone such an ignominious role. Paul respectfully but firmly told both Dwosh and Redstone at the end of the respective meetings he held with them, ''We to do not need pseudo-legal advice from doctors; instead, we need them to do what they are trained to do as doctors.''



Larry Grossman. This unqualifiable individual surely embodies a grotesque caricature of a Chief-of-Staff; but on account of his instinctive duplicity, he equally embodies a grotesque and cowardly caricature of a human being. Apparently he would only be too happy to let his subordinates take full responsibility for crimes which would never have been committed without the exercise of his presumed ''authority'' as ... Chief-of-Staff. Contrary to what he belatedly liked to pretend (see letters attached), he directly intervened in the actual medical care of Giuseppe De Marco at York Central Hospital. This is not only unambiguously implied by his role as medical Chief-of-Staff as the College already knows, it is equally unambiguously affirmed by Dwosh himself in the Chart when he notes that the Chief-of-Staff, with whom he had ''reviewed'' the case, was duly ''updated'' about the whole situation. This situation and Grossmans direct involvement is equally proven by the callous and highly criminal tentative to extort an absurd and ubbuesque consent to depart from the patients and the familys wishes (to be medically killed? what else?) In the process, the attempt was equally made to substitute Paul by his old mother and try to discredit him in the process. Far from letting this grotesque Grossman off the hook, one is obligated to condemn him. However, listening to Dwosh, one also needs to condemn the evil influence and involvement of Peter Cory in this criminal business.


Similarly, from December 23, 2009 onwards, that is to say after the twice failed repositioning of the biliary drain, the decision was made to occult York Central own data and to borrow the forged narrative from Sunnybrook. On that mystifying basis the decision was taken to stop active treatment and to dispatch Giuseppe to death with too much heparin and brutal lungs suctions on Christmas Night, when staff is reduced and somewhat selected. These decisions did not involve a single individual but all intervening personnel who had contact with Giuseppe, above all in their role as doctors and empowered nurses. They could not have behaved in such criminal fashion without the prior consultation of the Chief-of-Staff and in accordance with his guidelines and/or his deviant system. This is a deviant system proven beyond the shadow of a doubt by Grossmans subsequent inept, if characteristically arrogant and direct dealings with Paul, through the mail, characteristically passing in force over the head of the Patient Relations Department. In his letters, he tried to hide all known evidences to pretend that Giuseppe had died from ''natural causes'', thus hiding a crime in which he partook directly. Hence, from what is directly known from the Chart, Larry Grossmans responsibility in the medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco is complete, direct, and cannot be hidden.


Perhaps Grossman will want to clear his conscience and tell the whole truth about this sordid plan mounted against Giuseppe and his entire family. Including the Sunnybrook and York Central hospitals use of the same mechanisms, under the same lines of command and responsibility, against Giuseppes old mother Rosa De Marco. I will return on this sinister rabbinico-philo-Semite Nietzschean aspect in the future, but already the mechanism is crystal clear: A reference by the family doctor Michael Lam ineluctably leads to suspicious CT scans, most often performed during holiday seasons, and rapidly afterwards to even more suspicious biopsies. Mrs De Marco escaped simply because the oncologist judged that she was too old to withstand chemotherapy. Paul now actually believes that the problem with her vocal cord was due to harassment: Namely the use of some kind of pulse and laser weapons of the kind Paul had already denounced in vain to the Administration of his then employer, the CEGEP de Rosemont in Montreal. At that time, Paul was silently hit in the back with such weapons by students obviously manipulated by the former alcoholic, drugged and paranoid B.A. professor Claude Saint-Laurent and his highly placed controlling clique, including Ménard and Tellier and apparently members of his own family. Sometime earlier a colleague had been hit in a similar fashion but in the upper body and the thorax. Paul had been obliged to rush him, breathless, to the Emergency. This paranoid Saint-Laurent was so sickly preoccupied with his colleaguesprivate life that he typically spend time imagining ways to interfere and even criminally disrupt their classes, and, of course, had not time to prepare his own courses: When Paul arrived this pseudo-BA professor with 14 years ''experience'' had never prepared a full course on his own. But he obviously had connections as paranoid and obnoxious as he was himself. For them too, illegal systemic impunity is the rule of the game. This new attack resulted in a characteristically ''frozen'' shoulder for Paul and it just happens that his mothers neck is at the same height. Dr Kaul had diagnosed a problem with the vocal cord, which was likely to dissipate by itself with time, exactly as it did, in fact, unfold. But the same mechanisms and criminal medical harassment were here obviously at play, as they were with Giuseppe. Of course, Grossman was already Chief-of-Staff at York Central, with the same political allies and the same backing among the unqualifiable heads of the military and civilian intelligence services of Canada, including Quebec (and elsewhere.) As I said, I will return on this side of the problem shortly but the College needs to understand the abject perversity of such mechanisms, which should be ruled out once and for all from the practice of medicine in Canada, both in medical offices and in hospitals. Perhaps, the College should initiate an investigation of its own, for its own credibility. It should perhaps also investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Maria De Marco, Pauls older sister, in November 1995, of a ''cancer of unknown origin'' treated with heavy chemotherapies which killed her in six months. In retrospect, this cancer, detected while she was under the care of a specialist of nuclear medicine, and with the same philo-Semite Nietzschean political and institutional complicity denounced here, is highly suspicious. But to it must be added the influence of the philo-Semite Nietzschean reactionary Vatican and Opus Dei sections of Saint Michael College in Toronto, where she was working. The origin of Giuseppes adenocarcinoma is not determined either: in both cases, an external implant cannot be ruled out; in both cases there were problems with the Canadian medical research reactor. Paul will return on this question in due time. Meanwhile, Grossmans direct responsibility in Giuseppes murder at York Central Hospital cannot be doubted.


Larry Grossmans responsibility extend to the perverse tentative to infect the whole De Marcos family with the MRSA nosocomial infection. In effect, York Central Emergency knew about the MRSA infection from day one, that is to say from December 19, 2009. The doctors and nurses were immediately informed. For a few days, the patient and the family were not informed, although Giuseppe was immediately isolated in a single room in Emergency. When he was moved to 3E, he was placed in a room where another patient was wearing a mask together with his visitors, but neither Giuseppe nor his brother were warned. (Nor was the other family.) Eventually, Giuseppe was isolated in a single room, and only then was he and Paul told about the MRSA. Meanwhile, undue pressure was applied to question Pauls visiting restrictions (Giuseppe had had not time to get the H1N1 vaccine shot before being rushed to Emergency) and to get the mother to visit. The evil Dwosh arrogantly increased this pressure to the extreme in an attempt to push Paul aside and force the old-mother to visit ... He made clear that he wanted the old mother to take responsibility for the illegal consent formality. This by itself demonstrates that the criminal Chief-of-Staff was involved in this deadly and typically repugnant ploy. The truth however was that Mrs De Marco had visited her older son every single day when he was hospitalised at Sunnybrook; she had visited him again at York Central Hospital on December 24, 2009, when she was forced to wear all the protective gears and be terribly frustrated by the impossibility to touch, comfort and hug her son. Paul had then discussed matters with her and both had decided that daily visits were unsafe for the more vulnerable mother, who was less able to instinctively protect herself. Eventually, Mrs De Marco visited her son Giuseppe on January 10, 2009. The abject criminal intention demonstrated by this most crapulous but characteristic philo-Semite Nietzschean episode would call, if not for the Talion law (an eye for an eye) counted seven times, at least, within the precincts of existing Canadian law, for life sentences for all the people who could imagine and implement such a degenerate strategy, in primis the Chief-of-Staff, the Canadian-Jew Larry Grossman and his acolytes. Meanwhile, the College must apply exemplary sanctions. It must also ensure that such crapulous behaviour be impossible to implement in the future, even if it were simply conceived of by these diseased minds.


In more generic terms, but with as much direct criminal responsibility, Larry Grossman must bear principal responsibility for the current perversion of our public health care system, at least as far as York Central Hospital is concerned, and perhaps also the whole province of Ontario and Conservative Canada. It is a characteristic perversion, which has already been described above, most soberly, as an Aufseherinnen system. That is to say, a system of general murderous complicity and disregard for patients rights, a system in which terminally-ill patients, who are no longer able to walk on their own feet, are ineluctably destined to dysfunctional palliative care, intentionally ran as accelerated corridors of death, palliative care in which not even a home visiting doctor is made available. This system together with the typical criminal abuse of authority by such unqualifiable individuals are the sole explanation for their subordinatespropensity to criminal deviance, including doctors, nurses and even pharmacy drivers, who all quickly learn to mimic the same borrowed and disgustingly criminal chutzpah.


Lest anyone would still want to diminish the murderous perversion of this system, one should simply recall the ignominiously criminal tampering with the alarm signals of the life-support equipments in the donkish ''hi-ha'' episode played out in the York Central Hospital ICU. Larry Grossman - as well as others administrators - were told about it, but simply ignored it. It cannot be doubted that they knew beforehand. This is a crime in and by itself, because such acts need to be fully and quickly investigated. Of course, if the Chief-of-Staff and other highly placed administrators as well as Cory et al., do partake in the criminal prank, clearly no investigation calls will be heeded. However, this ineptly extends the RCMP principle of ''neither confirming, nor refuting'' to a domain where it does not and cannot apply, and where lines of command and responsibility are obvious! In this instance, the alarm was so a-typical and so loud that the entire ICU floor, including visitors, could not have failed noticing it. This single episode reveals the extent of the dirtiness and criminality of the destabilizing philo-Semite Nietzschean cells illegally operating, not only against Paul (as they openly do with the knowledge and criminal consent of Canadian leaders for more than three decades now) but indeed, gratuitously and most sadistically, against his entire family. In this instance, this savagely included a weakened Giuseppe who had just escaped from a direct medical assassination attempt during the previous Christmas Night.


For clarity sake, we must briefly note here that Paul had written a monograph, which offers a definitive debunking of the Marginalist paradigm, something Piero Sraffa and Joan Robinson had not been able to achieve conclusively in the Sixties and Seventies in Cambridge, UK. The monograph was translated by Paul himself in English, French and Italian. Marginalists like Samuelson and Solow usually hide behind their worthless Nobel Prizes, if not behind subaltern proxies. In this instance, Samuelson pretended to debunk the theory of labour-sharing for the same initial real wage but progressively increased universal social benefits, a theory re-established by Paul from November 1996 onwards particularly in his 1996 essay entitled Tous ensemble. Samuelson did this with a cavalier and rather simplistic ''lump-sum theory of labour''. He never bothered quoting him although no one in the US Establishment ignored his crucial contribution; instead of facing the scientific reasoning, he was merely trying to abuse his undeserved scientific ''authority'' and media influence. This prompted Paul to put an end to this unacademic and rather childish rubbish. It just happens that Samuelson, like all other Marginalists of all stripes, does not have a clue about the genesis of his own bourgeois discipline; furthermore, they constantly add apples and oranges with the most incredible self-contented assurance, given that they cannot even distinguish between labour duration, intensity and structural intensity (or ''productivity''). As the power-strategy of these regime ideologues is based on the tight academic exclusion of their most serious adversaries, and on the water-proof occultation of their work, Paul had no choice but to make his challenge explicit: Hence the ''hi-ha'' part of the title of his monograph entitled Hi-Ha! The bourgeois economists donkish visual hallucinations. The onus would then be on these mainstream ideologues either to refute Paul or to honourably abandon the field, as is the only acceptable scientific and indeed academic code of conduct. The monograph draft, ready to be edited, was subsequently abandoned, as Paul had to concentrate on his elder brothers health. Drafts were nonetheless circulated on the Internet as far back as 2007 when Samuelson was still well enough to offer his inept comments. In the introduction of his 1996 Tous ensemble, Paul had called Samuelson a ''gentleman'' because he had demonstrated the intellectual honesty to recognize that Piero Sraffa had deserved the Nobel Prize twice, but did not get it for strictly ideological reasons. On December 13, 2009, Samuelson died, but Paul only learned this much latter.


The philo-Semite Nietzschean sick mentality led them to use this donkish ''hi-ha'' alarm during the first days Pauls brother spent in ICU. Paul took note of the diseased minds at work, but said nothing in order not to tragically worry his brother on his death-bed: Giuseppes was the most supporting and loving brother one can ever imagine, but never really cared about Pauls theoretical activities. He must have found the alarm system bizarre, but could not deduct anything sinister from it, except perhaps through his own interpretation of the corridor talks heard and denounced by him on the fateful Christmas Night, when the heparin-assassination attempt was carried out. As is proven here, Paul was deadly wrong. Paul was still believing then that cowardly covered-up mistakes were indeed possible and even certain - i.e. Coburn. However, because he did not already have access to the Charts, he ruled out an eventual medical murder as a possibility in Canada: If anything, the 24-hour surveillance imposed on him would insure too many inside witnesses, including within Interpol. Unfortunately, when not strictly coward and venal, these witnesses turned out to be all equally sick and dirty minded. Remains to be seen whether the College itself and the Canadian court system still have the ethical and legal inner strength to react to this grievous social and civilizational regression. Eventually, this barbaric and sadistic harassment stopped, but only to be replaced by Dwoshs own obsession with the extortion of the consent form, while negating concerted treatment. However, aside from Israeli hospitals, which officially tolerate ''torture under medical supervision'', one would be hard pressed to show any other such barbaric example in the whole world, including in the most so-called underdeveloped countries.


In the present case, the perversion of this Aufseherinnen system is equally shown in the personal role this criminal Larry Grossman had in creating it and imposing it in York Central Hospital. To be sure he did not create it alone, and as far as the law-abiding and immaculate De Marco family is concerned, he clearly benefited from the ''legal'' counsels and systemic influence of such other unqualifiable but highly placed criminals such as Cory, Ménard, Cox, Tellier, Drummond, Smarden, Robinson and others; this equally includes Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty who were informed many times about the criminal harassment by Paul himself, in a desperate bid to have reason and the law prevail against what had obviously transformed into pure sadistic criminal perversion (see letters attached.) Dwosh testifies in the Chart that his criminal attempt to extort an absurd ''consent to depart from patients wishes'' was directly influenced by Grossman and Peter Cory among others. Redstone confirmed in her own silly and headless fashion that she benefited from the advice of persons ''well versed in the law''. The still young though evil Dwosh cannot bear direct responsibility alone for this specific aspect of his undisputable crime.


Grossmans crime against Giuseppe and his family does not stop here: One must equally add his absurd, uniformed and incompetent but criminally calculated pretension to abuse his ''authority'' to convince Paul that his brother had died from ''natural causes'' linked to cancer. This represents an obvious ignoble falsity he would certainly not have dared to offer, had he not typically presumed of his past and present positions, which he probably equates with some god-given legitimacy. In effect, the Death certificate clearly states that Giuseppes primary cause of death was septic shock not cancer. York Central Emergency had underlined the hepato-biliary sepsis as well as the characteristic odour produced by this infection. And the careful examination of York Central Hospitals own data clearly shows that no metastatic cancer was to be detected by the CT scan, contrary to the narrative offered by Sunnybrook. Indeed, once we look at the large and unmonitored amounts of heparin administered from December 20 to December 26, 2009, it is clear to all, except criminal acolytes, that the multi-organ failure was directly caused by these large amounts of heparin. Dwosh himself notes in the Chart: ''too much heparin'' and ''blood too thin'', although he will quickly hide this truth and its obvious consequences. The doctor, indeed, the medical Chief-of-Staff Larry Grossman, like his acolyte Lucas after him, is typically ready to rewrite history and to replace it with a criminal narrative; but in so doing, he does not really demonstrate his endowment with the most basic medical expertise, nor with the most elementary honesty one expects from doctors, if only in virtue of the respect due to their Hippocratic Oath. In effect, these people would have gastric cancer metastases, which only they, and they alone, can actually see in the absence of a proven primary gastric cancer! Others more objectively start by noticing the undocumented absence of the gallbladder and the heparin-assassination attempt!


Indeed, the Canadian-Jew and philo-Semite Nietzschean Larry Grossman could not ignore that an assassination attempt against Giuseppe had been carried out on Christmas Night by the now characteristic administration of large unmonitored amounts of heparin. This happened while grotesquely over-represented Jews were celebrating the installation of a Menorah in the Atrium of a public Canadian hospital, something which probably explains why another Jew like Berger refused to play his role as a home visiting palliative care doctor, before the end of the Jewish Holidays ... As it is now, the Menorah will bear the indelible stains of the philo-Semite Nietzschean murder of Giuseppe De Marco, for eternity.


Lest one be self-righteously shocked by these remarks, this sad truth needs to be loudly emphasized. No one today is more entitled than Paul De Marco to publicly denounce this state of affair. Having offered a Camp David II proposal which led to the unofficial Geneva Accord (but also to the pathologically criminal provocation by Sharon on the Third Muslim Holy Site in Jerusalem); having developed a theory of exclusivism; and having offered the definitive debunking of the vacuous rabbinico-Freudian philo-Semite Nietzschean psycho-narrative (see his Marxist psychoanalysis, in his second book Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme) he was quickly turned into the favourite ''bête noire'' and guinea pig of all these fascistic-rabbinico-Nietzschean and pseudo-Masonic diseased and unsophisticated minds. These presumably ''awakened nihilists'' are just crass obscurantists, dead-bound on diminishing real demo-cracy. And yet, superstitious like any old bag of any gender, they demonstrably cannot even understand Leibniz properly in their suicidal reversing and typically plagiarizing ingrained habits. Nothing close to this degenerate systemic behaviour, which led to the harassment of the De Marco family, and to the murder of the a-political Giuseppe could have happen, at least not in this criminal and pervasive from, without this Jewish and philo-Semite Nietzschean over-representation. This grotesque over-representation flies in the face off all pertinent constitutional guarantees - bilingualism, equality, multiculturalism, access to essential services etc - and even more against the inherently democratic criterion of proven merit. This criterion can only be verified in ways congruent with the Law of Great Numbers, and certainly not with incestuous class and cast philo-Semite Nietzschean selection processes.


As it is, the conjunction of pertinent facts makes it all but impossible for Larry Grossman to have ignored the gratuitous 24-hour harassment and surveillance of the law-abiding De Marco family, whose reputation always was and remains impeccable and exemplary both in Italy, in France and in Canada, despite the scoundrelous philo-Semite Nietzschean attempts to destabilise and indeed to gratuitously murder its members (something Masonic Lodges and governments will have to explain quickly and account for, in full. The Future is witness.) Larry Grossman, could not ignore the presence of the Jew of Hungarian origin Farakash - alias Fergus and alleged jazz pal of Grossman, apparently - in Giuseppes hospital room just as he was being butchered by Coburn and her team. Obviously, he was there to check the results of the botched surgeries and to be able to talk to Paul as if by chance. He idiotically but most characteristically talked about ''geniuses'' while questioning Paul, but he was mainly interested by the gold quotation of the day, even then. This Israeli agent masquerading as a Canadian financier typically tried to buy Paul off. Paul was now thought to be more vulnerable without the support of his elder brother: He offered to recommend him to Toronto Mayor Miller for a job in the elementary. Paul contained his boiling anger and politely answered that, though illegally excluded, he was a university professor; he added that, being unequalled in his disciplines, he would squarely stand on his intellectual merit alone, be it institutionally recognized or not. To understand Farakashs disgusting but typical manoeuvre, one must remember that Paul had been illegally excluded through administrative means by the same criminal clique, and that he quickly lost his teaching job and any prospects of finding anything other than manual and poorly-paid jobs, as soon as he when to court to seek redress. Referring to this attitude, Marx uses the expression ''dirty-Jewish''. But this attitude is basically a sick and criminal attitude, a philo-Semite Nietzschean degenerate attitude to be exact: The same displayed by Grossman and Dwosh in trying to extort ''consent to depart from the patients wishes'' from the intended victim and his family, in order to cover their own traces. This sick, criminal mentality is often assumed as a stratagem allowing a chosen clique, or sect, or people, as you wish, to place itself ''beyond Good and Evil''. As such, it goes a very long way in explaining the real process, which led the a-political brother of Paul De Marco to the most criminal and crapulous death conceivable, perhaps second only to that of Jesus-Christ.


Grossman could not be credible when he ineptly tried to accredit the thesis of the ''natural death'' of Giuseppe. But in so doing, Larry Grossman grossly interfered with the necessarily autonomous work of the Patient Relations Department of York Central Hospital. He first tried to prevent Pauls access to Giuseppes Hospital Chart by forcing him to pay for it, whereas the Patient Relations Department had offered to pay the expenses. As Paul understands it, the Department was motivated by the unquestionable usefulness for all, family, hospital and indeed the Canadian public in general to obtain all the objective clarifications needed to shed some light on the suspicious circumstances surrounding Giuseppes death. Murder in a public Canadian hospital is a very serious event that only diseased philo-Semite Nietzschean criminal minds, such as that of Larry Grossman and his acolytes, would want to hide and actively cover up. Nevertheless, Grossman imposed his sickening will on a helpless Patient Relations Department.


Incredibly, he also tried to abuse his reputation and position to prevent the writing of the autopsy report - if ''natural death'' is certified by Larry Grossman himself, presumably even the God of Adam, Jacob and Moses would have to bow to it ...In the process, he equally devised an illegal and onerous fake procedure to obtain the autopsy report, of which the College is already informed and indeed helped dismiss thanks to the re-establishment of due process. Without the Colleges intervention, it is clear that no autopsy report would ever have been forthcoming.


In the end, Larry Grossman did more than interfere with due process: He is clearly and most directly involved in the murder of Giuseppe De Marco, including the sadistic effort to hide ones own crime through the absurd extortion ofe victim. This being done through the most callous abuse of ones clearly undeserved position. This caricature of a medical Chief-of-Staff must be excluded for life from any role having anything to do with health care and, indeed, with the protection of life and the security of the person. In the end, the characteristic evil direct influence of this Grossman needs no other proof than the fact that the in-house coroner dishonoured himself with the writing of a crapulous autopsy report. This turned out to be a report uniquely devised to protect Grossman, Dwosh, Coburn, Singh and all the other proponents of the murderous narrative of death through natural cause linked to gastric cancer. If justice passes, as it should, Larry Grossman will be sanctioned in the most exemplary fashion by the College and end up his life in jail. And justice will pass.


William J. Lucas, the in-house coroner (Lucas is the other strategically placed acolyte of Grossman, Cory, Cox, Tellier, Ménard, Farakash and Cie, aside from evil Dwosh). In so far as a lying coroner is necessarily guiltier than the actual murderers, this Lucas is an absolute disgrace. When he finally wrote his report, he did so uniquely to protect Grossman, Dwosh, Coburn, Singh and all the medical criminals involved in the medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco. His criminal role can only be correctly evaluated when one remembers a few crucial, if occulted facts, directly drawn from the medical Charts. For instance, that no gastric primary was ever proven, so that gastric metastases would indeed be curious in such a case; York Central imaging and laboratory work detected the hepato-biliary sepsis (together with its infected stink) as well as the MRSA infection from day one, and they certified that the lungs and heart presented no particular problem. Furthermore, because it did not voluntarily trade clips, sutures points, post-surgical lesions, indurations and adhesions for actual metastases, York Central Imaging immediately rejected the metastases narrative. To quote: ''(The) spleen, pancreas, aorta, left kidney and both adrenal glands appear normal'' (...) ''the double J right stent is seen in place, there is no evidence of hydronephrosis in either side.''(...) ''No evidence of retroperitoneal or mesenteric lymphadenopathy. No omental involvement seen.'' (Imaging, Dec, 21, 2009). The Charts do show that, even at Sunnybrook, no metastatic cancerous narrative could be offered to hide the two botched surgeries and the cholecystectomy as long as Dr Ung was needed to offer radiations. Dr. Ung would not have offered radiations in such a case, thus making the Coburn-Singhs chemorads experiment impossible. The Sunnybrook narrative was debunked by York Central own imaging, that is before December 23, 2009, the day when Grossmans chosen subordinates decided to borrow Coburn-Singhs narrative as their own, while planning to dispatch Giuseppe with ''too much heparin'' and brutal lung suctions during Christmas Night.


Contrary to what these people would want us to believe, Giuseppe - like the great majority of cancer patients, as Dwosh himself admitted - did not actually die from cancer but instead, most directly, by renewed assassination attempts. Aside from the studied murderous self-fulfilling prophecy implemented by Coburn and Singh, the first such attempt entailed highly predictable nosocomial infections, favoured by the refusal to prescribe antibiotics when the biliary drain was (hastily and badly) repositioned at Sunnybrook on December 16, 2009. On that day, proper antibiotics were negated despite the unambiguous documentation of bacteraemia present in the patients Chart. The second attempt was conducted through the characteristic administration of very large and unmonitored amounts of heparin, aggravated by intentionally brutal lung suctions performed by an older nurse (XXX). This (XXX)who was really distraught when Giuseppe was finally transferred to ICU; she kept repeating idiotically, but obviously conscious of the role she had just played: ''But his conditions are very poor, you know, he is very poor''. Obviously she knew what she had just done. The third renewed murder attempt was carried out by Dwosh himself in his calculated unilateral negation of the concerted and urgently needed treatment plan. A mystification which he intentionally tried to conceal by the invention of a new chapter entirely his own which he added to Coburn-Singhs original criminal narrative. This chapter entailed dialysis and possible heart failure, both of which were entirely hypothetical, and unsupported by hospital data, and would have remained so, had the concerted treatment plan been seriously acted upon.


In addition, Lucas pretends to write an autopsy report, which frontally contradicts even the Death certificate written by Dr Ghafouri! However, Dr. Ghafouris certificate was supported and indeed clarified by York Central own non-mystified, and pre-December 23, 2009, data relative to hepato-biliary sepsis and MRSA. Lucas is as criminally dishonest as evil Dwosh when he chooses to ignore the direct and principal role played by the large unmonitored daily amounts of heparin in the multi-organ failure, in order to ascribe it solely to a phantom-like metastatic gastric cancer. In any case, this multi-organ failure was much exaggerated, as Dr. Gladman makes clear, and could have been reversed with the rapid implementation of the treatment plan concerted between Dr. Gladman and Paul on December 31, 2009. Indeed, this concerted plan was based on objective facts, indicating a slow but real recovery. Dr. Ghafouri expressed the same evaluation, though in dubious terms, when he said: ''And then - when Giuseppe goes home- we will be back to square one'' ... A result which, in truth, both Giuseppe and his family most ardently and sincerely hoped for. In the end, if multi-organ failure is undeniable, it is squarely due to too much heparin and to the negation of the concerted treatment plan during what obviously was the most crucial week for the patient.


This pseudo-cancer related multi-organ failure is also used by Lucas to hide a nosocomial MRSA infection, which the laboratory describes as perfectly controllable through appropriate antibiotics up until the very end that is up until January 11, 2010. In other words, the only conceivable medical alternative was to go ahead with the concerted treatment plan and allow enough time for the antibiotics to take effect.


Needless to say Lucas, like so many classic ''self-contented'' incompetents, also seems to presume quite a bit about his own undemonstrated ability: While he is careful to speak in generic terms like ''mass'' and ''lesions'', he offers a piece of advice to Paul: Ask the family doctor to explain the report (An unsolicited piece of advice which perhaps should entice the family doctor to officially and quickly take his distance with these grossly over-represented philo-Semite Nietzschean engrained criminals.) Paul can only take note of Lucass crass and criminal ineptitude, and of his ''willing'' ability to dishonour his Coroner Office by writing such a partial and false autopsy report. He obviously did this with the sole real purpose to protect other criminals, such as Grossman and Dwosh and all the others criminals specifically denounced here. In the end, in an attempt to accredit a criminal philo-Semite Nietzschean murderous narrative through the criminal abuse of the institutional authority vested in the coroners office, Lucas negates the most obvious evidence. And in so doing he invents gastric cancer metastases without even realizing that no gastric primary was ever proven and that Dr Fenech had ruled out any recurrence on the stomach proper but questioned bile reflux instead, while no mets could be officially seen as long as Dr Ung was needed to offer radiations.


To top it all, in the most calculated fashion possible, this in-house coroner then forgets to perform the required toxicology analysis while ignoring Pauls other guidelines for the autopsy itself. No doubt that he could still try his hand in creating such a primary gastric cancer himself, if it were judged necessary for the defence of all these characteristic criminals! But it is too late: His criminal role in writing a fake autopsy is now exposed, as much as his willingness to write a report which would uniquely serve to protect other criminal individuals.


In effect, this infatuated, arrogant and self-serving criminal behaviour produced such an unrealistic and partial autopsy that Dr Kassam felt obliged to complete it himself. He thus wrote a comment to Pauls guidelines from a quick perusal of the Chart, when these guidelines, toxicology included, were obviously intended to inform, what should have been a rigorous and scientifically performed autopsy, on specific points on which light should have been shed. One can well accept the good intentions of Dr Kassam, but the entire process is highly unacceptable. Dr. Kassam already knew about Pauls now sadly justified reserves concerning such in-house autopsy. Dr Kassam would probably refuse to defend the validity of such a criminal autopsy report in the light of the documented accusations laid out here, especially after a careful reading of the Charts; and perhaps also after a careful reading of the attached synopsis of these Charts provided by Paul himself with this complaint. Paul considers this Synopsis as an integral part of this Complaint.


Obviously, William J. Lucas is a criminal and what is more a criminal coroner. He must perforce be excluded for life from his position and from any medical role and indeed from any activity having anything to do with health care.


On a more general though crucial note, Paul might perhaps be excused to add that no democratic country can continue to exist for long as a democracy if it tolerates such criminal abuse from an already undemocratic and questionable institution such as that of an in-house coroner. A Coroner Office should imperatively be an autonomous institution. The same principle should apply to he Patient Relations Department (or Ombudsperson.) A deceitful coroner covering a crime needs to be considered more criminal than the worse criminal: In a characteristic rabbinico-Nietzschean move, he simply tries to prevent the establishment of truth with an indecent and primitively forged narrative. In criminal law there does not exist a more serious aggravating crime than this.


Closing remarks. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is now appraised of all the pertinent facts. These facts contradict the narrative created at Sunnybrook, particularly by Coburn, Singh and their acolytes in Imaging and elsewhere. These facts equally contradict the occultation and added narratives created by Dwosh, Grossman and Lucas, to cite only medical personnel directly involved with the care and the autopsy of Giuseppe De Marco. It is now the duty of the College to take exemplary measures to punish all the murderers and their acolytes denounced here. The murder of Giuseppe De Marco was highly crapulous and involved a sustained criminal and inhuman harassment. The sanctions must therefore be exemplary and dissuasive for any philo-Semite Nietzschean or potential criminal still over-represented or simply present in the health care field, as well as in other important occupations in Canada, in direct opposition to Article 15 of the Constitution (to say nothing of Article 27 on multiculturalism), and in frontal contradiction with the Law of Great Numbers. Merit is something; philo-Semite Nietzschean over-representation and incestuous selection processes are something else all together. Without this grotesque and anti-constitutional over-representation, the Aufseherinnen system, which so tragically characterizes the gratuitous medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco, would have simply been unthinkable. As much as the crapulously pervert and cruel harassment to which he was subjected, without sparing his family, while he was under chemotherapy or even bed-ridden in ICU.


Without this systemic regression, the murderers involved would never have been able to operate with such extensive criminal complicity and for so long. They obviously count on guilt by association covered, omerta-like, by impunity by association. The constitutional guarantees of life and the security of the person, as well as the constitutional guarantees relative to the equal access of all Canadian residents to public services, cannot be abandoned into the hands of such criminal doctors, who seem to think that their Hippocratic Oath is just a convenient cover for their philo-Semite Nietzschean renewed willingness to place themselves ''beyond Good and Evil''. No one in Canada should be free to pretend to be above the law. And even less to dictate political, cultural or private behaviour to others; or, most absurdly, to initiate, against the will of the patients and of their family, a process criminally designed to forcefully and abusively extort a ''consent to depart from patients wishes'', needed to cover up what squarely remains a medical murder.


The same severe and exemplary sanctions should apply to subordinate medical or para-medical personnel, including those entrusted with the delivery of home supplies. The last Century should have taught everyone that hiding behind criminal orders and directives does not constitute an acceptable excuse for criminal wrongdoing.


While imposing exemplary measures on the murderers and their acolytes, the seriousness of the case, as well as the dishonour brought upon medical practises and upon the Collegelaw-abiding members, should quickly convince the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario to demand a full public inquiry. A referral to the police is also in order. Paul, Giuseppes brother and Executor, is determined to ensure that Justice will pass. And it will pass.



Paul De Marco, brother and Executor for Giuseppe De Marco.




The gratuitous, sadistic and meticulously planned medical and institutional murder of Giuseppe De Marco, crowned by two institutionally directed assassination attempts cold-bloodedly carried out until death was finally achieved. One particularly heinous assassination attempt was carried out during the Christmas Night of 2009.


''The Aufseherinnen were not all Nazi when they reached the camps and a few among them, very young, were still behaving pacifically. According to Germaine Tillion, it did not take more than four days for some of them, fifteen for the others, to transform these young girls into torturers, obviously delighted to wound and humiliate the prisoners as much as to sleep with their colleagues'' in Jean Lacouture, Le témoignage est un combat, Ed. Du Seuil, 2000, p 139. (The translation is mine. Germaine Tillion was speaking from her own internment perspective; needless to say the criminal psychology she describes is gender neutral.)


''The ''Lord of the flies'' is truly a prophetic metaphor of official, philo-Semite Nietzschean, Canada. This is instinctively understood by all those who still remember the sadly forgotten, but exemplary sacrifice of the Canadian International Brigades (the Mac-Pap Battalion), as well as that of the sailors of the Merchant Navy. Unlike the Mackenzie King of this sad world, these freedom-loving citizens and internationalists were not consulting the dead spirit of their dog before eagerly seeking to meet with Hitler, with the active support of the entire dominant class, with very few exceptions; that is, typically, before England itself was attacked.'' Paul De Marco




Part One: Alleged facts from the charts

Part Two: Interpretations.






(The transcription code used here is straightforward. The documents taken from the family doctors chart are noted (Lam). Those taken from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre are noted (S). I was given the assurance that I had received the whole, complete chart from Sunnybrook. The documents from the Odette Cancer Centre are noted (O). Those taken from the Palliative Care nurses file are noted (P). Documents relative to harassment are noted (H). Finally those from York Central Hospital are noted (YC.) Each document is therefore described with its source and its date. A chronological order is mainly used in the presentation but, at time, it is backed by a thematic subsection when deemed necessary. Extracts and paraphrases from the documents are always written in the regular font; citations, as opposed to summarized content, are given in quotation marks. Personal explanatory or contextual notes are added in Italics. Copies of the documents used can be quickly made available on demand but are easily retraceable in the original Charts.)






Nov. 28, 2007 (Lam): Biopsy; results ''compatible with adenocarcinoma, ulcerated ...''; ''H. Pilory not seen''. ''Compatible with gastric origin (...) ''But gastric origin not confirmed''.


Dec. 06, 2007 (Lam): ''There is no esophageal tumour. Gastric ulcer, rule out CA. Small hiatus hernia and gastric enteritis.''


Dec. 20, 2007 (O) From Coburn to Lam (This is before any complete biopsy results were in ... But it was already known that no gastric primary was proven ...): ''In summary, he (Giuseppe De Marco) has a relatively early-stage gastric cancer. I have had a long discussion with him regarding the possible treatments. He was disappointed that the relatively normal-looking CAT scan did not mean that he was cancer free; and I think that given the biopsy-proven adenocarcinoma, despite the fact that we cannot see it on the CAT scan, we should take this as a good sign (that) this is a relatively early tumour. (...) he is still in a bit of disbelief that he has a cancer and would like to have the pathology reviewed here at Sunnybrook, which I have requested'' (Coburn then describes two possible surgery approaches, one of which '' had never been tried''! i.e. she was bent on illegally and unprofessionally using Giuseppe and his family as guinea pigs and nothing will ever make her and her accomplices change their mind. Giuseppe systematically refused what did not seem scientifically founded, but he did so only to suffer more induced injuries such as the two botched surgeries and the covered up cholecystectomy.) ''There are two basic methodologies for treating gastric cancer in 2007. These both require multimodal approaches. I think that although they have never been tried, that the neoadjuvant systemic chemotherapy approach is likely the superior regimen, especially given an aggressive surgical approach with a D2 lymphadenectomy. (...) I think that systematic chemotherapy does make more sense, especially in this early lesion and given a very aggressive surgical approach that I would take in this young patient.''


Dec. 31, 2007 (Lam): a) ''An irregular 5 mm nodule in the apical posterior segment of the left upper lobe'' (i.e. of the lung). b) ''The primary gastric lesion is not definitely identified by CT. There are small lymph nodes around the gastric antrum and within the gastro hepatic ligament up to 0.5 cm in short axis, within normal limits by size. There are periportal lymph nodes measuring 1.2 cm short axis, also within normal limits.''


Jan. 14, 2008 (O) Simron Singh to Coburn. (This Singh, the ''oncologist'' will act as the main medical accomplice of Coburn at Sunnybrook. Of course, the family could not suspect anything since it only had access to these facts after the death of Giuseppe, and could not imagine the existence of such a criminal medical milieu even in Canada. Meanwhile Coburns half-backed and illegally experimental self-serving interpretation was repeated and accredited by all involved, with very few if partial corrections.):is doing quite well with very little pain or discomfort. He exercises daily. His ECOG is currently 0. He is eating and drinking well and has not lost any weight.''


Jan. 16, 2008 (S) :Sunnybrooks biopsy: ''E-Cadherin staining is intact.''



Aside from contradictory ''operative room'' and ''anaesthetic'' reports, there exist three internally incoherent notes which describe the two botched surgeries: A discharged note signed by Porte-Coburn (discharge date: Feb 15, 2008) and two notes signed by Coburn-Bendzak (Jan 22, 2008, dt: Feb 12) and Coburn-Zogopoulos (Jan 30, 2008, dt: Feb 4, 2008). As this stage, we will merely report the alleged facts in each note, although it should be mentioned that a simple perusing of the charts quickly shows that only Coburn-Portes note was available to medical personnel, at least until Paul started to insist on the botched surgeries and on the ensuing falsified Chart with Dr. Ko and others. This is also independently supported by Dr. Gladmans note at York Central Hospital. In this note Dr. Gladman admits that Paul helped reconstruct a better picture of what had happen, even though, on Pauls suggestion, Dr Wong had requested all documents from Sunnybrook ...and obviously did not get them.


Coburn-Porte (S) (discharge summary, Feb 15, 2008) a) ''Procedure performed-January 22, 2008: 1) distal gastrectomy'' (...) ''The procedure was performed on the same day of admission. There were no intraoperative complications'' (It seems that the removal of a clean gallbladder does not represent an intraoperative complication worthy of note!) b) ''He had quite a long course where he could not tolerate p.o. intake following the procedure and was thus started on total parenteral nutrition while ileus resolved. Unfortunately on postoperative Day 9, he was found to have what appeared to be bilious fluid coming from one of his JP drains. (...) It was found that he did have an abscess surrounding duodenum and, what was thought to be ''duct of Luschka leak'' (the ambiguity of this''what was thought to be'' left unresolved, is equally noteworthy ...) c) (Taking the gallbladder off has an inevitable impact on diet and digestion; hence a narrative had to be rapidly put forth to cover it up; Giuseppe had a very early and controlled onset of diabetes and that was good enough for the purpose at hand;): ''Following the procedure, he was kept on TPN until he was able to tolerate p.o. intake. I should note that he had been given a new diagnosis of diabetes just prior to surgical procedure (...) He is to be followed up with them (Endocrinology) on an outpatient basis to continue monitoring of his blood sugar.''; d) ''Plan for this patient is to be discharged home with four JP drains in place. (...) He was eating a normal diet at the time of discharge'' (Porte knows of one leaking drain and then of four drains at the time of discharge. Later medical notes will contradict this, revealing the forgeries. Note also that Giuseppe had gone to a fitness club for more than 10 years before surgery: he was perfectly fit. On the morning following his first surgery, he was in a cancer-fighting mood and walked in the corridor to accelerate his recovery. He did not know about the botched surgery; at the end of the day, he was starting to feel bloated. It went all down the drain after that for 9 long and debilitating days, which had probably been used purposefully to let him soak in his own body fluids in the hope of propagating the disease and weaken him down. He would never recover the same strength as before, but eventually he was recovering. The summary of the charts offered below does show that every time he was giving signs of recovery, some other deadly experiments were initiated until his life was abbreviated by evil Dwosh at York Central Hospital, in an obvious conclusion to something planned from day one or, if you will, according to the chart, from Dec 20, 2007, that is to say even before complete autopsy results were known.)


Coburn-Bendzak (S) (operative note: Jan 22, 2008, dt: Feb 12, 2008): a) ''Preoperative diagnosis: gastric cancer; postoperative diagnosis: same; procedure: distal gastrectomy; cholecystectomy. (Failed) insertion of KEO feeding tube into efferent limb of gastrojejunostomy'' (aside from the singular appearance of cholecystectomy here, it should be noted that a gastric primary was never proven neither before nor after the botched surgeries.) b) ''A staging CT scan showed no evidence of spread outside the stomach and a lesion that appeared highly resectable'' c) ''We began by performing a thorough laparotomy. We could feel the lesion in the antrum of the stomach. It was large, but did not appear to be invading adjacent structures. There were omental deposits. We did not palpate any liver nodules. There was no evidence of deposits in the peritoneum, small bowel or colon mesentery. We ran the small bowel and did not see any lesion. We followed the colon around and did not see any lesion. We proceeded with R1 resection gastrectomy.'' d) ''We began by making an incision in the traverse mesocolon and carefully dissected it in the plane dividing the omentum from the transverse mesocolon. We carried this down to the root of the mesocolon although as we proceeded more proximally we made a small hole in the omentum at this point. (...) We came across the omentum at the base of this plane and tied any perforating vessels. We carried the dissection to the right to the point of the duodenum. We then continued to the left to the point where we decided we would transact the stomach. (...) We noted that there was no left hepatic artery (This hepatic artery business was never confirmed and seems to be included here only to cover up for the version of a malformation of the bile ducts leading to an inadvertent cut which was told by Coburn to Giuseppe and Paul to explain away the murderous cholecystectomy.) We used three firing of GIA stapler to come across the stomach. (...) We chose our spot in the duodenum and came just distal to the pylorus. We came around the pylorus but left it intact at that time. We then proceeded to carry our D2 dissection. The incision in the lesser omentum was extended distally until we reached the porta hepathis. We incised the peritoneum overlying the porta and came across the GDA node. We continued nodal dissection proximally until we removed as many nodes as we could heading towards the celiac axis. (...) We began with our reconstruction. We chose a point in the small bowel approximately 40 cm from the ligament of Treitz and brought it up to the stomach. (...) We made an enterotomy in the small bowel approximately 2.5 cm and similarly in the stomach. We then ran the inner layer with a 3-0 Biosyn suture. The second layer of the abdomen on the anterior aspect was then closed in a similar fashion with running 3-0 Biosyn suture. (...) We then repaired the mesenteric defect. A drain was placed around the anastomosis'' (Note that only one drain at the anastomosis site is noted here, something highly inconsistent with the removal of the gallbladder, which increases bile secretions! This will be contradicted by Coburn herself in the next note as well as in other documents in Sunnybrook own chart. Aside from the cholecystectomy, we have here the description of the dissection which later, thanks to scars and normal indurations and adhesions, will feed the mets narrative, and continue to do so while Imaging studiously avoided to see the removal of the gallbladder. In the rare occasion when Imaging shows this, it was ignored, as for instance with the York Central CT scans. Furthermore, the narrative will eventually include a never proven recurrence at the anastomosis site, a version quickly abandoned given that Sunnybrook own random autopsies disproved it. So the main focus of the narrative fell back on mets around the porta and at the base of the lungs, without insisting on the existence of stable nodules, which were there even before surgery, nor on the ''nondescript post-operative Z line'' noted by Dr. Fenech. If this was not enough, Coburn-Bendzak had a self-protective afterthought when they belatedly reported the ablation of the gallbladder at the very end of their operative note: they write, as if '' en passant'', that the gallbladder was removed but did not say why; nor do they report that laboratory work proved it to be clean. But Dr. Ko will later be faced with a butchered common bile duct, which had a residual length of 0.5 cm!!! The post-operative ''coarsened texture'' (as York Central Imaging did put it) left by the cholecystectomy later fed the narrative of a cancerous liver lesion ...but not before Dr Ung was off from the case. Dr. Ung would not have offered radiations if there were metastases and would thus have put the experiments in jeopardy.) e) ''During the case a cholecystectomy was also performed.'' f) ''We then closed the abdomen with two 2-0 Maxon sutures starting from either end of the incision and meeting in the midline. The skin was closed with staples, There were no complications and the patients tolerated the procedure well'' (This ''there were no complications'' despite an unnecessary cholecystectomy shows the most complete personal and institutional degeneration and turpitude. Something quite rotten is here at play, in what is supposed to be a Public University Hospital in Canada.)


Coburn-Zogopoulos (S) (operative note; service date Jan 30, 2008, dt: Feb: 4, 2008) a) ''preoperative diagnosis: biliary leak-sepsis. Postoperative diagnosis: Haematoma, bile leak from duct of Luschka. Procedure: laparotomy, evacuation of abscess and drainage.'' b) ''bile was found to be draining from his JP drain'' (which presumably is something different from the duct of Luschka.) ''In the right upper quadrant there was omentum and an inflammatory mass. We carefully evaluated the area. There was a haematoma at the gallbladder fossa. The cystic artery was seen and it was clipped. There was no blood or bile leaking from these two structures. The gallbladder fossa was stained with bile. We then proceeded to evaluate our anastomosis. The gastrojejunostomy was intact and has healed well.'' c) ''We carefully evaluated the gallbladder fossa for a bile leak. We did not observe an active leak. However it is possible that the bile leak is due to a duct of Luschka'' (however, this convenient ''possibility'' will be left as a possibility: which in itself, considering what medical history tells us about unattended duct of Luschka leaks, is quite phenomenal ... But how else can you cover up two botched surgeries which include a botched cholecystectomy destined to remain hidden ...?) d) ''There were two JP drains from the previous laparotomy that were placed in the right upper quadrant near the gallbladder. We also placed two additional JPs inserted from the left abdominal wall, with one JP placed at the liver edge and the second JP placed near the gastrojejunostomy'' (Coburn and her acolytes cannot even lie coherently, but they are counselled by their controllers about when to doctor the files ... Previously, we were told that there was only one drain near the anastomosis site; obviously, this made no sense with an alleged cholecystectomy which would have been performed as is alleged during the first surgery. The problem is that the new version is not only incoherent, it makes medically no sense whatsoever. For, if this second version were correct, then the anastomosis site instead of the gallbladder fossa would have been left without proper drainage: Which ever way you look at it, it is a misdeed done criminally. But purposely hiding such an event - even if one would pretend it was a mistake - constitutes a double crime. e) (Needless to say, these are ''serious'' surgeons, well appraised of new medical guidelines; hence, they duly note:) ''I should note that the instrument count was correct at the end of the procedure'' (thanks Heavens for that ...!!!)


Note on what Giuseppe and Paul were actually told about the surgeries and the cholecystectomy after the second intervention.


This is reported here in order to be truthful to facts. However, the proof of criminal wrongdoing by Coburn, Singh and her acolytes do not need to rest on the discrepancy of their narrative with what they told the patient and his brother. Instead, it can squarely be deducted from the data drawn from the Charts, as is made plain all along. Be it as it may, Giuseppe and Paul were intentionally lied to. Which in and by itself is criminal. They were told that given a malformation there was an extra bile duct that had been inadvertently severed during surgery. This was allegedly repaired with the second surgery which necessitated the removal of the gallbladder; however the two brothers were not told that, in the process, the common bile duct had been reduced to a mere 0.5 cm (as Dr. Ko will note on Oct. 2009.) Indeed, they were reassured accordingly by Coburn: According to her the modern diet had made the gallbladder superfluous; moreover, she told the two dismayed brothers that the ablation of the gallbladder would in fact be helpful for the success of the chemorad treatment. In one of the very few credible facts reported by the complicit criminal coroner Lucas, the bile duct malformation was ruled out.


We should open a quick parenthesis here to illustrate the connection between the illegal bugging of Giuseppes house and Coburns and others''medical'' behaviour. In the past, Paul had made vehement remarks about geometric doses of morphine used with predictable deadly results with cancer patients; he also stressed the incommensurable inadequacy - and self-serving abuse - of pain control knowledge. Morphine is known to produce lung secretions and eventually quickly lead to death through provoked pulmonary oedema. Paul had been reacting to the tragic experience of his older sister Maria who had also been diagnosed in 1995 with a cancer of unknown origin - again while nuclear medical research was questioned in this country by the mass media; similarly the role of the philo-Semite Nietzscheans of Saint-Michael College where she worked needs to be fully investigated together with that of the Vatican and of the Canadian, Quebec included, civilian and military intelligence services. Paul had then proposed a morphine pump, to be used by alert patients only when needed, as a lesser evil, while research was conducted to discover more adequate pain control drugs and methods. This written proposal had been sent to France through the normal mail but had been intercepted and used in this country just as much as everything else Paul sent either through normal mail, faxes or e-mails, and always illegally. Eventually during his surgeries Giuseppe benefited from the pump: and the Chart shows that he used very minute amounts of morphine in a self-controlled, non-geometric fashion, weaning himself down as soon as he could and thus hastening his recovery. Likewise, given that Pauls mother has diabetes, Paul had proposed to study the production of a sugar gathering sponge-tablet, which could be taken while eating, according to a protocol, each tablet soaking a specific amount of sugar before being naturally evacuated. Eventually given the digestive difficulty produced by the cholecystectomy, Giuseppe was offered a bile-soaking powder but he had great difficulty to cope with: Keep them happy and they will not think, right? Think what you will of the episode, the point is that Coburn would have had better results and a better medical reputation if she had admitted to her patient and his family that Giuseppe never had a gastric primary, and that she had in fact committed a criminal error, which forced her to remove the gallbladder. The fact that she did not do this can only be interpreted in the context of the institutional harassment and of the murderous experiments she clearly intended to conduct even before obtaining complete biopsy results (see her own note of Dec. 20, 2007.)


Yet, this would not be compete if we did not say a word about the criminal murderous harassment used against Paul during more than three decades and generalized to the accomplished progressive Humanist but a-political and hard-working tool and die maker and designer, Giuseppe, in what clearly appears, in retrospect, as a murderous philo-Semite Nietzschean willingness to destroy the whole De Marco family. Grossman interference has already revealed part of this plot, but Dwosh confirmed that the heads of both governmental and intelligences services were directly involved: Dwosh has specifically mentioned Peter Cory, a former judge who ''advised'' on civil liberties and was nominated as head of the Communications Security Establishment by the criminal Prime Minister Stephen Harper who knew everything about these illegal activities conducted against Paul and his family. The Mossad operates in Canada more freely than in Israel itself; and Interpol, including its Italian and French representatives, did not ignore these crimes no more that the gratuitous and sadistic voyeuristic intrusion in the private life of the law-abiding and immaculate De Marco family. Though he was raised in France up to July 1972, Paul is both a Canadian and Italian Citizen. No civilized country can, nor should, tolerate such deleterious and criminal philo-Semite Nietzschean influences in its mains institutions, and certainly not in its universities and its hospitals (See the harassment section of the attached Synopsis for more details. It has been asked of these people in the past : ''Whose seeds are you from, anyway''? This was Jesus-Christ in the Christian Gospels; Karl Marx reiterated the same truth and the same condemnation of exclusivist and obscurantist arrogance in a different form in his Holy Family containing is crucial Jewish question. Needless to say, notwithstanding the current over-representation of some demographically minute groups, this non-exclusivist cultural, ethical and legal conquest now forms the unshakable foundation of natural law; it equally underlines the fundamental Human Rights enshrined within the UN Universal Declaration of Individual and Social Rights and within the Canadian Charter of Rights. These universal rights cannot be diminished by a return to the Leviticus or, in one of its older inspiration, to the Hammourabi Code, or to any other important but by now archaic and largely dépassé confessional, Masonic or Nietzschean text. Long ago Paul humbly suggested that in this domain a critical teaching of the Epic of Gilgamesh, of the Legend of Sargon, of Gioacchino di Fiore and of Spinoza, among others, was highly necessary ...)




Jan. 27, 2008 (S) a) A 5 mm nodule is again noted ''in the left upper lobe'' ''(It is) stable''.

Idem:2 NG tubes are noted within the proximal stomach. There is a fluid collection in the postsurgical bed (but there is no mention here of the presence or absence of the gallbladder. And we are faced again with the fluctuating number of drains.)


Idem: No central or segmental pulmonary emboli are identified.


Jan. 29, 2008 (S):Chest: ''the lungs are clear (...) Surgical clips are noted in the upper abdomen consistent with the recent gastrectomy.''


Idem: Abdomen: a) ''No previous comparison'' (!!! this is very practical indeed: eliminate history and you control the future since you are free to create a self-serving narrative; and these unqualifiable individuals are champions of vacuous narratives. But the laws of history continue to apply despite narratives ... similarly the scientific method has no difficulty in revealing such vulgar and rather stale forgeries. Of course nothing is said here about the gallbladder) b) No free air, no free fluid.


Jan 30, 2008, (S) 01:56 (edited Feb. 4, 2008 ... but incoherent especially with regard to the 2 alleged drains.) a) ''Clinical history: distal gastrectomy. Rule out leak''. b) ''We assume the gallbladder was removed at the same time of the surgery (no EPR notes available) and now the gallbladder fossa is occupied by a small complex collection containing gas and fluid most likely postsurgical changes''.(We can never stress enough this pathetic but highly important remark: ''no EPR notes available'') ''New ill-defined peripheral hypodense focal area in segment 4a and 4b of the liver. Mild fatty liver.'' c) ''Two right-sided drains entering through the anterior abdominal wall, one terminating just superior to the afferent loop anastomosis and the other one anterior to the pancreatic head'' (this differs from Coburns incoherent versions.) d) ''the pancreas is normal in size and appearance with normal enhancement. No focal lesions.'' e) ''Few lymph nodes around the gastric antrum (...) More likely reactive.''


Jan 22, 2008 (S) ''Proximal and distal margin of the stomach: margins negative.''


Feb. 8, 2008. (S) SURGICAL PATHOLOGICAL REPORT. (This was intended for Coburn. It confirms the earlier biopsy done Nov 28, 2007 in that no primary gastric cancer is proven, no helicobacter pilory is seen. Nevertheless it sets the stage for the metastases narrative: it does this by hastily confusing lymph nodes with metastases and ignoring the expected reaction to the first surgery. A convenient narrative is thus created in the form of 14 over 20 (in reality 13 over 19) lymph nodes of normal size with no metastatic process ever proven afterwards, except for the falsification of files and imaging interpretations. Again if there had been metastases as such Dr. Ung would not have offered radiations, and actually is on file on this crucial point. Interestingly, the iliac access node will be forgotten although it should have shown up either in blood work or in the tracking of the alleged metastatic process. Given that no H. Pilory is seen and no primary was proven, and given the botched autopsy following the gross criminal interference of Larry Grossman, we might never know what kind of cancer - originating from which specific origins -, if any, Giuseppe really was treated for ... Yet, he was treated according to a partial narrative of gastric cancer, one which moreover carefully avoided to account for the incompetent and criminal cholecystectomy. Bile reflux was rule out in favour of forged metastases...) Alleged facts from this Report: a) 13 over 19 lymph nodes in lesser and greater omentum; b) margins negative; c) omentum resection: no evidence of malignancy; d) gallbladder, resection: no evidence of malignancy; e) no helicobacter pilory.




Jan. 14, 2008. (S) Giuseppes consent form for ''distal gastrectomy, possibly feeding tube'' (no cholecystectomy was obviously ever considered nor approved by Giuseppe ... No more than purposefully botched experimentations going hand in hand with the extensive cover up of this evil if characteristic wrongdoing.)


Jan. 30, 2008. (S) Giuseppes consent form for: ''evacuation of abscess, repair bowel''


Jan. 22, 2008. (S) Anesthetic record: a) ''Distal gastrectomy (no complications)''. b) ''Evaluation of abscess and bowel repair. Comments: distal gastrectomy 8 days. Now bile leak from drain. Pt extubated and in or stable to PACU''.


Jan. 22, 2008. (S) Post-anesthetic care and record: '' Distal gastrectomy''.


Jan 22, 2008. (S) Operative Room procedure: '' Distal gastrectomy and cholecystectomy'' (The cholecystectomy reappears here. Except that this document conflicts with Coburn-Portes Operative note and with all other documents aside from those, which Coburn, had typed after the fact. Note should be taken of the fact that no one else at Sunnybrook ever mentioned the cholecystectomy aside from the Imaging note of Jan 30, 2008 which was typed on Feb. 4, 2008 and which remarks in parenthesis: ''No EPR notes available''. Aside from the obvious falsification of the dynamics of both botched surgeries, the fact remains that the healthy gallbladder was taken off during what was described as ''a highly resectable'' gastric cancer gastrectomy, that the bile ducts were butchered and that this was later covered up without any adjustment as to the treatment offered. One can only conclude that the death of the patient, transformed in an unwilling but uninformed guinea pig, was meticulously planned through the medical and institutional creation of a murderous and scoundrelous self-fulfilling prophecy. Widespread systemic complicity insured that no corrections would ever be possible. Indeed, even Dr. Kos biliary drain arrived too late; it would never have been possible if Singh had not been away for a week.)


Jan. 30, 2008. (S) Operating Room procedure: ''Laparotomy, evacuation of abscess and placement of drains''.




March, 10, 2008. (O) Coburn writes : ''Removal of last JP drain''. But ''still draining 1 cc day'' (i.e still leaking)


March 12, 2008. (O) Coburn writes: ''he still has a small bowel leak from his cholecystectomy''.


March 24, 2008. (O) Ung: a) Survey reveals a T3 N1 tumour with 14 of 20 lymph nodes involved (Note here that this T3 N1 description is highly unstable in the charts and sometimes becomes T3 N2 etc ...) b) small bowel leak (but no cholecystectomy noted here) c) ''there was some slightly enlarged mediastinal nodes and these may be post-surgical in nature'' (post-surgical in nature deserves to be underlined) d) '' ... and certainly I would not give him radiation treatment if he has metastatic disease'' (Giuseppe had declined to take part in Coburn ''never tried before'' experiment but was subjected to its variations, anyway; he also had declined the experimental ECF chemotherapy. Interestingly, as long as Dr. Ung was involved Giuseppe could not have mets; sure enough, he developed them just one week before the end of radiations...See also in the Chart, Dr. Ungs other note dated from the same day which makes the same point.)


April 9, 2008. (S) Chest. Comparison to Dec 2007 and Jan. 2008. Non-suspicious tiny few mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes. Conclusion: no evolutive lesions.


April 9, 2008. (S) Abdomen. Comparison scans: Feb 14, 2208. Findings: a) distal gastrectomy and gastrojejunostomy. (The removal of the gallbladder is not mentioned) b) surgical drains removed. No residual collections are present. c) enlarged portacaval node: 1,9 cm previously E. 2 cm. No other significant lymphadenopathy. (i.e. stable and decreasing and post-surgically reactive) d) lesion in segment 4 of porta consistent with local fat (i.e. post-surgical induration, see Coburn own description of surgeries.)


April 19 and 23, 2008 (S) Sunnybrook Emergency. Two visits in a week time, due to fever. (We had to wait more than 12 hours each time. Emergency offers the same self-serving narrative ignoring the cholecystectomy. Emergency will take note of the cholecystectomy only on August 2009 because Paul insisted heavily on this crucial element then) a) all culture negative b) non-neutropenic b) a predominant porta caval node 1.9 but no remaining lymphadenopathy c) (worth underlying)


Nov. 18, 2008. (S) CT Chest. A small irregular left upper lobe opacity is unchanged. No change. No evidence of metastatic disease in the chest.


Nov. 18, 2008. (S) CT abdomen. a) Decrease size of portal caval lymph node measuring 1.3 x 1.6 cm (previous 2.6 x 2.1) b) Liver. New segment 5 hepatic lesion is concerning for metastasis but remains nonspecific. (In reality what we have here are scars and coarsened texture from the hidden cholecystectomy. Since radiations are coming to the end, Dr. Ung will soon be off the case. The liver metastasis narrative is therefore being prepared here.)


Dec. 16, 2008. (S) CT abdomen. a) '' clinical history: operated stomach cancer. Assess segment 5 liver lesion (without mentioning cholecystectomy and around Christmas as usual. We all know about the difficulty present in interpreting imagings given the current algorithms: but this is gross. It is consciously setting up a convenient imaging reference to help eliminate a patient with the further development of a narrative which ignores, among other things, the CT scans done prior to surgeries and the unwarranted ablation of the gallbladder. With widespread complicity, this narrative will then feed on itself) b) Liver segment 5: lesion 1.8 cm previously 1.3 solid appearing lesion. No other focal liver lesions identified. No biliary dilatation. c) spleen, pancreas, both adrenal glands, both kidneys and para-aortic region appear unremarkable. d) the rest is unremarkable.


Feb 12, 2009. (S) CT abdomen. (Again without noticing the missing gallbladder. However, this criminal narrative is not supported by either endoscopy or biopsies see Fenechs notes next) a) Interval increase in size of liver metastasis (3.3 cm previous 1.3 cm and 1.8) b) ''the slightly enlarged (!!!) porta caval lymph node measures 1.6 x 1.1 cm previous 1.6 x 1.3, indicating little change.'' c) ''Pancreas, spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands are unremarkable''


Feb. 11, 2009. (S) Endoscopy (Dr. Darlene Fenech) a) ''pre-operative diagnosis: previous distal gastrectomy with B2 reconstruction for gastric cancer. Post-operative diagnosis: bile reflux - query. Procedure: gastrectomy (no cholecystectomy mentioned.) a) He (Giuseppe) is having pain that sounds like it is in the distal esophagus (he had an hernia prior to surgeries, to which were added the post-operative mechanical problems naturally caused by surgical clips and bile reflux from the botched cholecystectomy etc) b) ''I took picture of the anastomosis. It appears healthy with no evidence of recurrence. (...) The cardia appeared quite inflamed. (...) The distal esophagus also appeared inflamed and their was a non-descript Z line'' (this ''non-descript Z line'' needs to be underlined as further evidence of the botched surgeries).c)(there might be some irony in this query, whereas the right approach would have been to call the police ...)


Feb. 11, 2009. (S) Surgical pathology report. ''Diagnosis: stomach biopsy, reactive gastropathy, see comment.'' ''Comment: there is no intestinal metaplasia or dysplasia and no helicobacter organism are seen. The features noted are often associated with injury secondary to bile reflux or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.''


March 3, 2009.(S) CT chest: ''PICC line (...) Can be pulled back 4 to 5 cm.'' ''Remaining lung and pleural spaces are clear.''


May 15, 2009 (S) Abdomen. a) Decrease in size of the segment 4 and 5 liver metastasis since the previous examination. (Again, the absence of the gallbladder does not deserve a mention ...) b) ''Portacaval node 1.5 x 1.1 cm, previously 1.6 x 1.1, unchanged in size. No new lymphadenopathy.'' c) Normal adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas and spleen. (The health state of both kidneys must be underlined here) d) Lungs bases are clear.


GIUSEPPE IS RECOVERING BUT THE RADIATIONS HAVE NOW ENDED (Dr. Ung is off the case) AND THUS IMAGING CREATES A NEW NARRATIVE TO KILL (i.e. mets to the liver. However, this will not work; therefore a new and heavier chemotherapy is started with the use of a port-a-cath: the aggressive criminal experimentations announced by Coburn before the surgeries continue unabated.)


Feb 24, 2009. (O) Based on imaging Singh writes: (there is) ''a liver lesion from 1.8 to 3.3 cm.'' '' ... we should clearly start his chemotherapy. He (Mr Giuseppe De Marco) clearly understands this and is in agreement (...) After a long discussion he has come to the conclusion that he has no other options with ECF chemotherapy.''


March 31, 2009. Port-a-cath insertion.


May 26, 2009. (O) Singhs narrative: metastatic gastric cancer (remember that no gastric primary was ever proven ...but he is willingly to take his cue from Coburn and Imaging) a) ''He has a liver lesion as well as portacaval nodes. (In fact, portacaval nodes had diminished in size since April 2008 and were obviously post-surgical in nature; see Coburns description of surgeries) (He) has completed three cycles of chemotherapy. He requires a dose reduction as well as omitted one week of his 5-FU due to mucositis.'' ''Mr De Marco is felling great off chemotherapy'' (...) '' his CT scan shows a very good response to treatment. His liver lesion has decreased and his nodal status is stable. His electrolytes and liver enzymes are normal''


June 23, 2009. (O) Van der Meer for Singh. A delay of one week since his neutrophil count is slightly on the low side. ''Mr De Marco is tolerating chemotherapy fairly well'' (this was true although Giuseppes brother, Paul, was already complaining about the inadequate hydration. Giuseppe was told to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day with the 5-FU but given his stomach ablation he could barely drink 4 glasses on his own. Paul was not listen to; at best, later some IV was added when he was given chemotherapy bolus in the hospital. Pauls fears were verified after August 6, 2009, although the building hydronephrosis caused by bile leakage and chemotherapy was carefully hidden until a stent had become necessary. Yet, an incompetent criminal like Simron Singh dared called Paul ''loud''! See below.)


July 7, 2009. (O) Ung. ''(Mr De Marco) is still on ECF chemotherapy under the care of Dr. Simron Singh and has one more cycle to go'' (the timing needs to be underlined) ''(...) Abdominal exam reveals no organomegaly. Overall I am pleased with his progress. (...) I suppose if there is a residual lesion in the liver one could look into whether there is any role for surgery ...'' (Of course, such surgery was ruled out again by those who knew that a botched cholecystectomy scar cannot possibly be removed by further surgery; nor could the 0.5 cm residual common bile duct left in place by Coburn be lengthened ...)



Giuseppe had recovered from two botched surgeries and from the falsification of his file, hence of the inadequate treatment offered. He starts the Macdonald Protocol plus radiations on March 2008 (chemorads initiating in May 2008) He was thus made to comply to Coburns illegal experimentations. At this stage, Giuseppe had no lesions and no mets or else Dr. Ung would not have offered radiations, but no one sees the cholecystectomy ''lesion'' or more precisely scars and coarsened texture. Chemotherapy and radiations ended in June 2008. Sure enough a liver lesion and metastases reappear in the Chart as the new version of the same initial murderous narrative. Giuseppe is then subjected to a stronger chemotherapy without proper hydration. But Giuseppe recovers anyway and is about to finish his new chemotherapy cycles. Strangely enough, while he feels great aside from some recurrent chest and abdominal pain (mechanical problems and bile reflux), he is then sent to the Sunnybrook Emergency by Singhs nurse Suzanne Gardner on August 6, 2009. Strangely, it will be all down the drain from this point onwards, despite Dr. Ko last ditch attempt to deal with the long neglected consequences of the botched surgeries that had been made to look like gastric metastases, in a context where a gastric primary was never proven! Giuseppe was then barbarically pushed into palliative care, that is to say he was denied any real active and adequate treatment. But because he was still recovering in spite of everything, he was abbreviated with nosocomial infections and at least two direct assassination attempts carried out at York Central Hospital under the watch of the grotesquely criminal Canadian-Jew Larry Grossman, one of many, and that of his accomplices, including former Judge Cory. The last attempts must be squarely called assassinations attempts because they have nothing to do whatsoever with the problematic of euthanasia, which implies natural, non-induced terminal sickness and some sort of consent from the patient or his family, though it is illegal in Canada. Let us summarize here the evolution up until August 6, 2009 based on the medical Chart.


First Act:


March 10, 2008. (O) Coburn. She again proposes a variation of her experimentation with chemotherapy.


March 12, 2008. (O) Coburn. She notes that Giuseppe is vomiting; but she is not too worried: according to her, the gallbladder does not have a purpose in the modern age (and beside the cholecystectomy has now been made to vanish from the Chart and from the imaging references.)


March 24, 2008. (O) Dr. Ung. He notes enlarged mediastinal nodes but remarks that they may be post-surgical in nature. In any case, he makes it clear that he would not offer radiations if metastases were present. Therefore, there were no metastases at this stage!


April 4 and 18, 2008. (O) Dr. Ung describe the preparation for radiations.


April 23, 2008 (S) Sunnybrook. Discharge summary from the Emergency. April 14, 2008 fever at 38.6. April 23, 2008, fever at 40.6. However all, culture were negative in both occasions. Defeverscence happened while waiting for more than 12 hours each time, in the common waiting room! (It seems that infections are very useful as covert cost-cutting measures when public health care and hospitals are entrusted into such unqualifiable hands.)


April 28, 2008. (O) Dr. Ungs comment on Ct scan. Some ileus or inflammation of the terminal ileus and other parts of the small bowel. (This is to be replaced in the context of the botched surgeries.)


April 29, 2008. (O) Singh. (Ileitis) now resolved. One week delay for chemotherapy.


May 5, 2008. (O) Coburn. ''He is going to be starting chemotherapy today. I will see him back in three months time''


June 4, 2008. (O) Singh. ''He is actually feeling quite well. (...) There are no other abnormalities on physical exam. (...) He will receive two more months of 5-FU based chemotherapy to complete his treatment''


August 22, 2008. (O) Coburn. ''He is coming for follow-up after completing his adjuvant Macdonald Protocol. He is feeling well and tolerating his diet with no specific complaint'' (...) I have booked him for an OGD in Jan-Feb 2009 and we will see after that point.''


Dec. 2, 2008. (O) Dr. Ung. ''He had a CAT scan of his chest, abdomen and pelvis. There is a small lesion segment 5 of the liver of indeterminate significance. (...) Therefore I have put a request for an urgent MRI.''


Jan 30, 2009. (O) Singh. ''They do not think that radiofrequency ablation is an option for Mr De Marco unfortunately'' (this medical opinion needs to be replaced back in its specific context in which botched surgeries and cholecystectomy are heavily covered up and scars are offered as metastatic lesions)


Feb 24, 2009. (O) Singh. ''The lesion on his liver has grown. It has grown to approximately 3.3 cm this is from 1.8 previous. This is in a short two month interval'' (...) '' I have discussed with Mr De Marco that we should start his chemotherapy. He understands this and is in agreement'' (As we know Giuseppe was lied too all along about his real ailment and the treatment or rather the illegal experimentations he was subjected too. He agreed on the basis of lies. Of course metastases could now develop in the absence of Dr. Ung.)


Second Act:


Experimentation with heavier chemotherapy but without radiations. This started March 2009 and lasted until June and July 2009. Giuseppe had recovered. The lesion decreased. Radiofrequency surgery was again denied. Eventually he was unilaterally sent to the Emergency on August 6, 2009 by Suzanne Gardner. Soon, hydronephrosis and drainage problems could not be negated any longer and thus, despite Dr. Ko attempt, he was barbarically pushed into palliative care and induced nosocomial infections.


March 3, 2009. (O) PICC line.

March 4, 2009. (O) The heavier chemotherapy starts. (See Raos note March 24, 2009)

March 31, 2009. (O) Port-a-cath.


March 24, 2009. (O) Rao. Neutrophil count 1.4. Slight rise in his creatine from 72 to 116. (the level of creatine and Singh disregard for it, aside from some delays granted without proper home hydration, should be underlined here with a red pen.)

April 7, 2009. (O) Al-Omair for Dr. Ung. Extreme fatigue with chemotherapy (...) but no organomegaly''


April, 14, 2009. (O) Singh. '' (he) is doing excellent at this lower dose. He is really having very few symptoms at all. His mucositis is not an issue at all. He is felling fatigued. He does complain of some abdominal discomfort after eating which dissipates after approximately one half hour (...) I did offer (him) Domperidone for possible slow mobility, he denied this.'' (He probably should have thought about bile reflux and sutures from botched surgeries ...Home hydration might also have proven more helpful than mobility gimmicks ... given that Giuseppe was already using Senokot when needed.)


May 26, 2009. (O) Singh. '' Mr De Marco is feeling great off chemotherapy (...) His CT scan shows a very good response to treatment. His liver lesion has decreased and his nodal status is stable. There are no new lesions (...) We will go ahead and continue Mr De Marco treatments starting next week.''


June 23, 2009 (O) VanderMeer. Fatigue; mucositis; on examination he looks well; neutrophil count 1.2.


July 7, 2009. (O) Dr. Ung. ''One more cycle ECF chemotherapy to go. He is managing quite well. Overall, I am pleased with his progress''. If there is a residual lesion in the liver, there might be a role for radiofrequency surgery. (Such residual surgery was impossible to contemplate since it would have revealed the botched surgeries by Coburn and the botched cholecystectomy.)


July 17, 2009. (O) Singh. ''He begins his C portion of the fifth cycle today. (...) Tolerating chemotherapy quite well'' Plan CT after cycle six (and then we have) to make a decision about further treatment or not. (That decision had already been decided elsewhere. On August 6, 2009, Suzanne Gardner, following higher orders, will call Giuseppe around 3:00 PM to send him to the Emergency.)




Despite the 5-FU chemotherapy plus the cisplatine, Giuseppe was doing ''excellent'', he was ''tolerating chemotherapy quite well''. His so-called liver lesion had even decreased. He was physically active. In fact, on August 6, 2009 he had gone to visit his friends at work. And then Suzanne Gardner called, opening the last cycle of this planned medical murder. She send him to Sunnybrook Emergency telling him to go quickly before 6:00 PM because the doctor in charge had been notified and he would not have to wait too long. Giuseppes brother got the phone call and called his brother; both quickly rushed to the Emergency (Since Giuseppe was doing well their hope was that an answer and a remedy could be found for the remaining upper and lower abdominal pain he felt, usually after eating. In retrospect, this was clearly caused by bile reflux, hydronephrosis and post-surgery mechanical problems. They arrived at the Emergency around 4:45 PM but nevertheless had to wait again the whole night, having to cope in the waiting room with undesired people such as an ignorant rabid anticommunist women from Roumanian origin who pretended to work for the French school close by; she continuously talked loudly about complaints for the long wait when talking to Paul; but he had other thinks on his mind at this stage, although his own so-called ''loud'' complaints about hydration and harassment would soon be proven right. (The institutional selection of these immigrated anticommunist elements ever since the end of World War II is systemic. They happen to harbour a very strange and uncultured conception of democracy and of Human rights, but seem to know close to nothing about the respect due to the Constitution and the laws of the land; nor is their willing participation a new harassment practice contrived by the diseased minds of responsible persons within the intelligence services. However, criminally negligent overseeing Parliamentary agencies routinely ignore the problem. In fact, what is applied here is one of the saddest aspects of a long practised harassment policy as will be demonstrated in the section of this Summary specifically dealing with harassment. To this is added the usual reactionary philo-Semite Nietzschean Jewish anti-constitutional and grotesque over-representation in all commanding positions, together with their pre-1938 neo-Nazi and right-wing Zionist frame of mind. None of these people will ever feel the need to criticize someone like Netanyahu, nor to mention to the uninformed Canadian public that his father, of whom he is so proud, did wear the brown shirt of the fascist Zionist supporters and financiers of Mussolini and Hitler. Yet, this is an undeniable fact. Be it as it may, 98% of the population of Canada should not be forced to bow to the senseless and dangerous - ''once again'' as Nietzsche will have it - philo-Semite Nietzschean narratives of such a minute and crassly exclusivist political and theocratic minority. We all have to bow to the law of the land or change it in agreement with the legally available channels, and no more.)


When Paul could finally talk to the Emergency doctor very late in the middle of the night, he specifically asked about the kidneys. This is because he had started to understand that the heavy chemotherapy administered without proper home hydration was potentially lethal to his brother. Despite the cowardly and incompetent cover up, the early traces of this complaint can be gathered from the chemotherapy sheets. At a certain point Giuseppe would get IV transfusion while chemotherapy was delayed for one week, but not more. The same truth can be critically recovered from the self-serving note written by the unqualifiable Singh who dared call Paul ''loud''. But Singh failed to mention that, when he finally ordered hydration at home, it was because of Pauls pressure. (When the IV would finally be delivered, the driver sprayed the supply boxes with chemicals ... in the continuation of this barbaric philo-Semite Nietzschean harassment)


This unprofessional and criminal attitude adopted by Simron Singh can also be seen at play in his general active complicity with Coburn et al. in falsifying the files and murdering Giuseppe. It can also be verified by the fact that once Dr. Ko and his team had positioned a biliary drain, this young unqualifiable ''oncologist'' did not even know - or did pretended not to know - that it was capped outside. Paul had to point it out to him, not ''loudly'' but certainly firmly and with some real severity in the professorial voice he took on that occasion. Incredibly, Giuseppe came off from this Emergency visit very tired due to the long wait, but otherwise he was told that everything was fine. As is shown from the file, the reason for this strategy was that the new version of the murderous narrative would now be shifted towards the lungs (ignoring the clear CT scans done before and immediately after the botched surgery.) Yet, in the end, given the creatine and bilirubin level, the hydronephrosis could not be hidden. However, if the unqualifiable Singh had not gone away for a week, the biliary problem, the main problem from the very beginning, would have remained hidden even in the laboratory results. Incredibly, the unqualifiable Singh will start speaking about renal failure only after the insertion of a stent had been decided and done. As for the liver and bile drainage, he was happy with the metastases narrative. In fact, when the drain was finally positioned thanks to his absence, he presumed that it was too late anyway to even uncap it from outside: Characteristically, concerning the biliary cap, he was merely repeating the remarks made by Imaging, but with the benefit of his one intimate knowledge of the botched surgeries and of the criminal chemotherapy treatments. Such is the state of medicine in a Canadian University Hospital, which would pretend to be the health Hub for Ontario and one of the main research centre of North America (or more precisely, should I say, of the current grotesquely philo-Semite Nietzschean North America)!


August 6, 2009. (S) Emergency. (The visit to Emergency was not made on Giuseppes own initiative. He was sent in by Suzanne Gardner, Singhs nurse, because of the recurrent complaint Giuseppe had about a chest (diaphragm) and abdominal pain after eating, that is the same post-prandial symptoms he had before surgery, but augmented now by post-surgical problems such as bile reflux and mechanical stress. Contrary to the earlier Emergency visit, this time Paul made a point to inform the doctor about the botched surgeries and the falsification of the medical file, particularly with regard to the cholecystectomy. From then on the doctors would avoid Paul, and he could barely ask one of them whether the kidneys were still fine given the hydration issue. Incredibly, the answer given by a doctor on the run, who did not even stop to give it, was ''yes'', and he hastily proceeded to walk somewhere else. As it is, the Emergency speaks about the lungs (an absurdity given the existence of highly stable micronodules there since before the surgeries, but an absurdity needed for the aggravation of the mets narrative necessary to push Giuseppe to palliative care and accelerated death; no mention is made of hydronephrosis.) a) Because Paul had insisted on this particular point, the cholecystectomy now reappears on the Emergency sheets for the first time since the botched surgeries and the obviously doctored notes which had adopted the version contained in the original Porte-Coburns discharge note. b) Paul is told that Giuseppes kidneys are OK. And in fact it would still take some time before the necessity for a urinary stent could not be postponed any longer. c) However, lungs nodules are emphasized (on the basis of post-November 2008 imaging; but this ignored that, in any case, they had remained stable, even those which obviously were due to post-surgical indurations. But this emphasis on a general metastatic evolution was necessary to carry out the post-chemotherapy experimental plan, namely to push Giuseppe on palliative care and morphine plus nosocomial induced infections.)


August 11, 2009. Singh. a) Last cycle delayed multiple times due to poor kidney function and an elevated urea. b) (At the time, just like Giuseppe, Paul did not have any reason to suspect such murderous behaviour despite Pauls knowledge of the surveillance and harassment including at Sunnybrook: in his mind doctors, unlike some experts in behaviourist or Freudian and the like psychology could not easily be turned into the same kind of senseless scoundrels found in the military and civilian intelligence services; the facts quickly proved Paul wrong and dramatically raised the issue of professional and Parliamentarian over-seeing agencies. In fact, the announced increase and later decrease of the liver lesion, together with Giuseppes extraordinary and unmatched physical and moral strength, had let him believe that, if he could benefit from good treatment, Giuseppe would recover. In the end the successive lies blocked any possible institutional redress and even private alternatives. Aside from home hydration, Paul now was complaining about the month long delay in the chemotherapy. Singh did not care: he was now pushing the new and absurd lungs mets narrative:) (He thus noted on the basis of the Emergency report) ''some deep inspirational pain right below his right rib cage'' (which is coherent with pre-operative but stable micronodules and suture points and with the ''non-descript Z line'' reported by Dr. Fenech; yet Giuseppe was also complaining about the lower abdomen and the back i.e bile reflux and kidneys) c) Singh thus calls for a CT scan of the lungs !!! d) (and the criminal derelict who dares call me ''loud'' belatedly adding, while still consciously ignoring the biliary issue:) ''As ar as his kidney function problem is concerned I think that Mr. De Marco is dehydrated. He tells me he is having trouble drinking fluids daily (...) We will plan for home hydration this week to rehydrate him (..) We could consider switch him to Caboplatin.''


August 21, 2009. (S) CT, chest. Bilateral lung microdules not present in 2008; metastasis (but clips not significantly changed since 08-06-2009. CT, abdomen. Comparison May 15, 2009. Slight progression of the liver metastasis in segment 5, 2.7 cm (form 2.4 cm) b) Again, large spread of an ''ill-defined mass'' at the level of gastric anastomosis and portal branch (which clearly send us back to the botched surgeries as per the description by Coburn herself. Subsequently, aggravated by leaks, bile reflux and hydronephrosis) c) ''Lesion also involves the right ureter'' ''there is mild-moderate right hydronephrosis. (One will note the use of the term ''lesion'' here...) ''No left sided hydronephrosis; no free fluid. d) Impression: progressive disease; liver metastasis; gastric recurrence (despite Fenechs biopsies and Coburn-Singhs neglected query about bile reflux; see above); peritoneal carcinomatosis. (Thus the palliative care killing railway wagon was already prepared and warming up. To anticipate a little, note here that the CT scans first taken at York Central Hospital after Dec 19, 2009 (see below), did not show any evidence of liver or other metastatic process but only post-surgical ''coarsened texture'' ... independently confirming what the chronology has already demonstrated. But this medical philo-Semite Nietzschean meticulously and sadistically planned murder has no use for such findings and even less for patients basic rights. We are dealing here with such persons as Larry Grossman, Cory et al., while neither PM Harper nor Premier McGuinty could ignore this murderous evolution together with the inhuman harassment that accompanied it, despite Pauls direct and repeated protests.)


August 25, 2009. (S) Singh. a) CT scan shows hydronephrosis due to peritoneal mets (!). His creatine was increased to 175. He takes Advil and it works for him (Grotesquely, Advil had been suggested by Suzanne Gardner as if she could ignore the real issues ...In truth, through the bugging and surveillance relays she obviously did so after Paul had asked Giuseppe to switch from Novogesic Forte to Advil once in a while to avoid the risk of constipation. In Pauls case the reasoning remained sane; with Gardner and Singh it is plainly criminal more than negligent. Keep them happy, right? But in retrospect, if Giuseppe had only taken Advil instead of undergoing two botched surgeries and inadequate and criminal chemotherapies, he would probably still be alive ...) b) ''slight wrist disease in his liver'', peritoneal mets, gastric anastomotic recurrence, bilateral lung nodules are stables. c) Urgent request to Dr Nam: stent to solve the hydronephrosis.


Sept 3, 2009. (O) Horvitz. ''Needs an urgent decompression of his right kidney''. Stent to be inserted tomorrow. (Remember that Emergency did not see anything as it was too busy now cooking the new lungs metastasis narrative necessary to accredit a general metastasis process and thus palliative care. But the lungs were always clear and stable.)


Sept 4, 2009. (O) Stent (right side)


Sept. 16, 2009. (O) Singh. a) Chemotherapy still delayed; creatine 245 today, urea 17.7 (IV hydration was stopped and so Paul is called ''loud''. Eventually hydration at home will restart but only at the price of increased harassment such as the spraying of chemical and perfume on the delivered hydration boxes and under the windows. See the section summarizing the main harassment imposed to Giuseppe per se, with complete institutional, police and governmental complicity and the characteristic sadistic enjoyment of these criminals.)b) Consider changing chemotherapy for Docetaxel, chances 12 % but a trustful and unbroken Giuseppe said ''I want every fighting chance even if is 10 % or less''(Remember that he had gone to visit his friends on August 6, 2009. Prior to that, a few days earlier, he had gone to pick up cherries and strawberries just to keep active. But the murderous experimentations continue unabated and are even presented as a favour done to us - Docetaxel is still officially experimental and requires prior approval; it does not have much to do with gastric cancer but is presented as a last ditch alternative. However, in the same criminal experimental vein, Docetaxel fits the fake lung metastatic evolution just as the earlier chemotherapies were tailor-made to fit an absent gastric primary.Meanwhile, the real issues following the botched surgeries and faulty initial diagnostic - no gastric primary ever proven - are ignored and the medical charts heavily doctored accordingly.) c) (Singh belatedly adds:) ''we will have to address the issue of renal failure'' (i.e. a way to ignore what is the main issue: biliary drainage. It is nonetheless curious that no one ever was interested in the highly predictable serious issues, which naturally follow an unattended Duct of Luschka, including hydronephrosis. But we also know, the duct of Luschka remained a soon forgotten hypothesis needed to mask the cholecystectomy; as for the cholecystectomy itself it soon disappeared from the file and was only reinserted after Pauls discussion with Emergency and with Dr. Ko.)


Sept 23, 2009. (S) CT, chest. ''The lungs are clear'' (contrary to the lung metastasis initiated after August 6, 2009) CT, abdomen. a) ''Clinical history: rule out biliary obstruction. No prior imaging. Quality: highly suboptimal study.'' (Suboptimal: If we were not already appraised of the criminal behaviour or these unqualifiable individuals, this would seem a rather extraordinary indication for a crucial CT scan ...but, it was a routine, if criminal, behaviour, as we know.) b) ''The central intra hepatic biliary tree shows no gross dilatation (...) Central intrahepathic bile ducts are minimally prominent'' c) ''In segment 2 and 3 there is again seen an ill-defined hypoechoic solid lesion measuring 4.2 x 5.0 x 4.2 (?) This corresponds to the metastatic deposits seen on recent CT scan. There is mild peripheral ductal dilatation adjacent to this lesion.'' (This highly suboptimal study should be seen in the light of Dr. Kos findings, particularly the residual common bile duct reduced to 0.5 cm ...) d) There is a second metastatic deposit in segment 5 and 4b essentially unchanged'' e) ''the main portal vein and its proximal branches are well visualized and grossly unremarkable''



Once signalled by Imaging, hydronephrosis could hardly be ignored, but for Singh it only belatedly signals the possibility of renal failure. Imaging continues to participate in the general cover up, pointing to the absence of biliary obtrusion, though protecting themselves with a self-described ''suboptimal study''. Fortunately Singhs goes away for a week and Dr. Ko is faced with very strange laboratory results. Thus is unmasked the criminal cover up of the philo-Semite Nietzschean dirty nihilists operating in Canadian institutions and hospitals, thanks to a widespread, direct and indirect, complicity. Dr. Ko providential intervention arrives almost too late; yet, without the induced nosocomial infection, the record shows that Giuseppe would have recovered. Two direct assassination attempts at York Central Hospital under the medical direction of the Canadian-Jewish Chief-of-Staff Larry Grossman were still necessary to dispatch him to death. By then Giuseppe was conscious of the wrongdoing and on that fateful Christmas Night of 2009, he said to his brother: ''These people should all be hanged''. Metaphorically or not, he clearly meant what he said and does not need a ''postman'' for that. This was his last complete sentence uttered out of his own free will, without external incitation. We will return to this episode in due time. Suffice it here to say that while Giuseppe was actively being assassinated during this Christmas Night, too many grotesquely over-represented scoundrels were busy taking symbolic control of the York Central Hospital, a public Canadian Hospital, celebrating the installation of a Menorah in the Atrium...


Sept 24, 2009. (O) Dr. Ko. ''I brought him in today because on his blood work from September 23 his AST was found to be elevated at 158 and ALT 301, alk phos and bilirubin of 22 when they all were normal on September 16. I had arranged for an urgent ultrasound, which was done this morning. The ultrasound was difficult as there was a lot of middle gas. The visualized common bile duct was only 0.5 cm. (...) Segment II, III ill-defined lesion 4-5cm (...) Right sided system did not seem significantly obstructed. (...) I re-viewed his images with one of our interventional radiologist and it was felt that he may benefit from a percutaneous biliary drain on the left side (...) I will arrange for him to be admitted tomorrow on an elective basis.'' (Paul had made a point to ask Dr Ko not to trust the existing imagings because of the occulted cholecystectomy. Perhaps Dr. Ko and his team should have called the police when they obtain their own independent imaging and laboratory data. One will take note of the 0.5 common bile duct.)


Oct 14, 2009. (O) Discharge summary (while speaking to his brother in the hospital room, Paul had asked Giuseppe to inquire with the doctors whether a blood transfusion would be beneficial. But Dr. Kos team had arrived at the same conclusion. Thanks to the blood transfusion, Giuseppe was quickly on his feet again and actually walked two days later to the far-away parking lot. When Singh came back, it just happened that Paul met him in the main entrance hall. He seemed all surprised and upset by Giuseppes recent hospitalisation. We know that he already had planned to send him in palliative care, conceived as a ''soft'' but rapid death corridor, through the further manipulation of the absurd lung metastatic theory. The evil Dowsh later confirmed to Paul, without realizing the enormity of what he was saying, that according to statistics he had obtained through his access to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, the great majority of cancer patients, some 90 % and more, actually die from infections, rather than directly from cancer ...) a) PTC insertion (...) The tube is caped outside'' Bilirubin 112, then 50 then stable at 75. b) ''enterococcus faecalis which is sensitive to cipro and clavulin.'' c) ''two units of packed red blood cells before going home (...) His haemoglobin is at 107 at the time of discharge.'' (Given the obsessive and sadistic reversed plagiarism method practised by many rabbis and philo-Semite Nietzschean criminals, a crapulous and obscurantist method by now very familiar to Paul, this beneficial effect from the blood transfusion might well be the real reason why, once at York Central Hospital, Giuseppe was eventually given very large and deadly amounts of heparin ...Despite many protests, at all levels, for three long decades, Paul had been subjected to its crapulous implementation with the direct participation of the Canadian intelligence services, in addition of which criminal scoundrels like Paul Tellier, Drummond, Cox, Beaudry,, Ménard, Smarden, Robinson and many others who did not refrain from violating his intimacy, opening his mails and stealing his material while ensuring his tight social and academic exclusion, to which was self-servingly added exclusion from any employment, except very poorly paid manual jobs and from legal aid. By the way, aside from too many and already publicly denounced reversed plagiarisms, the same characteristic reversal method was applied to reverse the Camp David II proposal offered by Paul, a former professor of International Relations (International Political Economy), which eventually led to the unofficial Geneva Accord; again, quite an ill-advised and murderous reversal which no doubt, will inevitably be accounted for historically, in full, as it should.)


Oct 21, 2009. (O) Singh. a) After PTC drain he developed acute cholangitis. He was found to have enterococcus in his blood. He finished two weeks of antibiotics yesterday. b) bilirubin 58, ALP 1153 (10 times normal) c) (Given that Paul had sternly made him notice, Singh finally realized that the drain was capped outside. Without this intervention, Singh had already planned to quickly send Giuseppe to palliative care with the excuse that ''his quality of life'' was poor. We do not accept to have our ''quality of life'' being judged and evaluated by the likes of Coburn, Singh, Grossman and others of that uncultured and murderous ilk. But one cannot fail to remark that the real rational seems to have become the same as was practised in Nazi camps according to the expert description given the great ethnologist Germaine Tillion: If you show any difficulty in walking on your own to your chemotherapy - a brutal poorly scientific treatment to start with - you are rapidly cut off from active treatment and eventually eliminated through induced nosocomial infections, illegal euthanasia practices or even straight assassination.) ''His PTC drain has been capped outside and we will send him for a tube check as well as a connection for external drain today in interventional radiology.'' d) ''I will see (him) in 10 days time. (...) His family is quite anxious for him to get chemotherapy. (Given the allegedly decreased size of the ''lesion'' and given the long current delays, since July, one can understand the family anxiousness: except that the family had been lied to all along about the shaky diagnosis and the experimental treatments!) e) the unqualifiable Singh finds it necessary to include two Addenda 1) pruritus and jaundice; 2) the brother was ''quite upset'' and thus Singh requests the involvement of a social worker ... (In retrospect, the brother feels that his family upbringing and formal education had caused him to behave instinctively much too politely with such incompetent scoundrels and obvious moral and criminal derelicts, more concerned with character assassination to cover up their own criminal incompetence than with their patientswell-being. )


Oct 21, 2009. (S) Imaging. a) a bag for external drainage only. b) (here follows a silly and unwarranted comment, which sure enough was parroted by Singh later, although it was proven factually wrong. In fact, thanks to the uncapped drain and to home hydration, bilirubin quickly fell to 17, allowing of the first new chemotherapy on Nov. 6, 2009) ''I note his bilirubin on Oct 21st was 58, this is unlikely to improve given his peripheral disease''. (In view of the chronological self-demonstration above, this should read ''given his alleged and fabricated peripheral disease''.)


Oct 29, 2009. (O) Palliative Care community Team. (CCAC Karen Samler) Giuseppe was referred to palliative care because of Singhs and othersconcept of ''quality of life'' barbarically used to stop active treatment. The criterion was clearly the ability of the alleged cancer patient to be able to walk on his own to the Cancer Centre. Thus understood palliative care is used to surreptitiously turn upside down the Canadian unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada against euthanasia and any form of assisted suicide. While banks and private firms benefit from multibillionaire bailout plans, which ultimately ruin public finances, Health Care services are cut by the covert transformation of palliative care into a corridor of death. This is where the Grossman, the Cory and the Ménard et al. of this world find their natural role. Yet, this flies in the face of strict constitutional principles. Needless to say, these fundamental principles are not amenable to any restrictive interpretation under Article One of the Canadian Charter of Rights, nor to any other understanding of the notwithstanding clause, because we are dealing here with absolute rights such as the right to life, security of the person and equal access to public services. Here, equality, far from being defined by the biased and self-serving conception of any minute if overrepresented group, is specified by Article 15 of the Charter. When people die from nosocomial infections, they cannot be said to have died from natural causes nor from cancer. Especially not when evil doctors and their so-called chief-of-staff do not even allow for the 4 to 6 weeks necessary for antibiotics to take effect ... Abstraction being made here, for the straight assassination through the prescription of unmonitored extra-large amounts of heparin. Paul had explained to this Simron Singh that Giuseppes quality of life with him, his brother, at his total disposition was greater than he ever could hope to achieve for himself, even at times of great prosperity and good health, an evidence even truer for Paul himself with respect to his elder brother. Note also, with outmost gravity, that the principle according to which ones right to life is judged by his or her ability to walk is indeed the principal applied by the Nazis in their concentration camps. Clearly the scoundrelous return to this sort of philo-Semite Nietzschean forma mentis - which prevailed in Germany and in Italy before the racial laws of 1938 - should never have been tolerated in a democratic country such a Canada, and has now gone too far. Justice must pass. Constitutional principles must be upheld.)


Nov 2, 2009. (O) Hiring more support at home while trying to cut off adequate active treatment. The road to covert and overt euthanasia and medical assassination opens precisely at this time. Yet even at this stage, as the nurse consultant Dr. Resh can testify, Paul had to argue for adequate home hydration.


Nov 5, 2009. (O) Singh. a)(despite what was said one week earlier about its possible decrease.) which is the lowest it has been in the past weeks'' (In the circumstances, anyone else but this unqualifiable individual would have been ashamed of this sentence, in the context of the botched surgeries and neglect of bile reflux and drainage problems. However, these people are one hundred percent sure to benefit from institutional protection and impunity, and this is certainly the most repugnant and criminal aspect of this story, so far.) b) ''He is very keen on systemic treatment. We have discussed the rational of palliative care and he is not interested in this at this stage.'' c) Docetaxel is considered.


Nov 6, 2009. (O) Chemotherapy. Docetaxel. (However, Singh knew more than he was telling Giuseppe, because during the same day an appointment was arranged with Kim, the pain control doctor.)


Nov 6, 2009. (O) Kim. Hydromorphone. Giuseppe had made his aversion to morphine and its known adverse effects on cancer patients - particularly pulmonary oedemas and probably also inducement of lung cancer growth - crystal clear. Yet, like most cancer patients forcefully pushed into palliative care, he was faced with unrepentant morphine and opiate institutional pushers, who still know close to nothing about pain, but are nonetheless more than ready to disregard their patientswishes in order to impose their own subjective and institutionally sanctioned pain control philosophy. The use of medical cannabis is legal in Canada and is known to stimulate appetite and control nausea without favouring lung secretions. Giuseppe would have benefited form these secondary effects. Kim refused to consider the option, thus living the door wide open to the oedema side effects. Given Pauls reasonable insistence for a two or three weeks trial under her control or under the control of the palliative care doctor, her rational for refusal was a bit short: She said ''It is not my practice''. Luckily the amounts of hydromorphone was not directly dependent on her ''practice'' ... A doctors right to impose her practice philosophy cannot be superior to that of the patient, at least in this specific pain control domain, given that the medical use of the substance is legal in this country. Giuseppes and Pauls rational was straight-forward: Having never touched any such drugs themsleves, minimal amounts would likely do the trick thus diminishing the lung secretion problems; at the same time, they would retain complete control of any other unwanted side-effects, thanks to strict medical supervision, backed by the home support of the visiting nurse and the family. In the end, a disgusted Giuseppe had to do with hydromorphone and later with morphine. But he only took very small amounts up to the very end. Indeed, before his lungs were blown out by too much heparin and infected by the older nurse (XXX) on that fateful Christmas Night of December 25, 2009, Giuseppes lungs were essentially clear of all secretions. To all those who did not have the privilege to know him intimately, Giuseppe exemplary physical and moral strength, masked by a humble and very professional code of conduct, could be illustrated simply, if poorly and only figuratively. Before the evil Dwosh started continuous morphine infusion without ever consulting a still alert Giuseppe, and even less his brother. Giuseppe was only taking around 12 ml of morphine a day, but only when needed. The evil Dwosh did this in order to speed up the last medical assassination attempt perpetrated against him, Giuseppe was a great admirer of Spartan mythological heroes and of the Roman general Cincinnatus; but he surpassed them all in every field without any noticeable effort, probably in an instinctive emulation of his great-great grand-father who had a reputation of extreme kindness allied with Herculean strength. When the family emigrated in France, an 11-year old Giuseppe was send to school and won 12 prizes (books) at the end of the first year despite the initial language barrier; given his father subsequent work-related accident which left him paraplegic, he was unfortunately pushed into technical studies as the main family support. In her Magna Graecia traditional lamentations, his mother expressed it best in the Funeral Home when she cried: '' Who can ever forget how proud your father was? You were always first at school! And now, because of your loss, we are first in sorrow and grief''. In the end, despite his exemplary physical courage and moral fortitude - in truth, something often found in terminally-ill patients of all ages - Giuseppe was knifed in the back by incompetent scoundrels and stuffed-up evil doctors, often with the full complicity of the same philo-Semite Nietzschean criminals, who pretend to illegally impose their own unwarranted interpretation of the law to law-abiding citizens and residents of this country. With such a palliative care philosophy, death is delivered for ''comfort'', and not only trough the unilateral infusion of geometrically increased doses of highly addictive morphine. With this institutionally, and at times, personally degenerate crews, abiding by patientswishes has even less weight than abiding by the law! When the life of others is not in danger, patients have the right to refuse treatment. In any case, they are entitled to legally control their own pain according to their own philosophy and sensations, and certainly not according to scientifically unfounded doctorsidiosyncratic opinion. Externally evaluated ''comfort'' cannot be an acceptable excuse for morphine-induced euthanasia. Before dramatically and unilaterally increasing the morphine level to weaken Giuseppe and make him artificially ''lethargic'' and ''moribund'', the evil Dwosh noted in the Chart: ''Denies pain?''. The question mark here did not indicate a scientific interrogation, but instead the criminal understanding that, with low morphine doses, Giuseppe might very well recover. Consequently, this possibility had to be quickly reversed by the evil Dwosh himself as quickly as he could without even bothering to ask for consent. At every stage, including upon admission at York Central Hospital, Giuseppe had made clear to the pain control doctor that he desired to control his pain by himself. But the philo-Semite Nietzscheans Dwosh, Grossman and the likes now pretend to tell you what to do. Typically, they pretend to decide in you stead, even when your own life and security are at stake! Demographically speaking, they do not even amount to the usual acceptable margin of error!)



The palliative care into which Giuseppe was pushed was organized in such a way that the availability of transport (with a stretcher) to the hospital in case of emergency was not advertised before hand and difficult to obtain. Ambulances would only take you to the closest hospital. No doctor was available for home visit; necessarily limited laboratory work could only be done through the family doctor who usually does not do home visit. Furthermore, Giuseppe was made to understand that the palliative care doctor would only help manage pain - i.e. push morphine to cause accelerated death through highly predictable pulmonary oedemas. In the end a reference was made to a certain Jewish doctor named Berger - I still do not understand why we had to be told without asking that he was Jewish from American origin ... He was from York Central Hospital, but made it clear that he would not be available before the end of the Jewish holidays season. Dr. Resh, an Egyptian doctor not yet authorized to practice in Canada, but one who was most honest and professional with the De Marco family, was designated as the nurse consultant. Most probably these degenerate philo-Semite Nietzschean minds, capable to conceptualise such a grotesque palliative care system, chose him because he had seen far worse having practised in leprosy wards. Other nurses were obviously chosen for their willingness to silently go along with the system and its inevitable consequences, for instance Giuseppes main home nurse Marcia. She ended up lying about the biliary drain in the most unacceptable and criminal fashion possible; this is made clear from her own notes compared to those of others and to the Ambulance and York Central emergency diagnosis. It must be underlined with the outmost gravity that such a system is very similar to a ''soft'' or rather ''masked'' copy of the Nazi camps guidelines, except perhaps for the current Jewish over-representation at all commanding levels. I write this as the scholar who sounded the alarm against the deadly exclusivist logic and offered the proposition which led to the unofficial Geneva Accord: in short, if you cannot walk on your own, the chosen guardians and the new Aufseherinnen system will help dispatch you as promptly as they can, firmly counting on the protection of superiors like Grossman, Cory, Ménard, Harper and McGuinty and others. Such a society, with its occult power centres, is self-destructive and cannot survive for long: Justice will pass, hopefully through an inner strength capable to reassert constitutional principles and legality.


The truly horrifying aspect of this degeneration of Health Care is that the same principles are silently extended to geriatric care by people like the Lloyd Axworthy, another personality who certainly still carries a most undeserved weight in our society on account of his past employment. This is done through the simplistic and consciously biased manipulation of demographic statistics; and through the absurd projection of Parkinson and Alzheimer current statistics into the next 50 years! This is obviously done self-servingly i.e. for the profit of the usual vested interests benefiting from billionaire tax expenditures and bailout plans at the expense of public budgets and social services. Moreover, these manipulated and intentionally scary statistics are offered without computing the intervening medical advances which are bound to happen in the next 50 years, even if we allow for the systemic ''imbecility'' produced by class and cast incestuous selection processes, and subsequent over-representation in universities and research centres. Idem, for other variables such as demographics. These spurious statistics equally and absurdly erase any alternative high-quality job-creation perspectives linked to wall-to-wall public geriatric and Day-care facilities. Yet, these would imply full-time and highly professional employment with an important domestic and local Kahn Multiplicator.


We must insist on the public aspect of these programs here because public, universally accessible systems such as those already enshrined in the Canadian Constitution, are much cheaper and efficient than their private counterparts. The principal comparison remains that between Canadian and European public health care and pension systems - or rather what is left of them - and the US private systems. If one looks at health care, one immediately sees that the first costs around 10 % of GDP versus the privatised US system which squandered more than 16 % of GDP, an amount still likely to rise in the coming years due to the botched Obamas reform. This reform quickly sold out to private sector pharmaceutical democratic lobbyists, almost as much as the previous Hillary Clintons messy reform, which was not even worth a dish set. Yet, over-represented philo-Semite Nietzscheans of all stripes are pushing for the privatisation of the Canadian public system with spurious but self-serving statistics. In so doing, they are forgetting all along that essential public services are enshrined within the Canadian 1981 Constitution. We know that philo-Semite Nietzscheans have no time for gentile constitutions, being exclusively self-chosen themselves ... But there are limits to their chutzpah. As for pension systems, let us quickly note that the in-house pension system of GM, Chrysler and other American transnationals, were hazarded on the stock market characterized by the recurrent bursting of bubbles such as the recent subprimes bubble - thus causing hardship and even private ruin. The costs of these private failures were quickly socialized and transferred to ordinary citizens through inept and class-oriented bailout plans, while maintaining the existing onerous rules of the game essentially unchanged. But this is true even in normal times: Because the mutualist insurance principle, together with the solidarity principle prevailing among citizens of modern advanced States are not allowed to play their legitimate goal, such private logic adversely impact the real labour cost. It does this in an even greater extent than for health care systems. Obviously these reinforce the childish and rather ignorant ''production function'' of Solow - to wit: Y = f (K, L) where, as opposed to Keynes, L is simultaneously available labour in a full employment context and actually employed labour ...a sure proof that neither Hicks, nor Samuelson, nor Solow had understood Keyness scientific contribution ... Or, more precisely, an undisputable proof that they were consciously trying to eviscerate it, according to the usual rabbinico-philo-Semite Nietzschean method. This Solowian production function won Solow a Nobel Prize but is a simplistic ineptitude which was later globalized thanks to the worthy efforts of Solow himself, Friedman and many others such empty headed philo-Semite Nietzscheans, incestuously chosen and even more incestuously crowned. On this ludicrous and primitive basis, the labour equilibrium established on the (global) labour market is only reached when you reach the ''physiological level''. At least, if you can argue with a straight face that such a level is a fixed or absolute one, presumably after having read Malthus without the benefit of Marxand even of Keyness critiques, or without even bothering to look at the rapid deterioration of the ''quality of life '' of the Dalits, once India abandoned her own type of economic planning.


We all understand that this Marginalist caricature of economics inevitably leads to the suicidal dismantling of the Welfare State in a run for the lowest possible wage, as if low individual wages and real productivity were one and the same thing. This caricature systematically crowned by Nobel Prizes in an effort to establish a scientific and academic credibility it does not have, treats labour as a commodity. And what is more, it treats labour as a liquefied money-equivalent commodity, electronically traded world-wide around the clock, and subjected to a destructive logic of short-term profit, symbolized by the infamous ROE. This is not a slogan: What it means is that in the search for the lowest labour cost, labour is only paid the minimum possible: hence it is reduced to the lowest individual capitalist salary possible, independently of family size, sickness and old-age needs etc. ''Differed salary'' (pensions and unemployment insurance, principally) is all but forgotten. This is a coldly calculated oblivion, which is then coldly entered into the actuarial criteria governing the market-oriented pension plans, which are destined to replace the public regimes for the sole benefit of hedge-funds and the likes of Jeremy Siegel. At least, for those who can still afford it: The others will be left to face grossly over-represented and highly overpaid Grossmans, Axworthys and many others. And thus certain euthanasia masked as ''natural death'' in public hospitals run according to the same MBA neoliberal logic governing slaughter-houses and sausage factories. Meanwhile, the privatisation of pension regimes and their recurrent market losses will force people to work longer and most certainly in their old age in a vain hope to recoup the losses incurred during inevitable financial crises (however, once you are 45-50 and over, you will not easily find meaningful and well-paid employment and, even if you do, you will hardly have time to regain what has evaporated with the recurrent bursting of market bubbles. But the likes of Siegels will not insist on this point: Being cash-strapped, they even want your pennies, now ...)


The Ideal of such privatisation trend is the philo-Semite Nietzschean attempt to ''return'' to the original early 20th Century regimes. Then pension was only drawn 3 years before the average age of death ...With ''natural death'' Grossmans style these 3 years can still be reduced to few weeks, presumably for the workers''comfort'' and their ''dignity'' … Similarly such fraudulent Marginalist function of production eliminates social contributions (and most progressive taxes), hence social services (i.e. part of what Paul called the ''global net revenue'' of the households, that is to say when you deduct the individual capitalist wage and ''differed salary'' to only consider social transfers) This is because they enter into a cost of labour now absurdly subjected to a global free-trade definition of anti-dumping at the WTO. This regressive free-trade definition was purposefully calculated to eliminate all social and environmental criteria from the estimation of the labour cost, hence of anti-dumping counter-measures... Perhaps this inept and suicidal system would not be so barbaric if it were not simultaneously conjugated with crass inequality of the type which allows a Jewish young guy to remain in ICU for 9 whole weeks (good for him!) and get out of it without any transition, while one week and one half was judged too much for the tax-paying Giuseppe De Marco. The philo-Semite Nietzschean harassment was on top of it all. At least, with equal treatment, Article 15 of the Canadian constitution would be respected! And I spare you the raising tuition fees added to incestuous letters of recommendations and the likes... Clearly too much is too much! Justice needs to pass. Quickly.


Sept 16, 2009. CALEA delivery of hydration supplies. (This happens after the unqualifiable Singh called Paul ''loud'' because he insisted on such home hydration; the Black driver is then used to spray chemicals and perfume over the supply boxes. Pauls protest including to PM Harper and Premier McGuinty remained without answer: once again ...see the harassment section.)


Sept. 24, 2009. (O) Thanks to Singhs one week absence, Dr. Ko takes charge. He notes the frightening discrepancy in laboratory results. He also notes that the common bile duct is reduced to 0.5 cm.


October 2, 2009. Insertion of the biliary drain.

Oct. 13, 2009. Blood transfusion.


Oct. 14, 2009. (O) Discharge summary. Thanks to the biliary drain and the blood transfusion Giuseppe is able to walk to the far-away parking lot. Eventually his bilirubin will drop to 17 ... but only after the drain will be uncapped and home hydration offered.


Oct 21, 2009. (O) Singh, who does not even know that the drain is capped outside, is sceptical about the possibility to lower the bilirubin. In so doing he typically only parrots others, in this instance Imaging. He calls Paul ''loud'' and notes that he is ''upset''; but eventually he belatedly orders some home hydration.


Nov 6, 2009. (O) Start of the first round of experimental new chemotherapy, Docetaxel. Kim refuses to consider medical cannabis to prevent lung secretion and orders hydromorphone instead.


Nov 10, 2009. (P; but summed up from Pauls own notes) First visit by Dr. Resk who quickly understood that no one could push morphine on Giuseppe to speed up his death. Despite his best efforts, Dr. Resk could not find a palliative care doctor. When he finally found the American-Jew Berger, he was told that he would not be available before the end of the Holidays. Paul now wonders if this Berger, together with Grossman, was celebrating the inauguration of the Menorah in the Atrium during the same Christmas Night when his brother was subjected to an assassination attempt with large amounts of heparin, aggravated by the haemorrhage and pulmonary infection-causing brutal suctions operated by an older nurse (XXX)(probably also Jewish, an element that needs to be clarified given the rabbinico-philo-Semite Nietzschean harassment and over-determination of Giuseppes medical murder.) This is the same older nurse who insisted that Giuseppe could not be sent to ICU because ''his conditions were too poor''. While she was offering this unsolicited advice without proper professional qualifications, she obviously did not speak about the part she played herself in producing such state of affair, which clearly would not have happen at that particular time without her brutal intervention. Killing during the Night of Christmas is characteristic too, but no one can say that it is the expression of an ill-meaning folklore. Instead, this was a characteristic and well-planned assassination attempt.


Night of Nov 11-12, 2009. (P- and Pauls own notes) Fever: 38.3. No home doctor available; no transport available aside from the ambulance. Left to his own devise, Paul arranges for a urinary sample to be sent to the laboratory through the family doctors office.


Nov. 16, 2009. (Idem) The family doctor Lam prescribes Cipro (and will eventually have to renew the prescription.)


Nov, 27, 2009. (Idem) A chemotherapy round is set up. The December 2 and 4 rounds will be postponed sine die.


Dec 7, 2009. (S) Cystoscopy clinic (Nam.) After long discussions about transport with a stretcher to Sunnybrook Hospital, the main home nurse Marcia finally mentioned the possibility to arrange it through Palliative Care. Giuseppe is then brought to Sunnybrook Cystoscopy clinic for a routine stent change. Given his blood infection, he was automatically prescribed ''Ciproflaxin for a few days given the stent change.''


Dec 14, 2009. (Pauls own note) After many delays Suzanne Gardner, Singhs primary nurse, returns Pauls call. Paul had left a message for Singh asking him whether a blood transfusion could be envisaged to help Giuseppe regain some strength. Not only was this ignored, but Suzanne informed Paul with a straight face that she had not passed the message on to Singh. She was clearly uncooperative. Paul demanded that his message be passed on, but Singh never cared to answer.


Dec 16, 2009. (S) Despite such a murderous context, Giuseppe felt well enough to go for a drain repositioning, thanks to proper transport facility. Incredibly, given the known blood infection and the recent fever, after this (faulty) drain repositioning, Giuseppe was not offered any antibiotics. And yet Paul had insistently asked for them. He later complained to the two transport drivers asking them what they thought about it. As we know induced nosocomial infections are silently used to dispatches patients rightly or wrongly judged to be terminally-ill: And this is then defended by people such as the criminal Grossman, as ''natural death'' caused by cancer progression (even when no gastric primary cancer had ever been proven in the case of Giuseppe De Marco) The same day, Dr. Resk calls to let the family know that Berger will not be available as a palliative care doctor before the end of the holidays.


Dec. 18, 2009. (P) Marcia, the main visiting nurse unashamedly and criminally lies in writing in the Palliative Care chart. She falsely notes that the drain is working well. But she was now trying very hard to insure that no one else will come to visit by making herself available, even as her schedule had been modified from a daily visit to a visit every second or third day, thus creating a weekend problem. In reality, she knew very well that the drain was not working properly and that it was highly infected: she could not have failed to interpret correctly the high stinking sepsis smell that had developed from Dec 17 and 18 onwards and which Paul had questioned with her because it was not similar to the usual bile odour which used to fill up the leg bag. (The septic nature of the odour was soon certified by York Central ambulance and Emergency files; however, under the direction of the criminal Chief-of-staff Grossman, everyone would soon try to deny the obvious relationship between the bacteraemia and the last drain change. The MRSA infection was spotted on the first day in the Emergency, that is on Dec 19; the patient and his family were not told before Dec. 23, even though, while he was still in the Emergency Ward, Giuseppe had been silently isolated in a single room ...)


The criminal and conscious complicity of Marcia can be seen in a different episode: This has to do with the flushing of the port-a-cath after the infusion of the IV: in the supplies delivered at home both saline and heparin were provided to flush the port-a-cath in order to prevent obstruction and coagulation. Marcia only used saline but not every time. Paul discussed this with his brother; but because the family house is entirely and illegally bugged, the next day, during her visit, Marcia brought the point up to defend herself. The next day she brought a new copy of her orders, which stated that ''no heparin (was) required''. One naturally wonders if the moderate use of heparin to flush the port-a-cath once in a while - say every four uses as seems to be the practice elsewhere- would have prevented the partial coagulation noted on Dec. 19, 2009 in the residual bile drainage. Too much heparin is deadly, but not enough heparin, when it is clearly called for, is troublesome to say the least. Arguing about it just to protect oneself does not seem too professional either, both for a professional nurse and for her superiors. These people are clearly a public danger and unworthy of their employment. Marcia criminal behaviour is aggravated by the fact that she had experienced difficulties accessing the port-a-cath and even had to phone Sunnybrook to inquire about it.


Dec. 19, 2009. Paul calls for a home nurse. A nurse named Alex came over. He had already visited Giuseppe occasionally. He rapidly noticed the high stinking smell and says: ''this is full of puss'' even before putting his gloves and proceeding to change the dramatically soaked dressing. He then writes his comments on the chart and leaves without being in a position to offer any real alternative. To repeat the Palliative Care system is intentionally organized to be dysfunctional. Some chosen nurses are ''empowered'' to euthanasia and even to assassinate, while professional nurses have both hands tied up behind their back and cannot even call urgent transport on their own initiative.


Dec 19, 2009. Around 6:00 PM. Noticing that his brothers health is declining rapidly, Paul calls the ambulance. Giuseppe is quickly transferred to York Central Emergency, that is to say to the closest one available, irrespective of his previous treatment at Sunnybrook. At York Central, Giuseppe underwent two failed tentatives to reposition his biliary drain. After the second failure, that is to say after December 23, under the direct supervision of the medical Chief-of-Staff, who was ''updated'' as Dwosh faithfully notes and who set the guidelines in any case, the decision was made to assassinate Giuseppe through the administration of successive large and unmonitored amounts of heparin. (See the incredible list and quantities attached and in the YC Chart) However, even after this Christmas Night assassination attempt Giuseppe survived and was again giving signs of recovering in ICU. Consequently, the same murderers decided to blacken their adoption of the Sunnybrook criminal metastasis narrative. They did this to justify their unjustifiable unilateral negation of the rapid implementation of the treatment plan concerted between Dr Gladman and Paul, thus killing Giuseppe. They did this despite York Central one Imaging showing the absence of any metastases; furthermore, they could not ignore that Giuseppe had survived the Christmas Night assassination attempt: But, barbarically, this only reinforce their sadistic philo-Semite Nietzschean decision to kill him and, indeed, to finish Giuseppe off before evil Dwosh would be replaced by a less evil doctor on Monday January 11, 2010.



(Unless otherwise specified all documents quoted below are taken from the York Central Hospital Chart.)


Dec. 19, 2009. Ambulance Call Report. a) Breathing: left upper-lower and right upper-lower: clear. b) blocked and leaking biliary drain; ''drain typically drains small amounts of fluid'' c) Patient alert through call.


Dec. 19, 2009. Emergency record. Borenstein. a) ''Diagnosis: hepatic infection. Sepsis''. b) ''Pt weak following replacement of hepato-biliary drain several days ago at Sunnybrook''


Dec. 19, 2009. Emergency admission diagnosis. a) biliary sepsis b) gastric cancer. (Despite Pauls correction no cholecystectomy is mentioned.) c) ''Notes from Sunnybrook faxed'' (Aside from telling the story about the botched surgeries and covered up cholecystectomy, Paul made sure to ask all the persons involved not to trust Coburns and Singhs narrative, and to consult Dr. Ko instead because he had successfully placed the drain the first time around. This success was partly due to Dr Kos and his team reliance upon independent imaging and ultrasound. The York Central Chart obtained by Paul does not contain the faxed documents from Sunnybrook. In fact, the Chart itself tells a story of a continued cover up from Sunnybrook, except that after Dec. 23, 2009 - ie failed placements of the drain - York Central will adopt the same criminal narrative despite their own imagings and laboratory data ...For instance, in his note dated December 31, 2009, Dr. Gladman writes that Paul had helped construct a better picture of what had happen. Obviously nothing was in the file that did not match the continued cover up.)


Dec. 20 and 23, 2009. Failed biliary drain changes (After the second failure, the young Dr. Wong came to see Giuseppe in 3 E; after pretending that the drain worked properly, he asked somewhat despondently: ''so, Mr De Marco, what can we do for you now''. Mr De Marco, a highly qualified tool and die maker and designer routinely used to work with a tolerance of a few thousand of an inch, looked at him straight and pointing to the drain, simply replied: ''Fix this drain'' Paul was present. Wong did not answer and left.)


Dec. 19, 2009. Laboratory. ''Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus isolated after one day'' (This is crucial because up until the drain repositioning on Dec. 16, 2009 - for instance with the stent change of Dec. 7, 2009 - the bacteraemia was already known but did not include MRSA. Remember that despite Paul insistence Giuseppe was not prescribed any antibiotics on Dec 16, 2009. Despite the medical sophism about the multiple possible sources for a skin bacteria, this leaves only one infection possibility. Given that Giuseppe was pushed into palliative care without his consent, and given that, after the drain change, despite his bacteraemia and despite Pauls repeated demands, he was not offered any antibiotics, the only possible conclusion is that the septic shock which brought Giuseppe in the Emergency in the first place was squarely due to the careless and failed drain repositioning on Dec. 16, 2009. This is undeniably supported immediately after by the visiting nurse remark that the drain site was ''full of puss'', an evidence which was confirmed by the ambulance personnel and by the Emergency diagnosis. That is to say, before everyone quickly fell back on the philo-Semite Nietzschean narrative used to cover up the obvious medical murder of Giuseppe with the faulty diagnosis, the botched surgeries and the crapulous experiments carried out by Coburn and Singh with widespread medical and institutional complicity, all crowned with the induced nosocomial infection.)


Dec. 20, 2009. The list of the large amounts of daily heparin (5000 cc, at time with a double daily dose) starts on Dec 20 up to Dec. 26, 2009. It is frightening to see. This only stopped on Dec. 26, 2009, that is to say on the first day Giuseppe spent in the ICU unit, only because Paul, worried about the suspicious internal and external haemorrhages alerted Dr. Ghafouri who only then takes note of the ''non-coagulatory'' state. Paul is certain that without his intervention the administration of heparin would have continued at the same daily amount. The overdose of heparin is independently confirmed in the Chart by the evil Dwosh himself when he writes ''too much heparin'', ''blood too thin''. Dwosh however made sure never to tell the truth to either Giuseppe or Paul. The grotesquely criminal Grossman could not ignore it either. Dwosh is on record for faithfully ''updating'' him.


Imaging from York Central.


Dec. 20, 2009. a) ''Referred to me for evaluation of PTCD'' b) ''There was significant leakage around the tube (and) out to the skin. (...) From the appearance and the odour of the bile, it appears that there is a biliary sepsis, this patient would benefit from broad spectrum antibiotics coverage.'' (Perhaps the coroner Kassam should re-read the dossier and ask the police about the illegal decades long of philo-Semite Nietzschean harassment carried out with total and active institutional complicity; this complicity being eventually conducive to the gratuitous murder of Pauls brother, Giuseppe De Marco, a highly professional worker. As such, contrary to so many unqualifiable and incestuously selected doctors he was forced to deal with, Giuseppe was used to work routinely with only a few thousand of an inch tolerance, lest his tools would not work; furthermore he was a workaholics who was not in the least interested in politics, though he was a cultured man and an accomplished progressive Humanist ...Like all other hard-working Canadian citizens and residents, he surely deserved better than these largely incompetent, dishonest and arrogant crews, capable to protect themselves mutually, even when faced with obvious medical crimes. Mafias too operate with the same omerta and silent complicity...)


Dec. 21, 2009. Imaging. a) ''No previous examination is available.'' b) ''Multiple surgical clips are seen in the region of the GE junction as well as in the area of the gastric body'' c) air is seen in the branching structure of the bile ducts d) ''without intravenous contrast, no definite hepatic mass lesion is identified to suggest metastatic disease.'' e) Plural effusion; no fluid in the abdomen; no abscess; ''spleen, pancreas, aorta, left kidney and both adrenal glands appear normal'' f) ''the double J right stent is seen in place, there is no evidence of hydronephrosis in either side.'' g) ''No evidence of retroperitoneal or mesenteric lymphadenopathy. No omental involvement seen.''


Dec. 21, 2009. CT chest. ''Bilateral lower lobe atelectasis-consolidation. There is no cardiac failure.''


Dec 23, 2009. CT chest .a)(This needs to be underlined given that the large amount of heparin and the deadly lung suctions operated by the older nurse (XXX) around 8:30 PM during the fateful Christmas Night of 2009, will transform the moderate secretion caused by hydromorphone into a deadly pulmonary infection. The thin blood together with the deadly suctions is certainly a little bit more brutal than Kevorkians method but certainly potentially as deadly.) b) ''a residual intravenous pacemaker lead is noted''.


Dec. 24, 2009. Cardiology: normal. ''Mild RV hypokinesis of right ventricle.'' (This too deserves to be underlined given Dwosh insistence on dialysis and heart failure, i.e. something that could pass for ''natural death'' with the assistance of Grossman and his ilk.'')


Consultation reports from York Central.


Dec. 23, 2009. Peter Simkhovitch. a) gastric cancer (but he does not officially know about the botched surgeries and the removal of the gallbladder. Nor apparently about the lack of proof for a gastric primary source. Given the falsification of the file before and after him, his responsibility is not questioned.) b) cardiac examination was unremarkable. c) ''His biliary drain was in situ and there was green bilious fluid draining to the ag as well as around the entry site.'' ALP 542. d) ''(patient and brother) feel that some of the issue and leaking problem with the biliary drain could be reversed'' e) ''the CT scan done at York Central did not show any definitive hepatic mass lesion suggestive of metastatic disease contrary to what has been reported from Sunnybrook. There are bilateral pleural effusions and there is a moderate amount of abdominal ascites. There is no evidence of obstruction and there is no retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy'' f) Mr. De Marco is generally unwell and this could be attributed to his sepsis as well as possible progression of his cancer.'' (Note that once metastases to the liver are corrected for the post-operative consequences of the botched surgeries, the charts actually do not show any cancer. The lymph nodes that were spotted were present before surgery and remained stable throughout, for instance the lung nodule.)


Dec 20, 2009 (dictated on Dec. 23, 2009, revised and corrected on ... Jan. 13, 2010) Gloria Rambaldini (she re-establishes the narrative from Sunnybrook despite York Central own data.) a) Drain change in Dec 18 (actually it is Dec 16, 2009) b) green bilious fluid around the site plus soaking his dressing; not much in the drainage bag. c) ''the most likely etiology is biliary sepsis''; IV antibiotics ordered; started on Ampicillin, Ceftriaxone, flagyl (no mention is made about the MRSA already known from the lab.) d) ''he most likely will require a drain change either on the 20th or 21th of December.''


Dec. 23, 2009. Danny Chen. Bacteraemia; he has a right renal stent; he has had a previous enterococcus bacteraemia; blood culture from Dec 19 grew MRSA; his chest is clear; heart OK. (But then Chen adds:) ''the source of (MRSA) is not apparent at present, given the presence of the Port-a-cath, I think the possibility of a line of infection needs to be strongly considered.'' (This cover up the obvious hepatic sepsis and thus the responsibility of Sunnybrook Cystoscopy when they repositioned the drain on Dec 16, 2009 while denying him antibiotics. It did this despite the known blood problem. Unfortunately for the tenants of fabricated narratives, there was no known MRSA before Dec 16, and it was spotted at York Central the very same day of admission, that is Dec. 19, 2009. But even considering this port-a-cath hypothesis as Paul did with Gladman - in the absence of a knowledge of the chart, at the time - it is hard to understand why the evil Dwosh, in direct consultation with the criminal Grossman, will refuse to find out ... and indeed refuse to proceed with the treatment plan concerted with Dr. Gladman on Dec 31, 2009. As the proverb says: ''You cannot have your cake and eat it too'')


Process notes from York Central. (They confirm the biliary heavy leakage and soaking, for instance the notes of Dec. 20 and 21, 2009. Paul had made sure to tell the true story about the botched surgeries and had asked the doctors to trust their own independent imaging; he asked them to contact Dr. Ko before trying to reposition the drain for the second time, since the first attempt at York Central had failed. It should be noted that, as soon as the truth downed on the lower medical staff, they all rapidly borrowed the Sunnybrook philo-Semite Nietzschean narrative and started to talk about the ''futility'' of ''full code''. They did this without even allowing for the 4 to 6 weeks necessary to verify the effect of the class of antibiotics used! This was repeated again in ICU despite the change in antibiotics and thus in the necessary minimum waiting period. This active complicity with murder was implemented instead of calling the police as should have been done by doctors and nurses worthy of their employment and their high pay ... on the public purse.)


Dec. 21, 2009. Brother asks for full code. (In reality, Giuseppe himself asked for it. He also made plain that he did not want any morphine increases unless he asked for it himself or after consultation of his brother. Paul also discussed the medical cannabis issue with the York Central pain doctor on Dec. 20, 2009, in the presence of Giuseppe, but both decided not to push the issue any longer, because the pain doctor told them of possible hallucinations. Neither Giuseppe nor Paul wanted to aggravate an already difficult situation. Later, the evil Dwosh will dramatically increase the morphine level; more, he ordered transfusion on a continuous basis without any prior consultation with any one, though he asks himself in disbelief in the Chart: ''Denies pain?''. The truth is that in order to abbreviate Giuseppes life, this evil Dwosh needed the appearance of agony; he did not hesitate to declare Giuseppe ''lethargic'' and ''moribund'' even when he was extubating him with the hope of extorting his ''consent'' to death and in effect to active euthanasia and medical assassination! At the same time the nurses had noted that the patient was alert, nodded with his head to questions and had even started to move his arm ...)


Dec. 24, 2009. Patient and brother ''have unrealistic expectation about pt diagnosis and extent of disease'' (In reality, the patient and brother only asked for the scrupulous respect of constitutional rights and of the law; they naturally expected that much, even before demanding that medical crews abide by legally consistent patients wishes. While trying to preventively block the criminal road to masked euthanasia and medical murder, Paul insisted on Giuseppes and his own complete opposition to any sort of euthanasia. He also stressed the duty of doctors and medical staff to do everything medically feasible to save and prolong their patientslife, without harbouring any illegal propensity to abbreviate it, nor to induce their family to modify the patients wishes under duress. No crime is more crapulous that this dramatic departure by philo-Semite Nietzschean doctors and medical crews alike from their sacred Hippocratic Oath ... and from a unanimous Supreme Court decision. A unanimous ruling, which Peter Cory, quoted by Dwosh as one of his legal advisers, could not ignore. Of course, people can have their own opinion or borrow that of their rabbi, priest or mullah, guru or what have you, on the desirability or not of euthanasia and medical murder: But unless they can change the law and the constitution through the prescribed legislative channels, they are all bound by the existing laws. And in any case such laws cannot be retroactive.)


Dec 25, 2009. a) The patient vomited blood; CCRT called. b) 18:00. CCRT MD: control nausea with gravol! (Note that Giuseppe is now vomiting what the nurse (knowingly) described as ''ground coffee blood''. But apparently gravol will do ...) c) CRTC called: the Black nurse Sam Osamudiamen comes over. (This Sam is the nurse whose services in conjunction with those of the other Black nurse Vivian Eghosa, Dwosh will rely upon during the last three days of Giuseppes life, Sam Osamudiamen himself being strategically booked to be on Giuseppes bedside on January 11, 2010 starting between 7:00 and 8:00 AM. After the death of his brother, Paul had asked Sam to write his name on a piece of paper for future reference: Once he understood that the coroner was called, he refused to offer his name. By the way, his surname did not appear, as it legally should in the York Central Hospital chart. (It was provided much later by the Patient Relations Department on Pauls request.) Obviously, this Sam is placed in a position in which he feels ''empowered'', at least as long as he can be certain of having the backing of evil superiors such as Dwosh and Grossman, but apparently not much more than that. Criminal scoundrels will remain criminal scoundrels. However, to paraphrase, it is not the colour of ones skin or ethnic origin but the strength of character and social conditions of life which are determining: Thus the responsibility of hierarchical superiors and alleged leaders is necessarily greater.) d) Illegal pressure was immediately exerted on Paul ''(Giuseppe) is not a good candidate for ICU to recover and return to meaningful quality of life'' (On the morning of Dec 26, 2009 Dr. Ghafouri also expressed his doubt about the utility of helping Giuseppe to recover from his infections and return home, ''back to square one'' as he phrased it. The abusive use of such concept as ''meaningful quality of life'' by unqualifiable medical personnel, which frontally contradicts constitutional guarantees (life and the security of the person), must be underlined again with a red pen: this philo-Semite Nietzschean cancer, whose primary origin is now well known, has gone that far. It has silently been turning palliative care into a masked version of Nazi camps before 1938, where the criterion for active treatment was the ability to walk - behind this repugnant criterion lurks the anti-constitutional and cast-based interpretation of '' cost'' to private insurance firms and public care structures. This is highly criminal. It should be rapidly reversed to ensure at the very least the unquestionable respect of patientswishes within the framework of the law. Otherwise, given the demographic evolution, this regressive and crude cost-accounting concept of health care will rapidly open the road for the most inequitable and self-righteous barbarity. Terminally-ill patients, as well as aging citizens and residents, are clearly in danger.) e) Later during the night just before Pauls brother was finally rushed to ICU, a doctor came to back up Sams argument, presumably adding his authority as a doctor! Tired to explain such obvious constitutional rules which condemn medical murder and euthanasia, Paul finally asked them to question Giuseppe directly since he was still alert: and Giuseppe confirmed that he desired full code, with both ''cardiac reanimation''(or more appropriately, despite etymology and cultural connotations) ''resuscitation'' and everything else medically available to maintain what Giuseppe called his ''fighting chance'' to the end. Again as too many other patients in his case, Giuseppe was knifed in the back by murderous scoundrels acting as doctors and medical crews. This is a deleterious ethical and professional atmosphere, what Paul termed an Aufseherinnen system, a system created and made possible by the likes of Grossman and Cory and others. It is not sure that they all took the necessary, if short, lapses of time to think the problematic through or even to re-read their Hippocratic Oath. Someone like the pathetic Redstone will only be too eager to offer a ''second opinion'' to back up a crime without even being troubled by Pauls corrections to the Sunnybrook narrative. No more proof of the seriousness of the general situation is needed. Dr. Gladman, on the other hand, had the basic reflex to agree to ''abide by the patients wishes.''


Night of the 25-26 December 2009. 00:09: patient received in ICU (This was done after a long criminal delay. The murderous lungs suctions performed around 8:30 PM. Giuseppe had been vomiting ''ground coffee'' blood since 6:00 PM prompting Paul to repeatedly ask for an explanation that was never given. In the evening Paul also asked again for a doctor to be called but he was ignored: the older nurse deadly secretions suctions of lung secretions were obviously already planned. But potassium was added to lasix and NaHCO3 etc ...)


Dec 25, 2009. Medical assassination attempt at Christmas, when staff is reduced and somewhat chosen.13:00: Haematuria. 15:25: Biliary drain. 16:30 CCRT contacted and notified, MD notified (Giuseppe was already vomiting some ground coffee blood. Paul was not informed.) 19:20: haematuria, vomiting large amount of blood secretions; CCRT and MD notified. 23:20: Patient had labour breathing, vomiting blood and biliary drain leaking heavily. Patient oxygen and BP decreasing rapidly; family aware. Rt comes to see Patient and MD. 00:9 AM: due to Paul insistence, Giuseppe is finally rushed to ICU where Paul was for days subjected to insinuating phrases in the corridor or in his back about the ''futility'' of the attempt, and the fact that the patient in the room should not have been brought there in the first place! (This rapid ethical and professional degeneration of subordinates, in complicity with their superiors, was well analysed by the great ethnologist Germaine Tillion in her description of the young Aufseherinnen nurses at Ravensbrück. During the first days Giuseppe spent in ICU, these people did not shy away from tampering with the alarm system of the ICU life-support equipment, which was triggered at will with a ''hi-ha'' donkish sound. The Chief-of-Staff cannot pretend to be ignorant of this fact no more than Peter Cory and many in the Mossad and in the subaltern and now widely depraved Canadian military and civilian intelligence services. It seems that the economist Paul Samuelson had died mid-December, 2009. Paul had no clue, he had other things in his mind then. In any case his draft monograph entitled ''Hi-Ha: The bourgeois economists donkish visual hallucinations'' and written in English, French and Italian is a scholarly definitive refutation of the Marginalist paradigm, not a criminal rabbinical-philo-Semite Nietzschean murderous ''prank''. Paul does not use these imbecilic and unethical philo-Semite Nietzschean pranks. And in any case, Giuseppe was not appraised of the not yet published book, the initial French draft of which goes back at least two years before, that is to say when Samuelson was still alive and pretended to criticised the reduction of the legal working week with spurious arguments not worthy of a professor, let alone of a Nobel Prize. Of course, he did this without ever referring to Pauls 1996 essay Tous ensemble, on which the scientific rendering of this theory now firmly rests. Paul was disgusted but he was confident that his brother could not know the reason for the degenerate and criminal philo-Semite Nietzschean prank; he could not be alarmed on his deathbed especially if Paul maintained his cool. In Pauls family love and unflinching mutual support are natural and disinterested; they are affective given which equally rest on absolute trust and on some instinctive rules of ''savoir vivre'' and mutual respect. Unless, one member would discuss his-her activities openly, no one would ever pretend to inquire; Paul could leave his draft or personal documents on the kitchen table and be absolutely sure than no one in the immediate family would read them, or even move them, before asking him first. This ''hi-ha'' episode demonstrates the willingness of medical personnel to criminally tamper with life-support equipments in a Canadian public hospital, where philo-Semite Nietzscheans, among them many Jews, are grotesquely over-represented and bent on imposing their medical assassination, and active euthanasia agenda despite its frontal anti-constitutionality. This lousy episode was made known to the Patient Relations Department and to Grossman and other high managers of York Central Hospital: of course, they did not ask the police to investigate as was their duty. Instead, they tried to prevent the autopsy from being done and ridiculously tried to abuse their usurped ''authority'' to convince Paul that Giuseppe had died from ''natural causes'' linked to cancer. This criminal rubbish was offered while studiously ignoring even the Death certificate which lists septic shock as the most immediate cause of death, without however dwelling into the origin of this septic chock ... not even on the basis of York Central own imaging and laboratory data.)


YORK CENTRAL HOSPITAL: FROM DEC. 26, 2009, TO THE LAST DAY IN ICU-CCU: GIUSEPPE STILL SHOWS SIGNS OF RECOVERY AND UNABATED COURAGE AND PHYSICAL AND MORAL STRENGTH.aul during the family meeting held on Dec 31, 2009, Dr. Gladman noted that the liver enzymes were flowing again and that the white cell count had renormalized. This more than justified the quick implementation of the treatment plan, which had just been concerted between Dr. Gladman and Paul, only to be unilaterally negated by evil Dwosh in direct consultation with Grossman, Cory and others.


Dec 26, 2009. 00:9 AM. Giuseppe is rushed to ICU. There until Dec. 31, 2009, Paul dealt with Dr. Ghafouri and Dr. Gladman. Because of the holidays, the evil Dwosh was not in control before Jan 4, 2010. A realistic treatment plan was agreed between Dr. Gladman and Paul just prior to the holidays. As Giuseppe was again giving good signs of recovery, the evil Dwosh, Grossman, Cory et al., decided unilaterally to shelve the treatment plan, thus losing time. Simultaneously, they were trying to shift the focus on spurious issues such as dialysis and heart failure in preparation of the final medical assassination act. In so doing, these unqualifiable criminals even tried to extort from Paul or preferably from Giuseppes old mother (who already had conferred Power of Attorney on Giuseppe and Paul conjointly and separately) an absurd ''consent to depart from patientwishes''. To say the least, this is an extraordinary procedure: with it, sinister doctors personally initiate a process, which the family alone is legally qualified to initiate, but only when the patient is demonstrably no longer capable to decide for him or herself. The evil Dwosh did pretend that Giuseppe was ''lethargic'' and ''moribund'' and incapable of taking decision, even as he was extubating him twice to extort his consent to death! Meanwhile, he had made sure to increase the morphine level on a continuous basis without any medical necessity and certainly without asking for the patients permission: lethargic and moribund, indeed! Given that Paul was not present when he was being extubated, Giuseppe ignored the evil doctor with the most palpable disdain. This is documented in the Chart: He looked straight but refused to answer. However, as soon as Paul arrived in his room, he clearly answered the nurse nodding his head. The same criminal derelicts were able to imagine and implement the ''hi-ha'' episode already mentioned above.


Dec 27, 2009. Ghafouri. a) Admitted in the hospital with diagnosis of biliary sepsis; b) breathing deteriorated; intubated and transferred to ICU; c) (then follows the narrative borrowed from Sunnybrook despite York Central own data); d) ''he seems to be in septic shock resulting in either from a hepatic source and-or pneumonia''; e) ''he developed acute renal failure in the meantime with a creatine at 161 and decreased urine output. He turned out to be coagulopathic with an INR of 1.8 and therefore received fresh frozen plasma''; f) brother wants full treatment. (The brother Paul had to mentioned to Ghafouri on Dec 26, 2009, that by the look of it - haemorrhages - Giuseppe had received too much heparin and, indeed, a large dose of heparin had still been administered on Dec. 26 despite blood vomiting and gross haematuria! Paul was convinced that, if enough time was granted for the antibiotics to take effect, Giuseppe could still recover and return home, ''back to square one'' as Ghafouri phrased it, without realizing what gift that would have been for both Giuseppe and his family. The Chart proves Paul right and this is why from Jan 1 to Jan 11 the evil Dwosh, Grossman, Cory and all the others decided unilaterally to negate the treatment plan concerted with Dr. Gladman. As for the treatment of pneumonia, Paul believed this to be already dealt with thanks to the broad antibiotics strategy; in fact, when insisting on full code, Paul had made it clear that the only possible way to change Giuseppes wishes for full treatment would be to cure his pneumonia well enough to extubate him and to ask him himself, in Pauls presence. These wishes Giuseppe had clearly expressed them himself right after the failed assassination attempt carried out during that fateful Christmas Night. Paul is certain that this was the only right ethical, constitutional and legal course despite what self-chosen criminals might think, who always would pretend to decide for others.)


Dec. 30, 2009. Prince S. Aujla. (His is an interesting case of subaltern conscious criminal complicity. He borrows the Sunnybrook narrative from Coburn and Singh and partially interpret the data from the Chart to cover up the role of heparin and MRSA; he only insists on gastric cancer despite York Central own CT scan; what is more, he will borrow from the killers of Christmas the belief that active treatment was ''futile''. On this grossly partial reconstruction, he then builds the dialysis part of the new medical assassination strategy: While pretending that he proposed dialysis to Paul, he, in reality, had ruled it out altogether from the beginning, but had also insisted on the fact that it was not ''urgent'' yet. If that had not been the case, Paul would have taken the appropriate means to have Giuseppe benefit from dialysis. Given the non-urgency certified by a doctor, Pauls focus remained squarely on fighting the MRSA and pneumonia with all available antibiotics, while regaining control over the haemorrhages and gross haematuria caused by large amounts of heparin with platelets (As for renal failure, York Central own Imaging ruled out any hydronephrosis and cancer mets, thus leaving one and only one immediate cause, ''too much heparin''.) It is curious that no one, among the many medical criminals who waxed profusely about multi-organ failure, ever felt the need to mention to Paul the obvious role of heparin in this state of things, and call the police accordingly. The College itself will have to tell whether, given the large amounts of heparin, immediate dialysis might have helped Giuseppe recover even more rapidly than with just antibiotics and routine life-support. Be it as it may, the evil Dwosh himself forgot that he noted the harmful role of heparin the in Chart (''too much heparin''; ''blood too thin''.) But he was now counting on the grotesque philo-Semite Nietzschean high criminals Grossman, Cory and others like them for protection, as he would unilaterally negate the concerted treatment plan and do all he could to abbreviate Giuseppes life, while trying to extort an absurd consent (for what, really?) from both Giuseppe and his family. These criminals should not be tolerated in any medical role whatsoever, nor in any institutional role having anything to do with constitutional guarantees, especially life, the security of the person and equality of access to Canadian public services. It would have taken from 4 to 6 weeks for the antibiotics to prove their usefulness. Given that these had been changed, patience was required up until the mid or end of February 2010. When Giuseppe was transferred in the ICU, Paul had met in the elevator a Jewish mother whose son was soon to be discharged from the ICU after 9 weeks, without any transition in the hospital itself. The Canadian Constitution does not recognize any exclusively chosen people or group, be it philo-Semite Nietzschean. Nor does it recognize the legality of a so-called ''two weights and two measures'' or two-tier policy: Article 15 of the Charter of Rights on equality and Article 36 on essential public services of comparable value across Canada make this crystal clear. What then was the rush in Giuseppes case ...or in too many other cases like his? Although one would expect in vain from the likes of Dwosh, Grossman, Cory et al. to understand the point, it frighteningly demonstrates an absolute monstrosity to be quickly corrected. This systemic but anti-constitutional inequality deserved to be stressed by pointing at the most obvious, though socially dishonourable statistics: For instance, workers die on average 7 to 11 years before their managers and are considered, even then, to live too long if they can benefit from their pensions for more than 3 years before the average age of death. (Lest one would be surprised, this 3-year, class-based, pseudo-actuarial norm was the norm used during the creation of the first public pension schemes that were build in extremis to avoid socio-political unrest and to insure that the capital pools thus created would not end up in the hands of some anarcho-syndicalist groups, thus constituting a real and socially oriented WorkersFund. For the present philo-Semite Nietzschean neoliberal crews, this has now become the Ideal norm to which to ''return''. With two slight differences: 1) the pension plans should be entirely privatised and dangerously invested on the ''casino market'' despite the US 401K being transformed into 201K at best during the last financial crisis of 2007-2008. Notwithstanding the too many Siegels of this world, if one loses his-her market-invested pension over 50-year of age, it will be difficult to recoup the losses in time to retire peacefully...) 2) Active euthanasia and medical covert assassinations insure ''good'' private cost-accounting. As far as terminally-ill patients are concerned, the current philo-Semite Nietzschean management of palliative care has already silently incorporated principles directly drawn from Nazi criteria, such as the ability to walk. Soon perhaps, unscientific genetic ''predispositions'' to illness will play the same selection role played by the greying colour of hair in the aforementioned camps ... This deleterious but undeniable trend is surely not tolerable: and unless the laws and the Constitution be changed, it is squarely illegal. To repeat, patients can certainly refuse treatment when they are not placing anyone else in direct physical danger, but doctors cannot negate existing active treatments to patients, especially not against their clearly expressed wishes.) a) ''Mr De Marco has acute renal failure in a setting of septic shock requiring inotropic support as well as pneumonia and respiratory failure and MRSA.'' b) ''No urgent indication for haemodialysis but if he continues on this trend, he may require it soon. I have discussed this with his brother (...) At this time (he) is not sure'' (!!!) c) ''I also advised him of the likely futility of initiating dialysis with respect to the patients long term outcome'' d) ''... does not want to make the decision at this time.'' (The only true element here is the non-urgency; the rest is calculated and criminal rubbish.)


Dec. 31, 2009. Dr. Aviv Gladman. a) ''He (Paul) provided a lot of information that allowed us to construct a better picture of what is going on''; b) discussion: infection; removing port-a-cath; repositioning the biliary drain; this to be done after the holidays. c) discussion of the failing kidneys (Paul kept to his usual line consistent with Giuseppes expressed wishes: everything medically available if minimally required. However not having access to the Chart at that time, Paul did not know that no hydronephrosis was detected after the placement of the stent and its successful changing on Dec 7, 2009: that is to say, he did not know that the kidneys issue was squarely one of too much heparin and of bacteraemia. Aluja had asserted that there was no urgency for dialysis although the issue might be raised soon. However, the plan concerted plus broad antibiotics would have done the trick together with the platelets. Clearly, during that fateful Christmas Night an horrendous philo-Semite Nietzschean medical murder had been attempted, one that was foiled only by Giuseppes and Pauls insistence on full active treatment. Dr. Gladman like the rest of them could not ignore this; but at least he was more helpful.) d) we readdressed the Code status; Giuseppe wanting full code Gladman agreed: ''we will abide by the patients wishes.'' (Which is all Paul was asking for, in the rigorous respect of the law.) e) ''(Paul) disagrees we should extubate and have discussion with him (Giuseppe, to verify) if his opinion has changed'' There is a bit of a misunderstanding here, Paul having on the contrary affirmed many times that the only way to change the code status would be to cure the pneumonia enough to safely extubate Giuseppe and ask his own opinion. But Paul insisted on being present in such eventuality to make sure that Giuseppe was answering out of his own free will, without undue moral or medical pressure. This is clear from other documents in the chart; nevertheless, even then, one does not understand evil Dwosh twice repeated attempts to extubate Giuseppe to entice him to change his wishes, in Pauls absence. An alert Giuseppe disdainfully ignored him; one should remember Giuseppes judgement after hearing the corridor comments on Dec 25- the nursesroom was situated just in front of his room. When Paul came back to visit in the early evening a disgusted Giuseppe said:'' These people should all be hanged''.) f) Plan arranged for next week: remove port-a-cath; reposition the biliary drain; fight the infections. Aside from that, Dr. Gladman notes that he will ask an opinion from nephology. (Dr Gladman uses here a well-intentioned criterion: ''if he presented in the normal community'' But, to avoid criminal negligence, he should perhaps have noted: ''... in a scenario where the patient had just escaped an heparin related assassination attempt'') g) (Prodded by Paul) Dr. Gladman said that the liver enzymes were flowing again and that the white cell count had renormalized (we have here the best proof that Giuseppe was recovering in a very short lapse of time, thus more than justifying the implementation of the treatment plan that had just been concerted, only to be unilaterally disregarded by evil Dwosh in consultation with Grossman and Cory, obviously among others.)


Dec 31, 2009. Social work psychological assessment. a) ''the mother had not visited because afraid of contacts (The reality is that the 86-year aged mother had visited Giuseppe every single day when he was hospitalised by Dr. Ko at Sunnybrook, and had again visited him on Dec 24, 2009 at York Central. During that last visit she was forced to wear protective gloves, gown and mask and did found enormously difficult not to hug and touch her eldest son, to the great alarm of Paul. The social team should rather explain why the visiting nurse Marcia had silently started to use extraordinary precaution after the biliary drain repositioning on Dec 16, 2009. And why, given that MRSA was detected at York Central during the very fist day, Giuseppe was placed in a single room in the Emergency ward and later in a room in 3 E, where there already was a patient wearing a mask, before being placed in official isolation on the Dec 23, when Paul was finally told to wear protective gears...According to the chart, the laboratory had phoned the Emergency nurses twice on December 19, 2009, with the MRSA alert: Why then was Paul and indeed Giuseppe not told before December 23? A tentative to infect the whole family was thus coldly implemented. At the same time, the accomplice social team was obviously trying to prepare the terrain here for Grossman-Dwosh tentative to extort consent from the old mother, in a truly idiotic, crapulous and criminal attempt to push Paul aside despite his legal Power of Attorney. This is an other heinous crime in and by itself. The Aufseherinnen mentality again) b) strong beliefs against euthanasia (they could have said that Paul was a law-abiding citizen who knew something about the Constitution which he taught in his Canada-Quebec courses, contrary to the likes of Grossman and Cory who seems all too willing to ''authoritatively'' interpret the law unilaterally for us, poor gentiles. This despite the fact that we can rely on a clear a unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court of the land against euthanasia and on the legal repudiation of any form of assisted suicide. As for medical assassinations they are squarely penal in nature.)


Imaging from York Central Hospital: The data does not support in the least the narrative put forth by Coburn and Singh; it also condemns the criminal belated and heavily interfered with autopsy and does not minimally support the heart failure theory used at the end to abbreviate Giuseppes life ... that is, just before ... Dwosh would have been replace by an other doctor on Monday, Jan. 11, 2010.


Dec 26, 2009. Chest. Extensive consolidation in the left lung. (Dr. Ghafouri had shown Paul the X-Ray; consolidation was bad on the left lung, much less on the right. But one must remember here that the chest was demonstrably clear on Dec. 23 and 24. How could this happen so fast? There is one and only one explanation: too much heparin before the older nurse (XXX) came in to operate her deadly pumping of lung secretions on that fateful night of Christmas around 8:30 PM.)


Dec 27, 2009. Chest. Worsening of the atelectasis-consolidation in the right lower lobe.


Dec. 28, 2009. Chest. Line placement. Lungs ''basically unchanged''.

Dec 29, 2009. Chest. Unchanged


Dec 30, 2009. Chest. No change (in other words Giuseppes pneumonia had been stabilized and now patience was needed to let the antibiotics do their trick, given the lab indications)


Dec. 30, 2009. Abdomen. a) Gall bladder cannot be seen (we know about this side of the story already; but this note underlines the fact that whatever information had been faxed from Sunnybrook was partial at best.) b) bile ducts increased in diameter 1.2 cm. Stent seen in place. c) ''Liver is coarsened texture'' (adding, curiously given the gall bladder absence noted above) ''suspicious for metastatic lesion'' (which flies in the face of the earlier CT scan done at York Central ...) d) ''no evidence of hydronephrosis'' e) pancreas and aorta were obstructed by midlife gas. f) moderate ascites.


Dec 31, 2009. Chest. No significant change. The bilateral effusion is larger in the left side but ''no significant change''


Critical Care Flowsheet. As we read this material we should underline the very low amount of morphine taken by Giuseppe up until January 7, 2010 when Dwosh unnecessarily and without consulting anyone decided to raise it from 2 or 3 ml when needed to a continuous infusion of morphine. This dramatic increase delivered in a continuous flow naturally caused a shock and a lethargy, which the evil Dwosh tried to present as proof that Giuseppe was moribund. This did not deter him from trying to extubate a still alert Giuseppe on January 9, 2010 to extract his consent ... to death!!! We should also underline the fact that Giuseppe systematically ignored some nurses but answered others by nodding his head or squeezing their hands. But even then Giuseppe would systematically refuse to ''obey commands'' judged inappropriate or futile. This is in keeping with his Dec. 25, 2009, comments about criminal people who should be hanged. On Dec 31, 2009 the nurse kindly let Paul back in the room for 15 minutes around midnight to present his New Year wishes to his elder brother; Giuseppe then made a Herculean effort to lift his left arm very high and squeeze Pauls hand. Eventually, observing the vital signs rising dramatically Paul quietly withdrew his hand and softly changed the subject. Giuseppe was far from moribund and was, by far, a better human being than all the evil scoundrels who sent him to his death, presumptuously counting on their impunity.)


Dec. 26, 2009. Day: Non-responsive; brother (8:00 AM) requested to speak to the doctor in charge, Dr. Ghafouri (to inform him about the heparin and the falsified files, notably as the cholecystectomy was concerned.)


Dec. 27, 2009. Day: a) ''alert'', ''eyes open spontaneously''; ''does not obey commands'' b) drain ''dark reddish colour; urine gross haematuria''.

Night: a) ''attempted to squeeze my hand but too weak''; b) haematuria, Md aware of this; bile and blood at (drain) site; blood in the mouth (Giuseppe had some dental implants and the large amounts of heparin were affecting them too.)


Dec 28, 2009. Day: a) Tried to open eyes when approach; b) 12:00 bleeding a lot; has generalized edema; red coloured urine.

Night: a) Patient opens eyes spontaneously at time but 0 obey commands. b) haematuria (Gladman aware)


Dec. 29, 2009. Day: a) patient opens eyes spontaneously at time but 0 obey commands. b) Soaking green bile.

Night: a) opens eyes spontaneously, 0 obey commands; b) bleeding, soaking bile.


Dec. 30, 2009. Day: a) Patient open eyes spontaneously and to pain stimuli, moves his arms occasionally, 0 obey commands; b) Patient biting the ETT. No blood noted.

Night: a) Patient does not obey. Opens eyes. ''Asked whether in pain, nodes head ''no'''' b) 21:20 Aujla talks to brother; c) changes several times abdopads; the wound around the tube is big, swollen skin around. d) ''Appropriate reaction on simple questions, nodes his head''; e) brother very angry, family meeting planned. (As said above, despite everything, an alert and fighting Giuseppe was slowly recovering when he was again knifed in the back by evil Dwosh, Grossman, Cory and the rest of them.)


Dec. 31, 2009. Day: a) ''denies pain by nodding his head appropriately''; b) brownish drainage; c) blood in mouth (Paul had make remarks about feeding; so Giuseppe was fed. Paul thought - but did not say anything for fear of complicating things - that the continuous feeding in his delicate condition was exaggerated; and, in effect, vomiting forced its suspension many times; it quickly became a stop and go affair, something that should perhaps be looked into for the benefits of other patients: small digested intakes are better than continuous but inevitably regurgitated feeding...)

Night: New Year Eve: 24:00 ''brother visiting to wish Happy New Year (thanks to the natural kindness of the nurse who let Paul back in for 15 minutes, Giuseppe gave Paul a strong unforgettable brotherly handshake.)


YORK CENTRAL: THE DEEDS OF EVIL DWOSH, GROSSMAN, CORY, THE NURSES VIVIAN EGHOSA AND SAM OSAMUDIAMEN AND OTHERS. In these sick philo-Semite Nietzschean minds, the possible recovery of Giuseppe and his possible return home (''in square one'' as Ghafouri expressed it, thus betraying a whole train of thought) triggers the decision to unilaterally negate the concerted treatment plan, to delay and then to manoeuvre to hasten death. This was done with the pretension to cover up this crime by extorting an illegal ''consent to depart from patients wishes'' from the family. Giuseppe did not die from a gastric cancer simply because a gastric cancer had never been proven as the primary cause of his ailment, especially not by the biopsies (in fact no gastric primary was ever proven.) Giuseppe did not die from a septic shock but from a biliary septic shock. This was dramatically aggravated by the murderously unmonitored large amounts of heparin administered to him; it was further aggravated by the brutal intervention of chosen ''empowered'' nurses (Particularly on Christmas Night and on the morning of January 11, 2010 when his heart failure strictly coincides with the presence of Sam, obviously under the supervision of both Dwosh and Grossman: Dwosh will linger long enough in the ICU on Monday January 11, 2010, to interfere with the autopsy in conjunction with Grossman. Indeed, he single-handedly called the coroner to ask him not to come. But, characteristically, he made sure that Dr. Ghafouri would be on duty to sign the Death certificate.) Giuseppe did not die of natural causes: he was calculatedly murdered, after many attempts, in a context in which Coburn, Singh and their philo-Semite superiors, both in the hospital administrations and in governmental intelligences agencies had turned him and his whole family into guinea pigs. Giuseppe did not die in a dignified context worthy of a public hospital in a sane democratic country: Not only was he turned into a guinea pig to satisfied proto-Nazi philo-Semite Nietzschean experimentations, but he was subjected to brutal harassment with widespread police complicity while under chemotherapy. And if this were not enough, while a killing attempt was been cold-bloodedly planned for the Night of Christmas, he was subjected to rumours in the corridor, which disgusted him to the point that when Paul arrived in his room he simply said:'' These people should all be hanged'', after which he happily signed the bottle of champagne which Giuseppe hoped to uncork and enjoy with his family the next Christmas Eve. Dignity was self-righteously and crapulously trampled under foot again many times, but particularly with the ''hi-ha'' episode (in effect more than a criminal sadistic prank, a brutal and murderous tampering with life support equipments, so loud that no one present in the unit during these sad days could have failed to hear it). Dignity was trampled under foot again with the grotesque tentative to extort a consent to kill ... not from the family ... but more specifically from a 86-year old mother who had already granted Power of Attorney conjointly and separately to her remaining sons Giuseppe and Paul. There is neither dignity nor ''comfort'' in unilaterally doubling, without any medical necessity, the morphine level of an otherwise alert patient, just to make him appear ''lethargic'' and ''moribund'', thus legitimising the unilateral end of full code. Justice and the College will need to deal with these philo-Semite Nietzschean criminals with exemplary severity: they should be sanctioned and certainly they should not be tolerated any longer in either a medical role, or in any role involving the life and security of the person or the equality of access to essential Canadian public services, all protected as such under the Constitution of the land. Dwosh and Grossman should be asked how many days can be wasted in a ICU-CCU while obsessively trying to initiate absurd consent forms against the attested wishes of both the patient and his brother cum Executor!


Jan. 9, 2010. Let us anticipate a little: Laboratory data: a) ''No vancomycin resistant enterococcus species isolated'' b) ''No methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus isolated''. (In other words curing the infections was only a matter of time and of patience, especially as Giuseppe had shown signs of recovery during the very first days spent in ICU. The haemorrhage problem caused by the large amounts of heparin was showing signs of abating before Dwosh suspended the treatment plan and spuriously decided to focus on dialysis and heart failure to cover up his own traces. In any case, Dwosh himself noted that the ''blood was too thin'' due to ''too much heparin'': but he did not inform the family nor did he call the police. Instead, he conspired with Larry Grossman whom he faithfully ''updates'' as the Chart makes clear.)


Jan 4, 2010. ICU Patient-Family conference record (filled up by Dwosh himself) a) ''blood too thin''; b) ''too much heparin''; c) CA mets; d) cannot offer any treatment option. (The Ca mets narrative is not supported by York Central own data; the heparin business was not relayed to Paul, even though it is crucial in explaining the multi-organ failure diagnosis; finally the issue was not so much Dwoshs medical inventiveness or professionalism, but squarely the implementation of an already concerted plan, without criminal delay.)


Jan 7, 2010. Carol Redstone. (In the morning of that day Giuseppe had been covertly started on morphine drips without permission and above all without medical necessity for it, because he had been managing his pain well with the help of the nurses. Small wonder the patient rapidly became lethargic when she arrived!!! Paul was amazed at the facility with which such doctors, confident to be protected from hierarchical superiors can consent to play their role with characteristic self-contented ignorance (rational arguments are all but lost on such minds.). The inevitable reference which come to mind again is Germane Tillions remark concerning the behaviour of the Aufseherinnen at Ravensbrück; the frame of mind is such that no rational argumentation can influence it, these people being sure to be able to dictate the law to others, while violating it with the expected support of their hierarchical superiors. In another way, this subaltern attitude equally testifies of the still unresolved gender mentality in Canada despite appearances used to mask a philo-Semite Nietzschean general selection process. It quickly appears that once someone like this Redstone affirms to you that she had reviewed the file, she reviewed it in the sense that she dutifully ignored all pertinent facts, which did not fit the narrative, she was told to confirm. It is an absolute shame. In legal terms, this is called criminal complicity. She, of course, had other options: First, she had the option to really review the whole file, including the negation of metastases and the large amounts of heparin from York Central Hospital own chart; had she missed these elements, she should have listen to Pauls corrections, at least as much as Dr. Gladman had done; she should have drawn her conclusions taking these new elements into account. Second, she had the choice to refuse to play an obvious criminal role and let the evil Dwosh and his Chief-of-Staff find - in the less severe interpretation possible - another ''useful idiot'' for the task. Why do some adult persons consciously behave this way ... in a medical setting regented by the Hippocratic Oath and by Canadian constitutional laws .) a) I review the chart (toward the end of the meeting Paul, annoyed with the spurious argument about dialysis asked Redstone which side was Giuseppes stent located and, of course, she did not have a clue ... So much for dialysis ... and so much for independent review and ''second opinion''.) b) patient does not answer, does note move (though ''he was able to open his eyes only'': perhaps an intubated and drugged Giuseppe should have tried to sing a Christmas carol to prove he was still fighting for his life ...) c) mets (!!!) d) biliary sepsis, septic shock and multi-organ failure. e). At this point should he die any aggressive treatment (would not) benefit (and) should not be offered (We have here a most curious logical, medical and legal proposition indeed: Perhaps aggressive treatment or concerted treatment should simply be offered on time, without discussion, as the law demands in a medically expected attempt to prevent death...) f) ''(Paul) said he did not care about statistics'' (instead Paul tried to alert these unqualifiable individuals about their spurious use of spurious statistics. Paul was not engaging in useless chitchat: he was, in fact, emphasizing that his brother was now mainly suffering from infection and not from cancer. And thus he was alerting about the half-backed statistics presumptuously quoted by Dwosh and obtained from Mount Sinai. According to these spurious and self-serving data the great majority of cancer patients in North America were in effect dying from infections instead of cancer. If the whole truth were to be told Dwosh had checked because Paul had discussed the issue in the privacy of his home and had even told Dr. Gladman on Dec 31, 2009; in fact Gladman did take note of it writing that according to Paul, full code was in order to insure that Giuseppe would not die from another treatable cause rather than cancer: Via the military and civilian intelligence services and via the Mossad relayed by Cory and Grossman, Dwosh was thus prepared to wax most spuriously about the subject, without even realizing the terrible indictment it contained of the kind of philo-Semite Nietzschean medicine he and his likes actually do practice. In truth, with much undeserved impunity, to the great dishonour of more serious doctors ... It might be the classic argument about predictability in social sciences advanced by Cyert and Simon years ago at the MIT, but here we have an frightening example of ''statistics'' being actively produced, not naturally, but through the intervention of medical unworthy personnel like Dwosh, Redstone, Coburn, Singh etc etc the expense of trusting patients! But obviously such a point can only be lost with someone like this Redstone.) Paul said his brother was not dying from cancer but from infection (indeed after his brother death, Paul obtained the Charts. And in the Charts, he could quickly verify that no primary gastric cancer was ever proven and that Giuseppe had been subjected repeatedly to botched surgeries, criminally inappropriate treatment which laboriously ignored the covered up cholecystectomy; he was also subjected to repeated assassination attempts, including through induced bacteraemia and too much heparin. The Death certificate indicated infections as the primary cause. Unfortunately, he was not even spared the intervention of a Redstone at his bedside!) g) He now has neurological cardiac, respiratory and renal failure (the ''willing'' independent reviewer should perhaps have asked herself how long a ''realistic'' concerted treatment plan can be safely delayed in a ICU context in acute cases like that of Giuseppe De Marco) h) ''(We do not provide) treatment that cause harm to the patients'' (This sophistry is key in the light of Dwosh-Grossman spurious shifting of the focus on the yet unneeded dialysis and on cardiac resuscitation. This argument is offered by the same people who are actively negating the treatment plan concerted with Dr. Gladman for fear that it might work in at least allowing Giuseppe to go back home; it is also offered by people who do not ignore the assassination attempt carried out with the use of large amounts of heparin together with lasix, potassium and K-Dur, a deadly cocktail pretty close to Kavorkian recipes and his philo-Semite Nietzschean known variations. Returning to more serious concern, not causing harm to a patient cannot include hastening death through the negation of concerted realistic treatment, or through soft forms of euthanasia, particularly against the wishes of the patient and his family. And with the typical pretension to rename such medical murder ''death in dignity''. Not causing harm to a patient cannot include the denial of any medically known means, which could even produce a marginal benefit. As for physical pain, this is to be left to the judgment of the patient especially when pain control seems to unscientifically but most conveniently used as a covert cost-cutting devise, through the use of geometrically increasing amounts of morphine against the expressed wishes of the patient. Kevorkian too was careful about the ''comfort'' of his victims!!! Paul expressed this needed correction in a synoptic fashion: Giuseppe has asked for every active treatment that are legally and medically available; Paul added that, given the critical context, delays in the concerted plan constituted in fact an active form of murder. But he did not push the point because he was hoping to deal with less criminal and presumptuous philo-Semite Nietzschean medical murderers starting on the next Monday. He had again underestimated the ingrained and cultivated dirtiness of these philo-Semite Nietzschean minds and that of their chosen ''empowerednurse acolytes. In effect, Giuseppe heart was still beating at 94 and above at 7:00 AM on Monday January 11, 2010, when Paul was asked to leave for the morning shift change; for a short lapse of time his pulse was weak but this was a question to be answered by the toxicology analysis (aside from the effects of sedative and morphine). In effect, the temperature was normal and the warming blankets were off until the end. Indeed, toxicology is something the in-house criminal coroner Lucas disregarded altogether. He did this in obvious tight conjunction with the criminal Larry Grossman who even tried to convince Paul that no autopsy report was needed (However, the Chart shows the administration of lasix prior to Jan 11, 2010 and Paul had unexpectedly surprised the nurse Sam passing a brown bag to Vivian when she was in charge a very few days before the day of death.) Giuseppe heart gave up only after Paul was allowed to return at 8:00 AM while Sam refused to call the doctor to examine whether resuscitation or any other medical attention might have helped. As soon as Sam had disconnected the life support equipment, Dwosh made sure to signal his presence when he loudly saluted aPatients do not want harm that can cause death, but they routinely accept and even demand scientifically controlled harm that helps them get better. Before Dwosh raised the level of morphine, Giuseppe was still controlling it, as needed, and only taking around 12 ml a day or less. So much for harm! In the end, everyone should stop interpreting the law according to their own idiosyncratic views and simply learn to abide by the patientswishes in the most scrupulous respect of the existing law, if not of basic human decency. If some people feel that the law needs to be changed, they should realize that this goal does not only entail normal legislative processes but, in the case at hand, a constitutional amendment. An arduous route, if there ever was one. And this is exactly what these medical and administrative murderers are illegally trying to avoid. Given that the Supreme Court unanimous ruled to condemn euthanasia and to block the road toward assisted suicide, their only remaining choice is to, at the very least, scrupulously abide by patientswishes. As for medical assassinations, that is to say, not so much active euthanasia but medically masked murders, the criminal code is already prepared to deal with them. And in this specific instance, motives, facts, expected consequences, cover up strategies and the names of the main culprits and of their main associates are all clearly known, without the shadow of a doubt. Perhaps a public enquiry - which Paul demands and which the College should equally demand to maintain its credibility - would add other names to the culpritslist, but it will not subtract any. Returning to Redstone: Though he understood that it was to no avail, but given that a social worker and her assistant were equally present at the meeting, Paul tried to alert her to the fact that Canadian law was fortunately crystal clear; he added that if ever, Heavens forbid, the law concerning euthanasia in Canada were to be modified, patients wishes should always reign supreme, lest one would open the road wide to barbarism and transform palliative care and Intensive and Acute Care Units into fast-track corridors of death, albeit masked with much sophistry about ''dying with dignity'' in an increasingly but unconstitutionally privatised health care system. ) i) Redstone tried her hand on the consent form and like Dwosh in the most silly and presumptuous fashion she affirmed that she had good legal advice on the question; Dwosh later offered former Judge Peter Cory as the main source of this legal monstrosity. Peter Cory, it should be remembered, signed the unanimous condemnation of euthanasia when he was sitting on the Supreme Court bench, before apparently eating his signature whole in his role as civil liberties advisor, and even more in his recent Communications intelligence job. One then wonders how torture can creep up into the modern Canadian political and military mores ... Presumably, the monstrous system of Israeli ''torture under medical supervision'' has become the model to emulate in a country which some characteristically over-represented would destine to play the role of a philo-Semite Nietzschean branch-plant of a tiny and heavily assisted, if criminally arrogant, Imperial branch-plant! But with no more self-serving ''laments''. In any case, Paul insisted that the only way to ever change Giuseppes wish concerning full code was to cure his infections well enough to extubate him safely and ask him, in Pauls presence. Sure enough Dwosh would try to extubate him again after that meeting with Redstone, but obviously again without Pauls presence; consequently he was disdainfully ignored by Giuseppe. j) In a curiously arrogant misunderstanding but with an obvious intention to discredit Paul, Redstone alleges that Paul accuses them of murder and that she had demanded that he retracts the accusation. Paul then asked Catharine Clothier to clarify things for the benefit of Redstone. (At that time Paul had not read the Charts and did not yet know about the real medical murder carried out against Giuseppe; but he was trying to preventively cut off the road to euthanasia, and insure the return to the realistic concerted treatment plan. Again, it is amazing how rational and sensible arguments can so easily be lost on this Redstone. Paul has already clarified the point above. It is mainly this: If you intentionally delay a concerted treatment plan and refuse medically available treatment, especially in an ICU context, it amounts to medical murder. In the end, as reason and common sense would not be heard, Paul was forced to stress that:''We expect from doctors to do what they are medically trained to do, we do not need them to pretend to offer us their legal advice.'' But again this point was equally lost on Redstone. She had come to support and add credibility to Dwoshs and Grossmans criminal strategy to abbreviate Giuseppes live as quickly as possible. And she did just that, while remaining totally closed to Pauls clarifications concerning the Coburn-Singhs narrative. Doctors like that are an absolute disgrace. To begin with, they should not presume too much about their own academic formation, at least not so self-contentedly. Persons on top of their disciplines are always only too conscious of their own lacunae and ignorance, including when they talk to so-called ''ordinary people'', with or without an accent.)



Jan 8, 2010. Dwosh. Meeting called by Catherine Clothier the social worker. (Paul had unfortunately met this evil Dwosh on Monday 4, 2010 at the door of Giuseppes ICU room. Paul asked about the implementation of the treatment plan concerted with Dr. Gladman. He soon was faced with an evil doctor obsessed about the ''futility'' of treatment and with the ''consent form to depart from the patients wishes''. At the same time, without realizing the monstrosity of what he was saying, in response to Pauls opinion according to whom delays in the treatment plan would amount to letting Giuseppe die from infection, Dwosh offered his studied Mount Sinai statistics about cancer patients actually dying in their great majority, not from cancer but from (cost-cutting) infections. Paul had discussed the issue in the privacy of his home and later with Dr. Gladman; he would soon understand why Dwosh had prepared himself on this issue: Grossman and Cory were providing information acquired through the gross but at least three decades long violation of Pauls and his familys privacy, in their own home. Paul tried to explain the spurious and criminal aspect of these statistics and their self-fulfilling context. Realizing quickly that this evil Dwosh was intending to bring to a quick conclusion the failed assassination attempt carried out during the earlier Christmas Night, but still confident to be within the precinct of a Canadian public hospital, Paul ended the pointless conversation saying: ''Do everything medically requiredand adding ''I am happy that I will not have to deal with you next Monday''. Given the evil nature of this Dwosh and his ''updated'' superiors like Grossman and Cory, Paul should have perhaps refrained saying so, since these evil criminals made sure that Giuseppe did not survive past the next Monday. In this instance too Giuseppe proved them wrong because he survived until the Black nurse Sam started his shift on Monday morning, January 11, 2010. To return to the meeting, it would soon be apparent to Paul that the sole purpose for which it had been called, aside for building a spurious self-serving narrative around dialysis and heart failure, was to entice Paul to sign a consent form to ''depart from the patients wishes''; failing that the sick intention was to try to evacuate Paul from that critical decision, in a curious attempt to abuse from what was (wrongly) thought to be an older and therefore easily influenced mother. Dwosh curiously insisted heavily on this aspect, even though Paul had Power of Attorney for his mother and was clearly the sole Executor for Giuseppe. How sinister these masters of criminal duplicity can really be is repeatedly shown by history ... always with the same final results.) ; b) incredible offer to allow the transfer of Giuseppe to another hospital or institution if Paul was able to find one willing to accept him (This and this alone should be enough to fire this evil Dwosh from his employment with York Central Hospital, and indeed to bar this callous evil man from any medical role, for life. Paul simply rejected the ''offer'' with scorn, reminding all present that Giuseppe was in a public Canadian hospital. Albeit one in which over-represented Jews and philo-Semite Nietzscheans are proud to install a Menorah in the Atrium during that fateful Christmas Night in which Giuseppe was been medically assassinated in 3E ...) c) Paul is offered a ''compromise'': CPR would be offered in case of an unexpected ventricular arrhythmia, not otherwise. Paul answered that Giuseppe had demanded all medically and legally possible treatment, exclusive of none. Paul added a comment already offered to Redstone: ''We expect doctors to do their medical job in the respect of their Hippocratic Oath and of the law, not to offer legal opinions or their interpretations of ''quality of life''; for the rest the law is equally binding for us all. '' (Note that the alleged but ridiculous ''compromise'' was in reality setting the stage for the long night of January 10-11 and the morning intervention of the ''empowered'' nurse Sam, in a context in which Sam knew he could count on the protection of hierarchical superiors, including Grossman and the in-house so-called coroner. Indeed, the latter did not even perform the toxicology analysis, as was asked of him in Pauls guidelines for the autopsy. Of course, the only morally and practically acceptable compromise would have been the implementation of the concerted treatment plan, despite the weeklong delay imposed by these ingrained criminals. Giuseppes heart was still beating at 94 and above when Paul was asked to leave from 7:00 to 8:00 AM for the shift change; not only had lasix and other potentially masking drugs been administered officially prior to the end, but at the same time starting on Jan. 7, 2010, the evil Dwosh had raised the morphine dramatically without permission. Soon after he raised the oxygen in one single shot from 40 % to 100 %. He, like other doctors such as Kagal, Nathoo and Razian, then simply refused to answer Pauls repeated calls through the nurses to reverse these increases slowly and safely, before they carried his brother away. Meanwhile, the blood bleeding was not monitored properly. This in a situation in which an unworthy evil doctor unilaterally negated a concerted treatment plan ... in an ICU of a public Canadian hospital. Even when patientsconditions are considered ''too poor''(a most callous fashion to describe poor health) no one should be entitled to negate treatment, while prejudging of the ''long term outcome'' of the patient. To quote from Keyness: in the long run, we are all dead, anyway.)


ICU Imaging.


Jan. 2, 2010. Chest. ''Persisting pleural effusions and some compressive atelectasis in the lung bases.''


Jan. 5, 2010. Chest. No significant change (but we know from the flowsheets that Giuseppes had been moving his arm before and after Dec 31, 2009.)


Jan 6, 2010. Chest. No significant change.


Jan 8, 2010. Chest. ''There is consolidation in both lower lobes. There is no pneumothorax. No change compared to January 6.'' (We witness here the same faulty chronological tracking: ''no change compared to January 6" and ''non significant change'' earlier. But now the consolidation is affecting only the lower lobes, and this actually represents a great improvement compared to the first ICU chest X-Ray of Dec 26, 2009 in ICU. In other words, antibiotics were slowly working despite the delay in treatment unilaterally imposed by the evil Dwosh. In fact, this improvement is proven by Dwosh himself when, in his obsessive killing mood through the extortion of consent, he will extubate Giuseppe twice, on Jan 6 and on January 9, but, of course, always in the absence of Paul; see below.)


Consent form to depart from the patients wishes. (See the Health Care Consent Act, 1996) This was extraordinarily initiated by Dwosh himself - with Grossmans and Corys advice, according to the Chart and to Dwosh own words. It was initiated against the determined opposition of Paul and the expressed wishes of Giuseppe, who answered the nurses but always ignored evil Dwosh. Furthermore, the sheer absurdity for a doctor to initiate this process himself is complete: First no doctor is legally entitled to initiate such procedure against the expressed wishes of a patient and his family. Second, why would you wish to depart from the patients wishes, to deny him medically available treatment: this is a crime in Canada. At most the process could be initiated by the family when the patient is cerebrally dead. Paul thus repeated to Dwosh what he had told Dr Gladman before, namely that new medical and ethical data make this an even more arduous fact to demonstrate, as was clearly illustrated by the case of the young Belgian driver who had been declared mentally dead for decades but had recently started to communicate with his doctors as soon as they changed their methodology. (Dr Gladman notes that Paul pretended to have written ''extensively on the subject'' of euthanasia, which is not true: what Paul said is that he had publicly intervened on the subject; it just happens that because of his long scholarly training and of his own peculiar bent of mind, he does not begin to write on a subject unless he feels he has at least understood the basic elements of it to make his intervention worthwhile. Paul humbly believes that his intervention accelerated the new medical understanding of the so-called vegetative state. ) Paul equally insisted on the fact that civilized countries do no dispatch their wounded and sick to death; indeed, he believes that the level of civilization attained by any society can quickly be judged by the institutional care they take of their most vulnerable populations. This extortion attempt is a heinous crime in and by itself. Some people, who can hardly regulate their own behaviour in a civilized fashion and within the framework of common rules and universal laws, would pretend to dictate consent to the rest of us ... And what is more, to cover up their own intended crimes! Dwosh carried this grotesque pretension to extreme limits: He went so far as to fill in the form and send it to the Consent Board himself! Perhaps, along with Cory and Grossman, they all intended to manipulate the situation to create a precedent of sort. This could have justified their drastic cost-cutting but criminal measures at the expense of legally due and medically available treatment, to be offered within the framework of constitutionally guaranteed essential public services! Such form can only be initiated legitimately by the family when the patient is judged incapable of judgement. No one else has this authority, lest we intend to make a mockery of basic legal principles. Doctors do not and cannot have this authority at least as long as the patient has some family who can be reached to take the decision. In this specific case, soon after evil Dwoshs departure from his bedside, Giuseppe had clearly nodded to the nurse.


One should emphasize one last element: even in countries which have legalized euthanasia no one is allowed to mess around with the consent of the patient, or with the consent of his family, when the patient is incapable to decide for him or herself. Indeed, this is the only legitimising aspect of an otherwise odious and unthinkable law. Today, in these countries the problematic has shifted on the value of such consent, given that patients typically change their opinion according to their subjective feelings and evaluation of their survival prospects. What Paul was subjected to with this consent formality is one of the most repugnant crime ever: only these diseased philo-Semite Nietzschean minds, too sure of their own impunity, could even have thought to stage such a grotesque show of criminal and ingrained barbarity. One cannot avoid noting the characteristic philo-Semite Nietzschean connotation of this incredibly criminal but self-righteous chutzpah. Notwithstanding this now widespread socio-cultural degeneration, in the end, democracy and universal laws do matter.


Critical care flowsheets.


Jan. 1, 2010.Day: a) ''Patient opens eyes slightly to voice''; he does not obey commands; ''moves arm slightly''; b) bloody secretions in mouth.

Night: a) Minimum movement left arm; b) leaking-soaked pad.


Jan 2, 2010. Day: a) open eyes to voice; b) patient biting on ETT.

Night: bleeding from mouth.


Jan. 3, 2010. Day: a) blood-mouth; cough reflex; b) 2 ml of morphine

Night: a) ''Patient opens eyes spontaneously. Nods to questions, very weak; b) drain is ''oozing blood''. : apply pressure to tube'' prescribes the MD; c) eventually at 1:30 Platelets are administered; 6:00 ''Site stopped bleeding. Platelets completed.''


Jan 4, 2010. Day: a) patient opens eyes to voice (...) Biting on ETT; b) 12:00: c/o pain when asked; 3 ml morphine; confirmed with head nod''; 14:00 informed that Dwosh will speak to Paul: re plan of care; 15:00 Dwosh updates patients brother.

Night: a) patient opens eyes to speech; very weak, zero movement. ''Nods and shakes hand to questions''; b) zero vomiting; 23:00 Patient vomiting bloody secretions;


Jan 5, 2010. Day: a) ''Patient opens eyes to touch. Patient denies having pain when asked by nodding his head''; b) site satisfactory (...) M soaked by mouth and blood stain fluid; Patient biting ETT tube; 3 ml morphine ''nodded yes for pain'' b) 16:00 bleeding from mouth and nose. Informed Dwosh; no new orders. c) Patient nods yes/no to questions; d) haematuria, bloody drain, bloody mouth.

Night. a) patient nods yes when asked for pain, 2 ml morphine. b) 20:25 ''(brother into visit) patient denies having pain at this time''.


Jan 6, 2010. Day: a) ''Dr Nathoo lasix bolus followed by ''drips'''' (this should be underlined) b) ''Patient using accessory muscles (?) to breath and sats. Rt notified'' (we know what the nurse is avoiding to note, that with Nathoos collaboration - conscious or not - Dwosh extubated Pauls brother to ask for his consent ( ... to stop treatment?) Giuseppe just ignored the evil murderer. But morphine had self-servingly been raised ...i.e. drips)


Night: a) ''Patient awake; denies pain; Looks uncomfortable. Nods head ''yes'' when asked if breathing is uncomfortable (...) Patient orally intubated and vented.'' (Needless to say, this episode is crucial; in any case it does not support evil Dwosh desire to present Giuseppe De Marco as being ''moribund''. Moribund to the point that he can not longer decide for himself and needs a dirty criminal and evil Dwosh to initiate a consent form to change the patients wishes ... The experiment was of course carefully carried out without permission and in the absence of Paul. As Imaging data proves at least when read carefully, Giuseppes lungs were improving slowly, consolidation now affecting only the lower lobes.) b) ''RT to adjust vent for patients comfort''; 21:00 ''patient descend to 86 % (...) RT called and comes in to put back full ventilation; 2 ml morphine; (time ...): patient has now settled.''


Jan 7, 2010. Day: a) 2 ml morphine given at 10:00; ''12:45: morphine drips started'' (This is crucial. Obviously it was done without asking either the patient or the family at a time when Giuseppe was still managing his pain well with the help of the nurses. Needless to say, this had a purpose which was not the well-being or comfort of the patient, but the abbreviation of his life. No wonder Giuseppe was lethargic when Redstone came by...) b) 14:00 Redstone for second opinion. ( The nurse then allows herself a): ''Patients brother still unrealistic'' (apparently with these degenerate people, brothers, particularly younger brothers, are born to kill their elders, in adoration to some Golden Calf or other ...Pouah!)

Night: a) ''patient lethargic (we know why - continuous morphine drips -, and yet Giuseppe allows them no space) but nods appropriately to questions. Patient denies pain.'' b) Patient on maximum inotrops; c) 0:30 bleeding from the mouth.


Jan 8, 2010. Day: a) Patient lethargic; open eyes to speech; b) morphine infusing; c) ''seen by Dr Nathoo: bicarbs to be added to IVE. d) 14:00 brother visiting. Requesting to talk to Dwosh (The Chart contains Clothiers partial notes of the meeting with the doctors; attached is also Pauls version, including Dwoshs and Redstones bragging about their legal connections, Dwosh being sure to be backed by Cory, whom he specifically mentioned as the source on his illegal abuse of the consent form. Be it as it may, while calling the meeting, Paul had set a condition; the meeting would only be concerned with the medical aspects; at the least talk about consent forms or other legalities, he would call the meeting off.But Paul was lied to. He was not informed about the peculiar turn ''treatment'' was now taking: With the masking drugs lasix and levophed, bicarbs and with a dramatic increase of morphine and a sudden raising of oxygen from 40 % to 100 %. Given the continued haemorrhages caused by the large amounts of unmonitored heparin, one must wonder what is missing here for the classic Kavorkian cocktail. Toxicology was not done, and in any case can no longer be entrusted into such hands. Such voluntarily messed up medication with its unnecessary morphine and oxygen drastic increases can only have deadly results in the context of the rapid degradation produced by the unilateral negation of the treatment plan concerted with Dr Gladman a week earlier. Paul is entitled to believe that, taken as a whole, this messed up medication is sufficient to quickly and forcefully abbreviate the life of a strong and fighting patient. And still, Giuseppe heart was beating at 94 and above before Paul was asked to leave for the morning shift change on January 11, 2010, thus leaving space for the last nurse, Sam. Murder is murder by whatever name you chose to call it. But we are dealing here with a coldly calculated medical murder, at the very least by negation of urgently needed treatment and the callous disregard of the patient and family wishes. These came after a long series of covered up previous murderous experimentations at the hand of Coburn and Singh, despite York Central own data. We should also underline here another revealing aspect of the mentality of Dwosh, Grossman and others: Paul had insisted that Giuseppes wishes could only be changed by Giuseppe himself. He repeated this in his meeting with Redstone on January, 8, 2009. The next day, on January 9, 2010, of course in the calculated absence of Paul, but in an obvious last-ditch attempt to legitimise his actions, Giuseppe was again extubated and questioned by Dwosh, only to be disdainfully ignored by a still alert Giuseppe. Interestingly (see below) the nurse does not see the necessity to mention the episode (unless Dwosh waited for her absence which is not likely because he needed witnesses; in fact later in the day the Lebanese nurse Afghaneh tried to entice Paul to question Giuseppe in her presence on ending treatment: Paul refused.) But this episode is accounted for in the Progress Notes written by Dwosh himself - see below)


Jan 9, 2010. Day: a) patient soaked all over; blood pressure down to the 74-44 range. Dr. aware; Patient leaking generally (We see Nathoo-Dwosh working in tandem now, and soon the ''empowered'' Black nurses Vivian and Sam will conveniently come to help with the most palpable callous disrespect for Paul, something otherwise unnatural; it is something which could not naturally derive from the respective level of culture or simply of education in the broadest sense, let alone simple manners ...The sad reality is that when these sorts people are on a mission and feel protected by hierarchical superiors, behaviour degenerates quickly and it always takes the same callous aspect.)


Night: a) warm blanket applied to L hand; oozing from groin is becoming worse.


Jan 10, 2010 Day: a) Leaking from groin mostly right side (i.e. drain); b) Paul asks to do everything. Writer explains that patient is on Levo, vaso, and NaHCO3 plus morphine. c) Paul threatens to sue. d) ''Dr. aware of blood gas abnormal result''; warm blanket. e) 12:00: Brother-mother visiting; f) Paul asks for blood transfusion (and is ignored)


Night: a) Vaso, neph, morphine, bicarb, pantoloc. b) Haematuria; c) (Given what he had unexpectedly learned, in this same morning, about morphine drips:) ''Brother concerned with morphine drips (and oxygen) ... to inform Razian. Never called back. 20:30: Dr Razian called (Dr to speak to brother; but never did); 20:54: no new orders; 22:00: ''spoke to Dr. Razian again, no new order''; 23:00 brother in waiting room;


Jan 11, 2010. a) 00:01 BS down 1.7; NaHCO3 up to 55 cc as per order; temp: 36.4 (blanket off since more than 35,9 (Of course, this too must be underlined) b) 3:50: temp: 36.5 heating blanket remains off. c) 4:30: patient vomiting again; d) (Now the stage is set up for the last act with the Black ''empowered'' nurse Sam in the main role soon after the beginning of the morning shift) ''Lab called with panic results''; ''6:00: Dr Razian called. Aware of lab results. Zero new orders by MD.'' (Zero new orders: This too needs to be underlined) e) ''6:14: HR is slowly dropping. HR at this time is 94.''; At 7:00 AM HR was still at 94 a fact which needs to be underlined) f) chest X-Ray held since patient is not stable.


Change of shift: Paul is asked to leave at 7:00 AM and rushes back at 8:00 AM. Sam is now at Giuseppe bedside insuring that what had not been achieved on that fateful Night of Christmas 2009 would now unfold as planned by the philo-Semite Nietzschean sick minds masquerading as doctors and medical personnel.


Jan 11, 2010. Morning: a) 7:15: vent: 100%; unable to register ABP, unable to register temp. b) HR decreasing. c) ''8:10: brother requests to come in the unit; concerned with level of oxygen and morphine. Declined any explanation to his question. Patient continue to decline'' (this needs to be underlined.)

8:20: ''went asystole. Ghafouri called (...) To notify Dwosh.'' (Obviously obeying orders Sam ignores Pauls demand to call the doctor urgently to assess whether any intervention would be beneficial, including cardiac resuscitation. He is simply and callously ignored: this had to be the end, patient wishes being unceremoniously pushed aside, as if doctors already knew what to expect ... as planned. Perhaps, now they can sleep peacefully at night ...)


8:52: the coroner to be notified. (In the most callous fashion, but obviously in a pre-arranged scenario, life support equipments were cut off, except for the ventilation; Paul was left at his dead brothers bedside up until 11:20 when he finally inquired when the coroner would arrive; and this is what he was belatedly told:)


11:20 Dwosh stated that he had already called the coroner to tell him that no investigation be conducted. (please note that, as demonstrated by the Chart, it is the evil Dwosh himself who takes the initiative to call the coroner, even though technically speaking he was no longer in charge; Dr. Ghafouri was. He did this because, at Pauls request, the coroner was on his way to the hospital. The Chart did not say if evil Dwosh consulted with the criminal Grossman and Cory before that dignified phone call, but we know from the Chart that Grossman was dutifully and routinely ''updated'' by Dwosh. The documents also show the extent to which Larry Grossman himself was ready to go in his attempt to pre-empt the autopsy and convince Paul that his brother had died from ''natural causes'', prompting a first complaint to the College to obtain the autopsy report. It just happens that the in-house coroner Lucas is as criminal and inept as Grossman.)


11:45: Dr. Ghafouri and Dr. Gladman spoke to the patients brother (about the autopsy)


11:46: ''Brother informed that the coroner refused to see patient because Dwosh informed the coroner not to see patient as is being (requested? word unreadable) the brother''.


11:55 Dr Gladman phones the coroner office. (Gladman notes that) Paul calls Dwosh an ''evil man'' (Paul confirms this, and maintains that, in so doing, he is very polite as well as culturally and historically informed. Dr Gladman with Dr. Ghafouri eventually offer Paul to ask for an in-house autopsy themselves, something Paul refuses to accept at first because of the obvious conflict of interest involved. He asks to talk to the coroner himself. When he was finally able to talk to Coroner Kassam, he was told to accept the in-house autopsy offer; as Paul was hesitating, he added: ''I am giving you good advice.'' Despite all the misgivings reported above, Paul was confident that all institutions cannot fail simultaneously all the time, and decided to go ahead with it. It was the only alternative he had, in any case. His trust so far has always been betrayed in the most callous philo-Semite Nietzschean fashion. But together with Pauls trust, what were trampled upon are the basic constitutional rights afforded by the Canadian Charter of Rights to all citizens like Paul, and indeed to all residents in this Country. It is criminally abject; there are no other words for it.)


12:55: Patients body transported to the morgue.


York Central Progress Notes. As an introduction one could recall the Note from Dec 26, 2009, that is to say, from the first day Giuseppe spent in the ICU; it said: ''Patient brother insists on full code + intervention'' (and should have added that on the Night of Christmas, just before Giuseppe was finally and belatedly rushed to ICU, Paul, tiered to argument with Sam and with the MD, simply asked them to question Giuseppe himself. This was done and Giuseppe unambiguously confirmed that he wanted full active treatment. The insistence was not Pauls. Paul was merely and trustfully upholding his elder brothers own wishes.)


Jan 4, 2010. Dwosh. ''There is no role for cardiopulmonary resuscitation'' (The only sensible thing Dwosh had to do was to implement the treatment plan concerted with Dr. Gladman on Dec 31, 2009; and he had to do this with maximum speed given the time lost because of the holidays. Instead, he negated the implementation of this ''realistic'' plan and forges a rational to explain his intentionally murderous intentions. His own narrative will be added to that offered by the philo-Semite Nietzschean criminals Coburn, Singh etc, through which Giuseppe was said to suffer from terminal metastatic gastric cancer. Now, no metastasis process was ever proven scientifically, no more than a gastric primary; we have demonstrated above that post-surgical lesions were taken as mets while the cholecystectomy was carefully hidden. It is remarkable that evil Dwosh is so prompt to ignore what he knows and cannot ignore. Namely the CT scans from York Central and the fact that the multi-organ failure was squarely due to ''too much heparin'' and could be reversed - at least a reversal was called for given the patients strength and signs of recovery - simply though the implementation of the treatment plan concerted with Dr. Gladman. The unilateral negation of this plan amounts to murder, particularly given the critical state of Giuseppe. This remains true even making abstraction of the other criminal choices made by Dwosh and his acolytes; for instance, the choice to waste time, raise morphine levels without any medical necessity, etc .. All hidden behind the pseudo dialysis and cardiac resuscitation false leads. From January 4 to January 11, the Chart makes crystal clear that these were not ''urgently'' needed, nor likely in any case. Indeed, if they might have been, as might be the case for dialysis, they were ruled out pre-emptively, while lying to the brother of the patient. In fact, once the truth about heparin assassination is told in lieu of the crapulous metastasis narrative, the College will have to verify whether prompt dialysis might have helped Giuseppe to recover faster: of course, dialysis at the end of December or on January 4, would not have caused the same dilemma of ''adding insult to injury'' as was somewhat inadequately phrased by an Aujla who was already seeing things with Dwosh-Grossmans eyes. In other words, evil Dwosh had planned from day one that he would bring to a conclusion the failed murder carried out during the Night of Christmas 2009. And he knew he had external backing for this medical assassination, including Grossman, Cory and others, not excluding the Mossad. Criminals are criminals are criminals. b) ''Patient deadly moribund'' (To cover his crime evil Dwosh starts speaking of a lethargic patient, something contradicted from the nursesnotes and from his own repeated attempts to extubate Giuseppe to extort a consent to end active treatment in the absence of Paul, something illegal in and by itself.)


Jan 5, 2010. Dwosh. a) ''Dialysis will not make any difference''; b) ''News: patient opens eyes, nods to questions, zero pain meds at present; (And here follow a crudely revealing question mark from Dwosh:) Denies pain?'' (How did he dare? The evil doctor will rapidly see to that. So much, though, for patient being deadly ''moribund'' and ''lethargic''; add Giuseppe demonstrated disdain for these evil philo-Semite Nietzschean doctors whom he constantly and carefully ignores, and you have proof of a fighting and alertly reasoning patient; a patient who proves to be perfectly capable to still make the difference between Good and Evil, at their most basic forms of expression.)


Jan 6, 2010. ''News: lethargic but obeys commands (...) Will try to talk to patient to get a better assessment of wishes, re: direction of care.'' ''Patient seems to tolerate feed'' (in fact given the gastrectomy Paul had suggested the necessity to start feeding his brother; he now feels that the continuous feeding in too large a volume was excessive ... and in retrospect even suspicious. Instead of adjusting the volume of ''feed'', Giuseppe had to do with a stop and go feeding business worthy of a Chaplin film but less funny. In any case here the evil Dwosh can only appear for what he will soon prove to be: an obsessive evil killer who has made his mind to abbreviate life and for whom no signs of recovery by the patient, despite the incredible ordeal he went through, will ever make him change his mind. Of course, this behaviour takes this callous form only when these petty criminals are sure to be protected by hierarchical superiors. But are they? A coward Larry Grossman characteristically tried to pretend that he had no role in Giuseppes care, even though he was faithfully ''updated'' by Dwosh himself, as much as by others. He otherwise cherishes his medical Chief-of-Staff title when it seems to confer to him the ''authority'' to pretend that murdered patients have died from ''natural causes'', thus making autopsy, even an in-house autopsy, superfluous...)


(Aujla had already said that dialysis was not urgent; CT repeatedly showed no hydronephrosis. The problem was too much heparin aggravated by bacteraemia. Given Giuseppes signs of recovery - he starts moving his arms a little -, it was a simple matter of implementation of the concerted plan, and a matter of patience to allow for the antibiotics to take effect in the next 4 to 6 weeks, taking into account the fact that they had just been changed. Yet, evil Dwosh and his accomplices will make sure never to speak about the role of heparin in the multiorgan failure. In other words, Giuseppe was treated experimentally by the butchers Coburn and Singh for a gastric cancer never proven as a primary, with a cholecystectomy carefully hidden until Dr. Ko could not fail noticing it. In this context, Dwosh pretends to ignore heparin and speaks solely but spuriously and criminally in the most conscious fashion of un-required dialysis and cardiac resuscitation. This is monstrous. It denotes a very specific forma mentis, which appears unambiguously as a typical philo-Semite Nietzschean psychological make up to all those who know their history. Careful to cover his rear, the evil but characteristic Dwosh adds:) b) ''Will ask a second opinion from Redstone''; c) (yet, he set the stage to the deadly undermining of the patient slow recovery, and does this without permission from no one, not even the patient. He does this even though he had just extubated him and would extubate him again soon to volens nolens extort his consent. Contrary to what he writes, he cannot ignore the different version told by the nurses up to the end relative to lethargy and agony, states that he himself engineered through morphine ''drips''. In fact, here is the undisputable proof that this lethargy and agony were intentionally induced without any medical need by Dwosh himself; at the same time the ''empowered'' nurses Vivian and Sam were carefully booked to assist evil Dwosh reach his goal before he would be replaced on the next Monday): ''We will start very low dose morphine for patients agony pain needs and discomfort from ETT -ventilator'' (On Jan 9, 2010 in a last ditch attempt to extort consent from Giuseppe this dirty criminal extubates and questions him again in the absence of his brother, only to be ignored again by a very conscious patient. So much for comfort and dignity.) d) ''News: less responsive, PRN morphine.'' e) second opinion ''any treatments should focus solely on comfort and dignity of Mr. De Marco'' (as if drugging a patient against his will to abbreviate his life, and negating concerted treatment for a crucial week could ever be construed as dying with dignity, especially since the evil doctor was still trying to brutally and illegally extort consent to stop treatment and imposing sadistic philo-Semite Nietzschean pranks to the patient and his family - the hi-ha episode. These people have a strange concept of comfort and dignity, to say the least!) f) ''(Brother) continues to advocate full treatment''.


Jan 8, 2010. Redstone. a) Paul ... beliefs ... value of life. (Paul had explained his opposition to euthanasia and medical killing; he insisted on constitutional protection of life, explaining that even a few more moments of life should be cherished like a secular miracle; to be totally clear, he opened a quick parenthesis to differentiate the conception of life in this instance from abortion, a fundamental womens rights based on the scientific fundamental difference between a mass of reproducing cells, an embryo and a foetus. The Chart proves that Redstone was not listening; she had her mission and had not time for it. Be it as it may, Paul also insisted on the fact that it was not so much about Pauls own beliefs (not yet, in any case) but about constitutional guarantees; it was also about the patients wishes, expressed unambiguously, including to all concerned on Christmas Night before being rushed to ICU. But this criminal crew seemed set to abuse the situation, perhaps in the absurd hope of setting some sort of ''precedent'' which would allow them to create all sorts of variations to what basically remains medical murder, euthanasia and medical violation of the Hippocratic Oath against the express wishes of the patient. It was already pointed out that this philo-Semite Nietzscheans consider active euthanasia as a convenient but covert way to free hospital beds and effect cost-cutting measures while ruining State finances with the bailout plans devised to bail out private banks and the likes. In so doing, they fail to understand that no form of euthanasia will be internationally acceptable without the rigorous guarantees relative to patientswishes - that is, even if the unanimous Supreme Court ruling were to be over-ruled, which would in effect constitute a judicial coup dEtat - In Giuseppes case this was aggravated by the murderously botched surgeries and the hidden cholecystectomy, followed by un-adapted treatment based on falsified files, induced nesocomial infections, as well as by murder through heavy and unmonitored administration of large amounts of heparin prior and during the ...Night of Christmas. As we can see, it is not about Pauls beliefs at all: it is above all about respect for constitutionally enshrined public services and equal access to these essential public services: As related above, Paul had met a Jewish mother in the ICU elevator whose son was coming out of ICU after 9 weeks, without any transition to other hospital wards, as is usual. Antibiotics needed 4 to 6 weeks to take effect; and Giuseppes case should perhaps also have been treated with the natural regard due to a patient who had just escaped murder at Christmas at the hand of over-represented but high criminal philo-Semite Nietzschean hands. Because of his sheer courage and dignity, Giuseppe certainly did not deserve to be so cowardly knifed in the back by employees who are paid out of the public purse to procure the best heath care available in Canada, to all, without exception.)


Jan 9, 2010. Dwosh. a) Patients mother who is the legal SDM'' (In his meeting with Dwosh when he was handed the consent form, Paul glanced at it and scornfully returned it to the evil doctor, pointing out that he was not even able to read the form properly. Furthermore, Paul had explained to all involved that he was the sole legal Executor for his brother and that, in any case, Giuseppe had always been able to reassert his wishes clearly, so far. Giuseppe and Paul are conjointly and separately Power of Attorney for their 86-year old mother. In any case, the mother would never have changed her eldest sons wishes. But the obsessive insistence on this legal absurdity by these diseased minds - not only Dwosh but Grossman, Cory and others - had a more sinister aspect: they tried to destroy the credibility of Giuseppes brother pushing him aside, something they miserably failed to do for some three decades now, through the most heinous and sadistic harassment imaginable. In the process, they have revealed themselves to be very diseased and degenerate philo-Semite Nietzschean minds, crapulous criminals abusing their obviously usurped institutional positions. This too will be addressed in due time.) b) ''I spoke to the patient at bedside RNs Vivian, Mojgan, Afghaneh. All present I asked Mr. De Marco if he could hear (...) He did not blink (...) Conclusion: I find the patient incapable of medical decision'' (How convenient indeed! As a matter of fact we know that he had increased the continuous morphine infusion before asking.... One will remember that Giuseppe had said ''these people should all be hanged'', he had heard the evil Dwosh refusing to implement the concerted treatment plan on January, 4, 2009 and he, therefore, despised the evil Dwosh too much to answer his criminally minded queries. Especially in Pauls absence. But as the record does show, he answered the nurses. As one who somehow feels ''chosen'' to speak and act on his own initiative for others (gentiles) and even against their expressed wishes, he adds:) ''I will seek clarity from the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board'' ... '' 14:00: ''CC Board Form E application faxed'' (Incredibly, this Canadian-Jew filled up the ''consent'' form himself and sent it without Pauls, or any one else, consent to initiate this highly absurd and illegal procedure which makes legal consent, age of reason and maturity a pure rabbinico-philo-Semite Nietzschean derision. Paul wonders which form of democracy, be it squarely based on private property and contracts, could function on such ludicrous basis ... To repeat, even in countries where euthanasia is legalized, consent can only be formulated by the patients themselves. The family can only initiate it when the patients are demonstrably incapable of decision. Institutions and doctors have no say in this process, except perhaps when patients can be scientifically proven to be mentally dead, a tricky business in itself, not at all so easily resolved than it might wrongly have been just a few years ago. )


Jan 10, 2010. Dwosh. ''I did page Dr. Grossman C.O.S. to review the case and update him on the above described situation.'' (''Review'', ''update'' ... Thus the caricatural cowardness of the criminal Larry Grossman is on record. The last thing this criminal caricature can do is to pretend that he had no part in Giuseppes medical care.)


Jan 11, 2010. ICU records. a) From Dwosh to Ghafouri (Paul has asked the York Central Hospital Administration whether they have any study correlating the number of deaths in ICU with Dwoshs presence, taking into account evil Dwosh carefulness to cover up his traces, as is exemplified by this transition to Ghafouri just as Giuseppes life was abbreviated, thus leaving Ghafouri to write the Death Certificate. Meanwhile Dwosh himself was lingering long enough in ICU to interfere with the coroner. Note that Dwosh was no longer in charge on this morning, a ''detail'' which aggravates his criminal interference. Despite the seriousness to the query, Paul received no answer from the York Central Administration. But to repeat, Dwosh would not dare act the way he does if he did not feel protected from above: In this sense, he is not different from the ''empowered'' but subaltern Black nurses Vivian and Sam, and probably much worse by his upbringing.) b) ''I spoke to the coroner'' (in effect asking him not to come.) c) ''Death certificate completed by Ghafouri'' (convenient, is it not? Dwosh does not dare to report his cowardly and sadistic bravado when he came in the corridor, few doors away from the room where Paul was left waiting for hours, in company of his dead but artificially breathing brother, for a coroner who had already been asked not to come. Making sure to be heard by Paul, the arrogant evil Dwosh greeted a patient with a loud ''Mister Giorgio'' insisting on the final ''o'' of a pseudo-Italian or Latin pronunciation. Paul sincerely wonders if poor Giorgio survived this evil salutation....)


SADISTIC BUT SELF-RIGHTEOUS PHILO-SEMITE HARASSMENT OF PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILY IN CANADA. the harassment directly aimed at Giuseppe while he was undergoing chemotherapy or when he was in ICU.


Masonic lodges, backed by the intelligence services, have been the dirty secret of bourgeois democracy, every since the popular conquest of the universal and secret ballot was achieved by the sovereign the people: Their role insures that prior class and cast selection compensates for numbers and even for real meritocracy. Slowly, both the Brukean and Republican lodges were infiltrated by Jews to whom the universalistic French Republic had opened the door of citizenship. Given the crass obscurantism of these pseudo-enlightened spiritists Masonic Jews, they quickly imported their exclusivism within these organisations. These were thus rapidly transformed into philo-Semite Nietzschean sects negating the main constitutive elements of Western democratic, cultural and even pluralist religious inspirations and roots (In so doing they provoked a power-based reaction embodied by Chamberlain, Rosenberg and the Nazifascists.) After the Second World War, the situation became far worse in the West: Backed by the US, the same philo-Semite Nietzschean betrayal of democracy - and of Western pluralist roots - took hold again. Former Nazifascists were enrolled in the struggle against communism, despite the war alliance sanctioned by the UN Charter and the UN Universal Declaration of Individual and social Rights. The unilateral auto-proclamation of the ''State'' of Israel, in the absence of a Palestinian State, ensured that the Israeli intelligence services would control the Western lodges through the grotesque and inexplicable over-representation of Jews, and through the ideological hegemony of anti-democratic rabbinico-philo-Nietzschean narratives. The Western wealthy ''elite'' was subjected to a covert matrimonial takeover and led by the nose. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, this ethical, cultural and democratic degeneration has reached heights never attained before. Incredibly, these criminal obscurantists have been able to pervert democracy to the point of launching new crusades (to be exact, racist and theocratic exclusivist crusades and not merely foreign or imperialist wars.) In the process, democratic rights were subjected to a permanent state of war masked with a so-called absurd ''war on terrorism''. Sane people know that terrorism of all kind, including State terrorism, is fought through social and cultural progress based on human equality, and, above all, with the constant affirmation of the class-blind hegemony of the rule of law. The sovereign people as well as their Nations-states, cradles of democracy and of social services and cultural conquests, are thus weakened in favour of a non-elected philo-Semite Nietzschean cast of Stateless putative ''masters of the world'', working hand in hand with private transnationals which are barely responsive to their most powerful shareholders. This anti-democratic and neo-Censitarian state of things has become intolerable. Paul has also explained that the logic of exclusivism does not bode well for the reactionary over-representation of Jews in these regressive organisations and trends.


Attached is the Open letter to Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty.It succinctly explains the wider context of the now three-decade long illegal and sadistic harassment perpetrated against Paul De Marco. The determinate philo-Semite Nietzschean character of this harassment constitutes indeed its essential characteristic. Soon this harassment was widened to the whole De Marco family, a law-abiding family with an immaculate reputation in Italy, France and Canada. This barbaric Nazi-like extension of the harassment to the whole family was probably aimed at isolating and destabilizing Paul, ferociously adding to his academic, employment and social exclusion. With a 24-hour surveillance aggravated by an inhuman and intrusive use of biometric and other tracking, Paul was systematically followed and interfered with everywhere he went, from food stores, to garages, to pharmacies, to doctorsand dentistsoffices, to banks, to fitness clubs, to social events and, of course, to employment applications and rare interviews. At one time Paul took a French monitor part-time job to verify some pedagogical principles: he earned close to CND $ 2000 but his car was soon sabotaged and he was made to pay $ 100 more than he had earned. In the end, he stopped because of this and other types of crapulous harassment. But the pitre French Minister de Robien, among others, cannot pretend not to know. Through a renewed CIA-FBI type of harassment and destabilization, this invasion of privacy and intimacy extends to phone and Internet lines but also to the now covertly bilateral TV channels. Unfortunately, this does not only involve Canadian and American channels, of which CNN, but also most repugnantly the French channel TV5 (see for instance one example of this decades-long harassment in the hands of the monstrously primitive philo-Semite Nietzschean sadistic minds like Bernard Pivot and the Jewish-Chilean criminal crackpot cum film director cum psycho-whatever Alejandro Jodorovski, all imbecilic stuffed-up nullities who cannot even fancy how ''pitres'' they ''willingly'' demonstrate to be, above all when they think to be occultly in control. The intolerable and unrepublican philo-Semite Nietzschean influence of pitres like the former Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France, Alain Bauer or like the former Grand Rabbin Sitruk is encouraging this criminal drift; meanwhile, the grotesque over-representation of French Jews and their unrepublican arrogance has reached heights undreamed of even in the US where some freedom of expression is still tolerated at the margin. These, including media inept third-rate ideologues pompously called ''Nouveaux philosophes'', are now more obnoxious, fascistic and Right-wing Zionists than the worse of them in the USA! Too many of these criminals have been on Pauls back illegally, trying to steal and reverse his intellectual contributions with the help of other philo-Semite Nietzschean acolytes: For instance, Alain Minc, Fitousi, Latouche, Girard, the ''bavard'' Régis Debray and many many others ... This crapulous invasion of privacy does not only concern concepts and theories, but equally the stealing of family memory. For instance, Paul always recalls with admiration his late grand-father story about the First World War soldiers fraternizing in the trenches and sharing food and music between two assaults ordered by their incapable officers: ''we were all ordinary citizens after all'' he said. This illustrates the post-Bolshevik Revolution and socialist anti-war sentiment sweeping across Europe then, not a grotesque pseudo-pacifist farce. As we know, Pierre Nora has a strange selective way with ''historical memory'' and he thus participated in the farce rendering of the episode in the film ''Joyeux Noël''. However, Paul, a former professor illegally excluded, is certain that he never authorized the pitre Nora to invade his privacy and to steal and deform his family memory. He should still come clear on this episode and tell us through which channels exactly, French or Israeli, he accomplished this robbery of other peoples memory. Paul was obliged to tell even the less obnoxious of them like Pierre Vidal-Naquet and other pitres from Le Monde diplomatique that deontology demands to quote sources instead of busily trying to occult them, and that furthermore Paul De Marco does not need any Jewish self-elected pitre to pretend speak in his stead: Having done the original work himself, he intends to speak with his own voice and does not recognize neither god nor master. Especially not of the kind that would dare portray Stalin as more criminal than Hitler, when they would not have escape the Nazi camps without Stalin and the many millions Communists single-handed and disinterested contribution ... We should note that Jews in France are only 300 000 more or less over 60 million: even counting the self-proclaimed ''half-Jews. (!) like Todd, if the republican principle of merit based on equality and the Law of Great Numbers were applied, having to deal with one of these citizens would amount to a statistical accident.


In Italy, they are only 6000 to 8000 of them but they are more grotesquely over-represented still. This includes the disgustingly grotesque and badly goitred pitre Dario Fo, who is demonstrably even more repugnant than Pivot and Jodorovsky put together, but probably feels ''empowered'' and immune because of Israeli backing and philo-Semite Nietzschean Italian support. Obviously, he does not know much about History and should reread Apuleius on idiotic donkeys or Paul De Marco on ''pitres''. How many masters exactly does this obnoxious stateless pitre thinks he can overtly and covertly serve at the same time? But in a comprehensive Western philo-Semite Nietzschean strategy aggravated since the collapse of the Soviet Union, these nullities who piggy-back on cultural heritages to which they have contributed none original or even worthwhile, are exclusively awarded Nobel Prizes to act as secular priests for the gullible gentiles. Who might not be so gullible after all. Paul is a full citizen and a former though illegally excluded professor. The fact that he speaks French does not authorize French philo-Semite Nietzscheans, Jews or not, to invade his privacy and his intimacy and to actively participate in his academic exclusion and his criminal harassment in a frontal violation of human rights and academic deontology. None of these derelicts is authorized to rob or occult his material in a futile and ignorant attempt to ''steal the Light'' and to reverse its content. These people would dishonour any Republic still worthy of its own principles. They should meditate the Talion Law (Eye for eye), before it is too late. LAssemblée nationale will be asked to investigate and punish them. As it is, Interpol as well as the French intelligence services under the current government could not ignore the murderous evolution of the harassment and still less after the letter (see attached) which Paul did send to the Institut Pasteur and to Bologna University. These letters referred to the Coburns botched surgeries and their likely consequences. As for the Italian RAI and others channels, Giuseppe was so disgusted with their illegal and diseased interference that he stopped watching soccer, and even moved out of the living room all together. In Italy, the philo-Semite Nietzschean influence, including Vatican and mafia influences, is so pervasive that Paul was obliged to tell people like Bertinotti or the inept professor Bellofiore that they were among the most imbecilic and harmful pitres the world had known, including the ruffian Cnanadian Cox... But they were not alone. Even the French Jew Etienne Balibar, a dwarf and a pitre compared to Louis Althusser, came to their rescue and revealed his true self in the process; he did not hesitate to help them trample on the anti-war Italian Constitution (Art. 11) on behalf of a putative philo-Semite Nietzschean ''Empire''. It is doubtful whether these two even had the schooling necessary to understand why. But they, like the pitre Ingrao, obviously had their ''souffleurs''. When such nullities have the impression to be approved by their controllers and, better still, by the reactionary Israeli ambassador in Rome, they do not give a fig any longer about their true role being unmasked. Lentils plates, once again. Even though, they dishonour the Italian republican constitution and its repudiation of war (Art. 11) as a means to solve international conflict, in congruence with the UN Charter. Somehow, these nullities must pay for their proverbial ''ration'' and do not have must choice about their own means of exchange. But then the ratio of unprincipled police and informers to the general population is even superior in Italy than it is in Canada ... Indeed, the Italian Republic is secular but it unfortunately harbours the obscurantist and theocratic City of Vatican inside its own Capital: Thus institutional obscurantism remains pervasive despite one of the most advanced, but never applied, constitution in the Western world. Giuseppe was also an Italian born citizen: Because of these criminal and intrusive pitres both Italian and Canadian constitutional guarantees were barbarically negated to him. The great Haitian writer and theoretician, Jacques Roumain, has shown the origin of créole languages: the ''masters'', instinctively denigrating the mental ability of their ''slaves'', talked to them in so-called ''petit nègre''; the salves, of course, were obliged to transform this impoverished but real expression of their masters true worth into full-fledged languages, through their own means. In Italy, even before the appearance of the grotesque Bertinotti and Berlusconi and other such, the philo-Semite Nietzschean cast, had transformed this self-forged mechanism into its own constitutive vulgar and crassly ignorant ''being'' and ''raison d' reaction is heard yet ... But it will, eventually.


The philo-Semite Nazi-like exclusion of Paul De Marco was tight and all pervasive. Canadian philo-Semite Nietzschean international representation, together with that of Israeli representatives, created successive baseless, repugnant and illegal narratives to gain the complicity of Interpol, which is therefore equally guilty. The intrusive harassment involved stealing from his intellectual production in a myriads of ways, including the complete bugging of the house - particularly over the desks and tables were he could work - and through the constant monitoring of his computers, e-mail and other Internet activities, despite his Bell security network protection. Readers might know of poor Rosalind Franklin the scientist who first photographed the AND double strings to see her work stolen by such arrogant racists like James Watson; she ended up working under an umbrella ... Paul, confident of the worth of his contribution did not shy away from using Internet to sending first drafts out; in his way, he is not obliged to quote some idiotic over-represented pitres for ideas and concepts he himself forged (ask for instance the Globe and Mail, if you doubt this or former finance minister Wilson. Or even Le Monde.) But the harassment knew no bound (it included exclusion, tracking, character assassination, heavy interference in social and private life, use of ultrasounds and infra-red as sleep deprivation techniques etc, etc.) You may remember that once ''detente'' had become the chosen diplomatic path, the State Department still had to deal with the obscurantist McCartyist beasts it itself had contributed to create. Dean Acheson who nevertheless had ''again'' been ''at creation'' ended up resenting them so much that he described them as ''animals''. These diseased minds even contrived to misspell Mrs De Marcos name on her Permanent Resident Card and it took more than one full year for Paul to try to explain and obtain what should have been an immediate correction, followed with a word of apology to an elder lady and her law-abiding family. (But Fergus also worked for the Canadian government, doesnt he?) A tentative was made to ruin Pauls life and perhaps even to justify these actions by provoking Pauls violence. In vain: Paul despised these philo-Semite Nietzschean Jews, Quebecers, and Canadians of all origin who prove able to fall so low. He despised them too much to be provoked. He intimately understands what some other victims went through before cracking and transforming themselves into helpless murderers; just as their sadistic tormentors had wishes for. For instance the excellent but grossly plagiarized professor Fabrikant, who was wronged by this Aufseherinnen system much more than is publicly recognized, in a brutal exclusivist and colonialist show of (un)justice. Following as always Karl Marxs method, Paul believes that the whole system needs to be changed for the best, if not entirely overthrown. He believes that any forms of exclusivism should be banned and eradicated for eternity. Therefore, he concentrated on his intellectual work, which he continued despite everything. However, he is rigorously keeping track of the damages caused to him and his family. It is impossible to accept such behaviour with its institutional complicit: Justice must to pass. And will pass.


So much for the general context. We will now focus solely upon the harassment, which was directly aimed at Giuseppe while he was under chemotherapy or in the ICU. Of course, the hasty and false diagnosis is a determinate aspect of this philo-Semite Nazi-like mentality: Paul, a professor of International Relations and the proponent of the theory of exclusivism, does not know how else to objectively describe it.


Night of January 22, 2008. Farakash alias Fergus. On January 22, 2008 Giuseppe underwent his first botched surgery for gastric cancer with no gastric primary ever determined. We learned later that this surgery and the next one, performed on January 30, 2008, where both botched to the point where a cholecystectomy was necessary - although it was only noted ''en passant'' at the end of a doctored service note. This happened despite the fact Coburn had described the stomach lesion as ''highly respectable''. The liver is far away from the bottom of the stomach, and the gallbladder turned out to be clean of any lymph nodes. The Charts were falsified to hide these facts as demonstrated above. What should be added is the presence in Giuseppes room, of the Jew of Hungarian origin and Israeli agent Farakash alias Fergus. He was obviously there to check the results of the botched surgeries and to be able to talk to Paul, as if by chance. Paul knew about the biometric and other types of round the clock tracking used against him. He quickly noticed that this, together with the criminal character-assassination rumours invented by known garbage, and spread in his back with institutional complicity, was monstrously continued at Sunnybrook like everywhere else. As Paul was waiting downstairs for his brother to come out of surgery, a ''voluntary'' worker came to him. She told him that Giuseppe was now in his room and that he could join him right away. When Paul arrived, he found a three-bed room (despite Giuseppes insurance policy.) Of course, his brother was not there yet and would only arrive about one hour later. Farakash was already there in company of a rabbi who, upon Pauls arrival kept on underlying the fact that he was an American rabbi. Paul had taken a book and had started to read and could not care less about the origin of this obscurantist and exclusivist religious and archaic theocratic remnant of history; Paul believes these exclusivist religious people should quickly learn to mind their own business in public, in the most rigorous respect of citizensrights, particularly as it comes to freedom of conscience: their own freedom of cult is at this very precise price, or else they quickly fall into the category of dangerous sects, with no space whatsoever in modern democratic life. (The real question after Stalingrad and the defeat of Nazi-fascism is this: Can this sort of fundamentally racist and theocratic exclusivism, which would pretend to transform a forged mystification into a divine truth dictating rules of conduct for all, still exist after Auschwitz, despite suicidal crackpot prophets of ''recurrent returns''?) Paul, being himself totally secular had advanced a Camp David II proposal which was at the base of the criminally torpedoed Geneva Accord (by Sharon, Netanyahu and others such war criminals. But also with the active complicity of Shimon Peres and Ehud Barrack who did not prevent Sharons deadly provocation on Haram-al-Sharif by just sending the police. Rabin, the general knowingly reluctant to enter into Jerusalem East, would have done so. The whole truth would not be told if Paul did not underline the specific origin of this planned philo-Semite Nietzschean and Masonic trite method of imposing ones presence and presumably hegemony on others: Paul had been reminding Spinozas argument denouncing the rabbis as ''delirious'', aside from being himself the author of a Marxist psychoanalysis theory (see the second part of his Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme.) Instead of reading Spinoza and Ibn Ezra, among others, these unqualifiable groups prefer to make their presence and power felt, illegally ... something which would no happen if, as it should be, they would not occupy more than 2 % of the positions of responsibility, in concordance with their minute demographic weight (idem for the others groups). This grotesque and insulting over-representation needs to be quickly corrected, particularly in the covert and overt, public and private intelligence agencies. Statistically speaking, if Articles 15 (equality) and 27 (multiculturalism) of the Canadian constitution were applied, Paul would have had very little chance of meeting even one of these over-represented obscurantist and archaic, if arrogant, simpletons. As for intellectual matters, the scientific method and deontology apply to all, notwithstanding what too many derelicts may think about their ownth citizens not belonging to their own group is itself a crime; and that stands for philo-Semite Nietzschean Masonic lodges as well as for the rabbis. It just happens that Paul knew something about Gilgamesh, Sargon, Hammourabi, Spinoza and Marx; or, for that matter, even Scholem on the sectarian origin of the Star of David. Nevertheless, he was amazed by the willingness of these right-wing Zionists derelicts to make there presence foolishly obvious, while murdering an a-political and law-abiding person as if they already were the ''masters of the Earth'' not only placed ''beyond Good and Evil'' but beyond the reach of justice... In so doing they forget who actually took them off from Nazi camps after they had financed Fascism and Nazism up until ... 1938. They should meditate the self-imposed end of Hitler himself, a delirious crackpot, who had learned his exclusivist logic from the rabbinico-philo-Semite Nietzscheans, including tutors especially sent from Harvard. (Paul wonders what Farakash thinks of the historical role of the Jewish financier and head of the Kaiser Willhems intelligence services, Max Warburg. Warburg himself half-lost his mind through his guilt for having financed Hitler ...One ignores history only to etc, etc, etc ...Or is it bis, bis, bis?)


When the ''foreign'' rabbi left, Paul said a few words to Farakash, given that he was a sick man in a hospital bed. But he soon realized that his natural though undemonstrative kindness - from which he never departed, nonetheless - was wasted: This Farakash was obviously among the groups of highly placed philo-Semite Nietzscheans who had devised and implemented his academic and social ruin, although they were not able to impede his intellectual work which was continued in spite of everything. Paul knows modestly to be on top of his academic disciplines: The philo-Semite Nietzschean infra-Leibniz obsession with his intellectual production, the watertight occultation, the constant reversed-plagiarisms in all continents (some of them denounced publicly already) and his constant and crapulous harassment, testify to that. He stands on the scientific method alone: occultation is not a scientific argument. And unless (pace Popper!) his theories are falsified, they do stand in lieu of what they definitively criticise. Most ludicrously, the alleged financier Farakash even pretended to test his knowledge while idiotically but most characteristically talking about ''geniuses'' and ''fuzzy logic''. When this test came to current financial affairs, they quickly took a turn which deserves to be noted here for Historys sake: In effect, it is more interesting than the note about Mexico declaring bankruptcy which some kind of prankster had passed from hand to hand to Paul Volcker during one of his speech in Toronto in 1982, if memory serves well. (To his credit Volcker did not loose his cool and continued his speech.) The sick and dying Jew Farakash was still quite taken with his Cartier watch, and above all with his gold; he kept asking constantly about the gold ratings. At one point Paul, mentioned that the focus on gold as a value-storing devise was rather traditional and trite, other precious metals such as platinum being more interesting. As always, the hospital room was obviously bugged too, to which must be added Farakashs own influence. Soon after, these rapacious speculators launched strong speculative moves on precious metals (which added up to the speculative moves launched on cereals futures in an attempt to preventively kill Pauls proposal concerning what he had termed ''a sovereign food policy'' in coherence with his ecomarxist theory.) Look at the date: The rest is history. The illegal stealing of Pauls e-mails on subprimes by these derelicts also played a role. In the end, they were paid, through their own means, for a small part of their harassment and of their illegal surveillance.


Using familiar tones with Paul, this vulgar Farakash would keep on calling him ''bum'' Obviously, he had not read the famous ''Corporate Welfare Bums'' by David Lewis, the Canadian-Jew, rabidly anti-communist but allegedly social-democrat (as least as much as the American Max Shachtman!) With such familiar appellatives, he even proposed to recommend him to Toronto Mayor Miller for an employment in the elementary school (probably to teach the definitive critique of Marginalism, but with a far better chance to be understood in that context than with the overrepresented crews of academic ''useful idiots'' in university departments, admittedly not all ''mainstream'', and not only in Canada!) Paul was utterly disgusted: Here was obviously a criminal on his dying bed, who has obviously participated and at least was obviously well appraised of his long, criminal and sadistic academic and social exclusion; this individual was now trying to take advantage of a supposed vulnerability created by the potential loss of his main family support, and proposing, in effect, to buy him off. These people are apparently told by their rabbi that they have no ''soul''. In retrospect given the demonstration of the philo-Semite Nietzschean murder of Giuseppe this appears even more monstrous. Paul contained his anger and simply replied that, as far as he knew, he had no academic equals in his disciplines yet; he, therefore, stood squarely on real merit and not on recommendation letters, which he wished were abolished once and for all. We have already alluded above to the democratic role of the Law of Great Numbers. In retrospect, this buying off, was orchestrated as a cover for Giuseppes planned and already ongoing assassination. As much in fact, albeit in a different form, than the tentative to extort a consent to depart from the patients wishes to hide a medical murder behind the approval of the family. Aimé Césaire had done us all a great service when he denounced ''la sodomie monstrueuse de lhostie et du victimaire'' and Paul has alerted about the inexorable fate of pitres like Nietzsche himself ''pitifully'' embracing the wounded horse in an ultimate and demonstrative boot of his deep insanity. The same diseased minds were at work, obviously with their unmistaken characteristics.



Meanwhile, Giuseppe was clearly disturbed by the presence of this annoying individual. Obviously, he had absolutely nothing that would even come close to Giuseppes instinctive professionalism and integrity. Something his younger brother has always tried to emulate, though affecting a kind of intellectual detachment. With 2 % of the Canadian population and Article 15 on equality (not to speak of the Article 27 on multiculturalism) it is not normal that Paul has to be faced with these Jewish and philo-Semite Nietzschean diseased and archaic minds everywhere he goes: He is a law-abiding citizen and does not have to account to any rabbi, priest or the like. Nor to any crackpot philo-Semite Nietzschean Masson who would pretend to force on all of us a ''return'' to an obscurantist and proto-fascist society, on the basis, at best, of half-backed spiritualist beliefs, not even worth the chicken entrails of classic Romans. Two thousand years ago it was asked of these people: ''Whose seeds are you from, anyway?''


July 4, 2008. Letters to PM Harper and McGuinty denouncing the use of harassment in the form of ultrasounds now affecting Pauls brother and mother. (See attached)


Night of July 8-9, 2008. (See documents attached) Giuseppe was under chemotherapy; one known side effect can be the difficulty to sleep. With characteristic sadicism, this was used as a plausible mask for ultra-sound induced sleep deprivation. Paul had to suffer from these and infrared harassment for a long time. When he realized that they were now also used in the areas of the house occupied by the older mother and the elder brother, Paul bought the monitoring devices despite the hefty price (The bills were sent to the political leaders for reimbursement given that the security of the person is a constitutional right, but to no avail.) On the night of July 8-9, 2008, the signals were so disturbing that around 3:30 AM Paul had no choice but to call the police. He did this despite what he knew was a widespread unprofessional and criminal complicity at all levels. (He had called the police in Montreal when the same harassment, together with neuroleptic chemicals were used when he was in his apartment, but the two officers advised him to see a ''medium''! Paul had concluded that calling such irresponsible and mischievous idiots unworthy of their uniform, with all due respect, was not worth it.) Now he had no more choice. Three officers came over, two males and a female. Aside from other ineptitudes, the female officer stated that she ''could not see anything'' as if ultrasounds could be seen, and as if this form of harassment had not been documented, like the rest of it, by, admittedly very few, Canadian historians and social scientists. Paul displayed his monitoring device and asked the police officers to understand the seriousness of the situation. Nothing changed, the harassment became possibly worse despite Pauls repeated protest directly to the PM Harper and the Premier McGuinty. At one point, he even asked in written the Mayor of Richmond Hill where legal transmission relays were situated around his family house. It was again to no avail. We are witnessing here a monstrous conduct worthy, as Paul explained, of the widespread Aufseherinnen system in place.


July 5, 2009: Giuseppe signs a new contract for his water tank (see attached). Soon after, it was delivered and installed. The tank was damaged but functional: Paul requested from the two delivery and installation agents to take it back. They refused and Giuseppe, the owner of the house, finally accepted it but only after making a written note concerning the damage on the delivery bill, and only after having talked to the alleged manager (Obviously, the manager was already prepared for it and he refused to take the tank back.) When the agents left, Paul went in the basement to check the water tank. He found two little laboratory baby mouths, unafraid of humans. He quickly disposed of them. These had obviously and purposefully been left there with the tank. They could have no other origin. Obviously, spreading infection was already agitating the sick minds of these philo-Semite Nietzschean monsters. And, of course, they could count on the Aufseherinnen behaviour of delivery agents to play the game. As well as the silent complicity of the monsters in charge of the 24-hour surveillance of the house, including Interpol. These monsters do not exactly honour human existence. They will soon demonstrate that they could do far worse in a hospital setting with induced nosocomial infections.


September 3, 2009 Giuseppes set of keys, including the house keys, were left as usual on the decorative table by the main entrance door; on that morning of September 3, 2009, they disappeared. No one had come into the house aside from the social assistant sent to help Giuseppes older mother with her shower. After thorough searches, Paul immediately rekeyed every door and talk to the personal assistant worker, in truth without much illusions but out of principles. She denied everything. But it is obvious that she had been - like all others - polluted with rumours, including from the security agents of her apartment building and many others at her work (the over-representation of Jews among the case managers and other higher positions should also be noted and compared to the demographic weights and to the origin of the philo-Semite Nietzschean mentality in Canada as elsewhere.) Of course, on September 17, 2009, this personal assistance worker would do worse, spraying nausea-causing chemicals masked with perfume in the old mothers bathroom floor before leaving, thus eliminating any residual question as to direct responsibility.


September 16, 2009. Earlier, Paul had insisted with Singh for proper home hydration. Finally Singh ordered it but dared to call Paul ''loud'' in the process ... However, when the supplies were delivered home on September 16, 2009, the Black driver, obviously under orders, sprayed chemicals masked with perfume on the supply boxes. Paul could not fail to notice when the driver ringed at the door; he made a loud remark to make sure that Giuseppe heard it and be witness to it. Giuseppe has authentified the inquiring letters Paul sent to the managers in protest and through which Paul asked for the name of this driver. He never got any response. Marcia, the main visiting nurse, was somehow informed - she should be asked to explain from which channels exactly. She called to inquire with the pretext of asking if the supplies had been delivered. Monsters again, but the worse are at the very top, including from Quebec: they obviously are the real diseased minds who can come up with this sort of philo-Semite Nietzschean and Nazi-like harassment of a law-abiding and exemplary family, in such difficult circumstances. We stress here, exemplary, by whichever criteria one would pretend to judge.


September 17, 2009. See above. Unsettling chemicals masked with perfume thrown on Giuseppes old mother bathroom floor.


End of September to October 4, 2009: Chemical harassment continued as the IV infusion started but this time from outside. These were very humid days. Giuseppe did not want the air conditioning on, and therefore we had opened the windows. Giuseppe was in the front room. As soon as it got dark, nausea-provoking chemicals were thrown under the front room window. The next days, the same thing happened but on the far away garage door (by now the monsters were afraid of being caught.) Paul then decided to call on the next-door neighbour from that side of the house, Mr. Esmail Moradani, who had just moved in with others. He told him what had happened, swore that he would punish these monsters if it ever happened again, and asked him his phone number with the permission to call him to act as a witness if the same stinking smell was sprayed again. Given the 24-hour surveillance of our home, the warning was understood. Nazis were probably not as bestial in their ordinary life as the degenerate philo-Semite Nietzschean criminals who could think such actions.


December 26-29, 2009. York Central ICU. In the end, this monstrous regression with respect to all known norms of conduct and of minimally civilized life, led to the ''hi-ha'' episode by which the alert system of life-support equipment in the ICU of York Central (medical Chief-of-Staff: the Canadian-Jew Larry Grossman) were tampered with to go off suddenly with a donkish and very loud sound. It was so loud that no one on the floor of ICU from December 26 to December 29 could have failed to notice it. If the political and parliamentary leaders contacted many times by Paul since 1995 had known the basic tenets of the Charter of Rights, Canada would not have been dishonoured by such sadistic and characteristically self-righteous criminal conducts.


In the second part of his PourMarx, contre le nihilisme, presenting his Marxist psychoanalysis theory, Paul had explained that such monsters are usually at ease with their lost soul or conscience, or rather with its claimed absence. They are truly ''beyond good and evil'', but should really be behind bars. ''These people should all be hanged'' (''once again''?) said Giuseppe (metaphorically?) on that fateful Christmas Night, when a failed assassination attempt was carried out against him.








Ia) Turning a gastric enteritis into a gastric cancer: ''A small hiatus hernia and gastric enteritis'' (Dr. Ed Wong) are interpreted as something ''compatible with adenocarcinoma''. No H Pylori will ever be detected either before or after surgery; no gastric primary will ever be confirmed. This will be transformed into a gastric cancer by Coburn and Singh even before the laboratory work was completed, particularly the E-Cadherin analysis. No CT scan will ever show such a cancer. In fact, from the time the family doctor Michael Lam had referred Giuseppe to Sunnybrook, an allegedly Canadian public University Hospital, Coburn had decided to use Giuseppe De Marco as a guinea pig; nothing will make her change this decision, not even Giuseppes constant refusal to participate in experimental treatments, which according to Coburn own admission ''had never been tried before''. The decision to perform a gastrectomy was taken on December 20, 2007, that is to say before obtaining complete reports on the alleged cancer. Obviously, Coburn had decided not only to perform surgery but to take a very aggressive approach'' with this young patient, whom everyone unanimously described as ''pleasant'', before they sensed that the murderously botched surgeries and the criminal falsification of the medical chart might one day or another come to light. Her experimentations could not take place without a gastric cancer, so Giuseppe was promptly diagnosed with ''an early form of gastric cancer'' even though it was never shown by the repeated CT scans, nor proven by the laboratory analysis. Singh would promptly concur and participate in the experimentations as the chosen ''oncologist''. The patient and his family were consciously lied to as to the sickness, the treatment and ultimately the cause of death. They were lied to from beginning to end, including with a crapulous and most partial autopsy report, solely written - and even then, only because the College intervened - to try to protect these criminals, among whom Dwosh, Grossman, Cory and others. Their links with the military and civilian Canadian intelligence agencies as well as with the Mossad will have to be determined by the police and by a public enquiry, which Paul continues to demand. Their medical crime needs no further proofs than those marshalled in the complaint and the attached documents.


Ib) Coburns criminal use of incomplete biopsies. Coburn used incomplete biopsies, including the biopsies done at Sunnybrook, to unilaterally transform Giuseppe into a guinea pig and perform a cancer-related but scientifically illicit series of experimentations, with the help of the oncologist Singh. She did this despite the lack of unambiguous evidence as to a gastric primary! As for adenocarcinoma generically speaking, human bodies do routinely produce such variations, which they most often eliminate on their own. Early detection should not overlook this side of the problem. In any case a gastric primary was never proven. And the bile reflux was not solved by Coburns two botched surgeries. In fact, the failure of Nexium for hernia and gastric enteritis in the absence of H Pylori and of proven carcinoma should never have led to a precipitated gastric cancer surgery, with its related heavy chemotherapy cycles. The biopsy at Sunnybrook did not prove adenocarcinoma: more precisely Signet rings were spotted and interpreted in the absence of E-Cadherin analysis which turned out to be intact, when they finally arrived. Furthermore, consecutive CT scans repeatedly failed to ever show anything close to a gastric cancer. Nevertheless, for good effect, the adjective ''invasive'' was added to the diagnosis of ''poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma'', even though no invasion of gastric cancer was ever proven. Surgery eventually proved stomach margins to be negative; lymph nodes and nodules are just that, and cancer of any kind has to be ruled out when they remain stable especially with the surgery and chemotherapy related stress imposed on the body and its immune system.


It just happens that, at that precise time, Giuseppe could not officially have metastases. This is because Dr. Ung at Radiology would not have performed radiations if the patient had shown any signs of a metastatic process. Therefore, for close to one year, Giuseppe had no mets and thus the chemorads experimentation planned by Coburn could proceed as planned. One week before the end of radiations, metastases started appearing in the narrative - in effect passing post-surgery scars, suture points and hidden cholecystectomy as gastric metastases. This will probably remain the unique medical case in which an absent gastric primary nevertheless produces gastric metastases - thus justifying another round of modified and heavier chemotherapy, in the process! It must be added that despite what Coburn herself described as a ''highly resectable'' lesion on the stomach, the surgeries were botched to a point where a cholecystectomy was necessary and the residual common bile duct left in place ended up with an incredible total length of 0.5 cm, something later hidden by falsified files with widespread complicity from Sunnybrook but also from Palliative Care and York Central Hospital.


Clearly we are dealing here with a planned criminal series of unscientific experimentations, turning the patient into a guinea pig, and eventually destining him to a certain and predictable death, in an attempt to hide the crime as ''natural death'' caused by cancer. Coburn is candid enough to admit her intentions when she writes: ''E-Cadherin is still pending. CT scan was repeated here, which shows no obvious evidence of metastases or malignant lymphadenopathy. Although the patient is still sceptical of his diagnosis, he has accepted that he in fact has cancer (...) He has a very early stage of gastric cancer (...) We discussed the benefits of pre-operative chemotherapy vs proceeding directly to surgery'' (Jan 14, 2008) However, already on December 20, 2007, Coburn had decided how she would proceed with Giuseppe De Marco; she wrote, without proofs: ''In summary he has a relatively early stage gastric cancer (...) He was disappointed that the relatively normal looking CAT scan did not mean that he was cancer free.'' She then discussed alternatives and wrote: '' I think that although they have never been tried, that the adjuvant systemic chemotherapy approach is likely the superior regimen, especially given an aggressive approach with a D2 lymphadenectomy.'' She added: ''However given the high rate of systemic failure for treatment of gastric cancer, I think that systemic chemotherapy does make more sense, especially in this early lesion, and given a very aggressive surgical approach that I would take in this young patient''. The plan had been made before any real result came in. It would never change, notwithstanding the fact that a gastric primary was never proven. Giuseppe was lied to. But based on the false information he had and on his scepticism, he finally decided to have a gastrectomy, because this held the prospect of a win-win decision: people do not usually die from stomach reduction, not even in presence of a total ablation of the stomach. He was trustful: Little did he know that he was dealing with murderers who would purposefully botch two successive surgeries as well as the treatment plan.


Given that there was no malformations, the cholecystectomy with the residual 0.5 cm common bile duct and the ensuing chart falsification could only be arrived at by conscious choice: Coburn herself admits that the lesion was ''highly resectable''. Moreover, if an error had been made, it would have been enough to make sure, at every steps, that colleagues and oncologist dealing with Giuseppe were well appraised about it. The botched surgeries and ensuing self-fulfilling deadly prophecy were therefore and undeniably planned as such. And were so, while the family, including the patients mother was put under very high pressure by these unqualifiable criminals, according to exactly the same mechanism: reference by the family doctor Michael Lam on the basis of hasty interpretations of X-Rays and CAT scans relayed to him, strange biopsies, and planned medical experimentations and assassination. In the mothers case, the oncologist finally judged her to be too old to withstand chemotherapy; she prescribed some hormonal treatment instead. Meanwhile, her lost vocal cord, probably due to harassment through the use of pulse and laser weapons, came back according to the original non-cancer scenario predicted by the more experienced Dr. Kaul, but immediately overruled by all others. This involved again York Central Hospital where the Canadian-Jew Larry Grossman is the criminal Chief-of-Staff, as we already know. It also chiefly involves Sunnybrook Hospital, supposedly a Canadian Public University Hospital, which seems to abide more by external and foreign non-medical guidelines than by medical deontology, let alone Canadian laws. Paul will come back in due time on this episode after a more thorough investigation: and here too justice will pass.


Simron Singh was specially picked up because he could obviously be counted upon to silently backup this plan. Once the botched surgeries were accomplished, it only remained to ensure the falsification of the file, including imaging, something which has already been shown in Part one above in the list of ''alleged facts'' from the charts. In short, scars, post-surgical sutures points and clips with their ensuing indurations and adhesions were interpreted as gastric metastases (again without a gastric primary). Yet, with one partial exception, no own will ever notice the absence of the gallbladder! If this is a hospital and moreover a university hospital, what then is a philo-Semite Nietzschean slaughterhouse? If these are doctors, who then are the butchers? Given the criminal and long lasting harassment and the unabated willingness to gratuitously kill Giuseppe, including with the intentional and unmonitored administration ofocarcinoma had been implanted in the first place to conduct the experiments intended by Coburn. The police will have to seriously investigate this aspect and the precise role of nuclear medicine in this country. Paul notes that when his older sister was diagnosed with a ''cancer of unknown origin'' in 1995, and dispatched within 6 months with brutal chemotherapies, the newspapers were signalling problems with the nuclear medical installations. This was the case again when Giuseppe was diagnosed. Nothing is deducted here, not yet: But nevertheless, this deserves to be investigated because the sadistic and gratuitous harassment context, ordered and condoned at the very top, and not only by Grossman and Cory, does naturally lead to the possibility of external implants. This possibility then would account for the ''unknown origin'' of the ''adenocarcinoma'' in both cases. A police and public inquiry is in order. Negating it amounts to an admission of guilt.


Ic) Coburns two surgeries instead of one. But how many drains exactly?

It is hard to understand how a ''highly resectable'' lesion at the bottom of the stomach could lead to the botching of the liver, to the point that a botched cholecystectomy was necessitated (either during the first or second surgery, it does not really matter here) and a ''non-descript Z line'' (according to Dr Fenech) was seen cut into the diaphragm. The descriptions of the surgeries offered by Coburn herself - at least once it became clear to her that Portes incomplete version would no longer stands - need to be read carefully. This is because, in so far as they concern the porta and the head of the pancreas or the duodenum and the small bowel, the indurations that necessarily will follow surgery, are later systematically passed for gastric cancer metastases - to repeat, with no gastric primary ever proven. The contradictory descriptions of the number of drains and of their locations in all the available documents, including from aenesthesis and Imaging, also need careful attention: Aside from internal incoherence, it remains that Coburns successive versions are inadequate to fit the dynamic of her own alleged surgeries and their chronology. For instance, the removable of the gallbladder would likely increase bile secretion: why then would there be only one drain after the first surgery, during which - as if ''en passant'' - Coburn pretends to have performed the cholecystectomy? And what is more, this one and only drain was placed in an inadequate location that is close to the anastomy. Aside from that, the insertion of a feeding tube was tried but the tentative is said to have failed. Equally, we can only wonder how any surgeon and his team could suture the abdomen without realizing the existence of leaks. This blindness is so dramatic that the description of the second surgery mentions a ''duct of Lushka'' but only as a vague masking possibility destined to remain unverified!!! Incredibly, in the end, Coburn herself will note the existence of a residual bowel leak, well past February 2008.


We should note here that Giuseppe and Paul were told a different version of the dynamic of the surgeries by Coburn herself: To justify the second surgery, they were told that a congenital malformation involving an extra bile duct was the cause of its inadvertent sectioning, thus necessitating the second surgery. Coburn also told them that the modern diet had rendered the gallbladder superfluous anyway, and that its removal would in fact be beneficial for the success of the coming chemorads. In his comment to a partial and self-serving autopsy written by the criminal in-house coroner Lucas, Dr. Kassam, answered Pauls guidelines intended for the coroner who was actually performing the autopsy. He assured him that there was no congenital malformation. In fact, Portes very partial discharge note studiously makes abstraction of the botched surgeries and in particular of the hidden cholecystectomy. This discharge note however seems to have been the only one available in the Chart before Coburns other versions were added (i.e. after Paul started to alert people, telling them the version he and Giuseppe had been told and asking everyone, including Dr. Ko, to only trust their own independent data.) Portes version is the version that best fit all the ensuing falsified facts, in particular the general ignorance by Sunnybrook medical personnel - doctors and imaging technicians alike - and their inability to detect the cholecystectomy up until Pauls version induced Dr. Ko to perform his own investigation. Yet, as Dr. Gladmans comments make clear, medical teams had to rely on Paul to reconstruct events - only to ignore him immediately afterwards, despite York Central Hospital Imaging which contradicted the Coburns and Singhs philo-Semite Nietzschean and criminal narrative. But even if Coburns version were the correct one (i.e. if the cholecystectomy was done during the first surgery), still gross incoherence could not be avoided - such as the number of drains, which eventually became four while fluctuating in between. Nor can anyone seriously discuss the attempt to hide the cholecystectomy: at least if they know how to read.


To prove criminal wrongdoing, one only needs to note the two botched surgeries - the liver is far from the bottom of the stomach and the laboratory determined that the gallbladder was totally clean of any lymph nodes; furthermore only the partial Portes version was officially available to all other medical personnel until Pauls intervention: indeed, in Sunnybrook at the end of January, Imaging notes: ''no EPR notes available'' but the gallbladder seems to have been removed. (Italics added) Still in December 2009, Imaging at York Central had not clue about the cholecystectomy although they signalled the absence of liver metastases and the presence of coarsened textures. At York Central, the young Wong had to rely on Paul to learn about the cholecystectomy but he never mentioned the horrifying 0.5 cm residual common bile duct, which Dr Ko rigorously documented, in his note. The evident cover up is indecently gross but relies on widespread complicity. In fact, in his attempt to hide the expected side-effects of the removal of the gallbladder in his discharge note, Porte strongly insists on the necessity of a new diet, because of Giuseppes diabetes, whereas Giuseppe suffered only from a very early unset of diabetes necessitating, at most, one metformin pill a day. One and only one technician will in fact note that no EPR were on file, though the gallbladder could not be seen. Another proof of the doctored and falsified Chart can be gathered unambiguously from the confrontation of the Operating Room notes -typed much later on behalf of the surgeon Coburn - with the Anesthetics notes; the latter do not mention neither the cholecystectomy nor any complications during the first and second surgery. If the cholecystectomy of a clean and far away gallbladder is not a complication worth noting, one does not know what is.


Id) Assisting the propagation of the disease.


Making abstraction of the lie surrounding the botched first and second surgeries (and the alleged but inexistent malformation), the fact remains that Giuseppe was left soaking in his own body fluids for more than a week after the first botched surgery. If there were some kind of malignant cancer - implanted or not - that had not yet manifested itself in any detectable metastatic fashion, this surely was the best way to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. (Paul inquired with the Institut Pasteur and with Bologna University, but despite the obvious seriousness of the inquiry he was totally ignored. See letter attached.) The post-operative biopsies do speak of 14 over 20 lymph nodes but these are only lymph nodes: they were far from being metastatic or else Dr. Ung would have refused to offer radiations as he makes very plain. Note also that the laboratory correctly speaks of 13 over 19 lymph nodes, while the other 1 over 4 concerning the iliac access node will be abandoned because less useful for the ensuing narrative. Up until the very end, that is up to December 20, 2009, CT scans showed no mets and no stomach recurrence, something which random biopsies had already confirmed at Sunnybrook, prompting a query by Dr. Fenech to Coburn about possible ''bile reflux'' which was never taken into account. We understand now why: taking it into account would have implied checking the state of a hidden cholecystectomy. Despite all of this, leaks were left even after the second surgery: this is attested by Coburns own notes. (A small bowel leak is mentioned in her February, 2008 note). Be it as it may, Giuseppes cancer is still unidentified: and therefore its implant cannot be ruled out. Ultimately, Giuseppe was so strong that no real metastatic process was verified, except through a concerted narrative based on spurious interpretations and partial documentation, as was already noted above.


This raises the question of hasty and faulty diagnosis versus the survival of patients by their own means, since the presence of cancerous cells do not necessarily means the onset of a spreading cancer. But experimentations and falsifications meant that ultimately Giuseppe had to be eliminated: he had become too dangerously embarrassing otherwise. In fact, the autopsy report is obviously a masking scoundrelous criminal fake with no relationship with objective facts whatsoever, and not even with the official Death certificate written by Dr. Ghafouri and confirmed in its essential - though partial - elements by York Central Hospital own data. This certainly explains why, despite the fact that no gastric primary was ever proven in his case, it became the central piece of the narrative, simply because gastric cancer is known to be very aggressive and difficult to beat. Coburn herself notes before surgery the small survival rates of gastric cancer patients. Hence experimentations could be carried out as announced, even before a complete laboratory analysis was available. And in the end, the unknowing guinea pig was disposed of - his ''quality of life'' being judged ''too poor'' by these criminals .... He was disposed of through dysfunctional palliative care and medical murder. Presumably, according to the caricatural criminal Larry Grossman, no questions should have been asked!


Ie) The duct of Lushka hypothesis.


We have already noted the curious reporting of the cholecystectomy at the end of a medical note, as if it were an indifferent afterthought. This appears in the alleged note of January 22, 2008, which was in reality officially typed (dt) on February 12, 2008. If this version were true then why does Coburn needs to bring forth a Duct of Lushka hypothesis which will quickly be left hanging up in the air as an unverified possibility, while two more drains are then inserted and placed in locations consistent with the extra bile produced by the removal of the gallbladder after the second surgery performed on January 30, 2008? Allegedly, during the second surgery, the ''abscess and haematoma from the right upper quadrant at the gallbladder fossa'' were drained. No leaks were seen and the Duct of Lushka hypothesis was soon abandoned in mid air. However, we know from posterior notes that bile was still residually leaking after the removal of the last drain. And Coburn herself takes note of a ''small bowel leak'' as late as February, 2008. Moreover, we know from Dr. Kos note that this gallbladder business did not fit the description offered in any version of the surgeries. Indeed, Dr. Ko will be faced with a botched liver and a common bile duct of only 0.5 cm. But this is not all: even in its vulgarised form, the medical literature precisely describes what might happen to a patient left with a duct of Lushka unattended or purposefully ignored; obviously the same deadly result could ensue from a botched and hidden cholecystectomy. And yet because of his sheer natural albeit unassuming strength, Giuseppe could have survived this forged ordeal. In fact, up until August 6, 2009, when Suzanne unexpectedly sent him to Sunnybrook Emergency, Gardner Singhs primary nurse, he was recovering and ''doing excellent'' as Singh himself noted. More medical wrongdoings were then added to finish him off.


If) Scars, suture points, surgical clips, indurations and adhesions vs lymph nodes and metastases. We should underline here the none too original forgery method used to falsify Giuseppes medical Chart and to send him to his death through gratuitous and highly inappropriate, if experimental, treatment; a forgery that was backed by sadistic and criminal harassment. First gastric cancer was diagnosed without conclusive proofs. No primary gastric cancer was ever proven and mets were not, and could not be present as long as chemorads were part of the experimentation, simply because the radiation doctor Dr Ung would have refused to offer them if there were the least evidence of a metastatic process. Lymph nodes thus remained lymph nodes and the stable lung nodules, which were present before surgery and remained stable despite surgeries and chemo-induced stress, remained simple and well-behaved nodules. Once the radiologist was off from the dossier, thanks to carefully limited reference to earlier imaging, these transformed into new mets. Soon, through the limited reference, the process then fed on itself. If you do not go back to the first imaging, one criminally or innocently interpreted imaging rapidly becomes the base for a narrative, especially since no one is interested to check. This is aggravated by the still shaky harmonization and interpretation of various imaging data with the available algorithms. In such circumstances, the mistake or wrongdoing can only be revealed by independent imaging. The same happened for the postoperative suture points, clips and indurations (one only needs to read the description of the surgeries, in particular as far as the porta and the pancreatic head are concerned to demonstrate the point.) We stress here that when interpreting the liver lesion as cancer metastases Imaging studiously ignored the absence of the gallbladder; a contrario, the first York Central Hospital CT scan only saw ''coarsened textures'' on the liver but no metastases just because Paul had insisted on the hidden cholecystectomy. Incredibly, in a Canadian public University Hospital (abstraction been made of the still haphazard nature of the algorithms used to interpret and harmonize imagings) the absence of the gallbladder was interpreted as a metastatic lesion to the liver, thus legitimising the second much heavier experimental chemotherapy which Coburn (and Singh) had planned before any conclusive biopsy results, as Coburn herself notes as early as ... Dec 20, 2007. And she equally stressed repeatedly that she intended to take a quite ''aggressive approach'' with this ''young patient.'' Dr. Ko was forced to note that the common bile duct was butchered to a residual length of 0.5 cm, but he tried his best. However, any hints that the narrative put forth by Coburn, Singh and their acolytes was wrong and criminal were not met with medical corrections as it should have been, but instead with a renewed determination to quickly dispose of a now embarrassing patient, especially after September-October 2009, that is to say, after Dr. Ko inserted a biliary drain, thus opening the forgery Pandora Box and its consequences.


The embarrassing CT scan done at York Central Hospital also questioned the metastases narrative: Consequently it was rapidly ignored too and large unmonitored amounts of heparin were quickly prescribed to kill the patient. Dr. Ko and his team were an exception. Dr. Gladman actually noted that Paul had helped reconstruct what had happened (therefore in the absence of the needed files from Sunnybrook which should have been faxed at the request of Wong.) This reconstruction led to the realistic concerted treatment plan on which both rapidly agreed. This criminal cover up, which could only lead to accelerated death, was implemented with the active complicity of Grossman and Cory, and obviously, behind them, that of all the heads of the military and intelligence services and of their political provincial and federal bosses (To repeat, aside from being the elder brother of Paul, the top-notch tool and die maker and designer Giuseppe was an a-political progressive Humanist, mainly interested by his work and residually by his gardening, readings, arts, music and other such activities.) Of course, neither Stephen Harper nor Dalton McGuinty can plead ignorance of these facts: Given the active and demonstrated complicity of all, even by the municipal police - whose caritative associations Giuseppe had been supporting - Paul had repeatedly gone to them to appraise them directly of the ignoble and cruel situation. They cannot plead ignorance. Nor could they have ignored that all known laws (Canadian, International or plain natural laws) were being broken with unequalled ignorance and voyeuristic criminal sadicism. At one point, Paul even found it necessary to send them a copy of the pertinent articles in the Canadian Charter of Rights. To no avail. Justice will have to pass.


Ig) The acquiescent complicit murderer Simron Singh.


Simron Singh, the oncologist, did willingly and consciously implement the experimentations imagined by Coburn before her Dec 20, 2007 notes. In these earlier notes, she already made them plain and went as far as to write that the treatments proposed had ''never been tried'' before. Giuseppe refused to go along but was nevertheless subjected to variations of these: in particular, he was treated with a gastric chemotherapy regimen despite the fact that no gastric primary was ever demonstrated. Worse still, these regimens had been devised even before the biopsy reports were in. One might very well expect that a young oncologist will work in coordination and perhaps be influenced by the surgeon. But he perforce remains solely responsible for his own decisions as an oncologist. The ''oncologist'' Simron Singh could not ignore the cholecystectomy, no more than he could ignore the botched surgeries performed by Coburn. Yet, he demonstrably went ahead with the Coburns et al. criminal narrative, and willingly participated in the criminal experimentations conducted at the expense of Giuseppe De Marco. He went along with inappropriate treatment, ignoring the liver condition; he went along with the liver metastasis narrative, opting for an even stronger chemotherapy intended for gastric cancer mets; he used Docetaxel, a trial chemotherapy on the criminally false interpretation of pre-existing lung nodules as new proof of a generalized metastasis. He disregarded any possible bile leaks as well as the cholecystectomy. He could not ignore that the files were falsified, and yet he went along with the mets narrative not only for the liver (when in fact it was just a ''coarsened texture'' caused by the ablation of the gallbladder) but also, most ineptly, he went along with the lungs and porta and pancreatic head mets obviously related to a preoperative stable state (the lung nodules) or to postoperative indurations and the likes.


In the end, Giuseppe was fortunate that this purported ''oncologist'' took one week off, allowing Giuseppe to be seen by a different doctor. This new doctor, Dr. Ko, soon realized - with the benefit of Pauls corrections - that something very serious was amiss. He procured his own independent data and properly inserted a biliary drain. When Singh returned, Paul met him coincidentally in the corridor: he was quite upset at the positioning of the biliary drain. He later proved his displeasure in a written form when he simply parroted (can he actually do anything else, on his own?) the Imaging technician, by saying that the biliary drain would likely not help lower the bilirubin. Both were quickly proven wrong. Incredibly, Paul had to actually tell Singh that the drain was capped outside, thus explaining the bilirubin result. After the drain was uncapped, and at the so-called ''loud'' request from Paul, home hydration was provided. Consequently, the bilirubin quickly dropped to 17, allowing Giuseppe to initiate the new round of Chemotherapy on November 6, 2009. The fact, is that neither Singh nor any other imaging doctors and technicians could have ignored what Dr. Ko discovered, namely botched surgeries leaving an horrific common bile duct reduced to 0.5 cm.


The crass incompetence and complicity of this Simron Singh - one who dared call Paul ''loud'' and ''upset'' when Paul asked for proper hydration or for the uncapping of the drain - can be verified another way: With the stronger chemotherapy and given the ablation of an important part of his stomach, Giuseppe repeatedly complained that he could not possibly drink 8 glasses of water, as Singh was advising, to help flush out the organism subjected to heavy chemotherapy(''you have to do your part'' he once told him!) Therefore, Paul started to ask for more adequate hydration: the nurses administrating the chemotherapy started to hydrate him in the hospital, but mostly when chemotherapy was suspended! As should have been expected - especially in a Public Canadian University Hospital - Giuseppe fatally developed hydronephrosis, which necessitated the insertion of a ureter stent. Patients can only do poorly if they are entrusted in the care of such crassly incompetent and criminal hands. In the end, complicit doctors in Sunnybrook Emergency on August 6, 2009, answered Pauls questioning with the affirmations that the kidneys were fine: their Emergency notes had no time for hydronephrosis then because they all were busier now setting up the first forged building blocks of the next mets narrative, namely the lungs. However, it quickly became apparent that the kidneysproblem could not be hidden any longer, because even grossly incompetent imaging could hardly fail to show the now large ureter obstruction caused by a very predictable hydronephrosis. Emergency was blind and so was Singh. Only after Imaging took note of the renal obstruction did Singh noticed it too, but still called Paul ''loud'' and ''upset'' for his insistence on home hydration(one cannot but wonder what kind of education, in every sense of the term, these people really get.)


The purported ''oncologist'' Simron Singh is therefore a demonstrated criminal and not merely an accomplice of the criminal Coburn and her clique. He cannot elude his own willing responsibility in Giuseppes medical murder. Had Singh done the work he is paid for out of the public purse in a public Canadian university Hospital, the self-fulfilling deadly prophecy devised for Giuseppe would have failed. In the end, he did not even try to make sure, like a more experienced Ung, to obtain medical ''guarantees'' that would justify his own treatment. Thus the ''oncologist'' Simron Singh is quite willing to grill you with increasingly heavier chemotherapies intended for gastric cancer, without even verifying in the least whether a gastric primary is in fact proven or not, or if there are other complications worthy of note. The murderous self-fulfilling prophecy eventually unfolded as planned prior to Dec 20, 2007. This happened thanks to the ''oncologist'' Simron Singh who now needs to account for his crass and uncultured incompetence and for his crime.


Ih) Dr Ko and the providential one week absence of Simron Singh.

In a lapidary sentence Dr Ko wrote: ''I brought him (Giuseppe) in today because on his blood work from September 23, his AST was found to be elevated at 158 and ALT 3010, alk phos 614 and bilirubin of 22 when they were all normal on September 16.'' In re-reading this horrifying sentence, Paul is not really surprised because, in the meantime, he had been faced with the incommensurable criminal dirtiness and bestial criminality of the people involved, a clique who did not shy away from gratuitously and sadistically manipulating the alarm system of life supporting equipments at York Central, with the certainty to be covered by the likes of Larry Grossman and Cory and Ménard, and Tellier and others of this same philo-Semite Nietzschean ilk. Yet, Dr Kos intervention was only possible because of the providential weeklong absence of Singh. With Singhs presence, laboratory results would have remained such as to legitimate delays in chemotherapy, but nothing else. This is in line with the demonstrated manipulation of Imaging. Thanks to his own independent data, Dr. Ko could not fail to notice the 0.5 cm common bile duct. With his team, he successfully positioned a much-needed biliary drain, although Coburn and Singh should obviously have done this much earlier. It should equally be noted that bacteraemia was detected and neutralized. It was neutralized first with the stent positioning, thanks to the prescription of antibiotics but without a bacteraemia report. And, it was neutralized professionally again when the biliary tube was positioned and a complete laboratory report was included in the Chart. A close reading of the Chart actually shows that a form of bacteraemia had already been detected immediately after Coburns surgeries, but soon forgotten. Now, thanks to Dr. Ko, it was unmistakably documented in the Chart: Therefore, any possible evolution could and should have been foreseen and monitored. The crew who repositioned the drain in Dec 16, 2009 pointedly refused to prescribe the antibiotics, which Paul demanded twice with insistence. (Dr Kassam ineptly writes that antibiotics are not ''routinely'' prescribed in such cases ...) Three days later, on Dec 19, 2009, York Central Emergency will diagnose hepato-biliary sepsis and MRSA.


Similarly, thanks to Dr Ko and his team Giuseppe benefited from a blood transfusion just before being discharged. He was thus able to walk on his own to the distant parking lot. When Giuseppe was at risk of getting weaker, because of the Docetaxel chemotherapy started on November 6, 2009, Paul repeatedly asked about the pertinence of new blood transfusions. Singh refused even to answer Pauls calls. Suzanne Gardner belatedly answered Pauls message telling him that she had not judged useful to relay the information to Singh! Paul then told her that it was her obligation not her choice to transmit patientsand familys messages to the treating oncologist. But it was all to no avail. We know from the Chart that even before the biliary drain was inserted in October, Singh was actively pushing Giuseppe into palliative care - and thus, secure death either through geometrically increased doses of oedema producing morphine, or through induced nosocomial infections. The parrot Singh used the same line repeatedly heard by Paul later, including during the attempted murder carried out on the Night of Christmas of 2009, according to which Giuseppes ''quality of life and his long term prospects were too poor''. This monstrous and barbaric but counterproductive cost-cutting supputation was offered despite Giuseppes and his familys conviction, relayed by Paul to the unqualifiable Singh, that their own dignified life, enlightened by mutual and disinterested love for each other, was even then more fulfilling to them than the life of criminals like him could ever hope to be, even at times of great material prosperity. Giuseppe had made it known, at every step that he wanted to fight cancer to the end. He said: ''I want every fighting chance''. His very low morphine intake, used only when needed, shows that he himself never flinched; but he was repeatedly knifed in the back by unworthy medical personnel who took upon themselves - with the complicity of hierarchical superiors - to murder their patient, after having subjected him to a series of medically inappropriate experimentations and murderous falsifications.




Giuseppe was pushed by Singh and all others into a purposefully dysfunctional palliative care system. What is more, this was done against his will. Aside from the murderous self-fulfilling prophecy artificially created and recreated against him every time he showed any signs of recovery, doctors negated medical routine assistance, such as blood transfusion; in fact they did not even care to answer his calls to offer an explanation, not even by the intermediary of their primary nurse. The patient and the family had to argue about proper hydration despite the stomach ablation and the heavy, hydronephrosis-producing chemotherapy. Doctors and palliative personnel all ganged up to push morphine or others oedema producing opiates such as hydromorphone on Giuseppe. They did this against his wishes and refused to contemplate the possibility to try, under tight medical surveillance, other pain control methods, which are legal in Canada. No doctor was available for home visit; when Dr. Resk, the nurse consultant, did found one at York Central Hospital (remember that the callous Chief-of-Staff there is Larry Grossman) Giuseppe and Paul were told that Dr. Berger was a Jew from the United States. (Actually, they did not know why they should have been told this in the first place; in retrospect, it is clear that over-represented criminals like to make their weight felt, even in an hospital setting; they would even pretend to have their proverbial ''pound of flesh'', as Paul noted, with always the same inevitable historical consequences in the end. The proven record of Berger, and other such doctors, pertaining to their upholding of their Hippocratic Oath, independently of their origin, would have been a more pertinent and a more useful piece of information.) Despite fever and infections, eventually taken care of through the intervention of the family doctor, this Berger did not make himself available. No one else was available. Dr Resk even explained to Paul that palliative care doctor would only deal with pain control and nothing else! Berger even stressed that, in any case, he would not initiate house visits, before the end of the Jewish Holidays: We are dealing here with a Canadian public hospital, but grotesque over-representation turns the Constitution into a sinister joke, given that Canadian-Jews only represent some 2% of the general population; and given that obscurantist and criminal philo-Semite Nietzschean Masonic lodges would now pretend to place themselves above the laws of the Land or indeed ''beyond Good and Evil''. The same over-representation of minute minorities possibly turns the Law of Great Numbers into an even greater barbaric joke, even after taking into account family background, other socio-economic privileges, as well as class and cast-incestuous selection processes. If only the great majority of gentiles citizens and residents alike could plan not to get sick when it might interfere with arrogant rabbis and their minute herds of chosen believers, all ignorant of their own necessary erubs ... then, perhaps, singularity could pass for universality! We have entered the Twenty-First Century but we are apparently still faced with the absurd tentative to interpret national constitutions in the light of a second-hand plagiarized Leviticus, instead of the reverse! It is indeed a ''return'' ... to obscurantism. We thus have palliative care with opium pushers but no visiting doctors entitled to perform full medical exams.


Yet, this is only part of the story. Transport (with a stretcher) to the hospital was difficult to obtain. At each turn Giuseppe was faced with a brutal choice between calling the ambulance only to be brought to the closest available hospital or argue for days to obtain transport to Sunnybrook. This happens even though Giuseppe and his family carried the main burden and did not weigh extraordinarily on public health costs, thanks to the a minimum home maintenance program, featuring only a visiting nurse, an environment made feasible by Pauls availability. If that was not enough, it is now clear to Paul how the selection of palliative personnel is made: People are selected who will blindly obey superiorsdirectives, even when they know them to be illegal or, in any case, when they can no longer ignore that fact, after the patients explanations. Something more sinister is equally at play with the palliative personnel. This has less to do with their individual character than with the degenerated philo-Semite Nietzschean system put in place: we will come back on this aspect shortly. For now, note should be taken of the behaviour of the main visiting nurse Marcia: she simply lied and criminally doctored the palliative care Chart - thus emulating Coburn, Singh and others. She purposefully reported incomplete and entirely false notes. After the repositioning of the drain on Dec 16, 2009, she started to use extra-precaution, but did not say anything to the family. It turned out that this botched repositioning, together with the refusal to offer Giuseppe the needed antibiotics - given his know bacteraemia - quickly caused the onset of biliary sepsis and MRSA, both duly underlined by the laboratory work on Giuseppes very first day in the Emergency on Dec 19, 2009. Curable nosocomial infections, which are purposefully ignored, seem such a rapid and obviously abusive (and in the end, counter-productive) cost-cutting administrative expedient (See Dwosh waxing profusely but rather idiotically about the great majority of cancer patients dying from infections rather than cancer according to statistics he got from Mount Sinai Hospital ...)


Marcia, obviously obeying guideline - and thus preserving her job, in the process - studiously failed to see the soaked dressing which, she was now changing with increased precaution; she failed to notice the stink caused by the sepsis despite Pauls questioning, and she simply noted that the drain was functioning well. Meanwhile, with the help of her superiors, she was obviously trying to insure that she would be the only nurse who would visit Giuseppe in what they obviously thought were his last days. Her visits had been shifted to a daily schedule to a visit every two or three days; given that she usually did not work on Saturday, the problem did arise on how to control the timing.When Paul called on Dec 19, 2009 another nurse had to come; as soon as he came at the door, he noticed the strong septic stink; when he looked at the dressing he simply said: ''this is full of puss'', something confirmed by the ambulance personnel and by York Central Hospital Emergency diagnosis before the likes of Grossman tried to hide it, and pretend that the drain was working perfectly.


Marcia was equally and strangely apprised of Pauls discussion with Giuseppe about the flushing problem, though Paul had not yet brought the issue up with her. (Obviously, the likes of Grossman, Cory, Cox, Beaudry,, Ménard, Tellier, Drummond, Smarden, Robinson and many others of this same ilk, as well as their subordinates, were relaying and manipulating information which they could only access trough the active and illegal violation of the privacy of the De Marcos home. Marcia argued that she only had to flush the port-a-cath line once in a while with saline, given that saline was already used for hydration. Eventually, she checked her orders and flushed the line with saline. Paul had her notice that the first time she attempted to use the port-a-cath line, she could not draw blood and even had to use a pic line; he underlined that, in the pharmacy supplies, heparin flushes were provided and should perhaps be used at least once in a while. But he was rebuked: In a known manoeuvre, during the next visit, Marcia exhibited a document with her orders on it, which stated, ''no heparin required''. One wonders then why heparin flushes are provided with the supplies in the first place. The crude truth is that not enough heparin does provoke coagulation and therefore increases the risk of infection along the transfusion line, as well as possible heart problems, while, a contrario, ''too much heparin'' makes the ''blood too thin'', thus artificially causing deadly internal haemorrhages and multi-organ failure. These are tricks, which are well known to Marcias superiors. She just obeyed orders one might say. But she did this knowingly and proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she was ready to lie to the patient and the family - and on the Chart - by ignoring a death-causing biliary sepsis immediately detectable by the odour and by a simple glance at the dressing.


Marcia did not ignore the harassment by the Black driver who delivered to hydration supplies, just ordered by a callous Singh, who could no longer ignore Paul on the subject, but nevertheless dared called him ''loud''. Obviously, a delivery driver would not do such things without expecting to be protected by hierarchical superiors. And by now, we know who they are: Grossman and Cory being directly involved in the management of care of Giuseppe, as Dwosh neatly documented. When Paul contacted Calea to denounced the repugnant harassment and also to obtain the name of the driver, he got no answer. However Marcia knew - from what channels? She thus phoned one evening to inquire: the fact that she already knew of Pauls denunciation is interesting as such.


Paul can only conclude that the palliative care system he experienced is criminally organised. This experience is shared by many other Canadians and residents alike, without perhaps the same comprehension of its real anti-constitutional criminality; but all suffer the consequences through the accelerated death of their relatives.


As Paul came to understand it, this is a philo-Semite Nietzschean palliative care conception consciously copied from earlier philo--Semite fascist and Nazi experimentations before the racial laws of 1938. That is to say when these regimes were still ferociously philo-Semite Nietzschean and Benito Mussolini, for instance, was honoured as the Great Protector of Jews, while employing American-Jews propagandists and scoundrels like Ezra Pound. The principle Paul was faced with is barbarically simple: if a patient cannot walk s/he is deemed to be unable to receive active medical treatment. This barbaric principle pretends to have a cost-cutting administrative logic to it, something highly dubious in itself. However, it makes no scientific and human sense at all. This is aggravated by demographics. Cancer patients and other terminally-ill, or older and non-autonomous patients are the covertly designated victims. One should simply read the philo-Semite Nietzschean Lloyd Axworthy spurious and hasty arguments relative to Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases to fully grasp the extend of this self-contented barbarity, arguments being comfortably offered while others, pulling in the same direction, push hard for a two-tier health-care system. (Incidentally, the former minister of External Affairs would be hard pressed to admit in whose classes he, like others, found the inspiration for the worthy struggle against anti-personnel weapons … and not just land mines.) Coincidence or not, and Paul humbly thinks it is not, Axworthys journalistic piece on the subject, with all its usual stuffed-up gravitas and spurious long-term projections, was published in the Globe-and-Mail while Giuseppe was in the Emergency, and plans were already devised to dispatch him during the coming Christmas Night. Later the French-Jew and incommensurable pitre Alain Minc, known to illegally violate Pauls privacy and computer and to have reversed-plagiarized his material on many occasions, offered the same argument on ''social costs''; of course, he was not speaking of the social costs of Jewish and other public bailed-out private banks (so much for Attali ''Largent des Juifs''!), but of terminally-ill and aged patients. The pitre Minc offered this piece of renewed philo-Semite Nietzschean social thinking, gratuitously abusing the privacy of his own aged father in the process, and characteristically throwing false numbers to the gullible public, only to be rapidly rebuked by attentive readers.


In this conception, when the long-term prospects of a patient are judged ''poor'' (whatever this is supposed to mean) s/he is speedily pushed into palliative care. Once in palliative care, thanks to geometric increase of highly-addictive and pulmonary oedema producing morphine, or through neglected nosocomial infections, the lives of these patients are barbarously and covertly abbreviated. Remember Dwoshs statistics: Dwosh did not understand the scientific and medical criminal tragedy revealed by them (As for Redstone, she still needs to read the statistics, apparently.) But Dwoshs superiors do understand the underlying logic perfectly well, and actually do bank on it. They do so in part to maintain their own class-based high salaries, bonuses and profits while spending less on constitutionally enshrined essential public services. Indeed, as a covert administrative cost-cutting devise, this hidden fast track to death is far more profitable than imposing ludicrously high parking lot fees! It has silently become the main cost-cutting devise in a public system, which these people destine to increased privatisation and consequently to philo-Semite Nietzschean, though unconstitutional, inequality of access. Dwosh decided to abbreviate Pauls brothers life as soon as he was in charge on Jan 4, 2010. What on Earth can a change in ''philosophy of care'' mean when acted on conjunction with the tentative to extort patient ''consent'' to his accelerated death, at a minimum through the negation of an available and already concerted treatment? But Dwosh could not ignore the Christmas assassination attempt carried out with too much heparin: instead of calling the police, as the law requires, he cold-bloodedly decided to finish the job.


It needs to be stressed that the Canadian Charter of Rights enshrines the right to life and the security of the person, as well as essential public services - chief among these, health care - and equality of access for all Canadians and indeed for all permanent residents. It does not enshrine the protection of privacy as such, albeit Canada indirectly does this through its signature of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Be it as it may any intrusive and disruptive intrusion into privacy must perforce contradict the above absolute right to life and security of the person. It is clear that life and security of the person cannot be undermined with recourse to Article I (i.e. what might be judged acceptable in a democratic society) because these rights are by nature absolute or else they cease to exist. The Articles on essential public service guarantees and equality among Canadians tell the same story: If care is available, it is necessarily available to all on an equal footing, even if this can sometime mean a waiting period which needs to be medically and scientifically managed and perhaps prioritised. As far as costs are concerned, any policy must perforce respect the Constitution or be ultra vires. The State or the provinces might decide no to offer access to certain kind of care, but can only do this within constitutional limits, because essential services must remain of comparable quality from coast to coast to coast. Historically a line was drawn between routine medicine and hospitalisation: With the former, services can be available but not reimbursed by the State; but certainly not with the latter because this would clearly be anti-constitutional. In a hospital context the most the State can constitutionally do is to prioritise access or to shun services altogether for all citizens and permanent residents ... until these new services become scientifically proven or affordable. (The principle applies to drugs and to the necessary use of generic drugs.) The same rule applies for ICU and CCU. However, being a rich country Canada, equally has some unwritten obligation to operate at least up to international standards. Furthermore, the decision process must remain within the confine of the legislative process in a constitutionally ordered federal framework. In any case access to care can never be negated by the implementation of unconstitutional unequal access, not even with the instauration of a largely privatised system.


Paul is convinced that this philo-Semite Nietzschean cost-cutting policy implemented at the expense of terminally-ill and aged patients and seniors makes no micro nor macro-economic sense at all: It is uniquely driven by the policy choice to privatise and to impoverish workers and ordinary citizens, making them vulnerable to the point where they would cherish the ''charity'' and the private ''assistance'' (as opposed to publicly guaranteed ''social insurance'') offered by the putative new ''masters of the world'', but financed through a regressive ''flat tax policy''. This general alienation and subordination of the mass of so-called ''gentiles'' is the dirty secret of the current philo-Semite Nietzschean ''return'' now forcefully implemented in the West. A trend already demonstrated by the grotesque over-representation of minute ''chosen'' reactionary groups already alluded to here. In micro-economic medical terms, Dwoshs statistics make no sense at all and seem highly counter-productive in the end. Pauls brother experience shows that the medical costs would have been much less if Coburn had told the truth, and if Singh had been less incompetent both with the biliary drain and with the chemotherapy-related and highly predictable hydronephrosis; as for nosocomial induced agonies, it would be surprising if they were less expensive in hospital-bed terms, than with careful home palliative care with perhaps the very final days spent in hospital, aside from automatic access to full and speeded laboratory work through a real home visiting doctor, as well as rapid access to the Emergency of the hospital directly responsible for the treatment. Insurance costs and the like should not enter in the equation here because they have already been contributed by the patient or depend on the larger cost-saving national solidarity system. At most, one can regret that the family assistance program which should back up palliative care is not properly evolved: For instance, paid leaves and the right to return to the previous job without losses, including in terms of pension contributions and the likes. (Of course, such family assistance program should be voluntary and should not seek to impose any ''family'' code of conduct, nor to induce guilt in individuals. After all no home palliative care system can function without the support of a strong institutional branch.)


Today, as Paul can testify, this ill-advised cost-cutting medical business has already created a monstrous, if covert, walk-or-die Aufseherinnen organization and, worse still, institutional mentality. As for macro-economic costs, they are the main element of this discussion since, together with progressive democratic taxation they ''over-determine'' micro-economic data. Re-establishing and developing Marxs theory, Paul has offered the concept of ''social surplus value'' to complete the theory of absolute surplus value and productivity: Absolute surplus value entails the extraction of exchange value through the exploitation of labour time; productivity does the same through structural intensity, which send us back to the improved organic composition of capital (technology, organisation of the work and production processes etc). As for ''social surplus value'' it generally refers to the extra exchange value derived from a better overall organisation or socio-economic planning in the national or supra-national Social Formation.


A simple way, to illustrate this point, aside from pubic health care and pension (see below) is to recall the demonstrated drastic lowering of the socio-economic costs and of the budgetary burden by the Welfare reorganization of the spending power of the Advanced capitalist State, as opposed to the neoliberal Hooverian haphazard (means-tested) aid and assistance programs These improvised neoliberal programs had sent many provinces and States to or close to bankruptcy. More than half a century ago the Rowel-Sirois Report had laboriously made the point on the basis of the contributions made by Beveridge, Keyness and the US New Dealers. These principles have been displaced by the ''return'' of neoliberal economics (Hicks, Samuelson, Solow, Friedman and tutti quanti, at the cost of some scoundrelous theoretical falsifications. See Pauls ''Hi-Ha!'') This displacement can be explained by various reasons, chief among them being the bourgeois incomprehension of value extraction forms and thus of the historical necessity to consciously develop ''social surplus value''. In short, macro-economics was subordinated to micro-economics as spun out by private firms, ultimately giving us the current grotesquely and highly destructive anti-dumping free-trade definition enshrined at the WTO with which pensions, social benefits and environmental criteria are now totally abstracted from the computation of real labour cost. Ludicrously, labour costs are lowered for the ''working poor'' (Julius Wilson) and forced part-timers through lower-bracket non-taxable wages, thus impacting further on State finance. This is a strange paradigmatic exclusivist logic through which, due to global competition and in the absence of a good anti-dumping definition, individual capitalist wages are now being paid by subtractions to the differed salary (pension, UI etc) and the ''global net revenue'' of households (the above plus transfers in the form of universally accessible ''social services''.) Welfare is replaced by Workfare and civilizations are made to walk backwards, like crabs, by obscurantist but hegemonic philo-Semite Nietzschean minds. Some recurrent ''return to Midnight'', indeed! In such an inhumane system, labour is considered as a mere commodity: tongue in our amiable cheek, we could call this system ''Palliative care and Industry'' or more simply the ''Awakened nihilistsreturn to their Aufseherinnen Ideal''. Methinks that it does not bode too well for these criminals, despite current appearances.


We should perhaps quickly emphasise here that public health-care systems, similar to the Canadian system, only cost around 10 % of GDP compared to almost fully private systems such as the dysfunctional US system: Paradoxically, the former is increasingly dismantled to copy the latter! Yet, the US system squanders yearly more that 16 % of GDP but still leaves millions of citizens and residents without any medical care (close to 50 millions before the last reform, to be exact.) The more recent US reforms are squarely based on market-dominated criteria of access to what remains essentially a private system defended by Democrats Lobbyists, on behalf of big pharmaceutical firms. Chances are great to see its already mountainous costs explode still further ... This happens despite the universal understanding by all, at least since the Great Depression, that citizens and humans beings in general should be protected against calamities which do happen ''through no fault of their own''. A society which can cold-bloodedly contemplate to reverse constitutionally protected social rights (universal and equal access to guaranteed essential public services) is a dangerously regressive society. A society in which, sooner or later, grotesquely over-represented privileged minorities will typically pretend to place themselves above the law and to dictate, condone and later even try to cover up, torture, if not ''torture under medical supervision''.


Today, too many people would pretend to ignore the fact that workers die on average 9 to 11 years before their managers, depending on their occupations. Abusing spurious long-term demographic projections, which intentionally do not account for the inevitable scientific and ergonomic advances bound to happen in the next 50 years, regressive social policies are pushed down the throat of the citizens. The brutal remedy is straight-forward: it advocates the rapid replacement of public pension systems and modern geriatric care with a barbarous palliative care system inspired by philo-Semite Nietzschean exclusivist principles. Such systems would simultaneously guarantee that ordinary citizens will not draw on their pensions for more than a few years before the average age of death; in such a system, covert and surreptitiously introduced euthanasia, masked by spurious and criminal consent forms, will insure that workers and ordinary citizens would weigh even less on the health care system than on the public pension system, although they, themselves, have financed both with their value producing labour. All should remember that the actuarial criterion, which was used when the initial public pension schemes were first created at the beginning of the last Century, insured that people could draw on their pension only three (3) years before the average age of death. This primitive criterion is the Guiding Light (to the Nietzschean ''midnight'') and the Absolute monolithic Ideal towards which regressive philo-Semite Nietzschean minds want to ''return.'' In this (deconstructivist?) social narrative, ''progress'' and ''science'' must be shunned upon in favour of self-chosen ''authority'', if not biblical, reactionary and Masonic obscurantism, complete with their theocratic Index. An age-old suicidal folly, indeed.


One cannot avoid being ashamed of such regressive democracy when one reads the abusive philo-Semite Nietzschean conclusions drawn from the statistical and otherwise encouraging social fact that 80 % and more of all health-care costs for the average citizen do occur in the last three years of life: This should be saluted as good social progress. Instead, these barbarous philo-Semite Nietzschean over-represented arrogant and largely incompetent, though crassly over-represented crews, unanimously conclude that these last three years can still be reduced to only a few weeks! Inevitably, thanks to their over-representation and systemic influence, statistics already do show that the great majority of cancer and terminally-ill patients actually die rapidly from neglected nosocomial infections, rather than directly from their illness! Aside from the palpable barbarity of this state of affair, and given the comparative overall health-care public and private ratios to GDP emphasized above, such an approach does not make sense, neither humanly, medically nor socio-economically. Modern public geriatric care, as well as modern public childcare systems is proven quality job-creation programs, which exhibit large domestic and local economic Multiplicator effects. Furthermore, public credit used to sustain the business cycle would be far less onerous to State finance than the billionaire bailout plans lavished on private banks. This is because State banks would benefit from the lever effect derived from a classic prudential ratio. Based on such ratio, a public investment bank could thus lend al least 8 billion for an initial investment of 1 billion. Note that today, neoliberals have desegregated the entire financial sector - in particular Clintons Glass-Steagall Act - while equally doing away with any real prudential ratio: Given the mountains of ''scraps'' and other financial instruments, the current and dangerously shaky prudential ratio these days typically gravitates around 40 to 1 and worse ... According to the Basel-based BIS we are now in the rapacious hands of an unsustainable speculative system in which over $ 58 trillion of CDS and $ 596 trillion of OTC are foolishly build upon some $15 trillion of real asset-value in a financial regime deprived of any prudential ratios. The rules of the game being the same after the 2008 subprimes crisis as before, these numbers are now even worse and accumulating rapidly ... (Former US Treasury Paulson actually offered in March 2008, that is to say in the middle of the worse financial-economic crisis since the Great Depression, a solution directly drawn form a pre-crisis report written in March 2007, which, in effect, summarizes all the errors which led to the crisis in the first place ...)


Be it as it may, such health-care cost-accounting issues cannot be decided surreptitiously by criminal administrators and purported Chief-of-Staff such as Grossman, on the basis of their own idiosyncratic cost-cutting and anti-human arithmetic: They can only be decided by the electorate of this country, within the existing constitutional framework. If political leaders are afraid to loose their majority over such issues, they should simply shelve them, instead of trying to impose such constitutional deviances through a characteristic abuse of legitimate authority. Paul has argued elsewhere that false representation is the worse crime one can commit against democracy. Money is not lacking, contrarily to what is often said: It is squandered. Suffice it to recall here that in the last 10 years, the federal government alone has squandered more than 110 billion in so-called ''tax expenditures'' in favour of the wealthier segment of the population. (Tax-expenditures are conservatively cute and cherished by these people, because once they are granted they neatly disappear from the books, and thus the budget remains constantly precarious and always in need of more surgical social cuts in order to be ''balanced''; balanced, that is, on the basis of stern private Victorian family budgetary principles, falsely imported into the public finance and economic domains, as Keyness so aptly denounced. The same gigantic squandering happens at the provincial level, for instance through ill-considered bailout plans of private banks and enterprises which dramatically increase both provincial debt and its rating. True, the elected executive with a legislative majority legally controls the democratic decision-making process. It can therefore impose its priorities as far as the allocation of the resources of the community is concerned. What they cannot do however, is to proceed to such dangerously unfair, and in the end, economically suicidal allocations in an unconstitutional fashion. This is particularly reprehensible when it is implemented by covert means.


This brings us back to health care and palliative care: These essential public services can never be legally turned into accelerated corridors of death, especially for those considered, according to the silly and grotesque but now consecrated expression, ''too poor'', or with ''poor long term prospects'' and a ''poor quality of life'' ... Giuseppes case shows how such systemic deviance quickly created a general, Nazi-like mentality complete with euthanasia, medical experiments and medical murders. As well as their generalized Aufseherinnen mentality, reinforced by a rampant selection of acquiescing and ''empowered'' subalterns. Surely, the Federal and the provinces can argue over how best to respect constitutional principles, they can even arduously argue over the constitutionally enshrined perequation formula; but they cannot negate equality of access. In the end, though the mass media are totally philo-Semite Nietzschean and undemocratic in their general outlook, Canadian citizens do elect their federal and provincial representatives. These representatives cannot violate the Constitution or pretend to interpret it for us: Like the rest of us, they are bound by it. Politicians can never pretend to avoid this democratic and constitutional verification process through an abuse of their too often undeserved positions. Not to speak of presumed ''deference to Authority'' as a conformity-creating selection criterion, which inevitably leads to a ''group-think'' mentality. Critical deference is due to the constitution, to the law - including natural law - and to the scientific method and deontology, never to posturing ''authority''. One national newspaper even arbours this worthy democratic rule of conduct on his front page.


The above are not theoretical arguments, they have an immediate practical aspect. We have already illustrated above the operation of the purposefully dysfunctional palliative care system. But we can also look at the implementation of some devious principles. Take for instance Dwoshs manoeuvring with regard to dialysis and cardiac resuscitation: Paul argument was simple and straightforward: do everything that is medically and legally needed in a contest in which the Canadian Supreme Court had unanimously ruled against euthanasia, and in which medical murder and assisted suicide are illegal. We know that the real immediate issue with Giuseppe was the assassination attempt carried out at Christmas with too much heparin aggravated by MRSA: but we equally know that as soon as Giuseppe was transferred to ICU, he was giving signs of recovery. This was happening before Dwosh (and Grossman et al.) unilaterally chose to negate the treatment plan concerted between Dr. Gladman and Paul. Dr. Gladmans argument whether dialysis would be offered if the patient presented in the general community is the right approach, but seems partly spurious here because it makes abstraction of the large consecutive and unmonitored amounts of heparin. Such a condition is not typical of the general community usually concerned by dialysis, at least not in a verifiable statistical fashion. Giuseppe was not an ordinary dialysis candidate. However, in retrospect Paul should not have trusted the haematology expert as to the non-urgency of dialysis. The question remains: Given that the multi-organ failure was caused by ''too much heparin'', instead of illusory mets not supported by York Central own data, if prompt dialysis would have helped and was not offered automatically, then this becomes criminally serious. The College will have to investigate.


As for cardiac failure and resuscitation, there was even less urgency in Giuseppes case than for dialysis, when the issue is looked at from a legal medical perspective. Nothing in the Charts points to a possible heart problem. But, as we know, heart failure can easily be induced in already wakened patients, the Kevorkian cocktail is indeed based on an induced heart failure different from a classic cardiac arrest (check Dwoshs calculated ''compromise'' on this subject during the last meeting with Paul. Note also that instead of doing his medical job, this evil Dwosh was busily thinking up ''compromises'' devised to mask his actions and protect himself. The studiously ignored toxicology sounds here as a direct proof of individual and institutional culpability.) In the end, Dwoshs negation of the concerted treatment amounts to active euthanasia and medical murder more than the know Kavorkian regime (In any case, Giuseppe did suffer something along these lines with increased continuous amounts of morphine, sedatives, lasix, nepho, NaHCO3, pantoloc and oxygen raised in one single shot form 40% to 100 %. To which is added a toxicology analysis that was pointedly not performed by the in-house coroner, who was obviously working hand in hand with Dwosh and Grossman. Paul had seen Sam bringing a brown bag with medications in it to Vivian few days before the end, and the Chart shows that Vivian was there when the morphine level was raised unilaterally ''for comfort'' but without medical necessity and, above all, without the patients agreement or even his consultation. Furthermore, Giuseppes heart was still beating at 94 and plus at 7:00 AM on Monday January 11, 2010 and indeed for a while after Paul was readmitted in the room after 8:05 AM. Meanwhile, the night nurse had just been replaced by Sam. When Paul asked Sam to call the doctor urgently to analyse Giuseppes situation and see if anything could be done, including cardiac resuscitation, Sam ignored him and went so far as to record it in the Chart! Obviously, he was counting on higher protection. When Paul asked him for his family name, he first offered to write it down, and then refused to provide it when he understood that Paul was not going to accept Dwoshs criminal interference with the coroner. As we know, Dwosh single-handedly decided to call the coroner to ask him not to come. It might be that Giuseppe did not necessitate cardiac resuscitation, but a doctor would refuse to show up only if he already had a clear idea about how Giuseppe was going to die. This in a context in which despite this set up, Giuseppes heart was still beating at 94! Earlier, doctors even refused to react to the lab urgent call about blood gas even though Giuseppes temperature remained normal for a long time (warming blankets were off). Obviously, the decision had been made to withhold medical assistance no matter what. Giuseppe apparently had to die before someone else would replace Dwosh on this Monday morning of Jan 11, 2009. Characteristic of a sadistic criminal mind, the evil Dwosh made sure to stay until past 11:00 AM and he did not hesitate to interfere with the coroner; and yet technically he was no longer in charge: he had not been there for the patient, but he was there to interfere with the coroner ... His criminal intent was as ferocious and cold-bloodedly calculated and carried out as can be expected from such an evil doctor in a new Aufseherinnen system.


In Giuseppes case it all boiled down to what Paul was repeating preventively: Medical murder is illegal, euthanasia is illegal in Canada, let us therefore not contemplate any variations of it, active or indirect; doctors should respect their Hippocratic Oath and provide those medical services for which they are trained, not moral or pseudo-legal advise. And, in the end, within the medical and legal framework, everything should be done to save the patient without prejudging of ''comfort'' or of ''long-term prospects'', especially when the patient continues to be quite explicit about it. (The evil Dwosh calls Giuseppe ''moribund'' but does not hesitate to extubate him twice on Jan 6 and 9 to try to extort his consent to ... accelerated death ... an illegal absurdity in and by itself! Whichever way we want to examine the problem, within the existing framework of constitutional laws and medical possibilities, the patients wishes should reign supreme and remain uncontested. To pretend otherwise amounts to opening wide the Road to Barbarity much more than to alleged servitude. Philo-Semite Nietzschean barbarity, ''once again'', to be precise.




The ambulance crew was highly professional and quick. They did not hide the hepato-biliary sepsis, nor the alert state of the patient. Emergency doctors and imaging personnel probably did everything they could ... up until December 23, 2009. (Although for three long days the known MRSA was hidden from the patient and from the family.) After that date, Giuseppe was transferred to 3 E, where upon arrival his conditions and long-term prospects were already judged to be too poor, thus sickly leading to an automatic suspension of active treatments; or rather to a suspension criminally supplemented with large amounts of unmonitored heparin and other drugs - among which K-Dur and NaHCO3 - with the clear intent to dispatch Giuseppe to death on Christmas Night. What happened? Paul had told all doctors not to trust Sunnybrook narrative, which was uniquely aimed at hiding the two botched surgeries and the murderous experimental self-fulfilling prophecy. The young doctor Wong was asked whether he could contact Dr Ko, given that doctor Ko has successfully inserted the biliary drain in the first place on the basis of independent imaging and expertise. Two failed attempts to reposition the drain were made and soon abandoned. On the afternoon of December 23, 2009, the young doctor Wong asked Giuseppe rather despondently ''So, Mr De Marco, what can I do for you now.'' Giuseppe a professional tool and die maker and designer routinely used to work with very few thousand of an inch tolerance looked at him and pointing his finger answered gently but firmly: ''Fix this drain'' (In retrospect, having later learned, through his careful study of the Charts, that Giuseppe had a residual common bile duct of 0.5 cm, Paul can understand the medical predicament of doctor Wong and his team: Despite the absence of mets, independently revelled by York Central CT Scan, the botched surgeries and active criminal neglect and wrong treatment that followed to satisfy Coburn-Singhs experimentations, made it almost impossible to fix that drain. But then the only acceptable course of action would have been to tell the patient and his family, to denounce the fact to the College and to call the police: Hospitals are not places for philo-Semite Nietzschean butchers and Nazi-like experimenters.


An other important fact should be emphasised. On Dec 19, 2009, the first day Giuseppe spent in Emergency, the lab had detected MRSA and York Central CT scans contradicted the metastasis gastric cancer narrative (remember that no gastric primary was ever proven.) Meanwhile, the chest imagings were still showing clear lungs, thanks to Giuseppe very low doses of hydromorphone. Yet after the failed second attempt on Dec 23, 2009, instead of calling the police to denounce the murder and the Chart falsifying narrative put forth by Sunnybrook, the decision was made to adopt that narrative as a cover for a cancer related so-called ''natural death'' and to assassinate Giuseppe on Christmas night. The attempt was foiled given Giuseppes own insistence on active treatment and full code.


One more thing needs to be added concerning York Central Emergency: MRSA was detected from day one. Giuseppe was quickly isolated in a room in the Emergency ward, but neither the patient nor his family were told. When he was finally brought on 3 E, he ended up in a double-bed room with a patient constantly wearing a mask, and yet neither the patient nor the family were alerted. (No more than the other patient and family.) They were told only on December 23, 2009 when Giuseppe was placed in isolation and the decision already taken - see the administration of drugs - to dispatches him to his death on the Night of Christmas. Meanwhile, it is obvious that an attempt to infect the whole family had been coldly devised and coldly carried out: The caricature Canadian-Jew Larry Grossman being Chief-of-Staff. These things do not happen normally: They are carefully planned and after a while they tend to become part of a system based on general criminal deviance and silent, if venal and opportunistic, complicity. Unless they find sufficient inner strength to react, civilisations are routinely destroyed when they tolerate such systemic and exclusivist deviance.




The evil Dwosh set out to bring to a speedy conclusion the medical murder of Giuseppe, which had failed on Christmas Night, Dec 25, 2009. Every Monday a different doctor takes turn in ICU-CCU at York Central Hospital. Most tragically, on January 4, 2009, the evil Dwosh was in charge. The Chart shows without ambiguity that as soon as January 4, 2009, this evil doctor had decided to do away with Giuseppe before he would be replaced on the next Monday. Already then he decided that Giuseppe was ''moribund'' and that his long-term prospects were poor, and therefore that he would abbreviate his live. He actually would do so by unilaterally negating the treatment plan concerted by Paul with Dr. Gladman on Dec 31, 2009; instead, under the guise of a ''compromise'' offered to Paul (a ''compromise'', can you imagine this?) he would set up Giuseppe for a slow cardiac failure thus avoiding the question of cardiac resuscitation; he would do this thanks to the usual cocktail, slightly changed in this instance because both morphine and oxygen were dramatically raised without asking for permission from the unwilling patient and much less from any member of his family, at least for the morphine. We should underline here that the in-house coroner ignored Pauls request for a toxicology analysis, which should have been done immediately because of the known masking substances, like lasix etc ... A few days before the end, Paul had witnessed Sam bringing a suspect brown bag to Vivian containing medications; this in retrospect takes a very sinister aspect. And, of course, it was arranged for Sam to be Giuseppes day nurse on January 11, 2010 when his heart suddenly failed around 8:20 AM (Giuseppes temperature was normal blankets were off- and his heart was still beating at 94 and more before Paul left for the shift change at 7:00 AM, to return soon after 8:00 AM) However, contrary to Pauls guidelines the in-house unqualifiable coroner Lucas together with Grossmans gross interference with due process and with the autopsy itself, insured that no toxicology was performed.


Aside from the masking ''compromise'', this evil Dwosh had the extraordinary chutzpah to ''offer'' Paul to take his brother somewhere else. Paul simply and scornfully answered that Giuseppe was in a Canadian public hospital. Dwosh actually goes so far as to write it in the chart! This, however, should be reason enough to immediately fire this silly and evil Canadian Jew from York Central Hospital and bar him for life from any medical employment.


The negation of the concerted treatment by evil Dwosh and his insistence to call and treat Giuseppe as a ''moribund'', even though he was giving real signs of recovery, constitutes a medical murder. A medical murder carried out cold-bloodedly with very precise calculations. These included the occultation of ''too much heparin'' and ''too thin blood'' (his own words), the masking harassment over dialysis and heart failure, as well as the use of ''empowered'' nurses like Vivian (who raised the morphine dramatically without telling Giuseppe or Paul; this insured that the patient was ''lethargic'' before Redstone came to offer her ''second opinion'') and Sam whose presence at the very end insured that Pauls appeals for a doctor would be callously ignored.Sams real role should have been determined by the toxicology analysis, which was ignored because of the crapulous interference of Grossman and Lucas.


Neither Dwosh - nor the Canadian-Jew Grossman- could ignore the falsehood of Coburns and Singhs narrative. They could not ignore the CT scan performed at York Central, which not only did not support the gastric metastasis narrative but moreover showed that both the lungs and the heart were in good shape. (Indeed, Giuseppes lungs were clear enough because of his very low daily dose of hydromorphone, rigorously takes only when needed.) Dwosh did not ignore the reason why Wong and others had failed to reposition the drain, nor that the residual length of the common bile duct was only 0.5 cm; he could not ignore either that the hepato-sepsis necessarily linked with MRSA was spotted from the very beginning at York Central, that is to say 4 days before Dec 23, when the failure to reposition the drain twice gave way to the criminal borrowing of the Sunnybrook metastases narrative, and thus to the cold and murderous willingness to dispose of Giuseppe during the next Christmas Night. This was done with the administration of large amounts of heparin for a whole week (see list attached). This strategy was crowned with the final killing through the forcefully damaging suctions of the lungs by a older ''empowered'' nurse, XXX, who was so distressed when Giuseppe was finally carried to ICU, despite her best efforts to finish him off, that she kept repeating to a disgusted Paul: ''But his conditions are very poor, you know, he is very poor''. Of course, Dwosh could not ignore the murderous effect of the unmonitored administration of large amounts of heparin; in the Chart he takes note of it together with the ''too thin blood'', which was causing internal haemorrhages. But instead of telling the truth to Paul and indeed to his colleagues at ICU and to the police, in tight consultation with Grossman and - according to his own bragging admission to Paul- with Peter Cory, he negated the implementation of the concerted treatment plan. He concentrated instead on his willingness to despatch Giuseppe to his death while masking his deed. To do so, he invented a narrative of his own, a narrative tailored-made to mask the most plausible medical murder attempts, one fitting Giuseppes conditions as they were falsely described in the Chart; in this way the chosen killing method could pass for a natural outcome. These possibilities were dialysis (given the multi-organ failure caused by the heparin) and heart failure, given the prior falsifications contained in the Chart that were nonetheless refuted by York Central own data which showed a strong heart with no complications up to the end. However, despite gross haematuria related to heparin intake, dialysis did not prove ''urgent'' enough to Aujla. For one thing, there were no signs of hydronephrosis in all the scans done both at Sunnybrook and York Central; heparin was thus the sole remaining cause of the kidneys problem. And this could be controlled with the proper transfusion of platelets. Remains to be seen if prompt dialysis might have helped in this instance. Evil Dwosh had therefore to fall back on way and means to get Giuseppes heart to give up without resuscitation. Yet, Giuseppe temperature remained normal until the end (warming blankets were off); and, even then, the last minute intervention of Sam still was needed in a ICU in which people, confident on the protection afforded by the Dwosh and Grossman and Cory of this world, did not shy away from altering the alarm system of life supporting equipments (the hi-ha episode.)


No wonder Dwosh did linger on until very late on this January 11, 2010 Monday morning to ensure that Giuseppe had passed away; and to insure that the coroner would not come and perform a real autopsy. And yet Dwosh pretensions as to dialysis and heart failure were clearly a narrative put up to cover up the criminal negation of the realistic treatment plan concerted with Gladman, the only real issue, at least in the absence of a scientific toxicology. With the backing of Grossman, Cory and others such mischievous criminals, he could pretend that there was no medical role for such measures. Perhaps there was no role for them - something doubtful once you dispose of the mets narrative and reintroduce heparin in the picture -, but there was certainly a role for the implementation of the treatment plan concerted with Dr. Gladman. And there was also certainly a role, given Giuseppe signs of recovery, for full active medical treatment rather than masked killing. We should emphasis here that Giuseppes heart was fine. As for the lungs, they were getting better despite complicit imagings, which would speak of a stable state but were conveniently taking as a reference point only the last scans. In reality, if the comparison had been made with earlier scans done at York Central, the slow but real improvement would have been obvious. The consolidation, which was affecting both, the upper and lower parts of the lungs on Dec 26, 2009, especially the left side, were only affecting the lower lobes when evil Dwosh took over on January 4, 2010. Furthermore, the antibiotics had been recently changed: 4 to 6 weeks were necessary for them to take effect.


Evil Dwosh knew that Giuseppe was criminally butchered at Sunnybrook. He equally knew that he had suffered a heparin assassination attempt on Christmas Night - when Jews were ludicrously celebrating the installation of a Menorah in the Atrium of a public Canadian Hospital in which Giuseppe De Marco was being actively assassinated. Dwosh and Grossman would then speak of ''natural death'' related to cancer even as Emergency and Imaging showed that there were no mets - indeed a careful reading of the charts show that no gastric primary was ever proven. Dr. Ghafouri testified that Giuseppe died form septic shock not from cancer. We have already said that cancer as a secondary cause is not a serious hypothesis (no mets were proven and stomach recurrence was ruled out by Dr. Fenech who questioned instead bile reflux.) Cancer as a secondary cause is only the fruit of a criminal Philo-Semite Nietzschean narrative destined to cover up a series of experimentations and a self-fulfilling murderous prophecy. However even Ghafouri is not telling the whole truth, though he cannot ignore it: Namely that, just as York Central Emergency and Imaging proved during the very first day, the sepsis was more precisely a hepato-biliary related sepsis, while the multi-organ failure was not due to cancer at all, but to the heparin assassination attempt carried out on Christmas Night. Clearly, evil Dwosh, in direct consultation with evil Grossman and evil Cory had planned, from the very beginning, to finish off the assassination that had just failed during the previous Christmas Night, as the conclusion of the long murderous self-fulfilling prophecy imagined by the same diseased minds. Including both the medical and the governmental diseased minds (federal and provincial, including Quebec) and their military and civilian services, with the help of the Mossad (see the Fergus episode and all the rest in the harassment section.)


Perceptions are not reality; and narratives are not facts: Philo-Semite Nietzschean narratives are usually so arrogant and crassly gross that they do not stand very long when confronted with plain and indisputable facts. Like always these philo-Semite Nietzscheans do try to dissimulate their own murderous deeds. This time they surpassed themselves: They tried to extort a ''consent to depart from patient wishes'' from a patient wrongly defined as ''moribund'' and ''lethargic'' but nevertheless extubated twice. The tentative was equally and forcefully made to extort such an absurdly criminal consent from the family, particularly through the exercise of undue and vulgar pressure on Giuseppes brother, Paul. At the very least, evil Dwosh should be barred for life from any employment having anything to do with medicine and health care. On account of his evil sadicism, he should equally be barred for life from any veterinarian activities.




On Larry Grossman see the earlier complaint and pertaining documents attached, as well as his last letter to the College in which he wrongly and knowingly lies about his direct implication in the medical care of Giuseppe De Marco. The earlier complaint concerned Grossmans crass interference with due process and with the writing of the autopsy report. As for his direct involvement with Giuseppes care, it is evident and documented. His highly paid role as medical ''chief-of-staff'' involves him principally in the general and now deviant institutional guidelines, which routinely impose euthanasia to terminally-ill patients. It does this through the sick and absurd pretension to extort consent to depart from patients wishes and, what is more, to do so under duress with a characteristic abuse of medical and institutional ''authority''. In Giuseppes case, this sick absurdity was pushed one step further: Dwosh took upon himself to fill up the consent the form and even sent it himself on behalf of the patients family against the vehemently expressed wishes of both the patient and of the family, in particular of Paul, as the legal Executor of Giuseppe. This equally makes plain that the assassination attempt carried out with too much heparin, one which was to be concluded with brutally damaging lung suctions by a complicit (and most likely Jewish, a crucial element to be determined) older nurse XXX during Christmas Night, could not have been even imagined without the approval of this grotesque criminal caricature of a chief-of-staff. Nor could the negation by Dwosh of the treatment plan concerted between Dr Gladman and Paul. Nor the harassment and the duplicity behind the studied potentially fatal delay in alerting the family about the MRSA infection. All this is crystal clear. Dwosh himself dutifully notes in the Chart that he ''updates'' Grossman who ''reviews'' the case. One can only conclude that he also consulted with Grossman when he unilaterally and illegally called the coroner to ask him not to come. Grossmans later gross and characteristic interference with the delivery of the autopsy and with due process confirms this. Indeed, it adds another crime to it.


Similarly, Grossman committed a crime and proved his gross incompetence when he tried to abuse his past and present positions and presumably his credibility (!) to convince Paul that Giuseppe had died from ''natural causes'' linked to cancer. He caricaturally ignored both York Central own data refuting the presence of gastric cancer metastases (and we know that a gastric primary was never determined); he ignored the obvious impact of heparin on the multi-organ failure; he ignored the deadly negation of the realistic concerted plan between Dr. Gladman and Paul, as well as the Death certificate written by Dr Ghafouri, which testifies that the primary cause of Giuseppes death was undeniably septic shock and certainly not cancer metastases. Ghafouri should have been more precise on the origin of the septic shock, which York Central own data unambiguously describes as hepato-biliary sepsis tied to MRSA. Obviously, the criminal covering up intent of Grossman is crystal clear.


The criminal Grossman obviously influenced Lucas, the unqualifiable in-house coroner who dares to write a forged autopsy report just to comfort Grossmans unsustainable and criminal narrative. This evidence should be more deeply investigated by the College. In effect, it would not be surprising if this criminal Jewish caricature was also involved in the original plan implemented by Coburn and Singh. The direct responsibility of Grossman with the dysfunctional palliative care is real and direct, and will have to be verified in details by the College. As well as, for instance, Grossmans almost certain influence on the non-availability of a house visiting palliative care doctor (see the case of Berger, equally from York Central.) The College will equally need to investigate the complicity of Grossman and Cory (and thus of the military and civilian intelligence services as well as of the Mossad, which seems freer to mess around in Canada than in Israel proper.) This complicity is directly attested in front of many witnesses by the bragging evil Dwosh, as much as by the prior position held by Peter Cory as an adviser on civil liberties (!) before being recently nominated as Head (Czar?) of the Communications Security Establishment.


There clearly was a new tentative to annihilate the whole De Marco family because the MRSA infection was known from day one but kept secret to the patient and the family during the first 4 days, but with Paul routinely visiting at least twice a day. The Jewish caricature Grossman could not have ignored this. Nor could this Jewish criminal caricature ignore that the same mechanism used against Giuseppe were equally used against the mother at York Central where this unqualifiable caricature is chief-of-staff. In any case, he should try to meditate this, while justice passes, as it should, in an exemplary fashion. And Justice will pass.


Criminals are criminals, are criminals, whatever positions they might occupy. Given the extraordinarily crapulous crime perpetrated against Giuseppe and his family, political ties and responsibilities will also have to be investigated by the College. The College would lose its reputation and medical credibility if it failed to demand a public inquiry to clarify this whole affair. (Please refer to the section on Harassment.) Given the seriousness of these crimes, the best thing that can happen to these monsters is for justice to pass in the most exemplary fashion. Without justice, there can be neither pity nor forgiveness. Grossman should perhaps check the utterances of the late Simon Wisenthal, the selective Nazi criminal chaser, to grasp this principle.




It just seems clear from this singular instance that Lucas will certify any crime which his superiors and acolytes, and even perhaps his rabbis or other conscience directors, will ask him to certify. Given the pervasive philo-Semite Nietzschean Aufseherinnen system now in place, as far as medical murderers are concerned, he could easily fit in a different, historically known criminal setting, at least as much as evil Dwosh. This unqualifiable individual did not shy away from creating gastric metastases ex nihilo even in the absence of a gastric primary! And he did studiously ignore evidence, in particular the obvious naked-eye evidence that the multi-organ failure, as much as the visible haemorrhages and gross haematuria were caused by the large unmonitored amounts of heparin used for 6 long days prior to the Christmas Night assassination attempt. How could one seriously speak of induration and adhesion masses as if they were gastric cancer metastases, while no gastric primary was ever proven? Things being as they are, no doubt that this unqualifiable William Lucas could still be ready to offer new ''proofs'', unfortunately he ineptly arrives too late for that sordid business. And does not prove too smart in the process: But his criminal subservience probably explains why he got the job in the first place. True to the rule, ''useful idiots'' are useful in a philo-Semite Nietzschean setting. But they crassly dishonour medicine in Canada and in general. They should be barred for life from the medical profession and sent to jail.


To cover his superiors Grossman et al., the same unqualifiable individual pretends that Giuseppe died from cancer (again no gastric cancer was ever proven) while even Dr. Ghafouri is obliged to note that the primary cause of death was septic shock (Again, if we were to check York Central own data, the primary cause was more precisely hepato-biliary sepsis due to the inevitable nosocomial infection induced with the (failed) December 16, 2009 drain repositioning without antibiotics. This was then aggravated by the murderous large amounts of unmonitored heparin fed to Giuseppe after December 23, 2009 in prevision of the planned Christmas Night assassination attempt. ''Too much heparin'' will obviously cause internal haemorrhages, mouth bleeding, gross haematuria and obviously also multi-organ failure; with brutally damaging lung suctions, it obviously also can destroy the lungs very quickly.).


Had doctors been more honest, they would have noted what the admission diagnosis told them: hepato-biliary sepsis from a leaking and infected drain. And they would have added that the multi-organ failure were not due to cancer but to too much heparin causing the blood to be ''too thin''. Indeed, evil Dwosh himself underlines it in the Chart as he took charge on Jan 4, 2010 and unilaterally decided to negate the concerted treatment plan as well as to suspend all possible active treatments (including perhaps also prompt dialysis.) Too much heparin alone explains why the kidneys were affected, because not signs of hydronephrosis were seen after since the insertion of the first ureter stent on September 2009, as York Central own data confirms. Try as you may, some phenomena are impossible to hide: For instance, gross haematuria and internal haemorrhages were constantly noted in the Chart, while even the mouth bleeding was plain for all to see, even a criminal and crassly incompetent in-house coroner. If this Lucas wants to continue to write narratives, he should write them from jail: Because, in the end, a consciously lying coroner is much worse than criminal doctors, lawyers and even judges put together. Or, for that matter, even a former judge from the Supreme Court of this Land who seems only to ready to eat up whole his own signature on a unanimous decision condemning euthanasia and a fortiori medical assassination. Well, perhaps he knows about some earlier, not too honourable precedent ...


My academic exclusion, the subsequent criminal harassment and the reparations owed to me.

Paul De Marco

Date: September 17, 2007.


Subject: My academic exclusion, the subsequent criminal harassment and the reparations owed to me.


The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

284 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

CanadaK1A 0H8




Dear Sir,


As your department already knows for years, after my illegitimate and illegal administrative exclusion from UQAM, I have been subjected to the most ignoble forms of harassment and exclusion. My career and my life were remorselessly destroyed by ignorant people believing in their personal and institutional impunity. Despite my various appeals and despite my oft repeated demands for a public inquiry into these many facetted miscarriages of justice, nothing was ever done; on the contrary, the harassment increased each time I complained. In fact, the different police and intelligence services, from the federal, the provinces and other places, were all complicit in this exclusion and in this inhuman harassment. As were the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, as well as the Canadian Parliament. Nevertheless, my present and past accusations can hardly be refuted given the very intrusive 24-hour a day surveillance, illegally imposed on me and indirectly, but criminally, on my family members.


Lately, the harassment was intensified in the form of sleep deprivation techniques. In the last few days, this had reached an intensity such that it had transformed into something far more serious than the usual forms of psychological torture: in effect, it had become and could only have been meant as an obvious assassination attempt given the impact of this sort of technique on the brain. On September 13, 2007, after a week of unbearable harassment, I was forced to spend $ 5625, 05 to buy the necessary monitoring devices. (see copy of purchase attached.)


The harassment, in its various intrusive forms, had earlier aimed at my teaching. This was done without any regard for my students, a fact that can be checked at CEGEP of Rosemont in Montreal (in particular, the illegal actions of the formerly alcoholic and drugged pseudo-professor Claude Saint-Laurent, who was then undergoing desintoxication therapy. At least, if we can trust his own un-requested version offered to me as I was reacting, with legitimate annoyance, to the incessant expression of his intolerable paranoia directed in particular against his colleague Reynolds and, in general, against the whole department. Of course, with Claude Saint-Laurents actions, you will equally have to examine those of the federal and provincial police and intelligent services which counseled him. You will equally need to examine the complicit passivity of the CEGEP de Rosemont Administration, including Mr. Schaffer, who failed to respond to my letters even as I had been wounded in class. Similarly, you will have to inquire into the illegal actions of the pseudo PQ minister Serge Ménard, his acolytes and his depraved family members shamelessly used as very sticky and dirty informers.


When I went to court against UQAM and Ms Beaudry to appeal my illegal and illegitimate exclusion, the harassment extended considerably: the surveillance systems installed in my apartments and in the car I sometime drive, were all used to interfere with the judiciary process and with my appeal at the Barreau against the scoundrelous and lying lawyer, the younger Paul Tellier. In the end, I was pushed out of my teaching position at Rosemont, thus depriving me of the financial means to pursue my legal case. This harassment was then, and continues now, to be used in an attempt to affect my intellectual faculties and my mood every time I had an appointment with my lawyers, in the courtrooms etc or whenever my courses started in the early morning. It was also used in other crapulous Judeo-Masonic and pseudo-scientific manners (in line with the harassment displayed when my deceased sister has been called the Black Virgin in a letter sent by the scoundrel Martyn Mc Kinney to my CEGEP, with the obvious intention to destabilize me. See copy attached.) In the most calculated and criminal fashion, it was also extended to all my social outings, including when they were intended as soirées for my mother. It equally took the form of criminal rumors, rumors that necessarily had to be changed and given renewed pseudo-institutional credibility after each change, due to the impossibility, after all these years, to prove any of them. To all this scoundrelous business is added the use of the illegal and unjustified 24-hour a day surveillance to steal my material right out of my desks and of my computers, in real time; this is done with the illegal use of various spying devices. Not to mention the opening and stealing of my private material sent through the normal postal services. In this last instance, special mention has to be made of the stealing of my material by Bombardier, trough Paul Telliers institutional connections, as well as by others as Ms Smarden can testify. And so did Toyota with regard to the application of the energy derived form inertia to the automobile powering engines that is now found in hybrid cars.


I now demand:


1)An immediate public inquiry into the systematic destruction of my academic career and, indeed of my whole personal life, together with the payment of punitive reparations (including lost academic salaries since 1995), as well as the restitution of the university post now owed to me, if only because of the indecent extent of the universal plagiat of my work, exercised on an international scale with the complicity of the Canadian government.


2)An immediate inquiry into the illegal, intrusive and prolonged surveillance (this goes on with great intensity since my administrative exclusion from UQAM in 1989, although it actually began after I was forced to withdraw in good standing from the PhD Program in Political Science at York University. My withdrawal had been made inevitable because my supposed thesis directors, among whom the despicable and ignorant ruffian, R.W. Cox, were trying to steal my material, going as far as to pretend to have lost my essays; something Cox continued even as I left for Montreal in a vain attempt to extract myself from his nefarious influence. It is noteworthy to recall the fact that this despicable human being and unworthy academic, R. W. Cox, had had similar problems with all his close collaborators, including Jacobson and Jeffery Harrod. But he clearly thought to be in a position to impose his abject behavior and will on others, even on much more qualified persons than himself.


3)The immediate repayment of the forced expenses mentioned above (i.e. the $ 5 625.05 monitoring devices) as well as a public inquiry into the decision process and many layered complicity that led to the late criminal and murderous intensification of the sleep deprivation techniques and accompanying harassment.


Justice will pass. No one will get away for having tried to use me as a guinea pig, despite my repeated appeals and protests. These ignorant criminals would clearly have better spend their time if they had attempted to read and understand my academic and scientific work. Mine is a very serious academic work which these deadwoods vainly tried to steal and to pervert in the opposite ethico-political direction, according to their characteristic philo-Semite Nietzschean criminal ways.


All this is unworthy of a civilized country. It is unworthy of a democratic country. I will hold you personally responsible as well as the government of Canada and all others governments and institutions, including York University and UQAM. All these are directly responsible for the failure to act quickly, in order to put an immediate end to this criminal and scoundrelous behavior, and to quickly come forth with the academic and punitive reparations, as well as the apologies now amply due to me.


As a Canadian citizen, I am untitled to the rigorous respect of my rights and should not have to demand it repeatedly while my career and my personal life are illegally destroyed, and as my life continues to be put at risk.


Sincerely Yours,


Paul De Marco


Documents attached (a,b,c).

a)Copy of Martyn Mc Kinneys letter

b)The bill for the monitoring devices.

c)The August 20, 2007 letters to York University, UQAM, and Glendon College. Please note the typical correlation between the last intensification of the harassment and these letters.


My academic exclusion (II)

Paul De Marco

Date: September 20, 2007.


Subject: Further to my September 17, 2007 letter demanding of public enquiry.


The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

284 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

CanadaK1A 0H8




Dear Sir,


In my letter dated September 17, 2007, I demanded a public inquiry. Here are seven (7) more instances that need to be investigated they have been chosen because they are undeniable and easy to verify, and because they readily illustrate the criminal extent of this inhuman case of exclusion and harassment. Obviously, I expect a full investigation.


1)Today, I bought a book about Pythagoras. I had ordered it at Librairie Champlain in Toronto many months ago. On September 10, 2007, I went to the Librairie Champlain to buy my newspapers and a second book which I had ordered only weeks ago. As I entered the store, someone at the microphone whispered in French: ''Paul, tu tenseigneras plus jamais'' (ie ''Paul, you will never teach again.'') I went to the information desk. The salesperson told me that the book about Pythagoras was not published anymore and that the order was cancelled; though this sounded rather strange and given what was murmured at the microphone I asked that salesperson to make sure that my order was now cancelled. I then went to order my book about Pythagoras somewhere else on this very same day. And, as expected, it arrived within days, on September 18, 2007. I was thus able to pick it up today! Please, inquire into this matter; do not treat it as a simple joke, because it is not: Indeed, it goes at the heart of the whole affair, and I will certainly not treat it as a mere joke myself. This is because I know exactly the origin of this manipulation, namely the Ménards circle and all the garbage around that many layered circle which is convinced to have the necessary impunity to destroy peoples life. This criminal belief is deeply anchored in the abuse they have so far been allowed to make of their own institutional positions. Like it or not, and in all modesty, no one with a proper university training, either in Canada or anywhere else, can belittle the academic merit of my work. (To give just one example, suffice it to mention the case of the last albeit partial democratization of the Canadian electoral reform; obviously my analysis had inspired some belated discussion on the subject though no one, not even Ed. Broadband dian political life, should be ranked the belated understanding that the peculiarities of some provinces and groups in this country had been enshrined in our Constitution from its inception, thus making uninformed discussion on so-called ''distinctiveness'' rather obnoxious; you also have the late 1990s reaction by Mr. Wilson and others like him against the collapse of the Canadian dollar or, lately, a more critical understanding of some unproven hypothesis offered the Global Warming crews etc. etc. Beside, I believe that my graduate paper on the ''Emergence of the Welfare State in Canada from 1938 to 1948'' remains one of the most important contribution in the field.) Can anyone then explain to me why so many people feel authorized to interfere with my intellectual work, and with my private life, going to such an extent as to try to deny me access to books ordered in a bookstore? State surveillance can never be an arbitrary affair: It always needs to be accurately justified and supervised. And it always needs to be weighted against the protection of Individual and Human rights. It cannot serve as an occult media source, nor as an academic and industrial spying device; nor can it be used as a mean to attempt to deconstruct an individuals personality through the use of a whole series of illegal but well documented (see S. B. Ryerson) harassment methods. Copying the illegal methods of the CIA and of the FBI in the 50s, 60s and 70s, some of these ignorant and criminal nuts, who would not understand a single line from Leibniz, nor anyone else for that matter, even fancy to locate the ''religious center'' in the Human brain. Some of them do not shy away form the use of illegal surveillance and harassment techniques to try to prove their fallacious theories; or simply to try to psychologically destabilize their intended targets… In any case, when the monkeys, including tenured monkeys, have not been taught the proper means to investigate and to communicate, I am entitled to ask why should anyone expect to learn anything worthwhile from them, their illicit experimentations and their uninformed observation of Man?


2)When I enter into a store, any kind of store, even regular food stores, the security system is automatically triggered trough the illegal use of new intrusive technologies exactly as it happened at Librairie Champlain. Unfortunately some of the people in charge of the security systems and agencies do not resist the temptation to abuse what they wrongly perceive as a personal ''power'' over the people their systems are programmed to track; others scoundrels do it in a more subtle fashion, according to more precise directives from above. I repeat: I am not a guinea pig. I am a Canadian citizen endowed with exactly the same fundamental Human and other rights as any other Canadian citizen, including you as a Minister or the Prime Minister or even the Governor General of Canada. Because the security agencies are private, illegal and very intrusive behavior do happen, without any real supervision from superiors or from Parliament, even though they necessarily have grave consequences on peoples life, especially when these illegal actions are associated with illegal rumors always fabricated by the same cliques. Lest anyone dares to belittle this ethico-political and social degeneration, this slow but inexorable sliding into arbitrariness and unaccountability, we should all remember that this is exactly the stuff tyranny is made of. Because of my oft repeated complaints at many levels, no government in this country can escape its responsibility concerning these disgusting and rather cruel, if primitive, manipulations. I now want the criminal minds who fabricated and perpetuated these rumors, and who justified this illegal surveillance and tracking, fully investigated and brought to justice, as is my fundamental right as a Canadian citizen.


3)The same kind of tracking and harassment goes one when I enter a University Library. It is rather disgusting to imagine that, instead of doing their work, some librarians would enter into fascistic games which consist in harassing people without proof. For instance, by switching the alarm system off each time I exit the library to get a coffee or a breath of fresh air - and other such childish but rather disgusting actions. These actions prove even more disgusting when you consider that they are associated with un-funded rumors. Honesty and professionalism would require that the librarians call the police whenever they have any justifiable doubt. But, as far as I know, nothing allows anyone of them to take the harassment of persons totally unknown to them into their own hands, and to do so on the simple basis of rumors. As far as I know, our Constitution does not recognize the ''vigilante'' logic that permeates this perverted conception of ''order and good government''. Furthermore, can anyone explain to me why, when I leave a message at the Special Order Desk of the U of T Bookstore, no one even cares to answer? I taught at York University, at CEGEP of Rosemont, at UQAM. When I acted as a French tutor with Brilliant Tutors at Your Home in order to re-check my pedagogical concepts while being useful to young students, I was again placed under surveillance and harassed. Nevertheless, despite this crapulous harassment, my restatement of the pedagogical importance of the syllabic nature of the French language was surreptitiously lifted, even by the former French Minister of Education Mr. de Robien. This was naturally done without any acknowledgment, while my illegal academic exclusion was maintained! I am a law-abiding citizen and never had any criminal charges or any other charges ever laid against me. Given my profession and training, I have more than a right to enter and use any library or any bookstore I wish to use. What kind of country is it that would destroy peoples life on the sole basis of unfounded and shamelessly fluctuating rumors, but systematically fails to check the sources of these rumors? This crime is being perpetrated simply because the ''garbage'' people who invented it for their own purposes, benefited, at some point, from their connections with the Canadian diplomacy, with the Army, with the so-called War Room, with the police or with a government. I do insist on the descriptive term ''garbage'' here, given the fact that this inhuman harassment has not stopped a single minute since its intensification after 1989, despite the lack of proofs and, of course, without the least recognition of my own dignity during this whole ordeal. Perhaps these moral derelicts hoped that I would eventually be pushed over the brink as they and people just like them did in many other documented instances. (How does one really interpret the dramatic case of the badly plagiarized but bright and performing Valery Fabrikant at Concordia University in a context of total institutional unaccountability that was displayed albeit to late for everyone?) In this simplistic hope, these scoundrels are badly mistaken, being themselves emblematic exemplars of what the Resistant Vercors once called ''des animaux re-naturés''. I repeat, I am a Canadian citizen and I demand the rigorous respect of my rights.


4)In the same order of ideas, though I am sure that the obvious link will not escape you, I want a full public investigation on the channels trough which a despicable individual such as David J. Frum came to have access to my privacy and, in real time, to my notes and to my computers. Mr. Frum might well be the worthy son of his worthy mother, the late pseudo-journalist that was so rabidly anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab as to make you wonder if she had ever been told about basic international rights and laws, or about the judicial guaranties and the equality provisions enshrined within the UN Declaration of Rights and within the Canadian Declaration that preceded the present Charter of Rights. Just like Ms M. Albright and others before him, this failed speech-writer and his occult prompters went so far as to borough from my vocabulary and my metaphors; but, as you might have expected, they naturally reversed the intended meaning of the original versions. (See for instance their use of the sympathy-empathy distinction or even the abuse of the verb ''to harbor''. As we know, the spinning of semantic confusion is familiar to the disciples of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Carl Schmitt and a few others, including their exclusivist and religious masters … Even though, by now, they should know better about this scoundrelous and exclusivist hermeneutics given that, in the end, it has always been met with the same tragic fate.) Lightly forgetting Victor Hugos Châtiments and even more the philo-Nietzschean genesis of Nazifascism, it may well be that people like the Jewish Canadian or Jewish American David J. Frum, or people like the ''French'' Jew André Glucksmann, actually believe that ''demons are with us'', and that authentic Marxists like me are to be treated like the ''last of Man''. This irrational belief would presumably entitle them and their Judeo-Masonic masters to use people like me as their preferred psychological targets on which they and their masters could attempt to develop the crapulous antimonies necessary to spin the profile of their ''post-humanity'', as well as the blueprints necessary for their disinformation campaigns conducted within the framework of their illegal preventive domestic and foreign war doctrine. These idiotic and irrational beliefs could safely be considered as their own ''dramatic'' ''personal problem'', at least if they were kept totally private; however, when they are acted upon, they become a serious criminal matter and a crime against democracy and civilization (see Point 1 above on the CIA and FBI.) I am not sure that these sorry people have ever paused to consider what would happen if they turned out to be wrong, as did Nietzsche and his political disciples before them. (See the friendly warning contained in my very serious and elaborate concept of a ''pitre''.) Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that I, Paul De Marco, never invited any of these moral derelicts to invade my privacy. Furthermore, when they pretend to deal with my published or unpublished intellectual work, such as my notes or my e-mails, they, like the rest of them, are legally required to give their source and to proceed according to the known scientific procedures of evaluation and critique. Or else, they are just proving, beyond any possible doubt, their own unworthiness for the positions occupied: Like Apollinaires peacock, they are merely displaying their own infantile but criminal behavior. They and their masters should perhaps meditate about the role played by Ezra Pound and his likes, masters, grand-masters, rabbis and grand-rabbis and what else you might have in this sorry lot, in the birth and development of Fascism in Italy, incredibly up until the legislation of the racist laws of 1938. They should also ponder similar roles played by others elsewhere in the world. They should humbly do so before they feel entitled to approach my work with their ideological and human brown boots. (With their ignorance, chutzpah, sectarianism and fanaticism, this sort of people had already provoked the revulsion of the erudite Scholem; if small could be compared to great, they provoke the same reaction from me. Despite their exclusivist self-righteousness, I have still to hear anyone of them condemn Ezra Pound, Jabotinsky or the brown shirt worn by Netanyahus father, to mention just the obvious. It really seems that neither deontology nor international relations are properly taught today in our schools and universities, although these institutions are funded from the public purse, even when they purport to be private …



5)Similarly, I like to know why the same phenomena happened with the media, including in the Globe & Mail and the CBC. It involved people like Jeffery Simpson, but also, as you might expect, many Canadian Jews such as Kagan and others. The former finance minister Mr. Wilson, or Mr. Mulroney for that matter, should have no trouble, I hope, confirming this, at least if they have a modicum of honesty left in them. I never authorized any of these moral derelicts to enter into my privacy, nor to use my material in any shape or form. This stands equally for the content of my international relations courses at CEGEP de Rosemont and the illicit use made of them by Ambassador Fortier, or by Ms Fréchette and the Canadian General Baril at the UN, for instance during the aborted tentative to establish a real Military Staff Committee solely responsible to the UN Secretary General. French diplomacy as well as the now Jewish-dominated Le Monde diplomatique were somehow also given access and fully know about this matter. In any case, the former Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali could quickly confirm it, if he were asked. Similarly elements of my courses at UQAM were integrated by the university rector Mr. Claude Corbo in his report on police behavior, characteristically without any reference. Again, I demand a full public enquiry, including into the organizations and the institutional complicity that gave these morals derelicts access without my consent.


6)I also demand an inquiry into the office of the Jewish Canadian Doctor Salesberg and particularly of his nurse, Barbara, and her own Jewish and Israeli acquaintances. The point is this: Although I was feeling the heat form the ignorant and fanatical right-wing Jews in Canada and elsewhere (despite their minuscule demographic weight and despite Article 15 of the Constitution, they do not represent an under-represented minority in this country, as you well know I would never have changed my family doctor even if I had been paid to do so. Indeed, I did not, even after the aforementioned right-wing fanatics made the power conferred by their over-representation to be felt, including when I applied for a teaching position at Atkinson College, York University or elsewhere. Eventually, Doctor Salesberg retired and I had to find a new family doctor. This is what I discovered then: While the nurse Barbara and Dr. Salesberg had assured me that my mothers sugar tests scored within acceptable margins between 7 and 13, in a context where she was walking daily -, the first tests made after we transferred to the new doctor scored at more than 20! I have a right to know why. When I taught my courses, the political inclinations of my students had no importance whatsoever to me. I always attempted to stimulate their enquiring spirit, to understand their own questions from inside and, on that basis, to help them go further in their own analysis, in the most scientific and rational way possible. Do I need to be afraid to get medical attention from a doctor because a) s/he comes from a specific background; b) s/he feels empowered by the over-representation of her/his ethnic group in Canada, in the US and elsewhere in the West? Again, in these matters, I demand the utmost respect for my rights, at least as they are spelled out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are two fundamental documents of universal value signed by Canada, which cannot, in any shape or form, be equated in a subordinated form to the Leviticus, the Gospels, the Laws of Manu or any other such singular religious books.


7)As you and the Canadian Intelligences Services well know, the verifiable accusations made in the points 4 and 5 above should be extended to the international level, even outside this hemisphere. Stealing and plagiarizing ones material is a crapulous crime indeed, especially when the same people contribute to denature my concepts and pretend to maintain my academic exclusion and the harassment illegally imposed upon me.


As many people can testify, among whom the professors who wrote me rather ''dithyrambic'' (word used by Prof. Chantal Rondeau when I joined UQAM) reference letters before this criminal harassment started, I was a very unassuming and polite kind of person, driven mainly by the seriousness of my own scientific research. I was one who never cared much about ''competition'' in its ''re-natured'', Social Darwinist sense, so popular today in an epoch where ''meritocracy'' rimes with moneyed and exclusivist incestuous self-selection; I was one who strongly believed in academic ethics and deontology. I have been stepped all over by scoundrels and by intellectual Lilliputians. Now, enough is enough! I repeat: As a Canadian citizen, I demand a full public enquiry into my illegal and illegitimate exclusion and criminal harassment; I demand an apology and the full academic and punitive financial reparations now urgently owed to me.


Paul De Marco, professor of International Relations.


APPEL A TEMOINS. CALLING FOR WITNESSES. DENUNCIATE QUESTI CRIMINALI.                                                                                           1) Français. 2) English. 3) Italiano

Paul De Marco.


a) Vous avez lu ma '' Open letter to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and to the Premier McGuinty'' ainsi que "The medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco: Complaint to the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario", le "Synopsis of the medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco" et les "Letters to the Canadian Minister of Justice" dans la Section Canadiana de mon site


b) Vous êtes au courant et vous voulez témoigner contre le harcèlement pervers qui accompagna et mena à l'assassinat médical gratuit de mon frère aîné Joseph (Giuseppe) De Marco. Cet harcèlement barbare sévit tant dans les hôpitaux, que chez lui, y compris par l'utilisation d'ultrasons et par l'intermédiaire de la surveillance électronique et des moyens de communication, dont les chaînes de télévision (RAI, TV5, CNN, chaînes canadiennes etc) et de radio.


c) Vous êtes au courant et vous voulez témoigner contre le harcèlement gratuitement imposé à ma défunte sœur Maria De Marco (y compris par les cercles proches du Vatican ou sionistes sévissant au sein du Collège Saint Michael de Toronto.)


d) Vous êtes au courant et vous voulez témoigner pour dénoncer mon exclusion académique illégale, tant en Ontario qu'au Québec. Vous êtes au courant des aspects déjà dénoncés dans les lettres citées ci-dessus concernant le pesant harcèlement continu et criminel qui suivit mon exclusion, et qui redoubla lorsque je portai l'affaire en cour (ce qui mena à la perte des mes emplois et à une féroce et totale exclusion, doublée du plus répugnant ostracisme social qui puisse être imaginé.) Vous êtes au courant des vols et des plagiats renversés philosémites nietzschéens de ma production intellectuelle. Vous êtes au courant et vous voulez témoigner contre la surveillance, la traque et l'interférence continuelles, comprenant l'utilisation d'ultrasons, d'agents chimiques et neuroleptiques sans aucun égard pour ma famille, dans tous les lieux privés ou publics qui visèrent, en vain, mais de la manière la plus barbare qui soit, ma déconstruction psychologique et ma désocialisation totale, et, en réalité, mon extinction biologique. (Pour l'Histoire: Ces gens croient dans la Loi du Talion.)


La démocratie, fondée sur l'égalité sans exclusivisme entre tous les citoyens, et sur l'Etat de droit vous tient à cœur. Si vous êtes prêts à témoigner en cour pour rétablir la démocratie et le droit, envoyez-moi vos preuves écrites à l'adresse suivante (seules les lettres sérieuses dont les destinataires pourront être retracés seront lues; les autres finiront au panier):


Paul De Marco

9275 Bayview Ave

PO Box 31 307

Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9X0





a) You have read my '' Open letter to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and to the Premier McGuinty'' as well as "The medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco: Complaint to the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario", the "Synopsis of the medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco" and the "Letters to the Canadian Minister of Justice" dans la Section Canadiana in my site


b) You know about and you are willing to testify against the perverse harassment imposed to my elder brother Giuseppe De Marco, which led to his medical murder. This involves any form of harassment either in the hospitals or in his home, including trough ultrasounds and electronic surveillance and all means of communication, for instance radio and television channels, among which RAI, TV5, CNN and Canadian channels, etc...


c) You know and are willing to testify against the harassment gratuitously imposed to my late sister Maria De Marco (including by the Vatican and Zionist circles within Saint Michael College in Toronto.)


d) You know and are willing to testify to denounce my illegal academic exclusion in Ontario and in Quebec. You know about all the aspects mentioned in the documents listed above pertaining to the heavy, permanent and criminal harassment which followed my exclusion, and which were dramatically intensified as soon as I sought redress in court, an action which triggered the loss of my employments and the most repugnant social ostracism. You know about the stealing and the philo-Semite Nietzschean ''versed plagiarismsn for my family, which imposed to me for decades in all private and public spaces (including food stores …) This was vainly but savagely aimed at my psychological deconstruction and at my utter desocialization and thus, in realty, at my biological extinction. (History will remember: These people believe in the Talion Law)


You cherish a democracy based on the equality among all citizens without exclusivism and on the Rule of Law. If you are ready to testify in court to reestablish democracy and reaffirm the fundamental rights enshrined within the Canadian Charter of Rights and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, send me your written proofs at the following address (only serious and pertinent letters with a re-traceable name and address will be read, the rest will feed the wastebasket):


Paul De Marco

9275 Bayview Ave

PO Box 31 307

Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9X0






a) Avete letto la mia '' Open letter to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and to the Premier McGuinty'' come pure "The medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco: Complaint to the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario", il "Synopsis of the medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco" e le "Letters to the Canadian Minister of Justice" nella Sessione Canadiana del mio sito


b) Siete al corrente e desiderate testimoniare contro il perverso assillo imposto al mio fratello maggiore Giuseppe De Marco fine a condurre al suo assassinio medicale. (Questo include ogni forma di assillo tanto negli ospedali quanto nella sua casa, incluso con l'utilizzo di ultrasuoni e con con tutti mezzi di sorveglianza elettronici e con l'abuso di tutti i mezzi di comunicazione; senza escludere la televisione (e dunque la RAI ed altri canali) o le stazioni di radio come la CHIN.


c) Siete al corrente e desiderate testimoniare contro l'assillo gratuitamente imposto alla mia defunta sorella Maria De Marco (incluso dai circoli del Vaticano e Sionisti dentro Saint Michael College in Toronto.)


d) Siete al corrente e desiderate testimoniare per denunciare la mia esclusione accademica illegale in Ontario e in Quebec. Siete al corrente degli altri aspetti già menzionati nei documenti citati qui sopra che riguardano il permanente, pesante e criminale assillo consecutivo alla mia esclusione, il quale raddoppiò quando cercò di portare l'affare in corte, e menò alla perdita dei miei impieghi ed allo più spietato ostracismo sociale.  Siete al corrente e volete testimoniare contro il continuo inseguimento  incluso nei magazzini di generi alimentari …! - aggravato da insidiose e barbariche interferenze, incluso l'impiego di ultrasuoni, di agenti chimici e di neurolettici. Queste azioni  miravano, in vano, ma con la più barbara scelleratezza, alla mia decostruzione psicologica ed alla mia desocializzazione sociale la più complete, e quindi, in realtà, alla mia estinzione biologica. (La Storia non dimenticherà: Questa gente crede nella Legge del Taglione)


La democrazia fondata sopra l'uguaglianza tra tutti i cittadini e sopra lo Stato di Diritto vi tiene a cuore. Se siete pronti a testimoniare in corte per ristabilire la democrazia e riaffermare i diritti fondamentali sanciti nella Carta costituzionale canadese e nella Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti Umani della ONU, mandatemi le vostre prove scritte al seguente indirizzo (solo le lettere serie con un speditore che potrà essere rintracciato saranno lette, le altre andranno nel cestino.):


Paul De Marco

9275 Bayview Ave

PO Box 31 307

Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9X0